“Guardian,what do you mean?”

At this moment when the gatekeeper shut up,Li Yuyu turned his head to look at Wei Suoren who had brought the whole school,Cold questioning。
“Humph!What do you mean?”
“I want to ask,What do you mean?”
“I know that Weisuo is my son,Dare to abolish my son,Make him not a man?”
“You too don’t take my white horse master in your eyes?”
See this Li Yuyu,I’m so embarrassed to ask myself。
Wei Suoren disdain to answer。
“Humph!If it weren’t for him to shoot me first,Will i abolish him?”
“Blame it,I can only blame your son for shooting me。”
Hear this,Li Yuyu won’t let each other。
This is my own carp school,I don’t need to be afraid of each other。
“What a good one I only blame my son for doing you。”
“In this case,Then don’t blame me for being rude to you。”
“Go together,Male killed,Female abolish and leave。”
“Wait until the people of the Lei Yue School are abolished,On meritorious deeds。
Who killed the most,Who can share the most beautiful woman。”
Seeing Li Yuyu being so arrogant。

“General Gu,Now others have raised the price to two yuan each,Do not need us to deliver,They drove directly to our factory。”

“crazy,Really crazy!”Gu Mu was also speechless for a while。
“What should i do now?Not sell to them,Still sell at the original price,That day will lose four or five million!”Fang Hao’s voice is full of crying。
Lost four or five million a day,One month is1Billions。
Even if there is only two or three months of epidemic,That’s a profit of several hundred million。
Several hundred million!
If it lasts longer,The profit is even higher。
This is not cutting the meat in his heart,This is cutting off his entire heart。
The feeling of pain,Only those who have suffered can understand。
Gu Mu was silent for a while,Said:“How about this,If you think the loss is too great,You can transfer your mask factory to me。”
Fang Hao was taken aback,Ponder:“Does this guy see that masks are profitable,Do you want to buy and sell??”
“if you are willing to,I can come out10One hundred million bought your mask factory,how about it?”Gu Mu said。
Fang Hao stayed there。
His investment in this mask factory is about 100 million yuan,Gu Mu is going out now10Ge Yi bought his mask factory,That means he has earned9100 million。


Chapter Two Hundred and Ten All parties prepare
Such a team certainly cannot be owned by other folks,He is not alone4personal,This means,These people are probably made by the guys in the circle,It is very likely that they are not playing this game themselves,In the current video4Individuals have shown their comprehensive strength,It means that when the game comes,Probably this4Individual against them,No matter who the team is?It is certain that the time will come,Song, whose surname is Song, will face them4A。
These guys are amazing people,At that moment, a large number of fans were harvested in the game,Just their decisiveness and speed,Every time I win so beautiful。
This is a team that has so many fans based on real strength,It also means that Song, whose surname is Song, will not have any advantage when they enter the game.,Unless at this time they can also start exercising in the game。
“The first thing you have to make sure is,This is a very dangerous thing,Not me,There is life in danger at any time,You have to be prepared,If this matter is not a big problem,So what should we do this time。”
Huang Lei repeated this matter very seriously,Before they get the pills,Huang Lei thinks it is necessary to let them know their current situation,Let them know what to do next and the various unexpected things they face。
But Huang Lei still said that,At this time, it seems that they have no other choice,When the enemy started to act,They are still hesitating,Even feel scared at this time,Then they are doomed to fail,If it’s just a normal failure,Can accept it,But the key point is that the current situation is that I have already used all my net worth to bet。
Huang Lei believes that Song, whose surname is Song, and Bai whose surname is Zhang Bai, will never allow himself to lose.,It’s also being developed so that suggestions are made at this time,Is asking them this time,Should I get pills?,then,When they think there is no way out,Enter the game when you realize the danger。
Things in the back will naturally become simple,What should I do?,Although this process is not necessarily good,At the same time this is what they can’t do。
Huang Lei didn’t say any more, he has been looking at the three people in front of him,All decisions are made by the three of them,No matter what Song Zhangbai’s Bai thinks,No matter what the chick thinks,Anyway, what Huang Lei can do is stay with them,Try to protect them,Otherwise,What Huang Lei can do is limited。
About half an hour later,they4Individual sitting together,Minute4Different places to sit,Been silent all the time,Tea who should drink tea,The silent silence,Eyes closed just now,It seems to be irrelevant,Irrelevant。
They are all facing the same thing,The same problem,All thinking about the same thing,Until this time,The people who have been silent have a little bit of life,Chick looking at Huang Lei,Look at Song, whose surname is Song, and Bai, who is Zhang Bai,Finally nodded。
“It seems we have no other choice now,no way,I can only think of a way to get a little that pill,Normally this kind of pill will go in and come out,In other words, two pills are enough for each person,But I will give everyone one more,So we have three pills,No matter what problems arise at that time,At least we have a backup plan,It won’t be too bad。There is nothing else I can do,The rest is up to you to decide whether to continue,Or what kind of thoughts do you have about this matter。”
The little girl didn’t say anything here,Looking at Song, whose surname is Song, and Bai, who is Zhang Bai,The meaning is obvious enough that the rest of the things are the same,Song of Song and Bai of Zhang Bai will deal with it,See how they choose,It depends on whether they finally choose to continue or cancel this bet.。
Song of Song and Bai of Zhang Bai laughed bitterly,Look at each other during this period,In fact, they have no retreat at all,You don’t even have to look at them,This matter is all about the two of them,It means they have to participate in any situation,Not to mention whether there are pills,They will find a way to get pills even if there is no pills,Have to enter the game,Only in this way can we get full growth,To fully exercise,Finally won in the next game。
The two of them agreed without even thinking about it,There is no escape from such a thing,But nothing to say。

