Just when Li Chenfeng was about to leave,I saw someone hurried in again outside the door。

“Great elder?Why are you behind,Didn’t you let you entertain guests outside??The people here today are all allies of our Xiao family in Wutan City,Don’t make people think that our Xiao family despises distinguished guests!”
The elder has an old face with a smile,Looking at Xiao Zhan, who was not worried,Did not say anything about his question,But a smile:“The second and third are watching,Now the family has truly distinguished guests,I am the family elder,If you don’t come to see the courtesy, it’s really rude!”
While talking,Smiled at Li Chenfeng:“Hahaha,The young patriarch came to the humble house,It really makes my Xiao family shining!”
This great elder has always thought about the position of Xiao Zhan as the patriarch,In his opinion,After the death of the old patriarch,Xiao Zhan’s ability is not enough to serve as the patriarch。
The purpose of the Great Elder’s visit this time is obvious,I just want to climb the Nalan family,Just look at the tall girl behind him。
Xiao Yu,A female partner in the original book,Tall beautiful girl,Especially having a pair of long and straight legs……
Her age is similar to Li Chenfeng,This year is also twelve,The cultivation base of Liu Duan Dou Zhi Qi,She is also a famous genius and beautiful girl in Utan City。
Because now Xiao Yan’s appearance is against the sky,And the Nalan family and the Xiao family have not been separated ten years later,So in the opinion of the elder,The marriage of the Xiao family and the Nalan family,No problem。
If you really wait until Xiao Yan and Nalan Yanran grow up and get married,Then the Xiao family has truly become Xiao Zhan’s words。
With the backing of the Nalan family,These elders,Do you dare to fight Xiao for power??
Even if you know what the great elder is playing, pay attention,Xiao Zhan couldn’t stop it,I can only watch Li Chenfeng’s performance now。
only,If it’s just an ordinary girl,Even if it looks good,Li Chenfeng is the most eye-catching。
But this Xiao Yu,In Li Chenfeng’s mind, it is also impressive。After all, it’s a female character I liked very much in the past,Now see a real person,It is inevitable that I will look more。
Looking at Li Chenfeng’s gaze,The smile on the face of the elder is much deeper again。
For my granddaughter,He is still very satisfied,Not only is it beautiful and cute,The cultivation talent is not too bad。

Mo Xiaosheng and Sun Dezhu went in,I saw the worker’s body lying on the ground,I saw him turn blue,Dark lips,Long gone。

Mo Xiaosheng leaned over and touched his wrist,I found that my hands full of mud were extremely cold,Apparently dead for a long time。
Mo Xiaosheng checked him,No obvious fatal injuries were found,Asked hurriedly:“How did this worker die?”
“Correct,How to die?”
At this time, Sun Dezhu, who was stunned in the same place, immediately recovered.,Hurriedly asked the workers around,“Lao Zhang,You said!”
Lao Zhang is the contractor of the construction site,Hurriedly stood up,Speak in Mandarin with a slight accent:“I saw it,According to a worker next to him, he was killed by lightning。”
“Killed by lightning?”Sun Dezhu was surprised,Just finished,A flash of lightning flashed in the sky again,Then there was a thunder rumbling,So scared that he couldn’t help shaking。
Everyone also looked up at the dark sky,Panicked。
“He was laying steel bars in the foundation pit,I’m not far from him,I saw a bolt of lightning suddenly fell,Hit him on the head,He twitched a few times,It won’t work if you lie on the ground。”At this time, a worker who witnessed the situation first described it to Sun Dezhu。
“Correct,I also saw。”
“I also saw。”
Several workers also echoed,Obviously many people saw this scene at the time。
Sun Dezhu swallowed his saliva,The panicked face is full of disbelief,Their company has undertaken projects for more than ten years,This is the first time I have encountered this situation。
“See his physical condition,Was indeed electrocuted。”Mo Xiaosheng sighed softly,I feel a little uneasy in my heart,At the groundbreaking ceremony a few days ago, I just asked to pay attention to safety,be careful,Only a few days now,Such a thing happened。
Kills as soon as construction starts,It’s really a bad omen。
“Mr. Sun,what’s wrong with you,Didn’t I tell you,The construction period can be extended,But we must ensure safety and quality issues!”Bai Xue asked Sun Dezhu in a cold voice.。
“It is my mistake,my mistake,President Bai,President Mo,Rest assured,Our company is solely responsible for this matter,We will handle it properly。”Sun Dezhu made a shame。

