Start,Xu Xuan already got it4separated!
Not bad5Minute,He can get it in a single season2000Minute!
Knicks offense。
The first two inside offenses were tied,The ball is handed over to the inside。
Porzingis failed to invest,Hibbert protects the rebound,Give the ball to Xu Xuan,Walking speed。
Jerian doesn’t dare to stand still now,Pre-judgment!
Xu Xuan’s small gesture of flicking the willow,Pass directly beside him,Three-point line——
Throw it up!
Wonderful arc!
This is the iconic backward jumper——
Scream,Like a fairy,Basketball fell into the Nets impartially!
Only difference2separated!
Jerian·Grant people are a little dazed。

What is the concept of a two-color ball in twenty-five times??

Can only rely on dreaming!
There can be a conclusion,For thousands of ordinary people,Want to earn a small goal that was once the richest man in China,High probability can only be achieved in a dream。
At this time Guo Jianfeng felt that he was probably dreaming。
So he twisted his arm hard。
“It hurts……”
Pain is a good thing,Prove not to be dreaming。
In a trance,Guo Jianfeng called Han Qian。
He didn’t even look at whether it was time for class。
It’s indeed class time,But fortunately, Han Qian happened to have no class。
But the wife who is correcting homework is obviously in a bad mood,Asked a question very bluntly:“Why?”
Did not show the respect that an ordinary teacher should have towards the vice principal。
Fortunately, Guo Jianfeng doesn’t care about these details。
He is still in a trance。
“Cici,Tell you something,You promise me first,Don’t get too excited!”
Han Qian was a little surprised,How long has it been since my straight steel man called her Cici?Still such a gentle tone,Could it be that the school organized the teacher’s physical examination last week,What’s wrong??
It sounds a bit similar,And let her not get too excited?

“Let’s go straight back,It’s still a big bed in the hotel。”

Tang Chen quickly stopped the master,Even farting is numb,But still fart。
See too much Geying.
Fast-track,The distance of four hundred miles was over in a day。
The three returned to the college in the afternoon,I entered the master’s office first。
Yu Xiaogang insists on pulling Tang Chen,Let him help perfect the theory。
Of course Tang Chen won’t get used to him,Didn’t you know who the teacher is??
If you just impart knowledge,Isn’t that too cheap。
But Tang Chen still arranged a task,Tang San focuses on cultivation。
The master contacted Flanders,Pave the way for future plans。
Tang Chen is also thinking,It doesn’t seem to make much sense to stay in this broken college。

I just tried it out,By the way, after a bit of the leg, it is preliminary judged that Long Yuntian’s strength is slightly stronger than mine,Plus others,If I want to face him head-on, it will never taste good,So I use my speed advantage,Wrestle around him。

Played for a long time,Long Yun really didn’t even touch the corner of my clothes,This is not a regular taekwondo competition,But for the purpose of defeating the opponent,So my lazy donkey rolls,Drunk lying in Kyushu and other indecent tricks are used,Just evaded all his attacks,The smile on his face disappeared,Solemn face。
Huang Shengfeng and the dudes saw that Long Yuntian couldn’t take it for a long time,Feeling bad,Sneered and stimulated me:“Jiang Fengyuan,Are you bastard?Do you only know how to be a turtle??Oh shit,This rolling posture is so ugly,You dare to use it,He said he was the number one dude in HKUST,Isn’t it the first trip to the University of Hong Kong!Haha!”
Me one40Coming year,No humiliation at work before,Totally unmoved,This was originally my strategy,Try to make him consume more energy,And I try to save my energy,I can’t help it,Because in the battle, it was found that Long Yuntian was stronger than expected,He is powerful,Good endurance and flexibility,I also know that using these moves will definitely attract ridicule,But when I get down to Long Yuntian,All doubts will disappear。
Fang Xianjing was also nervous at this time,She saw me hiding so hard and embarrassed,I also know that I met an unprecedented rival,This Long Yuntian’s strength has surpassed Duan Zheng,It is estimated that only the curator Zhang Zhongxiong can stabilize his head,There is no way now,I can only pray to me silently in my heart。
One two two、Defeat Long Yuntian
Long Yuntian found me slippery like a loach,No matter how he attacks, he can’t touch me,Knowing that it won’t be good if you continue to attack,Just stop and adjust,His joking way:“Jiang Fengyuan,Are you going to keep hiding like this??”
I just took a breath,Smiled:“You see what you said,I’m not trying to prove to everyone that your taekwondo is a fist embroidered leg?”
“you!”Under long attack,Long Yuntian is also a little impetuous,Not as calm as it was at the beginning。
And my classmates and friends listen to me funny,All laughing,The boring and worried atmosphere just alive suddenly。
Shouted one after another:“We didn’t foul,Within the scope of the rules,Don’t you hide with us,You can hide too!”“Just how do you beat us,Haha!”……
Not to be outdone over there“Turtle bastard,Just know to hide!”“Have the ability to fight head-on,Spicy chicken!”“Also the number one boy of HKUST,The first one is almost the same。”
Yanwuchang suddenly became a vegetable market,All kinds of noise and laughter,I am not the master anyway,It’s not me who is ashamed,So waiting with interest。
Long Yuntian’s face couldn’t hang up first,Waved to Huang Shengfeng and they were quiet,I’ll wait for no more noise over there,Just let my classmates and friends be quiet。
Longyun Tiandao:“No matter what method you use,I will beat you down。”

