“blocked?”Larry Bird Surprised,Kobe’s sliding step instantly caught Jordan。

“Perfect anticipation defense!what’s the situation?Kobe resolves Michael’s first breakthrough。”
Jordan’s breakthrough was predicted by Kobe,A hint of surprise flashed through my eyes。
progress。。。So fast!
But Michael Jordan is Jordan after all!Synonymous with basketball!
Sideways quickly!
Power crush!
“Back hit!Michael’s back hit!”
“Kobe gritted his teeth!I can see that he is very hard!”
“Turn around!Michael unloaded Kobe’s power,Turn around and hit the basket。”
“Bottom hand pick!”
“Steady and ruthless!It seems that Kobe is still a little struggling to defend Jordan。”
“Oh?How do you see?”Larry Bird raised an eyebrow,Questioning the magician。
“Any questions?”
“of course!Michael singles out Kobe,It’s not because of singles Kobe’s high shooting rate,No matter which outside player he singles against the Lakers,Bowen,Jones and even Big Ben’s assisted defense shooting rate is not too different。”

“Huan Ye,Thanks to you for showing off!”Li Shenxing found Shen Huan,“Not said,Today I also take this opportunity,Donate to rural school construction plan1000Ten thousand,It’s also considered that the young and old Huajing we are here to conspire together for charity!”

When he said this,,I lost the gambling game,Some depressed rich children,Suddenly my heart opened up again。
Li Shenxing could have donated himself,But brought them all,That means they didn’t lose money in vain,But the lost money is used for charity。
This makes people think!
Qi Yiwen nodded slightly,This Li family’s tutor is really good,I know how to advance and retreat,My son is sleek and beautiful,No wonder it can do so well in the small industry of decoration,Almost occupies a third of Huajing’s share。
The last time Li Shenxing and Shen Huan were racing,Shen Huan also thinks this young man is very decent,Now watching him do this,The future is not to be underestimated。
Just now,The sound in my ear rang again。
“Ding Dong!”
“The host has completed the task of defeating the unknown challenger,Rewarded by the system。”
“The system rewards the host for professional racing skills,I hope the host will make good use of this skill in the future,Fight for more rewards!”
I knew it!
I knew you would give such a reward!
Talking about this professional racing skills,Because of your mission,Few talents are spent3A hundred million white flowers exchanged by the ocean。
As a result, the task is now complete,You just upgraded my skill?

“We are all tricked,This guy has no spirit power at all!It’s just a little stronger!”

Seeing Qianyu and Tangerine walking in front of him,Jing Hongchen’s eyes narrowed,Smiled“Qianyu,You came just right!This time,The prince Xu Tianran of the Tiandou Empire wants to invite you to the palace”
Qianyu stared at the pupil of the leading soldier with cold eyes,“I am Qianyu,what’s up”
Under Qianyu’s gaze, this soldier,Forced to bury his head“Lord Qianyu,Our prince wants to invite you to the palace”
Qianyu glanced at the orange next to him,Then coldly“Prince Xu Tianran?Sorry,I am not from the Sun Moon Empire,Have not heard”
As soon as this remark comes out,Jing Hongchen and the teachers around him darkened……
Jing Hongchen approaches Qianyu,Whispered“Qianyu,Xu Tianran is the prince of the Sun-Moon Empire,Has only weaker rights than the emperor!You should go to the palace,Don’t resist!”
The leading soldier also said bitterly“Yes,Lord Qianyu,Please don’t make it difficult for us!”
Qianyu gave him a look,Cold tone“What i just said,Didn’t you hear?”
The orange next to see Qianyu alone in control of the audience,Beautiful eyes are shining brightly……
The leading soldier took a deep breath,Coldly shouted“This……Then offend!on!Seize Qianyu!”
After his words fell,A hundred soldiers behind them are holding sharp spears,Rushed towards Qianyu with a murderous air……
Qianyu’s eyes never change……
When it’s about to reach him,Qianyu spit out a cold word,“roll!”
In an instant,A terrifying pressure spreads forward from Qianyu……
The huge exploded like a bomb……
I saw a hundred soldiers rushing over and being affected,Fly backwards at a very fast speed,Hit the ground one by one……
Not only that,Most of the students of the Sun-Moon Royal Soul Guidance Academy who were densely packed in the rear were shaken to the ground by this pressure.……
The whole scene only heard the sound of cold breath……
The deepest feeling is the teachers who have reached Title Douluo level beside Qianyu……