“It is expected that if the tapeout goes smoothly,The next generation of Weihua products will be equipped with this chip,And realize the direct interaction between the terminal and the brain。According to our forecast,The interaction of the first-generation brain-computer chip probably stays at brainwave unlocking,Or can realize simple functions such as screenshots。”

Intel Chief Technology Mike·Mebori explained。
CEO Stephen asked after pondering for a moment:“Ok,Then tell me,Why this chip may threaten our position。”
Mike glanced at Gary beside him·Parton。
This Dr. Patton is Intel’s vice president and general manager of product design support,Directly to Mike·Mebori is in charge。
Parton nodded at Mike,Then he explained:“The question is if this brain-computer chip proves to be feasible,And become the standard of future electronic equipment,So in the future, none of us can guarantee that there will be fusionCPUThe emergence of functional brain-computer chips。”
“A chip that can realize brain-computer interaction is essentially an information transcoding processing device,It needs strong algorithm support。The computer architecture is constantly moving forward。This generation of brain-computer chip functions may not be feared,But none of us can guarantee whether the next-generation brain-computer chip structure is more perfect,More powerful。”
“And when people adapt to the existence of brain-computer chips,Every software designed by the developer already needs to add support for brain-computer chips in the software development process,So no one can guarantee that for China or other companies will develop a new typeCPUArchitecture,Integrate the functions of the central processing unit into a general-purpose brain-computer chip!”
“Believe you should know,If this day in the future does appear,For Intel, it’s definitely a disaster。of course,forARM、Qualcomm and other companies are all doomed!Because Huaxia people are obviously very ambitious,This brain-computer chip is definitely not just for mobile phones!”
Finished,There was a long silence in the office。
Although Parton said only one possibility,But according to Murphy’s theorem,When you are worried that something will happen,Then it’s more likely to happen。
Put it on the competition of high-tech companies,The success rate of Murphy’s theorem will also increase exponentially。
Because our engineers can analyze the situation,It is impossible to expect the other party not to think about it。
Where is Weihua’s R&D capabilities。
In other words,If the brain-computer chip is changed over several generations,And after getting consumer approval,There may be a period of peace between the two parties,But during this peace period, the other party can make arrangements calmly,When the brain-computer chip has its own ecology, it is gatheringCPUFunction of……

