[How to make scrambled eggs with shallots]_Recommended diet

[How to make scrambled eggs with shallots]_Recommended diet

Fried egg with shallots is a relatively common home-cooked dish. Eating it properly can prevent ulcers and has a good effect on health benefits for each other. It also has a certain diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect.To understand the practice of scrambled eggs with shallots, let’s take a look at this.

Prepare three eggs and the right amount of salad oil, salt and shallots.

First prepare a bowl, beat the eggs into the bowl, add the previous oil and salt, and stir well. Wash the shallots, separate the shallots and the shallot leaves and chop them into small pieces.

Put an appropriate amount of oil in the pan. When the oil temperature reaches 70%, put the egg liquid into the pot. When the egg liquid has some care, start frying, break the eggs, and then put the green onions.Once inside, stir-fry evenly, so the scrambled eggs with shallots are ready.

The above briefly understands the practice of scrambled eggs with shallots. The practice of scrambled eggs with shallots is particularly simple.

When making scrambled eggs with shallots, put the salt in the egg liquid and stir well. This will prevent the salt from being uneven when the scrambled eggs are turned, which will cause the taste to deteriorate.

Adding a little oil to the egg liquid can also help the taste, especially the eggs can be made smoother, and the cooking wine can be put without oil, the taste is also good, and the temperature must be higher when scrambled eggsThis will help the egg liquid to coagulate, and then stir fry after coagulation, and break.

Although the onion scrambled eggs are very simple, the nutritional effect is still good. It can also be used as breakfast. Try not to touch too much when putting oil to avoid too much oil.

[Eating in bed makes you short-lived, these things are also your short-lived accomplices]

[Eating in bed makes you short-lived, these things are also your short-lived accomplices]

Many people today are too lazy to even get up to bed, and do everything in bed. The key things are not so healthy, and it is extremely easy to affect sleep.

Studies have shown that poor sleep quality is more fatal than not sleeping enough, too much sleep, and people who can’t sleep well for a long time have a life expectancy that is several years or even decades shorter than normal sleepers.

For example, these 6 things, in order to sleep well, do not go to bed in the future.

1. When I eat in bed, I often watch Korean dramas. When people in the drama move the dining table to bed, Xiaojiu always feels unhygienic. Even if I eat carefully, I may have shaking hands.

Will it attract ants and flies?

Doesn’t it feel dirty to sleep with food?

The problems that come up one by one are almost fatal to obsessive-compulsive disorder.

In fact, some foods really attract some bugs.

Sweets, such as soda, juice, cakes, butter cookies, etc., attract ants and flies, including houseflies, blue-necked flies and green-necked flies.

Leftover food, such as pizza left in the box or unpacked burger and chicken, may attract ants, flies, and even cockroaches.

If you eat before bedtime, there is another danger of hurting your teeth, especially if you don’t clean your mouth with dental floss and toothbrush.

Food residues left in the mouth are not cleaned up, and bacteria will rag and multiply within 8 hours of your sleep.

Therefore, it is best not to eat in bed.

Under the premise of not eating in bed, the sheets are washed once a week.

Eat on the bed and wash it once every 3 days. If the sheets or quilts are stained, wash them immediately.


Oupai Home (603833): 19-year performance exceeded expectations Q4 improved category expansion and bulk continued to drive

Oupai Home (603833): 19-year performance exceeded expectations Q4 improved category expansion and bulk continued to drive

Event On January 15th, Oupai Household announced the announcement of 2019 annual results pre-increasing.

The company expects to achieve operating income of 126 in 2019.


110,000 yuan, a 10-year increase of 10% -20% attributed to the mother’s net profit18.


65 ppm, a 10-year increase of 15% -20%; net profit after deduction is 16.


9.6 billion, a 10-year growth of 10% -20%.

In terms of quarters, it is estimated that the operating income in the single quarter of 2019Q4 will be 31.


7.6 billion, an annual increase of -5.

65% -29.

10%; net profit attributable to mother is 4.


87 ppm, an increase of 15 in ten years.

54% -57.

80%; net profit after deduction is 3.


50,000 yuan, a growth of 0 in ten years.

76% -43.


The company’s performance exceeds market expectations. Our analysis and judgment are driven by the wardrobe + accessory category. Multi-channel efforts are in place. The 2019 performance is in line with expectations of the company’s continued growth in revenue and net profit in 2019.

The company’s revenue growth mainly gradually steadily expanded the company’s new categories, the effective implementation of key categories and brand strategies, and the acceleration of omni-channel operations. Specifically, the company’s custom-made wardrobes and supporting categories in Oupai and Opalli have experienced strong growth and engineering.The performance of channels such as assembly and bag occupation was intensified, and other categories of cabinets, bathrooms, and wooden doors performed steadily.

In terms of profit, the growth of the company’s net profit is mainly due to the company’s informatization and lean production promotion, reform of the layout system, innovation and efficiency improvement, and government subsidy income.

The company’s non-recurring gains and losses are mainly affected by government subsidy income. In 2019, the company received government subsidies2.

11 ppm, a government benefit related to gains of approximately 1 was initially identified.

About 2.8 billion.

The omni-channel construction is accelerating, large home furnishings are being installed, and the engineering business is continuously promoting the company to actively carry out omni-channel construction. The company has the largest terminal sales network in the home industry, and the store sales network consisting of dealer specialty stores and company-owned stores has nearly 7,000 stores.
As of the end of September 2019, the company’s total number of stores was 7,084, a net increase of 376 from the end of 2018, and an increase of 66 from the end of June 2019.

