Lu Shanshan also hopes that Ji Yuanyuan can be as good as Shen Zhiyue,But in this era of traffic dominance,Actors alone will not work。

“Yuanyuan,You will go to university soon,After college,You will have very little time for filming。you need to know,Even if you take the film and television school。Can’t suspend school for too long。”
Ji Yuanyuan wants to say she doesn’t go to school,But then think about it,If she doesn’t go to school,Even more unable to break away from the control of the Chen family。
Lu Shanshan persuaded:“Yuanyuan,You have to bear。You do not trust me。Mr Huang,Xiaomei and them,They are really professional。”
Ji Yuanyuan muttered:“I think they are like a businessman,Not like the insiders。”
Lu Shanshan asked:“What do you think of the people in the circle??”
Ji Yuanyuan said without hesitation:“Very artistic,Everyone thinks this person is an artist,Not ordinary people。”
Lu Shanshan sighed:“If it’s not the right time,I really want to take you to see what dinner is。”
Ji Yuanyuan’s face blushed:“I’ll talk about this later,I am still young,Not suitable for too much exposure。”
Lu Shanshan said:“Also,You should be sheltered by Aotian now,No need to mess around,of course,Except stage effects。”
Shen Zhiyue founded Aotian and can shelter Lu Shanshan,And now she also sheltered Ji Yuanyuan in the same way。She doesn’t know if Ji Yuanyuan can succeed,But at least it won’t suffer。
Chapter Two Hundred and Fourteen Shameless
In the afternoon,It is full of food and wine,When it makes people drowsy,The judges watched the young girl one day and one morning,Also a bit lacking,Some even murmured:“Still interesting,Here are some brats who can do martial arts,Just look funny。”
One of the judges had experience in selecting a boy group:“indeed,The boy group will laugh a lot,But the women’s team is making money。You have to know that there are many around the girl group,Peripheral income alone,Also very generous。”

Also because of this,She said nothing to Lynn’s name,Is called Master。

Even if Lynn persuaded,In the end it didn’t change her mind。
Suddenly there was such a beautiful female disciple,What should I say about this mood……It’s really complicated。
Fortunately,Xiaolan’s temperament is not as persistent as Tsukamoto Sumi。
Although influenced by senior sister,She also wanted to be called Master,But in the end,Still dispelled this idea at Lynn’s insistence。
Fortunately, Xiaolan was not called Master。
otherwise,From now on, the master will spread out things like chasing the disciple,Does he need Lynn’s face anymore?
“It’s too early,Maori classmates,We should almost go。”
“Wrong right,Classmate Lin, you are wrong。”
Pointing takes more time than expected,Look at the phone,It’s almost five o’clock,Never hurry back,Don’t even think about opening the coffee shop today。
But just when Lynn proposed to retreat,The garden on the side suddenly shook his head,Let Lin En come here inexplicably。
What is wrong?
I don’t know where the trouble in the garden is,Lynn’s eyes were full of puzzlement。
“Salutation!Although Classmate Lin won’t let Xiaolan call her master,,but in fact,Lin is already half of Xiaolan’s teacher, right?”
“It’s already a teacher-student relationship,But you still call Maori classmate,This is not right!”

“Look at these monsters,Similar to that evil wood,But the strength seems to be much weaker。”

Xinxi controlled Magnetic Escape and killed a Legion supernatural beast.。
“Although the strength is weak,But there are too many。”
Zoriana said with a wry smile after using Mu Dun to solve a legion supernatural beast,Looking up at the dark fog of the sky,From the black fog, the Legion supernatural beasts still have a steady flow.。
“hateful.These monsters.Although the evacuation order was issued in time,But the casualties are still so big.At least half an hour,The surviving residents of the Iron Country will be completely evacuated。”
After helping the family of three who were attacked to solve the Legion Super Beast,Mifune panting and showing exhaustion,His body can no longer support him in a long battle。
Tie Chun was kicked flying by Boluo。
“The so-called samurai,It’s just that。”
“Boro,Stop playing,Don’t forget to ask,We have other tasks。”
Diluda said impatiently standing behind。
“Yes Yes,I know。”Boluo smirked at Diruda,Then, with a solemn expression, staring at the iron pine road that has risen from the ground,“Meltdown·Broken Star!”
Tie Chun can clearly feel the ground shaking under her feet,As if something rushed over。
at this time,A figure came next to Tie Chun,Pick up the iron tree and jump away。
at this time,Where the iron chun originally stood,A column of water broke through the soil and rushed into the sky,Occasionally there are drops of water scattered on the ground,Instantly corrodes the ground。
“You are the Konoha Ninja who came with Daimyo of Fire Country?”
Tie Chun stared at Mouse You who was leading him to avoid and said,At this time, the Jar Merchant also came to Diruda,In front of Boluo and Caud。
“We leave here first。”
Said the mouse。
“Don’t care about your companion?”


