Ren Yurou didn’t speak,Holding hydrangea,Go to the middle,Looking at the sky,Compassion。

The happiness of my life,About to drop with the hydrangea,Completely ruined!
“Yurou,I think the blind man,not bad,Throw over there。”
“What good is blind man,It’s better to be paralyzed,Can’t go anywhere,If you wear a green hat, you won’t be able to catch the rape in bed.。”
Family and friends,Unbridled cynicism。
And Ren Dongguo as stepfather,But can’t do anything,I can only bury my head low。
Zhang Chunqin wanted to rush out to theory several times,Every time……Ren Fengping’s fierce eyes glared back。
Hot face,Always remind her,Make another extraordinary move,I’m afraid it’s not a slap in the face,But was swept out!
Facing everyone’s ridicule,Ren Yurou stays alone。
Ren Jia for twenty years,She is used to it。