Among them, European-style cabinets (including cabinet clothing comprehensive), European-style wardrobes (independent wardrobes), European-style Penny wooden doors, European-style bathrooms, and European-style bathrooms are respectively 2321, 2182, 953, 618, and 1010, which are 45 more than 2018, 69, 128, 59, 75, of which the number of cabinets, closets and doors 杭州夜网 slightly decreased compared with the end of June 2019.

At the same time, the company actively lays out assembly, bulk channels, and expands customer resources. The company takes the lead in channel conversion in the industry.

The company started a pilot program to promote the large-scale home furnishing business in 2018 with significant results. By the end of September 2019, there were 251 large-scale home furnishing stores.

The bulk channels continue to exert their strength and the growth is strong. In the first half of 2019, the bulk business revenue maintained a growth rate of more than 50%.

The rapid expansion of assembly and bulk channels has become an important driving force for the company’s performance growth.

The expansion of categories continued to advance. The growth of wardrobes and accessory categories 重庆耍耍网 quickly faced new changes in industries such as consumer grading, channel division, and reduction in traditional retail passenger flow. The company adopted different sales strategies for different single products to achieve continuous expansion of new categories and traditional advantage categoriesSteady growth.

In terms of cabinets, in order to meet the requirements of different consumer groups and channels, the package is used as a drainage tool to increase the unit price of the product. The European-style wardrobe adopts multiple measures to reduce the burden on the distributors, promote product sales throughout the house, and continuously increase the proportion of furniture accessoriesIn comparison, the terminal unit price will be increased, and the hardcover room baggage plan will be actively promoted.

In terms of wooden doors and bathrooms, the company created a full-scale, multi-level package matrix of “whole house drainage package-main push package-quality package”, using package differentiation to enhance store drainage.

The company gradually achieved cabinet income stability through more steps, and new categories such as wardrobes and accessories grew rapidly.In the first three quarters of 2019, cabinets achieved revenue of 44.

9.6 billion, ten years +6.

19%; the closet realized income of 35.

05 ten percent, +21.

27%; bathroom realized income 4.

400,000 yuan, +43 a year.

30%; wooden door realized income4.

13 trillion, +37 a year.

37%; other income 5.

42 trillion, +80 ten years ago.


Investment suggestion: We expect the company’s operating income in 2019-2021 to be 134.

75, 157.

51, 181.

7.4 billion, an increase of 17 each year.

08%, 16.

89%, 15.

38%; net profit attributable to mothers is 18.

89, 22.

55, 26.

6.7 billion, an increase of 20 each year.

17%, 19.

35%, 18.

28%, corresponding to P / E of 27.

2x, 22.

7x, 19.

2 x, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk factors: expansion of real estate sales; increased competition in the industry; rising raw material costs.

Baiyun Airport (600004): Summer and autumn moments waiting for capacity to be realized

Baiyun Airport (600004): Summer and autumn moments waiting for capacity to be realized

We predict that the first quarter report of 2019 will be the lowest point of Baiyun Airport’s performance. After the release of the company’s T2 capacity, the company will be exempt from taxes, the commercial and advertising businesses will work together, and profits will continue to climb.

The company’s EPS for 2019/20 is expected to be 0.

45 yuan / 0.

56 yuan, the corresponding PE is 32.

8x, 26.

4x, DCF absolute valuation, corresponding to 55 billion market capitalization, maintain the “strongly recommended -A” investment rating.

In the summer and autumn of 19, the volume was heavy, and the annual growth rate led the front-line airports.

The weekly flight volume of Baiyun Airport is 10035, +6 in ten years.


The total flight segment of the Capital Airport is 12368, which is +0 for ten years.

1%; the total flight segment of Pudong Airport is 10962, +0 for one year.

5%; the flight segment of Baoan Airport is 7583, +5 for ten years.


Overall, the growth rate of Baiyun Airport’s throughput exceeded that of the first-tier airports, of which the domestic and foreign airlines increased by as much as 14.


The release of T2 capacity is lagging, and the main base aviation company escorted it.

The airport business volume is actually limited by capacity, and it is lagging due to the release of throughput. The summer and autumn of 19 was the release period for flight volume growth.

In addition, benefiting from the release of Nanfang’s power reduction (the estimated CAGR of the aircraft in the next three years is expected to be 9%), the company’s domestic airlines have made full efforts.

The company will explode more than 30 million international passengers in 2025.

Baiyun Airport is expected to have 87.6 million passenger explosions in 2021, +7 in ten years.

6%, the explosion of international passengers reached 24.09 million, +10 in ten years.

6%, the proportion of international tourists is 27.

It is expected that the passenger explosion in 2025 will reach 105.45 million, a year + 4%, the international passenger explosion will reach 32.47 million (one year + 7%), basically reaching the level of Shanghai Airport in 2017.

There is room for doubling the non-airline revenue of a single passenger.

Baiyun Airport currently earns only 42 non-airline passengers.

79 yuan, through the re-integration of the three major non-aviation business business models, non-aviation revenue will be limited.

In addition, through detailed calculations, international flights will increase significantly in the next three years (compound growth rate of nearly 9%), and international passenger explosions are expected to be 24.09 million, accounting for 27%.


