[Children can eat chickpeas]_Chickpeas_Children_Can they eat

[Children can eat chickpeas]_Chickpeas_Children_Can they eat

Chickpeas are mainly grown in the UK. Due to the development of society, chickpeas slowly entered China and were accepted by the Chinese., Phosphorus, zinc, protein and other nutrients needed by the human body.

Children can also eat in moderation.


Children can eat chickpeas 2.

Basic introduction of chickpeas. Chickpeas are the seeds of legumes chickpeas. They are one of the important vegetables in India and Pakistan. Chickpeas are also very common in Europe.

Because of its peculiar shape and sharp tip, it is called this name.

Chickpeas are leguminous herbs that originate in western Asia and the Near East.

It is a carbonized legume plant with a cultivated area of about 150 million acres in the world. Among them, India and Pakistan replace more than 80% of the world’s planting area, and China has only sporadic distribution.

Chickpea starch has a chestnut flavor.

Chickpea powder plus milk powder is made from soy milk powder, which can be digested and is a nutritious food for infants and the elderly.

Chickpeas can also be made into a variety of snacks and fried beans.

Grains can be used as diuretics and prolactin to treat insomnia, prevent skin diseases and implant bile.

Starch is widely used in the paper and textile industries.


Efficacy and role of chickpeas Chickpeas are sweet and flat; return to the lungs and stomach.


Lord thirst, hepatitis, athlete’s foot.


The nutritional value of chickpeas. Chickpeas are highly nutritious legumes, a variety of plant proteins and a variety of amino acids, vitamins, crude fiber and calcium, magnesium, iron and other ingredients.

In addition, the grain also contains adenine, choline, inositol, starch, sucrose, glucose and so on.

Among them, the content of pure protein is as high as over 28%, trace amount of 5%, content of 61%, fiber 4-6%, chickpeas contain more than 10 kinds of amino acids, of which the total content of 8 kinds of proteins necessary for human body is higher than that of oats.2 times more.

Long Mang Baili (002601): Titanium Industry Cooperation Enhances Competitiveness, Chloride Production Capacity Expands to Boost Growth

Long Mang Baili (002601): Titanium Industry Cooperation Enhances Competitiveness, Chloride Production Capacity Expands to Boost Growth
Company profile Long Mang Baili announced that it has signed a “Framework Agreement on Cooperation in the Titanium Industry” with Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd., which will build a titanium industry base in the western region with competitiveness and characteristics. The two parties plan to establish a joint venture company, in which Jinchuan Group will invest all existing assets (including land) that are closely related to the production of titanium sponge, and will hold 30% of the equity of the joint venture company.The equity of the joint venture company is 70%. Comments This cooperation is conducive to improving the company’s titanium industry layout and enhancing competitiveness.Jinchuan Group is a large state-owned company in Gansu Province. It is a large-scale picking, selection, smelting, chemical, and deep processing joint enterprise. This cooperation has been transformed into the existing assets of Jinchuan Group Titanium Plant. The existing idle assets are revitalized through cooperation between the two parties, and the investment supporting facilities are perfect.Related industries in the titanium industry chain, build a titanium industry base with competitiveness and characteristics in the western region.According to the content of the agreement, the company will fully resume the production of the existing sponge titanium device and implement the follow-up industrial chain improvement project step by step after the cooperation agreement is officially restarted.We expect that the signing of the framework agreement with Jinchuan Group this time will help the company to further improve the titanium industry layout and enhance the company’s titanium industry competitiveness. The expansion of chloride production capacity has helped the company’s performance growth.The operating rate of the first 10-insert production line of the company’s second-phase chlorinated titanium dioxide has increased to 60%, and the second 10-insertion production line has entered the commissioning stage. At the same time, the company expects that the subsidiary Yunnan Xinli 6 will replace the chlorinated titanium dioxide productionThe line is expected to resume production in January next year, and we expect the company’s increased production capacity to release the chloride method will help continue to grow.At the same time, according to the announcement, the company will use the titanium concentrate resources in the Panxi area to construct a 30-contact titanium chloride slag project, which can fully meet the second phase of 20-chlorination chlorination titanium dioxide production. We expect to further improve the industrial chain to reduce costs and enhance chlorineChemical method of titanium dioxide competitiveness. Demand for titanium dioxide is expected to improve in 2020, and the market share of leading enterprises will continue to increase.The real estate team of CICC expects that the actual physical completed area of houses nationwide will increase by 9% in 2020. Benefiting from the increase in the actual completed area, we expect domestic titanium dioxide demand to improve in 2020; titanium dioxide exports will continue to improve.China ‘s titanium dioxide export volume was 90% in November.3In the beginning, it grows by 6 every year.9%.On the supply side, we expect that in 2020, the titanium dioxide industry will mainly increase its output and concentrate on leading enterprises, which will further increase its market share and voice. Estimates suggest that we maintain our 2019/20 profit forecast26.2 / 3.1 billion US dollars, the current company merger corresponds to 2019/20 price-earnings ratio of 11.5/9.7 times.Maintain target price of 17 yuan, corresponding to 15% growth space and 13 / 11x P / E ratio for 2019/20. Maintain Outperform rating. Risk Titanium dioxide 苏州桑拿网 price exceeded expectations, and the progress of chlorinated titanium dioxide project exceeded expectations.