The opposite of,They just want to express their disagreement。

Only Shen Huan speaks by himself,Adidas headquarters will seriously consider,Will not blindly launch more championship limited editions。
otherwise,Shen Huan got angry and didn’t cooperate,Then Adidas dare to launch300Wanshuang、500If Wanshuang wins the limited edition,To Shen Huan’s rights is to damage。
Shen Huan can sue them,Demanding compensation。
Because it’s already stipulated in the endorsement contract,Every product with Shen Huan’s image and achievements,Must be authorized by Shen Huan to sell。
This is the same as those produced clothes that only Shen Huan can endorse、pants,totally different。
On those productsLOGOOnly adidas,So these brand images have nothing to do with Shen Huan。
But for example, the Shen Huan versionTShirt、Fermat’s Last Theorem Commemorative EditionTShirt、Shen Huan won the championship sneakers,They all use Shen Huan’s image and achievements as a selling point,Then this right does not belong to Adidas。
They misuse,Of course you will eat。
“Then please convey this on my behalf。”Shen Huanhe said,“They don’t need to make money on this item,Not our autumn and winter clothes,Will it be listed soon??”
“These clothes don’t have your avatar printed,It’s your endorsement style at best,It’s not the same as the money specially developed for you。”Watnard shook his head.:“No wonder they are so excited,I heard it the first time,Also feel excited。”
“If there is no commemorative version of your championship,Maybe we will really agree。”Feng Yushou Yedao,“Precisely because there are many possibilities in the future,So we can’t do this。”
Shen Huan nodded。
After all,Or because this benefit has substitutes in the back。
If it’s really useless,Then don’t take advantage of this big profit,That’s a fool。
Few companies can withstand such temptationxof。
“Since we rejected this request,Then next year’sNBAPlayoff Tour,We are going to plan well。”Vatnad Road,“Speaking of which I’m quite stressed,If you can’t do it100100 million dollars in overall sales,I will definitely be scolded bloody。”
“Don’t have to wait for next year。”Shen Huan passed his reminder,Just way:“Does Adidas also have basketball??I can make a profile pictureLOGOBasketball!At least within two or three years,Is not worried about selling。”
The two smiled at each other。
“Since you have thought,that’s great。”Feng Yushou slapped,“Let’s take advantage of these few days,Shoot a basketball ad!Adidas basketball,It should be strong!”

Sang Xiaoxi was stunned,She really didn’t think about this problem。

Sang Qingrou said:“Your first priority is to find a cure,other things,Not for you。Everyone’s life is in your hands,Are you still wasting time here?”
Sang Xiaoxi was stunned,this time,She has nothing to say。
The kid next to me grabbed Sang Xiaoxi’s hand:“big sister,I don’t want my mother to die,You help me!”
He said,Crying in front of the big guy。For such a small child,Losing a loved one is already a painful thing,I also watched my mother’s body burned。
His mood,Sang Qingrou can understand。but,right now,There is no better choice。
“Don’t cry!this matter……”Sang Xiaoxi was also embarrassed for a while,The little boy looks pitiful,but,She has to focus on the overall situation。
Just when everyone hesitated,Sang Qingrou did not hesitate to snatch the torch from the soldier,Never blink,Ignite the body。
in a blink,The corpses piled into hills were suddenly swallowed by the fire,Who wants to stop,It’s too late。
Just at this time,The little boy suddenly broke free of Sang Xiaoxi,Chao Sang Qingrou ran over。
Sang Qingrou is unprepared,Bit the back of his hand。She frowned,I saw the hatred in the eyes of the little boy,Said nothing。
He endured pain that shouldn’t be endured at this age,but,No one has a better choice。
“I won’t forgive you!You are all bad guys。”He cried and put aside,Sang Qingrou frowned,Staring at the bite marks on the back of your hand,Mixed heart。
How can I be a good man?She doesn’t even know what maternal love is,By contrast,This little boy is much happier than her。
Took a deep breath,Sang Qingrou returned to her indifference。
“All right!There is no time to be sad now,Go to the prescription,Should take care of the villagers,Just take care of the villagers,Stop pestering here。”
Sang Qing softly covered her hands,No one paid any attention,Walk to my house。The injury on the back of the hand is still aching,Wait to go back,She took a closer look,This child is merciless,All bleeding。
She flushed the wound desperately into water,I am afraid I will catch the disease。When looking up,I saw the villagers outside being tortured by the epidemic,I started to shake。