When I can learn all these advantages,It’s time for Huaguo movies to grow further。

“Oh,correct,I have something to tell you。”Shen Huan smiled and picked up the wine glass。
Buyiyi and Shen Huan touched their cups,“Speak!”
“I still have a pen name,Called Chu Liuxiang。”Shen Huan’s understatement。
Wang Xi:“……!?”
“Am i drinking too much,Hallucinations?”Buyiyi turned to ask Wang Xi。
“I’m the one who has hallucinations。”Wang Xi was so shocked that all the alcohol energy was gone,“Just now I heard Shen Huan say,He is Chu Liuxiang。”
Shen Huan faced two women who turned their heads and stared at him,Jaw head:“You heard me right,I am Chu Liuxiang。”
“Wow wow……”
Buyiyi screamed and stood up,One jumped forward and threw Shen Huan to the ground。
Shen Huan was a little surprised。
Why is this girl completely different from Dong’er?

at night8O’clock,When the concert officially starts,There is already a dense sea of people。

Live sound of Su Mo’s concert、light、Accompaniment、Dance etc.,Are the best in the country,Such a set cost totem music5000Ten thousand cost。
Although every concert can be reused,It can be used in other concerts in the future,But can have such a big arm,It can be seen that totem music attaches great importance to Su Mo’s concert。
From a certain angle,This is a bird’s-eye view of Totem Music for the entire music industry。
You scum,have a look,This is the number one star in China,unique!!
Su Mo’s singing and dancing,It is indeed wonderful,Did not disappoint。
3Hours of concert,There is no urine at all,Including guests,It’s all a wonderful performance。
Even Little Sister Shui has forgotten to find Han Dong’er’s weakness,Enthusiastically thrown into cheers and applause。
Although Han Dong’er is not as excited as her,But the faint smile on his face,I also hum songs from time to time,
Shen Huan didn’t speak much,But while watching Su Mo sing,His eyes are always soft。
Because he remembered in another world,It’s also the bright star similar to Su Mo,It’s just that he doesn’t have such a good life as Su Mo。
In a deafening“Encore”In the voice,Su Mo is back。
Su Mo in bright clothes,Dressed up very fresh,Rolled up the sleeves,The charm of a mature man,More fascinating。
He sat on a round stool,Smile and talk to everyone:“I remember me16When I went to the stage to sing for the first time,Stammer,Being thrown directly,It was hard to persevere,When i get back to the background,I swear,Don’t do this for the rest of your life。”
Celebrities have no secrets。
Su Mo’s brief experience of frustration when he first debuted,Many people know。

Geng Zhiming won’t know,The metal material he used to build this weapon is not just titanium alloy.。He won’t even know,How did this seemingly ordinary ghost cut his life?。Until many years later,The children who survived Gaplos are singing that nursery rhyme,Singing that song“Thousand-faced ghosts must not kill ghosts,The Holy Spirit slaughtered people”when,He suddenly became sober。But at that time,Everything is too late。

“There is a secret experiment base under the flour mill……It seems suspicious no matter how you look at it……”Geng Zhiming tried to open the door closest to him。
as expected,The door is closed tightly。
“cut,I didn’t expect to get in so easily。”Geng Zhiming drew a long knife,“Drive me!”
Under the red air,The door split in two easily and fell down。
The harsh alarm echoed in this small space,Geng Zhiming frowned slightly,The black mist spreading from the knife quickly enveloped the whole body。
“You are acting more and more like that lunatic。”A voice said leisurely in Geng Zhiming’s heart。
“Since you don’t want to tell me anything, just close your mouth。”Geng Zhiming’s voice is cold,“I would like to find out what I want to know,As for you, just ask yourself。”
“It’s you, not me, who should ask for more blessings。”This is obviously a woman’s voice,“Outsiders must abide by outsiders’ rules,Aboriginal people must abide by the rules of the aboriginal people, And you……Ah。”
“I’m tired of playing guessing games with you,What i want to do has nothing to do with you,Come and interfere with my affairs casually, I’ll fight my arm to get rid of your trouble,Understand?”Geng Zhiming sneered,“I think you need to understand,I keep you because you might be useful,Not because I can’t help you。You don’t really think that I have to pay a lot to get rid of you?”
at the same time,Geng Zhiming’s eyes became blood red,Hu’s teeth have also become sharper than before, The nails are getting longer without knowing it。If you are looking for something to describe his appearance at the moment,That is undoubtedly……
“……Ah,Kinship?How much dirt is there on you?”The woman’s voice is full of mockery,“Fall into hell without knowing it,Pathetic and pathetic!”
“Now that you know about kinship,Should understand,It’s not a big deal for me to break my hand。Before irritating me completely,Silence is your best choice。”
“You are destined to be a demon,A devil like you should never live beyond birth,You will never be forgiven!”