Mo Xiaosheng smiled at Yueren Wang。Said,“I have to trouble you,Brother Yue,Find those masters of profound arts you know,As long as they are willing to join us,Then Mo Xiaosheng can’t treat them badly!”
Mo Xiaosheng patted his chest and promised,It just so happens that he won over 10 billion from the underground park,Can be used to fund the establishment of this organization!
Use the enemy’s money to deal with the enemy,Just think about it,have to say。For this matter,He is really good thank you Rose!
First0649Chapter threw them out
“it is good,I dare not say anything else,People in this area,I really know more or less!“
Yue Ren Wang said in a deep voice,“But these people are****The turbulence,To find them out,May take some time!“
“no problem,This matter slowly,Not in a hurry。That group of Japanese people shouldn’t do anything in the short term!“
Mo Xiaosheng nodded,Hearing Yueren Wang agreed,He was relieved,My own vision,Finally achieved step by step。
As they walk back。Mo Xiaosheng’s phone rang suddenly,It was from Li Qianjue,Mo Xiaosheng grinned,Quickly picked up,Smiled:“Brother Li,give me a call,Did the volunteers observe the results??!“
“you……You are boring,You guessed everything!“
Seeing that Li Qiansuan was guessed by Mo Xiaosheng,Suddenly lost interest,Some complaining Chongmo Xiaosheng said。

Chief Tian said angrily,he knows,Although there are checkpoints under the mountain,But if these two really want to run out of the woods,I’m afraid his people won’t find out。

Mo Xiaosheng frowned,Can’t help but feel a little upset,These two bastards didn’t get the punishment they deserved,Inevitably make people angry!
“Leave them alone,Let’s go outside the barracks!”
Head Tian hurriedly took Mo Xiaosheng out。
After Mo Xiaosheng followed Chief Tian to the outside of the barracks,I saw no less than ten off-road vehicles parked outside,The first is a black knight XV,A few off-road vehicles behind,Are all Dongfeng warriors,Several of them are also equipped with heavy machine guns。
The head of Tian couldn’t help but his face changed when he saw this scene,Obviously I didn’t expect that the Beijing Military Region would send such sophisticated equipment,To know,The light-led knight XV,Worth nearly 20 million,Claimed to be an off-road vehicle armed to the teeth,Even the headlights have special shades。
And now in front of the car,While standing dozens of people with firm faces,Tall and tall,Soldier with live ammunition,The uniform is obviously different from the soldiers under Tian Shouchang,And their faces are now covered with camouflage,Apparently ready to fight,Ready to enter the jungle。
The head of Tian had previously guessed that these people came here with extraordinary identities,Naturally I dare not be the slightest negligence,Maybe some of them have a higher rank than him,He hurried out,Salute a group of soldiers,Look solemn,“I am Tian Zichong, commander of the 2nd Division of the Fifth Army of the Beijing Military Region!Thank you all for coming to help,Hard on the road!”
“Hello, Master Tian!”
At this time, one was wearing a black special uniform,The officer with the words scorpion tiger on the armband came over and the head of Okinawa saluted back,Said:“I’m Qin Yong, deputy captain of the Lace Tiger Special Brigade of the Beijing Military Region,Nice to meet you!This time,You and brothers have worked hard!”
Speaking of Qin Yong’s initiative, the head of the field stretched out his hand。
Scorpion Team?
Tian Shouchang’s face suddenly changed upon hearing this,Shocked,Unexpectedly, Admiral Pei sent the Lacerta team directly?
As a soldier,Naturally, I have heard of the second largest Special Forces in the China Army!
This is the trump card division in the China Special Forces, second only to the Dark Sting Brigade!
“Whoops,Captain Qin,Hello Hello!”
Head Tian quickly shook Qin Yong’s hand,Excited,Although Qin Yong’s military rank may be lower than him,But on actual power and status,May not be under him!
Mo Xiaosheng glanced at this Qin Yong,Can’t help but grin,Seems to remember,This Qin Yong was the one who accompanied Erye Mo back to the Dark Stabbing Brigade.,The deputy captain of the Lacerta team that ran to the Dark Sting Team to challenge!
But because of the camouflage on Qin Yong’s face,Mo Xiaosheng didn’t recognize him at first,And Qin Yong also did not notice Mo Xiaosheng standing behind the head of Tian.。