International passengers are also the core resource of the airport’s revenue side: the aviation revenue contributed by the unit is about 1% of domestic passengers.

8 times, international passengers will drive a substantial increase in tax-free income and enhance the airport’s commercial realisation capabilities.

Overall, non-aircraft revenue at Baiyun Airport is expected to reach $ 3 billion in 19 years.

Risk warning: severe weather and natural disasters, major operational 南京夜网 safety accidents

Lanyan Holdings (000968): Coal-bed methane business volume and price rise, new block capacity release is worth looking forward to

Lanyan Holdings (000968): Coal-bed methane business volume and price rise, new block capacity release is worth looking forward to
Event Lanyan Holdings released its semi-annual report for 2019. Lanyan Holdings achieved operating income in the first half of 20199.8.6 billion, a decrease of 0 compared with the same period last year.1.7 billion, down 1 year.71%; Realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.34 ppm, an increase of ten years.32%.The company achieved profit in the first half of 2019.34 yuan, the expected average ROE is 8.32%, down by 1 every year.58 units.  A brief comment on the rise in sales volume and price of coal bed gas, the income from gas well construction business dragged down the performance in the first half of 19th, the company took various measures to promote the old blockchain to stabilize production and increase production, seize market potential to increase product scale, coal bed gas sales business volume and price rose,Sector revenue is increasing by 19 per year.89%, reaching 6.4.7 billion.The report summarizes that the company has completed a total of 7 coalbed methane extraction.4.3 billion cubic meters, an increase of 2 in ten years.62%, sales of coalbed methane3.7.2 billion cubic meters, an increase of 5 in ten years.68%.In terms of coalbed methane formaldehyde, the company’s average coalbed methane formaldehyde reached 1 in the first half of the year.74 yuan / m3, an increase of 13 in ten years.45%.However, due to the decline in the demand for gas well construction projects from related coal companies, the company’s gas well construction business in the first half of the year achieved operating income1.81 ppm, a decrease of 37 per year.98%, resulting in the company’s profit level is basically flat with the same period last year.  Significant progress has been made in the exploration of 北京夜生活网 new blocks. Liulin Shixi and Wuxiangnan blockchains have been approved for trial mining. According to the company’s announcement, as of July 31 this year, among the four new blockchains that the company obtained in 17 years, LiulinIn the Shixi block, 70 boreholes, 39 fracturings, 10 wells for trial operation, and 5 stations were completed. The main pipeline construction was completed for 26 kilometers, and a lifting station with a design capacity of 60,000 cubic meters per day was completed.Reconstruction and expansion project of the upgrade station; the Wuxiangnan blockchain, gradually completed 36 drilling holes, 13 fracturing, and 8 test wells, completing the reservoir reconstruction of 4 wells and fracturing 6 layers; Heshun HenglingThe block expansion has completed 15 holes, 1 fracturing, and 1 trial operation well, and 北京桑拿洗浴保健 the design of the gas pipeline network has been completed; the Heshun West blockchain has gradually shifted 1 port.In addition, the Liulin Shixi Blockchain and Wuxiangnan Blockchain coalbed methane exploration project trial application has been approved by the Natural Resources Department of Shanxi Province. The trial period is one year. We judge the future production capacity of the two major blockchains to be promoted.Accelerated release.  The project was awarded the national key development area where the new block is located. Two blocks of trial mining were approved in August 19th. The company won the bid for the Shanxi and Shunmafang East coalbed methane exploration block projects.And Shanxi Province 253.The key area of coalbed methane exploration and development is the block area.82 square inches. The valid period of the survey is 3 years and 3 months.7.6 billion.We believe that winning the bid for the new blockchain further expands the company’s coalbed methane resource reserves, thereby rapidly expanding the foundation for future business scale.  Maintain Lanyan Holdings’ “Buy” rating In February this year, Shanxi Gas Group’s restructuring plan was implemented. According to the plan, Shanxi Gas Group will form a new coalbed methane capacity of 3-50 billion m3 / year in the next 3-5 years.CBM extraction will reach 4.3 billion cubic meters.In March of this year, Jinmei Group will hold 40 of its companies.05% of the value-added shares were injected into Shanxi Gas Group and became the company’s new controlling shareholder. We believe that this move will allow the company to fully benefit from the upstream resource acquisition and management, as well as the cooperation of the city fuel company.We expect the company’s revenue levels to reach 21 in 2019-2021.9.2 billion, 23.2.3 billion, 25.39 yuan, realizing net profit attributable to mother 7.4.6 billion, 8.2.8 billion, 9.35 trillion, the corresponding EPS is 0.77 yuan, 0.86 yuan, 0.97 yuan, maintaining Lanyan Holdings’ “Buy” rating.

Red apricot woman real feelings out of the wall

Red apricot woman real feelings out of the wall

First love is the highest unforgettable love, which can be buried in the heart and brought into another world.

Under the right temperature, moisture and soil, the old love will grow into a gorgeous poppy flower, the temptation is irresistible, you really want to lie in his arms and remember the young no longer.

  First love old lover is intoxicated dictation: Su Xing, 48 years old, a middle school teacher we have been married for more than 20 years, and the child has graduated from college.

One day, I suddenly found my first lover Xiaoqiang on the street.