Hengrui Pharmaceutical (600276): Performance in line with expectations Rich progress in R & D pipeline

Hengrui Pharmaceutical (600276): Performance in line 杭州桑拿 with expectations Rich progress in R & D pipeline

Event: The company released the quarterly report for 2019, reporting that the combined company realized operating income49.

70,000 yuan, an increase of 28 in ten years.

8%; net profit attributable to mother 11.

900 million, an annual increase of 25.

6%, realized non-net profit attributable to mothers 11.

5 billion, an annual increase of 27.

8%, realized operating cash flow4.

3 ppm, 10-year average of 13.

8%; Comment: The company’s performance is basically in line with our expectations. It has achieved good growth in the income side Q1, while the profit growth rate is lower than the income growth rate, mainly due to the company’s continuous R & D strength in the current period and single quarter R & D expenses.

60,000 yuan, an increase of 56 in ten years.


Sales of core products, with reference to 西安耍耍网 grassroots research data, we expect Q1 apatinib to grow by 20% -30% in ten years; Butofino and Arixib increase by more than 50%; Pirlotinib and albumin paclitaxel achieve 1More than 100 million sales; 19K sales are expected to reach more than 50 million.

Rich progress has been made in the research and development pipeline, and the development of multiple molecular entities has entered three stages: in the field of tumors, the CDK4 / 6 inhibitor SHR6390 reached an advanced second-line treatment indication for HR + / HER2-, and the PARP inhibitor fluzopaThe implementation of the indications for maintenance treatment of recurrent ovarian cancer has occurred, and clinical progress and progress have been gradually completed. Both have begun to develop second-line treatment indications, and the time required for listing has prompted a significant landing.

In addition, pirlotinib has implemented a new indication for combining herceptin plus chemotherapy for first-line treatment of advanced breast cancer. This is the third indication that pirlotinib is currently expanding. Pirlotinib is also expected to become a domestic HER2-positive breast in the future.The cornerstone drug for cancer treatment; in other areas, Hippocampus uses aplastic indications as registered clinical trials, and through clinical design similar to orphan drugs, the average number of patients and study endpoints required are simplified, and the speed of marketAlso pursue progress.

In addition, new drugs targeting multiple targets such as TIM3, SOST, and KappaR have begun our phase of clinical trials.

Apatinib is a good partner for PD-1, and related clinical studies are constantly enriching.

In addition to the completed global multicenter clinical trials of apatinib combined with carelizumab for advanced first-line treatment of liver cancer, the company recently launched a series of new phase clinical studies, which are phase II for phase IV KRAS mutations.Trials for the treatment of non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer, and a phase III clinical study of PD-1 combined with capecitabine and oxaliplatin sequential PD-1 combined with apatinib for gastric or gastroesophageal junction cancer, ApaThe clinical positioning of Teni + Carelizumab is constantly being refined, and PD-1 products are expected to show a wealth of differentiated advantages relative to their counterparts.

Profit forecast and investment recommendations: We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019-2021 will be 54.