Shen Ruoxi, this is a crime of desire,Why is there no word?,But if Qin Liang is not allowed to carry this pot,No one else can recite,Can’t let Yang Shiyun come to memorize it?

“I have a hasty,It seems that I said it was not the right time,Ugh……”
Qin Liang sighed helplessly,Then I looked at Shen Ruoxue。
Shen Ruoxue blinked and looked at Qin Liang,Still nothing,And Chen Hao and Liu Xiaoyun don’t know what they are thinking at this time.,Two people didn’t even speak,And the weird thing is:The other girls didn’t even speak!
This is fun,It became only Shen Ruoxi and Qin Liang talking“crosstalk”Up。
“Aunt Xiaoxue,My hand hurts again,You help me blow。”
No one thought,This time it was Murong Kaukey who broke the silence!After she said this,He raised his injured hand in front of Shen Ruoxue。
“what……Oh,it is good,I will blow to you……”
Shen Ruoxue replied with a dazed face,Then holding Murong’s little hand,Pouting and blowing wildly!I don’t know the hand wrapped in gauze,What effect does it play like this。
It is clear:Murong’s hands don’t hurt at all,She is just a rescue,Everyone present understands this,Including Shen Ruoxue too,A small wound that has been smeared with Dragon Soul Dumener Green Ointment,How could it still hurt。
Looking at my daughter’s innocent look,Murong Shan smiled relievedly,She is very happy that her daughter has such a kind heart,So happy to help others’ hearts,Although she is only helping her own aunt Xiaoxue。
“I think i’m lucky,Always see the kind and cute little angel。”
Qin Liang jumped out such a sentence without thinking,After everyone was shocked,I immediately understood the meaning of his words,So everyone smiled,I looked at Murong Qiaoyao together。
The bell rang for the show to begin,The tourists waiting in front of the performance hall began to commotion,But the tickets are all reserved,So there is no need to rush into the arena,Anyway, everyone has their own seat。
“I just remind everyone:Take care of your weapons。”
Qin Liang whispered to the girls,The girls all nodded,Actually Qin Liang doesn’t need to warn this,Because the holsters of the self-defense weapons carried by the Dragon Soul fighters have special insurance hooks.,People who don’t know the inside story can’t secretly extract weapons。
Come in。
The girls get together like a bunch of cute bunnies,Walked into the performance hall curiously,Then under the command of Yanzi and Yang Shiyun,One by one sat down on his own seat。
Okay,Because the ticket was bought early,So the seats of the Shen’s sisters are in the front row,It’s the closest location to the performance venue。

Du Jueming yelled,The right hand has touched the Qixing Longyuan behind。

At this time, a person in night clothes appeared in front of Du Jueming.。
The system prompt also drifted:
【system hint:You entered the battle for treasure,Died during the battle,Treasures obtained must fall。】
See the system prompt,Du Jueming took a long sigh of relief,Scary!
It turned out to be a task attached to the treasure map!
I thought it was some kind of hero who really followed him secretly for a day.!
Since it is a side task,Don’t worry too much,After all, Qixing Longyuan is in hand now,I am definitely a god blocking the existence of god。
at this time,The man in black also revealed his attributes,Holding a long sword to kill Du Jueming。
Zuo Zimu
Qi and blood:100000
Internal force:50000

The person in front of him really prevents him from seeing any possibility of creating threats。