Both of us live in the same row of government dormitories. They are in a class from elementary school to high school. The two go to school together after school, and go to the water well outside the mile to collect water.

My neighbors think we are a natural couple, and often make fun of us. My neck is angry, my heart is sweet, and I secretly look at Xiaoqiang’s eyes.

One day, the two of us climbed to the North Mountain, sitting on the slate, embracing each other, and a pair of big geese flying in the sky in the distance.

  But then, he suddenly married the daughter of the county revolutionary committee.

On the day of his wedding, I avoided and went to live with my aunt’s house. I couldn’t stand the impact and tear of the festive suona on my heart.

Qian Qian, a member of the standing committee of the county revolutionary committee, is a reporter for a radio station. I am a worker in a small factory in a street. Her family is very popular and my family is a rich peasant.

Xiaoqiang’s father is the secretary of the county leather society, and of course his family is going to climb high branches.

But I love Xiaoqiang deeply. I heard that his father forced him to marry him. He even secretly asked me to meet a few times after his marriage, telling him his difficulties.

Later he went to work in a field and we broke the news.

Twenty years later, they met again on the street of their hometown.

My ghost followed him into a teahouse, and we talked about their respective marriages, and their words revealed their thoughts of each other.

Later, I went to a city where he was on a business trip and took the initiative to date him. I also became a couple overnight, but I made a wish.

The husband does not know so far.

  The first is a career hero, invincible, attracting envy of countless people.

However, in his eyes, he was slightly gentle in his spare time, and turned into an optional dust when he was busy.

Remember a word: Wu Yin is so beautiful when drunk, who is Weng Yan with white hair.

From then on, I understood why Helen left the heroic Spartan King and was willing to follow the little white-faced Paris to flee to Troy City . Drunk Wu Yinxiangmei spoke well: Yang Hui, 29 years old, my boyfriend, a store clerkI am an outstanding computer programmer. His talent has made me very admired. After we made clear the love relationship, his superb technology has become my capital to show off in the little sisters, and often took him to help my little sisters.We install computer system programs, defragment disks, download games, and kill viruses.

I am also pretty in front of the little sisters.

However, the good times didn’t last long. I found that he was too engaged in work and often ignored me. He was late or missed each appointment. He said that he was developing an office software that required continuous work without interruption.

But I couldn’t help being lonely and felt very lost.

  I started talking to a former boyfriend.

He was flattered and cared for me, and sometimes prepared a sumptuous dinner for me.

In the future, as long as my boyfriend said that he was busy with work, I would ask this friend to chat and watch movies and go to the ballroom.

We recall the good old days, and looking at the happy beauty in front of us, we all feel a sense of fate.

After watching a romance movie together at his house one night, we finally spent a passionate night.

I never wanted to see that computer programmer again.

  The man’s heart is like the sea, and he should be open-minded, but his broken heart and neglect of me pushed me into the arms of other men.

  The passion night incident made the boyfriend very angry. I also felt guilty for doing this. I knew that my actions might hurt the boyfriend’s heart, but I didn’t regret it.

Sometimes I’m also very confused. Maybe if I find a man with a strong career, I can only endure the loneliness of life. If I find a man who is with me every day, I can’t accomplish anything in my career. How should I choose?

  It is said that love is selfish, and selfish love cannot exceed half a grain of sand.

But love is so selfish that it doesn’t give the other party a little bit of freedom, it only suffocates love.

My husband’s almost “blockade” of love finally made me derailed, and responded to the phrase “more degenerate and happier” . the mind is not wide, and the person is tired of dictating: Zhong Yangqiong, 35 years old, a large shopping mall managerMarried for 7 years.

Every time I greeted a man I knew on the street, my husband was unhappy. When I got home, I immediately questioned what the man was doing, and asked me how I knew him. It was like being a case trial. I was very bored.

One time he received an unexpected call. The other party was a man. The line was broken as soon as he picked up the handset.Now I’m in a bad mood. He decides which man is dating me, and I feel ashamed no matter how I explain it.

He often looked at the phone numbers stored in my mobile phone. If the strange numbers were inquired, he asked my eyes and looked at me to see if I was lying.

If there is a text message, he always looks at it.

When I was chatting on the Internet, he was “accompanied by driving”. The thief stared at the computer slowly to see what I was chatting with the netizen. If a man laughed at him, he immediately grabbed the keyboard and typed a line “boy, be careful.My husband is right next to me!

“It made me very embarrassed in front of netizens.

My unit’s male colleague came to my house occasionally, and the boss was displeased, showed me a face, and coughed intentionally. The colleague had to say goodbye with interest.

Later, he even followed me, pretending to be on a business trip, and “scouting” near the house at night to see if any other man knocked on the door.

Angrily, I simply made a fake and came true. One day I really got along with a colleague in the unit. Last year, I and this colleague ran away to Huangshan for a holiday on May 1st.

  The expert consultation must first make clear that extramarital affairs exist in any society, but it is more obvious in modern society.

In modern society, the social structure has changed. It is a large and complex society. It is a “stranger society”. In such a society, the emotional alienation and alienation of people and nature, the chaos of social groups, increase people’sloneliness.

As an emotional woman, this sense of loneliness will be stronger than that of men.

At the same time, the increase of social wealth and human leisure time, rich means of communication, and the realistic possibility for women’s extramarital affairs, seeking emotional compensation outside marriage, so female extramarital affairs are now more apparent.