I know Ai Qing hasn’t left,Peng Changyi breathed a sigh of relief,Whispered:“Where is Dou Xiaoyu?”

Xiao Aiguo hesitated,Said helplessly:“Back to beijing。”
Peng Changyi knows Dou Xiaoyu’s character too well,How did she suffer such insults?,Will definitely be angry and leave。As long as Ai doesn’t leave,It means things are not that bad。His heart is a little more relaxed,Said:“You tell Mr. Ai,I am rushing back,No matter what, wait for me to go back。”
“Yes,do not worry,We promise to accompany Mr. Ai,We will visit the industrial park later。”
Peng Changyi knows that Ai Qing is next to Xiao Aiguo,Xiao Aiguo also showed the qualities that the Secretary-General should have。Hung up Xiao Aiguo’s call,He beat Chu Xiaoqiang again,Said:“cockroach,Are you still in the hotel?”
Chu Xiaoqiang said:“No,I’m back in the game。”
Peng Changyi asked:“How about Ai and Dou Xiaoyu?”
Chu Xiaoqiang said:“President Ai was taken away by the government,Dou Xiaoyu caught fire and left,Back to beijing。”
“How can I make her go away angry??”
“Ugh,You don’t know the temper of my sister-in-law,She is going,Who dare to stop?Who dare to stop?Even scold me。”
Peng Changyi advised:“To scold,We are too unreasonable。”
Chu Xiaoqiang did not speak,Maybe he felt his fault。
Peng Changyi asked again:“what is the problem?”
Chu Xiaoqiang said:“Is it convenient for you to speak?”
“Convenience,You speak。”
Chu Xiaoqiang said:“I just called Xiaojing,I know their relationship……”
Chu Xiaoqiang told Peng Changyi what he knew。
original,President Ai and Dou Xiaoyu have known each other a long time ago,They met at an occasional gathering of friends,Then the two started dating,Ai Qing was Dou Xiaoyu’s first love,But at that time,President Ai already has a family,Dou Xiaoyu is not clear,Later, Ai Qing’s wife found Dou Xiaoyu,After Dou Xiaoyu knew the truth,,And left Ai Qing angrily,But the staunch Dou Xiaoyu never fell in love with others,Ai Qing’s wife went to school to make a fuss again,He was disqualified from running for the vice principal,I can’t mix in the unit anymore,So he resigned and went to sea for business。During this period,He never remarried。period,He tried to find Dou Xiaoyu,Hope to rebuild,But was rejected by Dou Xiaoyu。
I heard Chu Xiaoqiang’s brief description,Peng Changyi nodded,No wonder how Ai Qing went to sea that day,He hesitated without explaining。
Chu Xiaoqiang said again:“Ai Qing returned to China this time,It also means falling leaves back to their roots,Although he has visited several places in the south,But still have a soft spot for the north,and so,He listened to the university tutor,Came to Langzhu,later,In a contact with Dou Xiaoyu,Dou Xiaoyu asked him to come to Langzhu,Said that Lang Zhu not only has good friends here,Her brother-in-law is here,that’s it,Ai Qing is determined to invest in Langzhu,And invited Dou Xiaoyu to come with her。After they came this time,Without prior notice to Lang Zhu,It was Dou Xiaoyu’s idea,First, she wants to check my post for sister,The second is that I didn’t decide in advance,When they decide to come,You went to the province for a meeting long ago。”

The pinched Fang Yourong is extremely wronged,Anyway,He is also a young man in his twenties,Isn’t Shengjia sister so good?。Besides,He said,I am famous in my hometown,Simultaneously,Doesn’t this prove that she is well maintained?。

