The pinched Fang Yourong is extremely wronged,Anyway,He is also a young man in his twenties,Isn’t Shengjia sister so good?。Besides,He said,I am famous in my hometown,Simultaneously,Doesn’t this prove that she is well maintained?。

“you are sick?”Let go of the hand that pinches Fang’s face,Shengjia sister frowned,She took a closer look at the hut,As expected,Nothing satisfies her。
Leaned forward and opened the thick curtains,A sunset from the west shot in obliquely。Oh,It’s dusk?Then he slept all day?
Fang Yourong is sick,Burning badly all over。Face sore,headache,My whole body hurts everywhere。
Sister Shengjia helped find a community doctor,I have a cold,Need water。
“Thank you。”Laying on the bed while pulling the quilt, watching sister Sheng Jia who helped。
This kid is not bad,Quite talking。Open the clothes thrown by the bed,Shengjia Sister Tao: “No thanks,I’m showing compassion for your sickness。”Look up at the watch:“Just said to go out and do something,Might be back soon,What do you want to eat?”
“Millet porridge。”
Staring at Fang Yourong who blinked at him,Shengjia sister squinted,Who is this kid acting like?。
“Ladies should not squint,I won’t roll my eyes。”Fang Yourong whispered to remind Sheng Jia’s sister who was thinking in a mean direction。
Humph。Forget it,Not quarreling with sick children。Millet porridge is millet porridge,The cost of calling her is not low,She will get reimbursement from Sheng Zegang。
Hanging water,The sound of the door opening and closing,have a guest?
“You go back,Thank you。”
“Well,Then I’ll go back……”
Low voice——,Oh,That’s Sheng Zegang’s voice。
“I want to drink porridge!Glutinous rice porridge!”Open eyes,Fang Yourong yelled at her neck。
Staring at Fang Yourong who was energetic as soon as Sheng Ze entered the door,It was silent before,Did you pretend to be dead??Sister Sheng’s, who has already cooked millet porridge on a low heat, squinted and said:“Just now you said you want to eat millet porridge。”