At this time, everyone around also came over to congratulate Qi Tengjun and Li Xiumei,At the same time out of rejection,Don’t forget to give Mo Xiaosheng and Wang Xuan a roll of eyes and a few sarcasm。

“Madame Tang,This time your Tang family is well developed,Won first,It is estimated that Davor’s cooperation will be finalized together。”
“Yes,This also announces that the Tang family will officially go international!”
“Really envious,I hope you will continue to add luster to our Huaxia Jewelry and Jade Shop!”
A bunch of people are full of envy when talking about working with Davor。
“Ha ha,Where where,We are just a fluke,Thanks to everyone for your help!”
Li Xiumei is polite,But the smiling mouth almost reaches the back of the head。
“Let’s go。”
Qiao Yiyi’s complexion is slightly pale,I can’t see Li Xiumei and their arrogant appearance。
“and many more,Everyone please wait,Our selection results are not over yet!At last,What we want to announce is the special products of this exhibition!”
At this moment, the host on the stage suddenly called out。
Just now she thought that after the first place was announced,Even if you have finished reading the result,But just now the staff suddenly came over and reminded her,Said that there is a special award on the last page that has not been announced。
Everyone was surprised when they heard this,Hurriedly turned his head and looked at the judges。
“I declare,The special product of this exhibition is Mojin·Feng Yuanxiang’s Jade Guanyin!”
The host’s high-pitched voice sounded in the venue,The whole venue suddenly became quiet,The group of people who had mocked Mo Xiaosheng and the others immediately turned pale。

The three came to the Ninja School candidates at the same time,The three people who intentionally pretended to be forced to directly show Shinobu’s instantaneous speed,Aroused an exclamation from the candidates of the Ninja School。

“The graduation exam is divided into two parts,Responsible for the written test part of the ninja’s intelligence acquisition and the practical part of the ninja’s actual combat test。”
“Next,I explain the rules of practical examination。”
“First everyone put on the white headband in my left hand,right now,This headband is your life,Being snatched means death,Lose the qualification to continue the exam。”
“examination,Will be carried out in a practical way,The exam place is this whole forest,Wait,You want to take the exam here,Time limit is24hour,Your opponent,Also the three of us。”
“The target on our chest has the same function as your headband,Once you touch the target, it will light up red,Means we lose combat effectiveness。”
Although Yu Nvzhi is explaining the rules of practical examination,But I was actually waiting for the late Kakashi to arrive。
Time changed everything,Only did not change Kakashi’s habit of being late。
“what the hell,It turns out that the teachers are the examiners,If it’s Yuzina teacher,,Then there is no need to worry。”
On the entrance exam of Ninja School,Yu Nushi Nao was defeated by this group of students,This has also led to Yu Nushi Nai has been despised by these students。
“Hey,Blogger,Although Mr. Zhino doesn’t need to care,But Mr. Kobamaru and Mr. Adzuki still need to pay more attention。”
Zoranna also maintains the same views as bloggers。
“is it,But it doesn’t matter,Don’t worry at all,Want me to say,Why not remove all these troublesome headbands and targets?,Just follow the normal battle。”
Bo Ren showed a proud expression,Everyone was like this when they were young,You won’t have a long memory without experiencing severe beating。
“if that’s the case,It’s hard to control the severity。”