C:“It looks like,You like her very much。”

While Shen Siyan is in a good mood,Chen Xi asked a lot of interesting content。She was surprised,This cold noodle iceberg will be so cooperative,Feel incredible again,Talk about the past,There was a gentle smile in his eyes,he——Actually laugh!
Chen Xi couldn’t help feeling:“She is really happy,Can be liked by you。”
“I don’t want to see you again,I would rather never know you,I think the farther you roll the better…”Yan Mo’s voice sounded in my ears,Shen Siyan’s originally soft face was covered with a layer of haze,But it was quickly converged,Pretending to be calm and answered:“Maybe she doesn’t think so。”
The atmosphere is suddenly a little subtle,Chen Xi stopped asking questions,Ended this interview just right,“All right,Thank you Mr. Shen for your cooperation,This interview is very pleasant。I will send you confirmation after I organize the conversation into text,I look forward to seeing you next time。”
Chen Xi glanced at the silent Shen Siyan,No more interruptions,I sorted out the information on my own,Left quietly。
And at the blind date on the other side,Yan Mo has been absent-minded,There was a reply to Han Yixuan without a word,Slightly perfunctory,She just wants to end this awkward meeting as soon as possible。
And Han Yixuan finally saw her thoughts,Zheng Chou couldn’t find a suitable reason to end this blind date。at this time.
“What are you doing?Blind date?”The cold voice passed through Yan Mo’s ears。
She raised her head,All eyes are like Shen Siyan,Can’t help being stunned,It’s like a kid who did something wrong is caught,Seems a little disturbed,Biting nails,Lowered his eyes awkwardly。
and so,Yan Mo can’t find out,Shen Siyan at this time,His face is extremely bad,The light fell on her blind date,Sharp eyes,Murderous。
After Han Yixuan was scrutinized by inexplicable mystery,Suddenly the atmosphere is subtle,Consciously got up and left。
“Yes.Uh.Not right.”Yan Mo doesn’t know how to explain,Messy speech。
But this hesitation,Follow her movements,But it made Shen Siyan more sure of his guess,The tall body is slightly startled,Anger in the eyes,Sighed lightly,But he didn’t say much,Gave her a cold look,Turned and left。
at the moment,Yan Mo is the only one left,In a daze on the seat。
“Miss,Sorry,May I take away the things on the table?”Waiter politely ask。

“Uncle Kim,I swipe……”

Fluttershy said embarrassedly,Although she is a daughter,But I don’t have so much cash on my body when I go out。
“This list is free,I sign,Take it back。”
Jin Sheng said,I reached out and picked up a pen from the front desk。
“do not,Uncle Kim……this is not good……”
Xiaodie said embarrassingly,She didn’t want to be seen by Jinsheng coming here,I’m afraid of such a scene,I didn’t expect to be met by him……“Miss,Are you playing with your Uncle Kim??Everything here,All from your house,in other words,You are the real master here,You still spend money to play here?Are you kidding us,Ha ha……”
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Chapter one hundred and thirty-two You just need to know me
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Jin Sheng joked。
The few people behind him,And the girls in the front desk were all shocked,Looking at Fluttershy Incredibly!
“Uncle Kim,I came here specifically to join in,Just let me pay the bill,is it okay……”
Fluttershy started acting like a baby。
“Don’t make trouble……If I let you pay,Tomorrow your dad has to let me go,Are you trying to smash your uncle’s job??Haha……”

Nana realized that Dad was going to take advantage,Just said quickly:“I don’t eat as long as it’s instant noodles,I don’t eat as long as it’s bread,Or i’m hungry!”Say here,My little nose humming vigorously,Looks like crying。