  Hongxing out of the wall is a woman seeking emotional compensation outside marriage, so she cannot simply intervene in the breakdown from the moral scale.

An open modern society brings an open concept of sex and marriage and family, which is a manifestation of social progress.

In such a society, women have greater freedom and the right to boldly pursue their emotional life and emotional experience beyond their own.

How to find excuses for her extramarital affairs in the case of the heroine who is not a case in the dissertation, from the subconscious point of view, are looking for an emotional compensation that cannot be obtained in marriage.

When he cannot be satisfied in family marriage, he will naturally seek compensation outside the marriage.

Therefore, we cannot simply strike them from moral grading.

As long as the perspective takes a responsible attitude towards their own emotional choices, and the harm to society and the family is reduced to a minimum, society should take a more tolerant attitude towards this.

However, this does not necessarily mean that we are in favor of extramarital affairs. We should still pay attention to the fact that someone has to take responsibility for the family.

5 habits women get up to hint

5 habits women get up to hint

Small habit 1: Press the alarm clock and continue to bed. Most of the current families are home “husbands” who wake up “Housewives” after making breakfast.

Originally, your housework was lightened, but you still have to lie on the bed, and you ca n’t afford it. Once, twice, and three times, he could n’t bear it and yelled, “If you do n’t get up, you will be late.

  ”” But you still begged him: “Five minutes, let me sleep for another five minutes.”

  In fact, it’s not just you, 35% of women have a bad habit of lying in bed early in the morning.

  Hint of small habits: It is difficult for you to say no to others, and you will be dragging on and off doing anything. It is a typical little girl dragging personality.

In life, you are also a casual woman, and often show a childish side in front of you.

You don’t like the stress of life and work, proving that friendship is more than love.

  He needs: sometimes to be your “husband”, sometimes to be your “dad”, and sometimes even to be your nanny. In short, all the characters that can take care of you are worth trying for him because you treat himLove is based on what you do to her.

  Small habit 2: The word laziness is never suitable for you when you occupy the bathroom and wash your hair!

32% of women have this good habit. They need to take a shower twice a day. The main purpose of taking a shower in the morning is to thoroughly wash their hair and let them scent themselves.

  Small habit hint: bathing in the morning not only reflects her love for cleanliness, but also shows that you have a positive attitude towards things.

Are you a little bit competitive?

Always want to be the NO of your two world.

What about 1?

A little strong, a little narcissistic, a little clean-sexed, can hold up and put down on feelings, it is easy to get emotional and get tired.

You like men who are maverick, have their own opinions and ways of thinking, and hate entanglement and looking back.

  He needs: everything is based on your feelings. People will give you face in front of you, and you will let your little bird follow you, and give you space and freedom.

To get more of your love, usually be an independent and confident man first.

  Small habit 3: Take him to do “morning exercises” every morning, he is entangled like an octopus before waking up, and then do “morning exercises” with you halfway through the dream.


With the nourishment of morning love, there will be a good mood.

  Tips from small habits: Women who like to have sex early in the morning are super confident, especially about their figure and sexual ability.

When you open your eyes, you are “stirring” to prove that you are full and cheerful, because you are always in a state of “sex”.

A woman who is obsessed with morning love does not mean that she is obsessed with sex. Compared with passionate sex, you are more intimate with the affinity of the skin and the lingering warmth.

You may think he is a bit “water poppy”, in fact, this is how you know how to enjoy life and business life.

With such a woman, his life will always be “fresh”.

  He needs to: give you hugs, encouragement and petting, and try to give as much affection as you have.

Don’t let you develop the habit of relying too much on him, not to be a tough guy on the bed, because this will dilute your love for him.

At the same time, his ideology must keep pace with the times, be consistent with you or even ahead, don’t fall behind, you will be beaten if you fall behind.

  Small habit 4: Applying masks and masks The things that are done at night, but too many women do it in the morning, this “personality” action proves your special needs inside.

  Applying a facial mask is so simple for women to have both beauty. 25 minutes is enough for a woman to think about many things, including planning a day’s work schedule, summing up the things just finished, and occasionally thinking about what they eat for dinner.

  A small habit hint: In his disposition, he can protest that you go to bed late at night to apply a mask, but don’t dispute that you apply the mask after getting up in the morning, this is your sign of refreshing, let him get up in the morningSmoking is the same.

This means that you are a thoughtful woman. You don’t say all your thoughts, but you have your own inner heart. You pay great attention to details and are good at reasoning with details.

This is what we often call a “strong woman”.

  He needs: While giving you a moderate amount of free time and space, don’t fully show your world to you, a little mystery and surprise are important to her!

  Tip 5: 20% of women brush and rinse their mouths when they go to bed together.

If they are not dressed, they will not be afraid to prevent them from walking around with toothbrushes, but they are not afraid to go away.

This is the last thing you do before going to bed in the evening, and the first thing you do after getting up in the morning.  The hint of small habits: such a woman is not only practical, but also full of action. She is a reliable target for doing things neatly and clearly.

However, this does not mean that you are “fierce women” or even vixens, and you also have many delicate pursuits in terms of emotions.

You have principles and work plans at work. No matter how much you love him, you don’t want him to break your habits.

You don’t like him interfering in your affairs, and you will also clearly distinguish between working time and time given to him.