Meizi’s angry answer。

“Scream,be good,Obedient sister just love。”
Shen Ruoxue started acting like a baby,Her acting like a baby is indistinguishable,Regardless of whether men or women are old or young,As long as she wants to act like a baby,Come right away,Without hesitation at all。
“Don’t want to call。”
Meizi’s stubborn answer,She just doesn’t want to“Evil forces”Head down!
“Ask one last time:Bid or not?If not called,Within a minute,I cried so much, believe it or not?”
Shen Ruoxue zoomed in!
Meizi looked at Shen Ruoxue with surprise,I have never seen anyone threaten others in this way!Shen Ruoxue is non-human, right!
“I’m not calling my sister after I count to three,I cried to death to show!One!”
Shen Ruoxue started to count down quite seriously。
Meizi only succumbed,What else can she do,Face Shen Ruoxue“Little scourge”,She begs,Is there any other way to deal with her?。
“Yep,So good,This is my good sister。”
Shen Ruoxue smiled with satisfaction。
“Sure it’s really twenty?Not twelve years old?”

Qin Liang’s inspiration,Blurt out……

“My goodness!Are you going to become a great poet??Talking is beginning to be poetic,You go on like this,I’m going to become your little girl。”
Yang Shiyun smiled charmingly,Please say。
“I don’t want you to be my little girl,I just want you to be my little woman。”
Qin Liang’s happy answer。
“Am I your little girl now?。”
Yang Shiyun is ashamed……Before this change,She couldn’t tell if she killed her。
“Do not,Not exactly,Almost。Hehe……”
Qin Liang said meaningfully。
“Can you ignore the past??”
Of course Yang Shiyun knew what Qin Liang said“That little”What means,So deliberately asked。
“Can’t,That a little bit for me,Is very, very concerned,Is very much desired!”
Qin Liang immediately said firmly!
“Ugh……I didn’t expect to have issued a few tickets to you,As a result, the final price was to catch myself。”
Yang Shiyun said deliberately sad。

Qin Liang ordered the swallow,Then he smiled and walked over to Sun Hao……

Compared with helicopter,The cabin of the transport aircraft is too spacious,It’s a personal team sitting in the cabin,Does not occupy any land at all。
“It’s okay to lie down this time。”
Sit down with Shen Ruoxi,Song Min whispered to Shen Ruoxi。
“Think too much!I am not an ordinary citizen,But a dragon soul warrior,You have to keep the image of a fighter,Still wandering?Do you want us to find a pillow to sleep comfortably??”
Shen Ruoxi answered with a wry smile。
“Ugh,Life is really unpredictable,Things you can’t even dream of,I actually became a soldier,And he’s a special soldier!I dare not act like this。”
Chapter three thousand eight hundred and forty two I want to slap you to death
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Chapter three thousand eight hundred and forty two I want to slap to death
Song said sensitively。
“I am not the same?Chen Hao is not like us?”

Since the start of the province’s campaign to ban local oil refining,Jin’an City requires cities and counties to report figures every day,Report progress,And send notifications every day,These reports are sent directly to the party committees at all levels、In the hands of the government leader。Kangzhou has long been behind other cities and counties,This time I finally fought a beautiful turnaround,Of course Jiang Fan is happy。

At this moment,I thought about Peng Changyi’s call,After he connected,Is gold。
Peng Changyi said:“Thank you buddy for understanding,I understand what you mean,Thank you。”Hung up the golden call,Peng Changyi reported on Zhang Erqiang to Jiang Fan。
Peng Changyi is determined to see Jiang Fan,Just nodded safely。
More than ten days in a row,The law enforcement team is divided into two shifts,Dispatched every day during the day and night,And destroyed five or six dens one after another,Through consultation with the traffic control department,On major highways and country roads,Set up a special checkpoint,As long as you find a vehicle that transports raw materials and ingredients,Car,All confiscated,Blocking the living space of the local method to boil oil from both ends。Built a watchtower in the Loop,Set up a dedicated guard,As long as there is black smoke coming out,Report now。Following the public arrest of two criminals who attacked law enforcement officers,Greatly hit the arrogance of this group,At the same time in multiple measures、Hit hard,Kangzhou,No smoking has been found for a week。
this day,Peng Changyi came to his office in the city government,After taking a look at the office since the first day,In the past twenty days,This is the second time he has come to this office。Cao Nan has ordered someone to repaint the office,New cabinet,New office furniture,New sofa,Even the phone on the desk、calendar、folder,In the cabinet,Green plants in the house,Drinking fountain、Trash and so on are new,I wonder if he can start a new journey in this office。
Cao Nan deserves to be a soldier,When I ordered people to do all this,They all reflect his military rigor and respect for his assistant to the mayor,Because all the facilities in his office,Are exactly the same as the other deputy mayors。
He smiled,I suddenly remembered that I haven’t contacted Liu Zhong for a long time.,some days ago,Liu Zhong and they called themselves,It’s just that I was taking people to patrol outside,Talk without care,I really miss them now,then,He picked up the phone,Called Liu Zhong’s office,No one answered,He called Tian Chong’s office again,No one answered,Thought for a while,He called the party office,Yao Ping answered the phone。
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First97chapter Battlefield female anchor
[First4Chapter Three]
First98Section97Zhang Midnight was chased and killed

