Eat watermelon to lose weight, be cautious


Eat watermelon to lose weight, be cautious

Core Tip: Watermelon has high moisture content, many MM eat watermelon to lose weight in summer, but to eat watermelon to lose weight should pay attention to the following 3 “can not”, otherwise it will eat more and more fat.

銆€銆€First, eat watermelon when dinner or not, the volume of a watermelon is equal to 6 bowls of rice, more than 94% of watermelon is water, but its sugar content is also very high.

Normal sweetness watermelon has a sugar content of 5%, so the accumulation of watermelon is very high. The calorie of watermelon is 250 kcal/glucose.

That is to say, if you eat a large watermelon every day, about 8 to 10 pounds, it absorbs 1000 to 1250 kilocalories, and the ordinary home bowl is about 200 kilocalories.

In other words, eating a watermelon is equivalent to eating five or six bowls of rice.

銆€銆€In fact, this thing can not blame the watermelon itself, mainly because people eat too much in the summer.

If you eat watermelon in the same amount as an apple, it is not easy to produce a significant fattening effect.

The same is true for beer. According to one hundred grams, beer seems to have lower energy, but the energy of two bottles of beer (1500 grams) is equivalent to a bag of sliced toast bread (120 grams).

銆€銆€Second, eat watermelon when staying up late, it is not easy to have a long belly. Watermelon can be sugar. If you eat too much at night before going to bed, it will increase to increase and promote slight synthesis.

Most of the newly synthesized aunts are stored in the abdomen, and the amount of nighttime exercise is reduced. The sputum is stored and not consumed. After a long time, the small belly will grow.

Then you should not think that eating watermelon can escape the obesity when you stay up late, and weight loss can’t be lost.

Therefore, everyone who loses weight should not go to eat late at night, even if you think that you can not eat fat food, it would be nice to have such a night.

銆€銆€Third, if the watermelon is full, you can’t eat the watermelon. Why do you usually eat a bowl of rice and feel that it is too full? If you eat more watermelon, you will feel full.

Even if you have enough to eat, you can eat a few pieces of watermelon, and sometimes it will be half a watermelon.

Is it that our appetite suddenly becomes bigger in the face of watermelon?

銆€銆€Unlike watermelons, watermelons are mainly derived from fructose.

The lower the temperature, the sweetness of fructose is certain, which is the leader that it is loved by various refreshing drinks.

Studies have long found that although fructose does not significantly increase blood sugar, it also bypasses the mechanism of appetite control.

For example, drinking glucose water and sugar water will make you feel full, and you will not feel full when you drink a fructose-containing drink.

Since watermelon is rich in fructose, it also has the characteristic that people don’t feel full.

Therefore, it is difficult for people to control the amount of food when eating watermelon.

Therefore, we must remember that watermelon can make you gain weight. Don’t say anything like “eat another piece”, because that piece of watermelon will not be your last piece.