700 million, 69.

600 million, 87.

100 million US dollars, an increase of 34 each year.

5%, 27.

3% and 25.


The company is a domestic leader in innovative medicine and is in the period of accelerated performance. We give the company an estimate of 55 to 60 times in 2019, corresponding to a target interval of 68.


5 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: the risk of new drug development not meeting expectations; the risk of drug price reduction

Pingmei Coal (601666): The performance of the production adjustment period has clearly improved

Pingmei Coal (601666): The performance of the production adjustment period has clearly improved

Event: The company recently released its 2019 Interim Report.

Reporting the average, the company’s raw coal output increased by 1434, a year-on-year decline of 6.

3%; 1371 attachments of commercial coal sales, an increase of 31 each year.


In terms of financial data, the company achieved operating income of 122.

2 ‰, an increase of 25 per year.

3%; net profit attributable to mother 5.

950,000 yuan, the corresponding EPS is 0.

25 yuan / share, an increase of 91 in ten years.


  Comments: 1.

2019H production slightly shifted, but 武汉夜生活网 sales were significantly higher than expected.

2019H raw coal output was replaced by 1434, of which Q2 output was replaced by 697, which was 12 times lower than the previous month.

9% / 5.

1% should be caused by optimization of the mine system and streamlining of production.

At the same time, it is reported that large-scale companies have increased the construction of excavation, which is the basis for subsequent production scale. It is expected that the output will be significantly restored in the second half of the year.

The company’s commercial coal still has a high degree of recognition within the regional market. Driven by the Long Association, sales volume recorded an unexpected increase, reaching the 1371 target, an increase of 31.

8% (adjusted caliber).


The British pound rose instead of falling,杭州桑拿 and costs rose to an end.

It is estimated that the comprehensive purity of 2019H will be 727 yuan / ton, which will increase by 9 yuan / ton per year (according to the adjusted caliber).

Although the price of under-heated coal has improved since this year, the price of coking coal has been exceptionally strong. Pingdingshan’s main coking coal price has increased by 100 or 20 yuan / ton compared with the same period last year. With the gradual downward adjustment from Q2, the company’s comprehensive sustainableFalling instead rising.

It is estimated that the cost of sales in 2019H will reach 564 yuan / ton, which will rise by 18 yuan / ton. Considering the report of the gradual excavation construction displacement, the cost end after replacing this part will be basically the same as last year.


Share repurchases demonstrate confidence in expectations.

The company started the repurchase in April 2019, and its use has been clearly defined as the replacement of registered capital.

The upper and lower limits of the share capital revealed can increase the EPS by about 2.


As of July 31, the company gradually repurchased 37.64 million shares, accounting for 1.


The new share issue also demonstrates the company’s long-term confidence in the company and its controlling shareholders.


Profit forecast and investment rating.

It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent will be 12-2018.



9 trillion, corresponding to 0 EPS.

59 yuan / share, at least 79% / 2% / 6%.

The company has recovered from the production and operation adjustment period, and there is room for further release of performance.

At present, the corresponding 19-year dynamic PE is about 7.

3 times, raised to “strongly recommended -A” level.

  Risk warning: macroeconomic fluctuations, coal prices fall sharply, and costs rise sharply.

Collection of common exercise problems

Collection of common exercise problems

Q: Do abdominal exercises need to be performed every day?

To get the best fitness results, how many sit-ups need to be done A: Abdominal muscles, like the muscles in other parts, do not need to exercise every day because they also need time to rest.

Similar to other training, when doing sit-ups, the last few exercises you think are very strenuous.

  With the reduction of the right exercise method, each group performs 10?
25 exercises, 1 each time?
3 groups, so that you can get more full exercise of the abdomen.

If there are more than 25 exercises for each group of abdominal muscles, then it is likely that you are exercising too fast or are not moving properly.

  You can increase the disadvantages and intensity of exercise by increasing gravity, such as slowing down, practicing on a slope or on an exercise ball.

  Q: If I feel back pain after exercise, can I continue to exercise A: 24 after exercise?
Within 48 hours, it is normal for muscles to feel sore replacement, especially when arming your exercise involves some “centrifugal exercise”, such as running down a hillside, restraining training, long jumps, etc.