Peng Changyi is anxious to see his daughter,Just reach out,Pinched her little red nose,Laughed。Children usually don’t eat these convenience foods,Afraid of eating,He said:“rest assured,Dad today promises not to let you eat instant noodles and bread in any form。Ok?”
Nana rubbed her eyes,Nod vigorously。
Peng Changyi said again:“Well,the following,We two follow the division of labor,take action now!”
“it is good。I will do my homework。”Nana is happy soon,Ran into my room to do homework。
Peng Changyi also got up,Out of the north house,Came to the yard,Opened the door of the east kitchen。He opened the refrigerator,See the refrigerator filled with bread、cake、jam,And a few instant burgers,I know that when Shen Fang doesn’t have time to cook,,I must deal with my kids eating these things。He flipped over again,Found a bowl of leftover rice,He took out the leftover rice,Take out two eggs,Fried rice with egg,This should not be a technical job。Just when I was about to close the refrigerator,He saw another piece of rough ham,Took out the half of the rough ham。
Place the panel,Cut the rough ham into finely chopped small cubes,Because he knows his daughter doesn’t like meat,Pick out the meat from the dish every time,and so,Cut the ham into small cubes,Not much bigger than rice,She just can’t pick it out。Thought of here,Peng Changyi smiled,Thought,You’re fine,I’m not good at dad。
Beat two eggs into a bowl,After crushing,Just took out the wok,Pour some oil,After the oil gets hot,He just poured the eggs into the pot,Maybe the fire is too big,The fried egg is a bit overkill,Quickly turn off the fire,Tasted with chopsticks,Okay,No paste。
Mash the scrambled eggs in the pan with a steel spatula,Served in a small bowl,Sit the wok on the fire again,Put a little oil,My daughter doesn’t like oily things,The oil he put in just lubricated the bottom of the pot,After the oil is hot,I remembered that I didn’t cut the green onion,He turned off the fire,I started looking for green onions again。
Looking for a long time,I didn’t see the shadow of the green onions,He opened the door,Shouted at Nana in the North House:“Nana,Is there no onion in our house??”
Nana lifted her body,Through the glass window,Wave to dad,Shouted:“do not know。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Affect dad’s performance,regret。”
Nana smiled,Bowed his head to do homework again。
Peng Changyi does not give up,Keep looking for green onions,Green onion not found,But found a bunch of spinach。He knows that his daughter doesn’t eat spinach,Shen Fang rarely buys spinach,It’s probably from Liu Zhong’s family,Because Liu Zhong’s family grows a small piece of spinach。He suddenly came to a prank,Just open the spinach,Pick two,After picking,Wash,Still cut into fine pieces。
Reignite,After the oil is slightly hot,Pour the ground ham into the pot,Then pour the eggs into the pot,Pour in rice,After mixing well with a steel spatula,Add a little salt,At last,Pour the minced spinach into the pot,Immediately,The fried rice in the pot becomes very beautiful and appetizing。
He tasted,Very fragrant,The meaty aroma of existing ham,The fragrance of eggs,It also has the natural scent of rice noodles and spinach,Moderately salty。
He clapped his hands happily,Find a soup bowl from the cabinet,Put the fried rice noodles into the soup bowl,To the table outside,Took out two more small bowls,Two pairs of chopsticks,Put away,After washing your hands in the sink,Out of the kitchen,Came to Nana’s room,Said:“My task is done,And yours?”
Nana said nothing,Just waved his hand,Means not letting him talk。

What tricks did Zhuang Sheng play?,Qin Liang’s heart is clear!When Qin Liang was following the world gambling king,Under the patient guidance of the gambler,Also has a deep research on gambling!

After all sometimes,In order to perform the task, I have to go to the casino to play on the scene.!So he is very,Come back,Same proficiency!
Zhuang Sheng will send someone behind him to watch his hole cards secretly,He had anticipated it in advance!That’s why he deliberately raised the corner of his hole card,Just to confuse the people of Zhuang Sheng!And as expected, Zhuang Sheng was fooled like this!
“Humph……it is good,it is good!You are fucking awesome!”
It must be impossible for Zhuang Sheng to admit that he saw Master Qin’s hole cards in advance.!So this time,He is dumb with Coptis,Can’t tell,I can only admit it!
“Concession,I’m embarrassed。”
Qin Liang smiled and took the pile of chips that had hit the table back in front of him with both hands。
“Call Song Minlai!”
Zhuang Sheng lost two games in a row,I can’t hold my breath anymore!Today he will win no matter what,And win Qin Liang completely bankrupt!
And let Song Min come up,Is his last killer!
Song Min is the best croupier in his underground casino!Is also the person he trusts most!When I started gambling with other big players,Song Min was the croupier!If he let Song Min cheat, cheat,No cheating, no cheating!Do whatever you want!Song Min,Never let him down!
Ha ha,It seems that Zhuang Sheng is down!Qin Liang sneered secretly,And Shen Ruoxi looked at each other……
quickly,Wearing a white low-cut shirt,A short skirt with hips,Song Min in a pair of flesh-colored stockings,Stood beside the poker table!
The appearance of Song Min,Immediately attracted the lustful eyes of many people!
Zhuang Sheng reached out his arm and hugged Song Min,one hand,Restless on Song Min’s waist……
Song Min wants to struggle away,But dare not!Although his face still has a professional smile,But his eyes were full of anger。
“This is the best croupier in my casino!I’ll change her up and give us cards,You have no problem?”
Zhuang Sheng asked Qin Liang。
“There is such a beautiful beauty,Of course I can’t ask for it!this is10Ten thousand chips tip,It’s a meeting gift for this beauty!Let’s meet each other when you have time,Then find a chance to hang out with us!”
Qin Liang and Song Min looked at each other without a trace,Said with a smile immediately,Then put a10Ten thousand dollars,Thrown in front of Song Min。

