Mo Xiaosheng and Sun Dezhu went in,I saw the worker’s body lying on the ground,I saw him turn blue,Dark lips,Long gone。

Mo Xiaosheng leaned over and touched his wrist,I found that my hands full of mud were extremely cold,Apparently dead for a long time。
Mo Xiaosheng checked him,No obvious fatal injuries were found,Asked hurriedly:“How did this worker die?”
“Correct,How to die?”
At this time, Sun Dezhu, who was stunned in the same place, immediately recovered.,Hurriedly asked the workers around,“Lao Zhang,You said!”
Lao Zhang is the contractor of the construction site,Hurriedly stood up,Speak in Mandarin with a slight accent:“I saw it,According to a worker next to him, he was killed by lightning。”
“Killed by lightning?”Sun Dezhu was surprised,Just finished,A flash of lightning flashed in the sky again,Then there was a thunder rumbling,So scared that he couldn’t help shaking。
Everyone also looked up at the dark sky,Panicked。
“He was laying steel bars in the foundation pit,I’m not far from him,I saw a bolt of lightning suddenly fell,Hit him on the head,He twitched a few times,It won’t work if you lie on the ground。”At this time, a worker who witnessed the situation first described it to Sun Dezhu。
“Correct,I also saw。”
“I also saw。”
Several workers also echoed,Obviously many people saw this scene at the time。
Sun Dezhu swallowed his saliva,The panicked face is full of disbelief,Their company has undertaken projects for more than ten years,This is the first time I have encountered this situation。
“See his physical condition,Was indeed electrocuted。”Mo Xiaosheng sighed softly,I feel a little uneasy in my heart,At the groundbreaking ceremony a few days ago, I just asked to pay attention to safety,be careful,Only a few days now,Such a thing happened。
Kills as soon as construction starts,It’s really a bad omen。
“Mr. Sun,what’s wrong with you,Didn’t I tell you,The construction period can be extended,But we must ensure safety and quality issues!”Bai Xue asked Sun Dezhu in a cold voice.。
“It is my mistake,my mistake,President Bai,President Mo,Rest assured,Our company is solely responsible for this matter,We will handle it properly。”Sun Dezhu made a shame。