The correct way is to pay attention to the rest while combining some moderate-intensity exercise programs with how to practice.

However, if the pain becomes more annoying, here are some guidelines or precautions to help you determine if you need to stop exercising or see your doctor.


Joint pain and discomfort.

Regardless of the degree, no joint pain can be placed. Pay special attention to the pain in the areas of interest, knees, elbows, and wrists. Because the joints in these areas are not surrounded by muscles, the pain is likely to be related to bones.


Local pain and discomfort.

If the pain is at a specific location, it is likely to be an early sign of some kind of injury.

If the opposite side of the body does not show similar symptoms, you need to see a doctor.


Persistent pain or discomfort.

If the pain lasts for a long time, it may be more than two weeks, or if the pain is getting worse, and conventional treatments are not effective, then you need to see a doctor.


The painful area is accompanied by swelling.

Swelling is a typical manifestation of injury and should never be ignored.


Affects the normal life.

If pain affects your sleep and interferes with your daily work and activities, then it is clear that there is a serious problem behind the pain.

  Keep in mind that if you have pain, don’t exercise it reluctantly. You must know that the old saying “No hard work, no gain” is a bit outdated and not so accurate.

Pain is a message that the body sends to us, and it informs us that there is something wrong with the body, and the potential harm may be in sight.

  Q: Since the BMI cannot distinguish between lean and adult weights, why is this indicator used to determine whether the weight is ideal? A: The BMI is a common indicator of obese weight status.

The body mass index is based on an individual’s height and weight, and uses a mathematical formula to determine a person’s weight status.

In other words, BMI is equal to the weight (kg) divided by the square of height (meters), that is, BMI = kg / m2.

Like other indicators used to determine a person’s ideal weight, the use of BMI has advantages and disadvantages.

  First of all, it has been found that BMI is closely related to a person’s body fat level, and it is also closely related to a person’s risk of suffering from various diseases. It is also an excellent indicator for judging various health problems related to excessiveness.

Therefore, as a relatively reasonable detection index, BMI is widely used as a tool to determine whether the weight is excessive.

Generally speaking, people’s physical types can be summarized as follows: 1.

Underweight BMI: <18. 5; 2. Normal body weight BMI: 18. 5? twenty four. 9; Overweight BMI: 25? 29. 9; Obesity> 30.

  Of course, BMI has its limitations.

Some traditional weight-to-height comparison tables, BMI does not take into account the excess relative and muscle relative factors, as a result, healthy people with a higher proportion of muscle tissue may also beDetermined as overweight or obese.

Therefore, BMI is best used in combination with some other physical methods.

  Q: Is the joint more flexible, the better? A: There is evidence that a joint that is too flexible may reduce its stability and cause the possibility of injury.

In fact, there is a rocker effect between the expansion and the stability of the joint. If the connective tissue that stabilizes a joint stretches too much and overlaps, it will definitely increase joint interference, but at the same time, the stability of the joint will decline.

A kind of squat exercises often makes the range of motion of the joints exceed a certain limit, which deteriorates the stability of the knees, thereby increasing the probability of knee injuries.

Therefore, when practicing joints, you must master a certain degree. The more flexible the joints, the better.

  Q: Does the practice of aerobic pedal exercises increase the burden on the joints? A: Studies show that the injuries that occur during the practice of aerobic pedal exercises are very minor and often related to muscle soreness.

Unlike running and traditional aerobic dance grading, pedal training training gradually reduces the risk of serious injuries.

It now appears that pedaling exercises are no more likely to cause injuries than other weight-bearing aerobic exercises.

However, to avoid the danger of injury, the following rules should be followed when performing pedal exercises: 1.

Perform warm-up exercises for a few minutes, such as the range of activities, and practice your steps without using a pedal; 2.

To avoid knee injury, do not adjust the pedal so high that the knee angle exceeds 90 degrees when you step on the pedal.

The study found that the pressure on the knee is proportional to the angle of the knee flexion. When the knee is bent at 90 degrees, the pressure it receives is three times that of the body, and the pressure at 60 degrees is almost the same as the weight.