“you are sick?”Let go of the hand that pinches Fang’s face,Shengjia sister frowned,She took a closer look at the hut,As expected,Nothing satisfies her。
Leaned forward and opened the thick curtains,A sunset from the west shot in obliquely。Oh,It’s dusk?Then he slept all day?
Fang Yourong is sick,Burning badly all over。Face sore,headache,My whole body hurts everywhere。
Sister Shengjia helped find a community doctor,I have a cold,Need water。
“Thank you。”Laying on the bed while pulling the quilt, watching sister Sheng Jia who helped。
This kid is not bad,Quite talking。Open the clothes thrown by the bed,Shengjia Sister Tao: “No thanks,I’m showing compassion for your sickness。”Look up at the watch:“Just said to go out and do something,Might be back soon,What do you want to eat?”
“Millet porridge。”
Staring at Fang Yourong who blinked at him,Shengjia sister squinted,Who is this kid acting like?。
“Ladies should not squint,I won’t roll my eyes。”Fang Yourong whispered to remind Sheng Jia’s sister who was thinking in a mean direction。
Humph。Forget it,Not quarreling with sick children。Millet porridge is millet porridge,The cost of calling her is not low,She will get reimbursement from Sheng Zegang。
Hanging water,The sound of the door opening and closing,have a guest?
“You go back,Thank you。”
“Well,Then I’ll go back……”
Low voice——,Oh,That’s Sheng Zegang’s voice。
“I want to drink porridge!Glutinous rice porridge!”Open eyes,Fang Yourong yelled at her neck。
Staring at Fang Yourong who was energetic as soon as Sheng Ze entered the door,It was silent before,Did you pretend to be dead??Sister Sheng’s, who has already cooked millet porridge on a low heat, squinted and said:“Just now you said you want to eat millet porridge。”

Fang Yu just remembered the emergency room。

“There is Doctor Zhang over there,Basically no problem!”
Teacher May reminds。
“This is……”
Fang Yu knows。
“All right,Today is almost the same……tomorrow,I will keep coming。Hope you can give me more surprises,This finished paper,I will help you to publish!study well……”
Teacher Mei patted Xiao Yu on the shoulder。
Leave first。
“really envy you……”
After Teacher May leaves。
Qiao Yun looked at Fang Yu with her cheek,Eyes full of worship。
“Envy me……”
Fang Yu smiled。
Touched Qiao Yun’s head,“How can it be that simple……It’s all accumulation of time!”

Ren Yurou didn’t speak,Holding hydrangea,Go to the middle,Looking at the sky,Compassion。

The happiness of my life,About to drop with the hydrangea,Completely ruined!
“Yurou,I think the blind man,not bad,Throw over there。”
“What good is blind man,It’s better to be paralyzed,Can’t go anywhere,If you wear a green hat, you won’t be able to catch the rape in bed.。”
Family and friends,Unbridled cynicism。
And Ren Dongguo as stepfather,But can’t do anything,I can only bury my head low。
Zhang Chunqin wanted to rush out to theory several times,Every time……Ren Fengping’s fierce eyes glared back。
Hot face,Always remind her,Make another extraordinary move,I’m afraid it’s not a slap in the face,But was swept out!
Facing everyone’s ridicule,Ren Yurou stays alone。
Ren Jia for twenty years,She is used to it。

Qin Liang blushed immediately,This question is so acute,He has to organize the language to answer。

“Why am I a little special than them?”
Shen Ruoxue misunderstood Qin Liang’s meaning,She thought Qin Liang was saying that she was inferior to Liu Xiaoyun and the three of them,So I immediately protested loudly。
“Because you are Shen Ruoxue,Is my favorite little princess,and so……You can change the regulations a little bit,Hehe。”
Qin Liang’s tricks to coax girls,It’s been tried and tested after the heat,Same now。
Shen Ruoxue turned her anger into joy now。
“but,You have to keep a secret,Don’t let anyone know ha,Otherwise they will say I’m partial。”
Qin Liang said again。
“Yep,I know,I’m not stupid,What can be said,What should not be said,I still know。”
Shen Ruoxue tilted her face,Naughty。
“exactly,You are the smartest,Otherwise, I won’t find such a good place with flowers and water,And the scenery is so beautiful。”