“blocked?”Larry Bird Surprised,Kobe’s sliding step instantly caught Jordan。

“Perfect anticipation defense!what’s the situation?Kobe resolves Michael’s first breakthrough。”
Jordan’s breakthrough was predicted by Kobe,A hint of surprise flashed through my eyes。
progress。。。So fast!
But Michael Jordan is Jordan after all!Synonymous with basketball!
Sideways quickly!
Power crush!
“Back hit!Michael’s back hit!”
“Kobe gritted his teeth!I can see that he is very hard!”
“Turn around!Michael unloaded Kobe’s power,Turn around and hit the basket。”
“Bottom hand pick!”
“Steady and ruthless!It seems that Kobe is still a little struggling to defend Jordan。”
“Oh?How do you see?”Larry Bird raised an eyebrow,Questioning the magician。
“Any questions?”
“of course!Michael singles out Kobe,It’s not because of singles Kobe’s high shooting rate,No matter which outside player he singles against the Lakers,Bowen,Jones and even Big Ben’s assisted defense shooting rate is not too different。”

Pause back,Knicks sideline。

Varejao looked like I was about to fall,Jean Jason·Smith doesn’t dare to move too much。
Xu Xuan had no choice but to cross the defense line to the side to catch the ball。
Jason·Smith went straight to the penalty area after serving,Varejao did not take the usual path and abandoned Jason·Smith rushes to the top。
To pinch the melon!
But melon is still asking for balls!
You dare to ask for the ball?
Xu Xuan knew this was definitely not a good choice,But he can’t,I can only pass the ball with a sigh in my heart。
Back hit!
Back hit!
Melon used his strength to squeeze James away just about to fall back for a jumper,Varejao’s defense is here!
Melon is ready,When Varejao pounced, he collected the ball!
This is a subtle fake!
Art high people bold!
But next second——
The referee blew the whistle!
Melon offensive foul!


Xu Xuan completely ended the game with this three-pointer,There is no more suspense about the victory tonight!
At the same time, Xu Xuan also cut down the personal score of the game82Minute!!!
First323chapter The youngest80Mr. Fen!
Seeing Xu Xuan’s backward three-pointer on the court,Eric on the sidelines·Spoelstra let out a sigh。
More than Eric,Dragic in the dressing room now doesn’t look depressed anymore,But despair,Despair。
Xu Xuan cut it off82Minute?
Xu Xuan really cut it down82Minute?
Wade wants the ball,Want to start a fast break,Want to keep scoring,He still wants to win!
But he opened his hand for a long time,The ball was passed to Bosh by Udri。
Bosh passed halftime,Took the ball in his arms,Standing motionless。

English is what makes my head bigger,My goodness,I really feel like listening to the bible,Original English knowledge is not solid,English is going to be useless if you go down like this,Although the time was not set according to the time at the beginning,But now we need to change it,You need more time in daily review of English,I feel that the basic knowledge of English is not firmly established。

Sigh again,Mobile phones are really a scourge。Sometimes I can’t stop when I take my phone,I’m really afraid that my eyes and hands will be blinded by the phone,Basically every day, I stay away from the disaster,Try not to let it appear in my sight,My goodness。
Really hard。
Eighth day,Not much knowledge,The only thing to master is,My butt hurts when I sit on a chair。
Because I watch videos on my computer every day,Take notes or something,I really don’t want to sit down anymore。
Politics roughly ends today,starting from tomorrow,Politics allocate two hours a day for two brush plus exercises,More time is allocated to professional courses and English,The time for English and professional courses is not fully determined yet.,Tomorrow, let’s look at other specific contents before making arrangements。
The only feeling now,Empty head butt pain。
Slumped today
2020year7month12More than two o’clock in the morning
Sleepless during the day,Can’t sleep at night。I’m really afraid of sudden death one day。

“You come to disturb me and my wife watching movies,This is a capital crime!”