The tip of the body should not be more than 30 cm away from the pedal, so as to reduce the burden on the Achilles tendon and the arch of the foot.


When you leave the pedal, your toes touch the ground first, and then your entire feet fall to the ground.

This can evenly share the weight of the body on the soles of the feet, thereby reducing the burden on the soles of the feet.


Reduce the number of lunge exercises.

Repeated lunge exercises on the pedals will increase the intensity of the exercise but will also increase the impact on the joints.


Look at the front during exercise. If you look down at your feet, it will cause neck and back pain.


If the joint is painful, stop practicing immediately.

If you have had joint pain or injury before, pay more attention.


After the exercise, take a walk and do step-by-step exercises to gradually cool down your body.

Is the appliance around the baby safe?

Is the appliance around the baby safe?

Safety equipment is an important guarantee for the healthy growth of the baby. Without a safe bed or a stroller for sleeping safely, there is no guarantee for the baby to sleep and walk.

We reanalyze the baby’s physiological characteristics from a scientific perspective, and at the same time, help parents to replace safe and reliable children’s appliances.

  After 280 days of growth, the baby is finally able to drill out of the “small house” in the mother’s belly. At that time, the baby is far from the epitome of the body of the mother and father. Their various functions are still developing. The bodyChina is still immature.

In order to protect cute babies, they need to be very careful about their care, especially when choosing some baby appliances, you should choose products that can give the baby scientific and safe care.

  Sketch of baby’s physical condition For baby, before 3 years old, especially before 1 year old, various physical functions are still developing, with the following characteristics-1.

The newborn baby is a “big head baby”. The body of the newborn baby is divided into four equal parts, and the head accounts for 1/4.

Compared with other parts, the head is particularly heavy, so they are called “big head dolls”, and their skulls are thin and soft, the cardia is not completely closed, and the cerebral blood vessels are very fragile and easy to break.

Therefore, children’s appliances should be soft and safe, and the baby’s head can be safely cared for.

If the baby’s crib cannot put sharp toys, the guardrail of the crib should be polished smoothly, and the nails and screws of the crib must be “hidden”.

It is best to place protective pads on both sides of the bed or use sponge products on the inner wall of the crib to prevent the baby’s head from directly hitting the railing and being injured.


The baby’s cervical spine can’t support his own small head. The baby’s motor nerves and complication muscles are not sufficiently developed, so the ligaments are easily deformed, and the wobbly ones can’t fully support the heavy head.

Therefore, when choosing children’s appliances, the baby’s head should be supported.


The baby still has abdominal breathing. Because the baby’s breathing center is not yet mature, breathing is easy. Abdominal breathing is a characteristic of infants.

When the baby can’t sit up alone, don’t press the baby’s abdomen, let the baby lie on his back easily and put on the bed.

The baby swells his belly for abdominal breathing.

If the stomach is under pressure, this position may put the baby in a state of hypoxia.


The newborn baby’s spine no longer forms a normal physiological curve.
The newborn baby’s spine no longer forms a normal physiological curve.

Don’t force your baby to sit, it is very important to help your baby support the spine.


The hip joint is also easy to dislocate. Because the baby’s lumbar joint is inserted into the articular surface, the ligaments are loose, and the hip joint is easily dislocated.

Therefore, care should be taken to protect the baby’s lumbar joints when selecting appliances.


Little babies are not yet able to adjust their body temperature to keep warm and radiate freely. These functions of little babies to adjust their own body temperature are not yet developed.

And because the baby has a small range of body temperature, it is very important to help him adjust his body temperature.

Therefore, when selecting children’s appliances, generally should choose products with good air permeability.


The baby grows in sleep. The baby spends more than half of the day in sleep. During sleep, it will secrete growth hormone that grows muscles.

Therefore, it is extremely important to create a comfortable sleeping environment for your baby.

  3 Dangers in Your Baby’s Life If you do not use safety gear or use them incorrectly, some dangers may occur-1.

Hypoxia may affect the baby’s brain. Hypoxia of the baby will make the brain develop.

If a baby who cannot stand still sits on an L-shaped chair, the baby’s respiratory tract will be compressed, which will cause hypoxia due to difficulty breathing.