  He needs: always pay attention to the things you care about, the popular Korean dramas, star concerts, etc. some time ago, he may not be interested, but can not help but understand, it is important for you to have a common topic between the two.

A closer look at the three major skincare tips _1

A closer look at the top three skin care tips

Women care more and more about skin care.

It used to be said that women should start maintenance from the age of 25, but now more and more girls will advance this age, let alone the “silver” in their pockets, and treat their skin generously.

That’s right, women should be better to themselves and create their own glorious face, then they will be more beautiful and confident.

Of course, the way of skin care also has its own love: pay attention to moisturizing, persistent whitening, anti-aging in advance . Even the effectiveness of skin care are dispatched by the door, such as repair distribution, tender, touch, etc.Which faction would you join?

What skin care products can be the star of the faction?

Let’s look at them one by one:

hzh {display: none; }  修复派  这一派系的掌门秘籍是从肌底根源开始,修复受损DNA,提升肌肤自我修复能力达到全面的护理的功效。  Leading star 1: Estee Lauder Instant Repair Special Essence Lotion Official Introduction: The excellence of this essence is well-known.

Almost women worldwide are eager to have a bottle in hand.

The new upgraded version is more effective than the previous product.

The bottle contains the unique technology in three patent applications, starting from improving the “gene biological clock”, improving the skin aging state, reducing and soothing the skin’s irritation, and rebuilding and strengthening the barrier function of the skin surface.

Take 3-4 drops every morning and evening and apply it to the entire face. It can bring 24 hours of uninterrupted care to the skin, significantly improve the skin’s self-healing ability and improve the thickness of the skin surface.

Continuous use now prevents aging and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

After many years you will find that you look much younger than your peers.

  Consumer experience: “This essential dew layer is very thin and easy to absorb.

After applying it, I feel that the skin is particularly smooth and shiny, and I now use it every day.

“” After using it, I did feel a change in my skin.

The law lines and the dry lines around the lips are obviously faded. The happiness of the previous acne marks subsiding is really an unexpected surprise!

“Official star 2: OLAY new born Yan Jinchun elastic eye cream official introduction: the eye is the most likely cause of real age.

If you want to improve dark circles, fine lines and other problems, you need a full-featured eye care product that can last long and gentle.

This new eye cream has a unique double helix design with a variety of anti-aging precious ingredients. While deep moisturizing, it helps to smooth fine lines, lift and firm, and makes the eyes look young and energetic.

After two weeks of continuous use, it can effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, and obviously feel the skin firm and elastic.

  Consumer experience: “Slightly massage can be completely absorbed by the eye skin, feel very moisturizing, and will not cause any allergies to my sensitive eye skin. It is very comfortable after using the eye area, and the skin becomes full and plump.The bags under the eyes feel much smaller.

So feel free to stick with it.

“” I feel it is very effective in eliminating dark circles, very helpful for staying up late, and I like its refreshing feeling.

“” From the previous to the afternoon, I feel dry and tight around my eyes.

After using this eye cream, the condition has improved a lot.

And although it is moisturized, it will not be the first grain. The so-called tender pie is pursuing the extreme smoothness and tenderness of the skin, making the skin uniform and translucent, and the luster is compelling.

The secret is to improve rough, dry pores.

  Home star 1: Estee Lauder delicate repair essence official introduction: The moment you apply it at the beginning, you will be amazed by the extreme moisturizing and smooth feeling it brings, as if soft silk is implanted into your skin.

Because this essence contains the revolutionary NDGA micropore technology, starting from tightening the broken pore wall, from the inside to the skin surface, magically thinning each pore; the newly developed enzyme skin softening technology, which contains upgraded glucosamine, gently refreshes the surfaceDry and rough keratinocytes; with chestnut fruit cleansing formula, it dissolves the impurities that have been lingering in the pores for a long time, leaving the delicate skin with a clear, radiant, soft and silky skin.

  Consumer experience: “I like her scent very much, and she loved it before she even applied it to her face.

The creamy white essence smears on the skin, then the skin feels slippery, and the touch is really beautiful.

Only after a trial, I fell in love with it, and now I will use it every day.

“” After you continue to use it, the pores have been reduced, the skin thickness has also been improved, and it has become much more delicate. As a result, the complexion has become whiter.

“Superstar 2: The Beauty of Impression Cleansing Cream.

hzh {display: none; }  官方介绍:想要拥有细致的毛孔,清洁可是第一步。This type of cleansing cream will absorb moisture and high-density foam, sweeping away the microscopic dirt of the two capillary holes, decomposing and cleaning the aging substances and keratin accumulated in the skin, making the skin soft and smooth.   Consumer experience: “The bubbles are really rich and flexible.

Use foam to clean the boards in a circular motion. After washing, the face is very clean and shiny.

And it wasn’t dry at all.

“” With just a small amount, you can make a very rich foam. It is really a pleasure to slide the dense foam over your shoulders. The feeling of washing your face has never been better!

“Whitening faction, as the name suggests, a pair of this faction is to create a white porcelain skin with a fluorescent light.

The main cheat is intensive whitening. The unique whitening ingredients of the product are used to break the skin’s black roots and achieve the ultimate whitening purpose.

  Leading star 1: KOSE Sekkisei lotion Official introduction: A natural-type lotion with excellent whitening and moisturizing effects, condensing essence like a beauty liquid.