Qin Shi’s wrist turned,Song Yang let out an extremely miserable roar。
Whole right hand,Just twisted off!
Mu Wendong is stupid!
At first I just thought,Song Yang is to create a passive defense,It’s not a case of active killing,That’s why I was deliberately received by this person。
But now it seems,Song Yang really couldn’t beat Qin Shi!
This little Nan’an city,Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,Hiding such a person who can hit!
Song Yang wailed with his fist,Qin Shi walked to Mu Wendong。
“you……What do you want?”
“I’m Konoha Mu……”
Mu Wendong hasn’t finished speaking yet,Qin Shi made an uppercut,Hit Mu Wendong’s belly。
Suddenly,Mu Wendong knelt on the ground,I didn’t even have time to hum,It hurts to roll on the ground。
Internal organs,Seems to be twisted together!
He has never experienced such a pain in his life!

I told you all about how much dirty money you collected!

Over…All over…
Not only did Lin Zhihao’s request not fulfilled,I’m afraid I will be ruined。
Chen Fei turned away angrily,I heard Strange blurt out such a sentence,Frowned instantly。
“Brother Qin?I want to see which Brother Qin it is,So much face。”
Since Strange came to this hospital,Seems to be smiling for the first time。
“Hello uncle and aunt,Good sister-in-law。”
Hello,Zhang Man was stunned,Lin Yun heard Strange calling her sister-in-law,Blushing and bowing his head。
“Hello there…”
Zhang Man also cowered and said hello,Such an international doctor is so polite,Zhang Man is really uncomfortable。
“How is the preparation for the operation?。”
Qin Shi said lightly。
“Don’t worry, Brother Qin,I have been researching day and night these days,According to uncle’s condition,Simulated many times,I have full confidence。”
Zhang Man and Lin Yun were so excited,The two of you looked at each other,Smiled comfortingly。
“That’s good,When to start surgery?”

The diamond wall cracked,But there are only a few cracks on the surface,Instead, Wu Shixiong was shot out again。

“forget it,Depending on the hardness of the diamond?”Paul rubbed his head and stood up from the ground,“Damn thing……Evaporate in place!”
A fireball bigger than a house fell from the sky,The diamond wall disappeared in an instant。
“Hold your breath!Most of the physical rules in the real world apply to God’s Domain!”Tang Xueqing hurriedly said。
When everyone rushes over with their breath,A group of people including Lin Yichen are long gone。
“Damn,Let them run!”Paul kicked the soldier who was frozen into ice angrily,“Just leave a groupNPC!”
“They took the boy away。”Tang Xueqing frowned,“What does Lin Yichen want to do??Such a big surprise attack on the base,Just for a newcomer?”
“It’s not a big fanfare,Lin Yichen has at least five of themsLevel abilities,Today only two appeared,Although Lin Yichen’s deity is far better than the remaining threesClass-level powers are more deterrent。”Lin Mo thinks。
“What should we do now?What to do with that kid?”Paul asked,“The new minister hasn’t arrived in Avon,Do we need to wait for his instructions?”
“……Lin Mo,I remember we seem to have planted a virus on the central computer in Avon?”
“Yes,But rash use has a great risk of exposure,Because Lin Yichen, an advanced artificial intelligence, exists,Our virus may be eliminated immediately。”
“Can’t care,Use all intelligence methods to monitor Lin Yichen,I want to know where that kid is going right away。If it’s just a normal conversion,Then we can put it off for a while,But if Lin Yichen is murderous,We must save him,Understand?”

“Guardian,what do you mean?”

At this moment when the gatekeeper shut up,Li Yuyu turned his head to look at Wei Suoren who had brought the whole school,Cold questioning。
“Humph!What do you mean?”
“I want to ask,What do you mean?”
“I know that Weisuo is my son,Dare to abolish my son,Make him not a man?”
“You too don’t take my white horse master in your eyes?”
See this Li Yuyu,I’m so embarrassed to ask myself。
Wei Suoren disdain to answer。
“Humph!If it weren’t for him to shoot me first,Will i abolish him?”
“Blame it,I can only blame your son for shooting me。”
Hear this,Li Yuyu won’t let each other。
This is my own carp school,I don’t need to be afraid of each other。
“What a good one I only blame my son for doing you。”
“In this case,Then don’t blame me for being rude to you。”
“Go together,Male killed,Female abolish and leave。”
“Wait until the people of the Lei Yue School are abolished,On meritorious deeds。
Who killed the most,Who can share the most beautiful woman。”
Seeing Li Yuyu being so arrogant。