Shaking your baby violently can cause brain damage Violent shaking your baby can cause brain damage.

Although there was no trauma, damage may have occurred inside the baby’s brain, although it was not visible at all on the outside, and the baby did not feel anything special at the time.

But it could potentially cause harm to the baby.Therefore, the children’s appliances must be safe and reliable. For example, even if the baby carriage is on the way, the wife is swayed back and forth, left and right.


Sudden death of a baby is a danger that occurs in babies from 4 months to 1 year of age. Pediatrics in the United States considers excessively soft bedding or too hot a temperature to be one of them.

An affair happened, what to do-

What if the affair happens?

① Calm down: When encountering an affair with his spouse, he will inevitably turn around, his heart is broken, and his heart is miserable.

In this situation, it is easiest to make the original team lose their senses, as if headless flies are scrambling.

In fact, the most important thing at this time is to calm down first and analyze how it happened?

How serious is the relationship between the two of them?

What is the thrust and attraction between each other?

    ② One cry, two troubles, and three hangings may not be useful, but it will make your spouse more and more alienated from you.

If crying can make your spouse feel guilty, of course, crying is the way to win.

The problem is that crying too much has no practical effect at all, and it may have adverse effects.

Noisy and often spouses are upset.

I can’t stand it, and I don’t want to go home, so the effect is not good.

Even if you hang, even if you unfortunately let go, the happiest is your love rival, so don’t use this strategy.

    ③ Do not lightly abandon marriage or have the intention of adult beauty.

Do n’t forget that if you give up your marriage, the unfortunate thing in the future is not your spouse, but you.

In light of divorce, the innocent children will suffer the most, and you will have countless booing and loneliness in the future.

Distinguished people will never give up marriage, not only give themselves more room to work, but also let third parties know that their future is less promising.

Because they cannot marry in the future, it can also be a factor in their quarrel.

    ④ Don’t cry everywhere.

Generally the most common is that the so-called spouse is not.

He even complained to his neighbors, expressed affection to his parents, and even complained to his spouse’s boss.

Quite ambitious determination.

The problem is that in this state of torn face, only by making the spouse less face-to-face and no step down, the chance of turning back is relatively reduced.

    ⑤ Taking retreat as a backlash, learning tolerance, forgiveness may make it easier for the spouse to turn back.

In the quarrel stage of husband and wife, Yuanpei is unreasonable. When the spouse is not, the spouse increases the “criminal feeling”. When this sense of crime cannot be ruled out, the affair is prone to “do not do it, do not stop,Anyway, everyone is in trouble, and I have nothing to keep.

On the contrary, tolerance, forgiveness, and patience can make your spouse feel “guilty”. I feel sorry for you and do not dare to hurt you. These methods are suction.

Although it is difficult for Yuanpei to reach these ideals in an unbearable state, in order to take the overall situation into consideration, it is best to work in this direction.

    ⑥ Do not retaliate.

In order to “punish” a spouse for having an affair, he went to find an affair and thought of revenge. This is the most stupid act in dealing with an affair.

The fundamental problem cannot be solved, the relationship between the two people is more serious, it is intensified and inevitably exists, and unmatched rights and interests (such as alimony, child living expenses, and even the “possibility” in front of morals) have completely disappeared, and they have been laughed at.Never try it.

    ⑦ Don’t quarrel in front of children.

Children are the most innocent victims.

During the quarrel, the most common phenomenon between husband and wife is to use material benefits to buy the child, hoping that the child will stand by him. Another common phenomenon is to expose the shortcomings of the spouse so that the child can understand the truth of the matter.

In this way, the child not only learns to sacrifice adults for material benefits, but also psychologically feels engulfed on both sides. The most serious consequences lead to the child’s confusion, inferiority and discomfort, and the child’s psychological imbalance.Disputes, especially affair issues, should be avoided.

6 unique Chinese medicine recipes for effective treatment of constipation

6 unique Chinese medicine recipes for effective treatment of constipation

Constipation is a life problem that many people encounter.

Constipation means that the feces stay in the intestine for too long, which reduces the number of stools, the stools become dry, and the discharge is difficult or inexhaustible.