Cutting-edge coix seed, angelica, grass and other Chinese herbal extracts prevent the dark spots and freckles formed by the sun, make the skin gradually white as snow, and improve the essence of the skin whitening lotion.

  Consumer experience: “Although it is a very refreshing type of water, the skin does not dry after use.

It took only two or three days to fade the spots.

That is, the taste of alcohol is heavier, and people with particularly sensitive skin are better to choose carefully. “I used the acne sunburn and it disappeared. It seems that the skin is much whiter. It is really good value for money and I will continue to use it.”Leading Star 2: L’Oreal Snow Whitening Soothing Night Cream Leading Star 2: L’Oreal Snow Whitening Soothing Night Cream Official Introduction: Contains advanced whitening ingredients blocked by melanin and tourmaline’s rare tourmaline ingredients, which can work intensively at night and provide excellent repairEnergy helps skin reduce dullness and increase matteness.

  Consumer experience: “It took only a few times to show the effect.

Very moisturizing and non-greasy to use.

It has a particularly good effect on improving the yellow gas of your own skin. “” I like it so much that I will definitely use it. ”

Not only does the complexion become brighter, the effect on repulsing melanin is also obvious. The original pigmentation on the cheeks was more obvious. Now friends are considered to have faded a lot!

“” Although it is a night cream, it is easy to push and spread evenly, and the absorption is also very good. ”

The spots on the cheeks are diminished, and the price / performance ratio is very exciting. “

Beauty Secrets Reveal 7 Gold Foods_1

Beauty Secrets Reveal 7 Gold Foods

Diet health is an important method of health. This is food supplement, which is very popular in Chinese medicine.

The ancients’ beauty and health kept eating the following 7 foods, and they thought it was a golden food for beauty.

  Linggen lotus root root leaf flowers and whiskers are all treasures, replacing starch, protein, vitamin C and B1, and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other inorganic salts, which are most in line with the needs of the human body.Traditional Chinese medicine says that “the main supplement is to nourish the gods and to strengthen the strength”. The short section is short and the weight is good. The second section is best from the point of the top.

  Baiguo Wang Jujube is known as “iron crop”, “woody grain”, also known as jujube, and peach, plum, apricot, plum (or chestnut) and “five fruits”. It has extremely high vitamin content and folk custom.If you eat three dates a day, you won’t be too old in a lifetime “, also known as” natural vitamin pills “. Patients who eat red dates continuously recover 3 times faster than simply taking vitamin drugs.

  Longan (Southern Longan and North Ginseng), also known as Longan (Guiyuan, Yuanrou), “Big Qi and Blood, Lisheng Ginseng”, “Litchi is the most expensive food, while Longan is the best” (“Compendium of Materia Medica “), decomposes the damp-heat of litchi, can be used as medicine, aphrodisiac and qi, nourish the blood and soothe the nerves, is suitable for post-natal (illness) adjustment and can inhibit uterine fibroids.

  However, Laozi wolfberry has higher vitamin C, β-carotene, and iron content than oranges, carrots, and steaks. “Spring picking wolfberry leaves, famous celestial grass; summer picking flowers, famous longevity grass; autumn picking seeds, famous wolfberry; winter picking roots.”Famous place and skin”, the folk saying “Jun Xing Qian Li, Mo Shi wolfberry”, it can greatly stimulate sexual function, it is not appropriate to travel away from home, home care is applicable.

  Also known as walnut, coriander, and almond, cashew, hazelnut and “Four Dried Fruits”, known in the West as “Puzzle Fruit”, “Hercules Food”, “Nutrious Nuts”, “Longevity Fruit” in the East, “”Treasures”, the American Dietetic Association recommends eating walnuts two or three times a week, especially middle-aged and elderly and menopausal women.

  Little ginseng carrots, also known as sweet bamboo shoots, are called “ginseng ginseng”. They have a slight and persistent sweating effect, stimulate the skin’s metabolism, promote blood circulation, and make the skin tender, smooth, and ruddy. American scientists believe that eating two or three carrots a day can increase cholesterolA 10-20% reduction helps prevent heart disease and tumors.

  Aloe vera, also known as “green gold in the natural world”, has appeared “aloe fever” around the world since the 1980s. No plant like aloe has whitening, moisturizing, sunscreen, freckle, detoxification, anti-inflammatory, sterilization, Analgesic, hair care and nourishment, promote wound healing and other comprehensive effects, has a special effect on the treatment of acne.

Comprehensive fight against adult acne


Comprehensive fight against adult acne

Part 1. My acne is over 18 years old. The blue squares are diagnosed. Language: Adult acne. We are also called “post-acne acne”.

The difference between acne and acne is that acne is caused by the strong secretion of oil, which cures the sebaceous glands and causes bacterial infections; it causes inflammation; it causes human acne and stress, environmental changes, endocrine disorders, bad living habits, and day and night upside down timerelated.

There is also a special observation in the medical field that adult acne is more likely to occur on women’s skin than men. As girls, we need to pay more attention: we have sent away acne and have adult acne visits.

  PART 2 Adult acne warning area a forehead acne: when we are depressed we cover our forehead, if adults are caused by stress and trouble, it is easy to grow on forehead;Weight loss methods (such as dieting and bad temper) are also one of the causes; 两 c two chest acne: signs of digestive problems, such as eating irregularly, eating too fast and other bad habits; d nose acne: when the nose wing directorIn the case of acne, in addition to the reason for the strong secretion of oil here, the stomach fire is too large and the temper is irritable.