Lu Shanshan also hopes that Ji Yuanyuan can be as good as Shen Zhiyue,But in this era of traffic dominance,Actors alone will not work。

“Yuanyuan,You will go to university soon,After college,You will have very little time for filming。you need to know,Even if you take the film and television school。Can’t suspend school for too long。”
Ji Yuanyuan wants to say she doesn’t go to school,But then think about it,If she doesn’t go to school,Even more unable to break away from the control of the Chen family。
Lu Shanshan persuaded:“Yuanyuan,You have to bear。You do not trust me。Mr Huang,Xiaomei and them,They are really professional。”
Ji Yuanyuan muttered:“I think they are like a businessman,Not like the insiders。”
Lu Shanshan asked:“What do you think of the people in the circle??”
Ji Yuanyuan said without hesitation:“Very artistic,Everyone thinks this person is an artist,Not ordinary people。”
Lu Shanshan sighed:“If it’s not the right time,I really want to take you to see what dinner is。”
Ji Yuanyuan’s face blushed:“I’ll talk about this later,I am still young,Not suitable for too much exposure。”
Lu Shanshan said:“Also,You should be sheltered by Aotian now,No need to mess around,of course,Except stage effects。”
Shen Zhiyue founded Aotian and can shelter Lu Shanshan,And now she also sheltered Ji Yuanyuan in the same way。She doesn’t know if Ji Yuanyuan can succeed,But at least it won’t suffer。
Chapter Two Hundred and Fourteen Shameless
In the afternoon,It is full of food and wine,When it makes people drowsy,The judges watched the young girl one day and one morning,Also a bit lacking,Some even murmured:“Still interesting,Here are some brats who can do martial arts,Just look funny。”
One of the judges had experience in selecting a boy group:“indeed,The boy group will laugh a lot,But the women’s team is making money。You have to know that there are many around the girl group,Peripheral income alone,Also very generous。”

Just when Li Chenfeng was about to leave,I saw someone hurried in again outside the door。

“Great elder?Why are you behind,Didn’t you let you entertain guests outside??The people here today are all allies of our Xiao family in Wutan City,Don’t make people think that our Xiao family despises distinguished guests!”
The elder has an old face with a smile,Looking at Xiao Zhan, who was not worried,Did not say anything about his question,But a smile:“The second and third are watching,Now the family has truly distinguished guests,I am the family elder,If you don’t come to see the courtesy, it’s really rude!”
While talking,Smiled at Li Chenfeng:“Hahaha,The young patriarch came to the humble house,It really makes my Xiao family shining!”
This great elder has always thought about the position of Xiao Zhan as the patriarch,In his opinion,After the death of the old patriarch,Xiao Zhan’s ability is not enough to serve as the patriarch。
The purpose of the Great Elder’s visit this time is obvious,I just want to climb the Nalan family,Just look at the tall girl behind him。
Xiao Yu,A female partner in the original book,Tall beautiful girl,Especially having a pair of long and straight legs……
Her age is similar to Li Chenfeng,This year is also twelve,The cultivation base of Liu Duan Dou Zhi Qi,She is also a famous genius and beautiful girl in Utan City。
Because now Xiao Yan’s appearance is against the sky,And the Nalan family and the Xiao family have not been separated ten years later,So in the opinion of the elder,The marriage of the Xiao family and the Nalan family,No problem。
If you really wait until Xiao Yan and Nalan Yanran grow up and get married,Then the Xiao family has truly become Xiao Zhan’s words。
With the backing of the Nalan family,These elders,Do you dare to fight Xiao for power??
Even if you know what the great elder is playing, pay attention,Xiao Zhan couldn’t stop it,I can only watch Li Chenfeng’s performance now。
only,If it’s just an ordinary girl,Even if it looks good,Li Chenfeng is the most eye-catching。
But this Xiao Yu,In Li Chenfeng’s mind, it is also impressive。After all, it’s a female character I liked very much in the past,Now see a real person,It is inevitable that I will look more。
Looking at Li Chenfeng’s gaze,The smile on the face of the elder is much deeper again。
For my granddaughter,He is still very satisfied,Not only is it beautiful and cute,The cultivation talent is not too bad。