He also wondered why the head coach of Dongchuan Middle School had to change this person。Isn’t that the coach named Li Ziqiang is a very professional coach??But in this substitution, I didn’t see where his level is.……
So Wang Guangwei only glanced at Hu Lai,He took his gaze back,Began to pay attention to the game itself。
But at this moment,He suddenly felt something on top of his head……Next second,He feels his hair is caught,I have a hand rubbing on my head!
He saw Wu Yue, who was standing opposite, staring behind him dumbfounded!
Wang Guangwei finally reacted——Someone broke ground on his head……Do not,Is hands-on!
Almost a natural response of the body,He turned and pushed,Push away the person who fiddled with his hair behind him。
The man was pushed back a few steps,In the end, I still couldn’t resist the inertia,Sit down on the ground。
This is Wang Guangwei who can see clearly,It is the 14th of Dongchuan Middle School that was just replaced!
“Oh!”He didn’t forget to yell when he fell to the ground。
This sound attracted the attention of many people,Including the referee。
Seeing a sudden physical conflict on the court,Even if the game is still in progress,He also stopped the game decisively,Rush to the scene of the incident。
The penalty scale for middle school competitions is different from professional competitions,Stricter penalties for physical contact,Fights and fights are strictly prohibited。After all, the Chinese Football Association wants to recreate a new image of Chinese football,Naturally, team fights and gang fights cannot be allowed in the high school league,It will be reported by the media、Render,The image of the high school football league that has finally been established is all over。
So every referee who enforces the middle school football league,While receiving training,The first lesson is how to quickly deal with conflicts on the court,How to kill the possible fight between the two sides in the cradle。
So even now it’s obviously Jiaxiang who finally fought back,We are all rushing to the third defensive zone of Dongchuan Middle School,The referee of the game still whistled decisively to interrupt the game,Without waiting for the game to become a dead ball……
The Jiaxiang High School cheerleaders in the stands gave a uniform boo。
One of their attacks was blown away。And when they cast their eyes on the place where the referee ran past,The boo stopped at first,Then become bigger。
Because everyone saw their captain Wang Guangwei holding his head“Chicken coop”Stand there,Not far from him,The No. 14 player of Dongchuan Middle School who just played is sitting on the ground,Looking at Wang Guangwei with surprise。

“Got it,Useless,These things are outside the body,Besides, it’s not your own private property,It doesn’t hurt to be down。”

“Now the township party secretary is in Santana,Municipal leaders also sit in Santana?”
“You don’t even have Santana,Still that old Shanghai。”
“Didn’t I dare to change?Ten Passats from Xiaoyuan Company,All imported original,Secretary Ren, we both discussed how we want one。”
“That’s a smuggled car confiscated by the state,But it is said that the procedures have been legalized。”Wang Jiadong says。
“Yes,We have two companies that have ordered two。”Peng Changyi said。
“Not cheaper than the market。”Wang Jiadong said。
Peng Changyi said:“Tariff must be paid when buying,So it’s not cheap,Xiaoyuan Company is getting bigger and bigger。”
“It’s all supported by the Beijing head office,Rely on him?I lost my pants long ago。”Wang Jiadong said disdainfully。
Peng Changyi saw that the driver did not take the national road,But drive to the highway,Just said:“The high-speed is not open to traffic yet?”
Wang Jiadong’s driver said:“Can go。”
The minister added:“Can go,The toll station has not been built yet。”
This driver is also named Wang,Usually speak very little,No more words,Don’t ask and don’t speak,When I ask, I can say one less and never say more。
On the highway,The minister looked at the farmland on both sides,Said:“This time the funeral reform work was done well,Your kid shows his face。”
Peng Changyi said:“not me,Is the secretary,He commanded well。”
“Haha。”Wang Jiadong laughed loudly,Said:“Why doesn’t this sound right??Emotional?Who doesn’t know you, Peng Changyi brought a group of tiger and wolf teachers,Rush to the west,Sweep the North City,The graves disappeared within a few days,Fine fine,Detention,Is the movement quite big??”
Peng Changyi listened to Minister’s words,Just say:“Who told you this?So exaggerated,Tiger and Wolf Teacher?As if he saw?”
Wang Jiadong says:“Who did you say?Just told me。”