Zou Zijie looked at the remaining half-car furniture,Happily instruct everyone to start moving things into the house。

At this moment,Peng Changyi’s phone rang,Shu Qing is almost at the highway intersection。Peng Changyi told him,Old Gu has already gone to the highway intersection and waited for her to go,Besides, he asked Shu Qing to tell Lao Gu,Buy some cigarettes back,Reward the soldiers who helped move the furniture。
Shu Qing will be here soon,When he saw this prosperous scene,Surprised:“This moving scene is too grand,Secretary-General Lu,You have worked hard!”
Lu Hua said:“This is nothing,I heard the old furniture that Secretary Peng was going to eliminate,I feel uncomfortable,He lived frugally in Kangzhou for several years,Never spent a penny indiscriminately,Saved a solid family,Finally gone,The new secretary is here,People don’t spare time,Spend money,Decoration、Change furniture、Changer,If it hadn’t been for Secretary Peng repeatedly emphasized,I’ll bring him a cart of new furniture,I feel a little embarrassed to give these broken furniture。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Say:“Lao Lu,You have seen the situation here,It’s no use asking for new furniture。Say again,This is totally my personal behavior,It has nothing to do with Lang Zhu。”
Lu Hua nodded,Said:“You told me later,I’m mentally balanced。correct,Wouldn’t you put your home here??”
Peng Changyi glanced at Shu Qing,Said with a smile:“You said me too badly?Here,Just a place for me to change my mood。After Minister Wang came,Let him live east,East is up,These two rooms on the west are mine。seriously,I really hate the smell of hotels,It would be great if he can live here long,I can not only come over and drink with him,You can also watch the stars at night here,Lying to listen to frogs,Here,At best my second dormitory。”
Lu Hua said:“Don’t say,The air here is really fresh,Pleasing to the eye,Similar to Xanadu。”
Shu Qing said:“Yes,I thought it was a resort when I came in,It’s the army farm after a long time,Still a test field?”
Peng Changyi said:“I expected,Lao Zou, this house is under construction,So hurry up and take the next set in advance。”
Lu Hua said:“Maybe Secretary Jiang saw you live here well,He is greedy。”
“Haha,It’s not impossible。”Peng Changyi is very happy。
A large car of furniture,Filled with two more houses,Zou Zijie found several file cabinets,He deliberately put these sets of file cabinets in the first row of his own house。
Although these are old furniture,But the workmanship in the past was very elegant,The materials are also authentic,Durable。What’s more commendable is,Lu Hua actually brought Peng Changyi two brand-new drinking fountains and an obsolete old TV。
Peng Changyi said after seeing it:“Lao Lu,this is……”
Lu Hua said with a smile:“From the size of the room you gave me and the situation you described,I think I should be able to put it down,Just bring two new ones,Although the old one has,But this thing should not be used,Unsanitary。”
Peng Changyi said:“Buying a new one is not appropriate?”
Lu Hua said:“Not specially bought,I bought more for the leaders,Put in the Curry,Idle is idle。”