If the nose is still peeling slightly, the blood circulation is not good.

  e. physiological acne: especially before and during the physiological period, basal body temperature rises, it is a high-risk period for adult acne.

  PART 3 Adult Acne VS Acne “War Acne” Map No. 1 Bunker: Acne cleansing acne-prone skin should pay special attention to cleaning. Girls always think that it is best to wash your face with no oil left overAcne and oil don’t always go hand in hand.

For example, adult acne, acne-prone skin is usually dry, and it needs more hydration than clean.

Because adult acne-prone skin usually has reduced oil secretion, if the entire series of oil control and acne control will only make the skin with deficient skin worse, the effect of acne is not good, but it will make the skin dry and wrinkled.

  A few days of abnormal work or mood changes, you should add more moisture to the skin, less alkaline facial cleanser, and more hydrating products.

If the skin is transparent, adult acne will naturally not develop.

For the selection of cleansing milk for adult acne, it is recommended to choose a deep cleansing type without oil control cleansing milk.

  No. 2 bunker: acne anti-inflammatory acne must go red before we can go out with confidence.

The anti-inflammatory of acne is quite different from the anti-inflammatory of adult acne. We recommend using pure plant anti-inflammatory ingredients, which can be used for the entire face, and some of them can be anti-inflammatory, or prevent, so we only use aloe vera and tea tree oil.North American witch hazel has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects.

However, the cause of acne in adult acne is different. We can use acne cream with anti-inflammatory and purifying effect to inhibit the growth of acne in the affected area. Do not apply the concealer too thickly. A thin layer is sufficient, otherwise it may cause acne.The inflammation of the pox worsens.

In addition, some small-scale acne rescue sticks are specially prepared for adult acne and do not need to be used on the entire face.

  Bunker No. 3: Preventing scarring According to surveys, acne is more likely to scarring than adult acne, but it does not mean that adult acne can be forced to squeeze.

Adult acne is often hard and black, and it is old and stubborn. You must be very careful in removing them.

The method to prevent adult acne scars is to first exfoliate the acne with a scrub with large corn kernels. The conditional MM is best to apply acne with a toner to the same effect.

After the front end of the adult acne softens a little, pierce a small opening with an acne needle, and gently press with a medical absorbent cotton to suck the pus and blood.

After the acne is flattened, nothing needs to be absorbed, just let it dry naturally and heal.

  Bunker No. 4: Although the number of adult acne is small, it is very large, like a large pit formed by a large meteorite. It is even more terrible than the surface of the moon on acne.

There are generally two types of acne scars left by adult acne: black patches and pits.

Black plaque is the pigmentation left after the acne is inflamed, leaving the black and dirty color over the place where the red acne grows, making the skin dull. These black colors will actually disappear slowly over time, anxiousMM can be removed by intensive care with vitamin C whitening products.

The pits are more serious. When the acne inflammation seriously hurts the dermis with too much collagen, it may be left because of the collapse of the dermis.

In the face of these potholes, it is best to smooth the edges of the potholes with condensation of components such as salicylic acid and fruit acid. After more than 20 days of hard work, the benefits will be seen.

When you go out, try to use some liquid foundation to fill up the pits, add some loose powder, others will not see the “meteorite ruins” on your face.

  PART 4 Adult Acne Mask DIY Mask for Fighting Acne We know how to make it happen, now we have to make up a lesson for adult acne mask, plan ahead!

  ■ Adult Pox Do Not Disturb Mask Effect: Prevent adult pox: 3 teaspoons of volcanic mud (can be replaced by kaolin or mung bean powder, etc.), 1/2 teaspoon of glycerin, diluted with mineral water or distilled water (about 3 teaspoons), lavender essential oil 2?
4 drops of chamomile essential oil 1?
2 drops of effect: soothes the nerves, eliminates the sudden “large scale” caused by stress and anxiety, and is also very helpful for insomnia.

  How to use: Take an appropriate amount of the mask on the face before going to bed, avoiding around the eyes and lips, 10?
After 15 minutes, wash with warm water.

Production cost: about 5?
10 yuan ■ Adult acne farewell mask effect: remove acne and reduce inflammation, make large acne small carrot: contains egg white protein, honey 2 teaspoons role: beta carotene contained in carrots, can anti-oxidize and whiten skin, can also clear adult acneThe hard and black surface has a calming and soothing effect on the skin, and egg yolk and honey have a moisturizing and emollient effect.

  How to use: Try fresh carrots. The more water, the better. Crush all the mask material into a mud, cover it on a sheet of mask paper, apply it on the face, and wash it after 15 minutes.

  Production cost: about 2.

5?4 yuan ■ Adult acne aftermath membrane effect: remove adult acne scars, whiten skin, narrow pores: one cucumber, one watermelon, one small tomato 2 to 4 functions: small cucumber can calm the skin, if acne makes the faceIt is better to produce pigmentation.

Watermelon replenishes skin’s moisture, tomatoes remove acne scars, and can speed up the healing of unacceptable acne.

  How to use: Watermelon juice is ready for use. The cucumber is peeled a little and mixed with the small tomatoes. Then it is mashed. When you are ready to apply your face, mix it with watermelon juice. Wash it away after 15 minutes.Sun protection.