Generally no bowel movements for more than two days can indicate the presence of constipation.

If you have bowel movements every day, but you have difficulty defecation and you still have a feeling of residual stool after defecation, or accompanied by abdominal distension, you should also remove the constipation.

Here are some simple and practical little recipes for constipation.

  Recipe 1.

The specific method of rubbing the abdomen to effectively cure constipation is to urinate after getting up and drink 300-500 ml of cold water.

At the distal end, your feet are as wide as your shoulders, and your body is relaxed. Your right palm is placed on the right lower abdomen, and your left palm is placed on the back of your right hand. Massage from the lower abdomen to the right quarter ribs.Massage down to the left lower abdomen.

Repeatedly massage 30-50 times in a clockwise direction. There is no need for excessive pressure during the massage, just gently massage.

The effect may not be great at first, as long as this method is adhered to, the effect will be visible after 10 days.

Persist in doing it once a day. After 30 days, the effect of normal bowel movement can be completely achieved.

  Recipe 2.

Get up early in the morning and drink cold water after getting up in the morning.

Drinking 2-3 glasses of cold water after getting up in the morning can eliminate constipation.

This is because the cold water enters the stomach and causes the stomach-large intestine reflex to start the peristalsis of the large intestine.

Water will be absorbed by the body during constipation, causing the stool to become dry and hard. Drinking cold boiled water will have enough water to supplement the stool.

  Recipe 3.

The vinegar drinking therapy promotes defecation of 30 ml of rice vinegar (about two tablespoons), two spoons of honey, stir 3-5 times water, and put it after each meal.

Vinegar can promote bowel movement, but direct insertion will hurt the stomach and duodenum, so it should be replaced after placement.

Severe constipation can increase the dose.

  Recipe 4.

After eating pears, pears are sweet and delicious, crispy and juicy. They are a favorite fruit of many people.

Pear vitamins A, B, C, D and E.

The vitamin C content of a pear is 10% of the “recommended daily intake”, and the potassium content is also a lot.

Like apples, it also contains oxidants that keep human cells and tissues healthy.

Although pear is very sweet, its transformation and trace content are very low, which is very suitable for people who like to eat sweet and are afraid of fat.

  Pear contains 3 grams of cellulose (mostly insoluble fiber) per 100 grams. It is non-soluble fiber, which can help prevent constipation and digestive diseases. It can purify high blood pressure and clean the intestines. People with long-term constipation should eat more pearsAnd help prevent colon and rectal cancer.

  Recipe 5.

The plum juice can defecate and detoxification studies show that because plum is rich in cellulose, pectin and some unique trace elements, it can be called natural plum juice, which can effectively promote interventional peristalsis, increase the number of bowel movements, relieve orPrevent constipation.

Many scientists have done research and experiments on the function of prunes to relieve constipation. Although the explanations for the causes are different, the results have proved that prune juice has a unique effect on alleviating constipation, which is unmatched by any other food.

For a long time, prune juice has the reputation of “human scavenger” in European and American countries.

At the same time, because plum juice can promote defecation and detoxification, many women in Hong Kong and Taiwan call it “slim juice”.

  Recipe 6.

Konjac + honey is a good defecation partner. The konjac juice is rolled out by a masher, put into a lake-shaped pot cooked on a low fire, put in a container, and use cold honey (honey is divided into cold and hot)Modulation, two spoons on an empty stomach every morning.

Must insist, can cure constipation for a long time.

Beautiful and undefined both internal and external is the key

Beautiful and undefined both internal and external is the key

Taiwan fitness instructor Zhang Chunchun, a petite woman who can’t see her age, has become the crown of “Asian Bodybuilding Queen”.

She has always been the designated star shaping coach for more than ten record companies including Taiwan Rolling Stone, Sony, and EMI. From variety artist Wang Zongxian to powerful singer Wang Lihong, from the mainland’s little swallow Zhao Wei to Hong Kong’s Xiaotianhou Li Xinjie, she has personally directed.
  Li Yan: Pursuing sexy, never talking about “Asian Jennifer?”

“Mr. Lopez”, Li Zhang, teacher Zhang said: “She is a very hardworking person and has very strict requirements on the body curve.