“I have not decided yet……I’ll talk about it when I see it。”

Swallow didn’t want to buy anything,That’s just her excuse,So Qin Liang asked so suddenly,She was completely unprepared,Of course I can’t answer at once……
“Old sister,I miss home……Shall we go home for dinner tonight?。”
In the female dormitory of the Interpol Team of the City Bureau,A few girls are sitting and chatting boringly,Liu Xiaoyun said suddenly。
Yang Shiyun was shocked by the question,She didn’t react to what Liu Xiaoyun said“Home”Which home。
“I miss home too,Old sister,Let’s kill them suddenly and give them an unexpected surprise!”
Shen Ruoxue immediately followed and encouraged。
“it is good,Then I’ll make a call with Director Liu Yong,Say hello to him,Ask him to call us immediately if he has something。”Yang Shiyun nodded and said,Liu Xiaoyun,Shen Ruoxue,Li Qiao’er and Li Yaxin and their four little girls,After returning from the field,Just stay by her side,I haven’t been back home yet,So homesickness is understandable,She can’t bear to refuse their little request
begging。Liu Yong naturally would not refuse this reasonable request from the girls,Especially Liu Xiaoyun,Already helped him too much,He feels he owes her,The city’s criminal police team also owes her……Of course he will never forget;The lives of more than half of the criminal police members of the city’s criminal police team,include
Yang Shiyun’s fate,It was once saved by Liu Xiaoyun’s fuse.!
“okay。My master approved,Let’s go。”
hang up the phone,Yang Shiyun said with a smile。
“what,Go!go home!”
Liu Xiaoyun immediately cried out happily!I don’t know if she misses home“Who”Up……
When Yang Shiyun returned to Shen’s house with four little girls,It was when Yanzi and Qin Liang just walked into the supermarket,Just a work of fore and aft,The two groups did not see each other。
“Let’s come back empty-handed, right?,How about we buy some snacks for the girls at home??”
I hit Yang Shiyun’s police car,Liu Xiaoyun started making suggestions again,This girl is not always naughty、Trick or treat,Sometimes still very sensible,Very sophisticated。

Xie Yunchu doesn’t know what Qibao is nervous about,But also inexplicable,I became nervous too,“.”It’s really too easy to be affected by my treasure。

Xie Yunchu was nervous about being afraid of being misunderstood by his relatives.,And the psychedelic generated by hugging at the time,impulse,Doubts etc.,It’s all the influence of his treasure。Made him sleepless for three nights,Sum up one thing——He is too easily influenced by his relatives。
This result,right now,Verified again。
Xie Yunchu thinks,Because he is about to enter puberty,Start to care about the opposite sex。And around,The only one familiar,Very outstanding,Also to him,Special opposite sex,Is a treasure。and so,When he hugs,With the psychedelic thoughts and inexplicable impulses of boys,As for what you want to do impulsively,What do I have to do,He doesn’t even know,Probably just want to continue to embrace this kind of impulse。
This normal reaction,Because the object is for him,Very important friend,Pro treasure,Make him nervous,It’s normal。
Because for him,Really important。
Qinbao’s influence on him,Will be very big。He is easily influenced by his relatives。
and so,Between him and his treasure,Or,His relatives,What a strange and inexplicable mood,All because he was growing up,And treasures are too important。
This is Xie Yun tossing and turning for three nights,Conclusion。
Pit dead。Waiting to regret the intestines。
“Xiaoyun~~~”Baby Ou pushed Xie Yunchu,“what are you thinking?I’m talking to you.”
Xie Yunchu hurriedly recovered,“I was thinking,Your mother called your brother and Ono out,Do you want to carry you,What to say。”
This word,Xie Yunchu originally wanted to say what he wanted to say,But who knows,Just finished,Qinbao’s face changed。
Xie Yunchu suddenly had an ominous premonition。Is not,what happened to you?is not it,What did you do???