This may have something to do with her dedication to the international route.

“Zhang Chunchun used to make dance moves for Li Min, and at that time Li Min’s figure was already very swollen.

“Rehearsing dance is a very hard job,” said Zhang, “but she will still work with me to figure out how to use some convenient equipment to shape her body in her free time.

“Mr. Zhang suggested that Li Yan do a hundred leg presses in bed before going to bed, or do chest exercises with small dumbbells while watching TV.

Later, these small tricks have become the unique skills that Li Wei must talk about when he introduces how to shape his body.

  When I realized that there was an article saying that Li Yan was too stressful of the curve and had lost the Asian beauty that was unique to him, Teacher Zhang was anxious to explain for her lovers.

“It can only be said that it has been a bit over the traditional standard, because we have not distinguished the boundary between ‘sense’ and ‘sexy’ very well.

Lin Jiaxin: The beauty is endless. Zhang Chunchun, who works with beautiful women both inside and outside, spends her time talking to Lin Jiaxin. “You are born to be a star!”

Looking back now, Teacher Zhang still praises Lin Meiren.

“Even with her face-to-face training, her face is flawless.

And the chest shape is very beautiful, it should be born.

But Teacher Zhang felt that the proportion of Lin Jiaxin’s upper body and lower body was not well coordinated.

“She seems to be under a lot of stress and the result of a bad mood is eating disorders.

Teacher Zhang said, “To eliminate puffiness in the lower body, simple body shaping is not enough.

As a body-building teacher, Zhang Chunchun often prepared some decompression tea for Lin Jiaxin.

She once prepared a beauty youth tea, which added 11 herbs such as Angelica, Poria, Amaranth, and Mint, and boiled for 45 minutes.

“This tea has a very good function to relieve the stress of life, and it is suitable for daily use,” Teacher Zhang pointed slightly. “But you must stick to it to be effective. I wonder if Jiaxin is obedient?”

Selina: Apple face, so blessed. When SHE debuted, Zhang Chunchun began to create an image for them.

Speaking of these three little girls, Teacher Zhang’s face suddenly burst into a smile: “They are the most polite of all my students. Sometimes when they come across a show, they even come over and hug me.

The biggest figure in SHE was worried, probably Selina.

Because she was born with a round apple face, she always covered her cheeks with vertical hair.

Teacher Zhang was very dismissive.

“I have always disapproved of Selina’s excessively thin face,” she said.

Her apple face is cute and can bring her blessings.

If you lose weight, it may affect Star Fortune.

“Of course, full-faced meat will affect Xingyun even more. The key is how to make the lines of the face soft and beautiful, which shows a strong sense of Chinese Baby.

Teacher Zhang once taught Selina a few small face techniques to soften facial lines by massaging acupuncture points.

Teacher Zhang did not forget to add at last, “It’s the camera that is making troubles, Selina is actually very pretty.

What is the nourishing effect of Cordyceps sinensis?


What is the nourishing effect of Cordyceps sinensis?

Guide: In the tourist season in Qinghai, Cordyceps sinensis, a nourishing product of Qinghai specialties, is eagerly purchased by many tourists.

However, the winter grass and summer grass are magical to the insects and grasses, and what is the nourishing effect is caused by many tourists.

Can Cordyceps really make aphrodisiac?

Cordyceps sinensis is sweet and warm. At present, the main effect lies in moistening the lungs, relieving cough, reducing phlegm and improving human immunity.

Experts pointed out that Cordyceps is mainly used to treat patients with tuberculosis or lung deficiency by entering the lungs and entering the spleen.

Recent studies have shown that it also has the effect of improving immunity, and can solve certain mitigating effects on cancer symptoms.

Cordyceps itself does not have the unique effect of “aphrodisiac”.

According to modern chemical analysis, the components of Cordyceps contain various components such as cordycepic acid, cordycepin and vitamin B12 in addition to impurities, protamines, fine fibers and residues.

Some medical experts have pointed out that although Cordyceps has the effect of enhancing the body’s immunity, its mechanism of action is very complicated, and it requires a certain dose to function.

Therefore, if you want to cure all diseases by taking one or two Cordyceps, it is impossible to be strong and strong.