Rust Sword is still Rust Sword,No matter the surface or its temperament has not changed,There is not even a trace of heating temperature on the surface。

“Your sword is very special,I am limited,Unable to melt it。”The blacksmith told the truth with some regret,Instantly return the sword to its original owner。
“Rust sword is obtained from the monument,You can’t melt away,I wonder if the husband can borrow the sword。”Xia Chenglong took the Rusty Sword and asked calmly。
I want to convince someone,The best way is to be able to do things that the other person admires,The Rust Sword can’t melt,But his ability to melt swords is still number one。
How to explain,Compared with the first place, it is an existence that can never be surpassed,I can’t even raise any thoughts that I want to transcend,That’s easy,As long as it is second。
The blacksmith has his pride:“I’m afraid you’ve seen my sword before,What can i give you。”
Xia Chenglong was taken aback,Look at the woman beside,An’s face flushed,Looking at the soft sword in his hand。
It turns out she took the pride of a man’s life,But for some fate,I can only treasure this pride in my heart,Never touched。
Xia Chenglong has seen the power of software,I feel it when I hold it in my hand,Really a good sword,At the very least, it is extremely difficult to make such a sword in a remote place。
There is also flame on his hand,But his flame is different from the fire of ordinary refiners,His fire is milky white,Fire without any temperature。
The blacksmith frowned,He felt that the young man in front of him was joking about them,How could such a fire without temperature melt the sword itself。
Realm makes people’s imagination much narrower,What they don’t know is to ask about the possibilities of existence on the path of the gods,They don’t know the changes brought about by turning Reiki into Metaclimate。
The proud sword turned into a ball of molten iron surrounded by the milky flame,Creeping slowly in the air,Reshape。
“This,How can this be,No one can melt it,You are not a refiner,How could it be melted again without Chongyang。”

“Pull it down!Even if they find death by themselves,We can’t really kill them all!Do you think this is on the battlefield。”

It’s rare that Shen Ruoxue can tell the seriousness of things at this time。
“Don’t kill……It’s okay to be half dead, right。”
Liu Xiaoyun rolled her eyes and said。
Two people are talking,A police car suddenly stopped by the two of them!The door opened,A young policeman got out of the car……
“Hey,What are you doing?This is the highway, know it or not?You are dangerous like this!”
The little policeman looked suspiciously at the two girls standing in front of him and asked。
“What are we doing? Does it matter to you??Use you to ask?”
Liu Xiaoyun answered unceremoniously!
She thinks the other party is very rude,A bit domineering posture,Just the temper of the sister-in-law’s grandma,Where does she eat this set?!So it’s very rude to speak。
“You see clearly!Little girl,I’m a policeman!”
Said the little policeman still very sad。
“So what?Are you amazing?”
Liu Xiaoyun is even more unconvinced now,Step forward,Standing in front of the little policeman,Looked at him disdainfully and said。
“you!you guys……Is a soldier?”
The little policeman was too careless,Only then did I see the two girls in front of me,And the girls behind them,They turned out to be full-armed regular soldiers,But no weapon。
“Is your look bad??Go back with a pair of glasses and come out again。”
Liu Xiaoyun continues to mock each other。
“Okay, okay, Xiaoyun,Why are you so angry?……”

“in fact,I think so too,Everyone, hurry up and go directly!”

“Don’t worry so much,Actually now,To no avail。”
When those people around,One after another watching。
And the more so,Actually, when looking at this scene,Ye Xuan was very calm at this moment。
“Everyone has seen it,Next,You need to rely on yourself。”
Following Ye Xuan’s words,,Those around,It’s completely free of money。
After all now,These things,In fact, it’s completely on the bright side。
As for the next,Where do I need to start。
Actually this,It makes people feel,Seems to be very good。
And see here,at this time,Ye Xuan whole person,Smile faintly。
“All right,Now words,In fact, there is no need to care about these for now。”
“Haven’t you already decided to do it?,In this case,Just let it go。”
When Ye Xuan finished,at this time,The guard of the Chu family,It’s totally unstoppable。
“These guys,How did your combat effectiveness become so powerful??”
Actually this,But even themselves,I can’t believe it。
But when these people look here subconsciously,at this time,Ye Xuan was very casual。

Qin Liang is confused,Looking confused, Shen Ruoxi asked。

“Did you find?Chen Hao is not happy today,Always worrying about it,I think,I might have done it recklessly,I realized that I didn’t discuss with her,Did not ask for her opinion,Decided to pull her into the special forces without authorization,and so,She may be upset……”
Shen Ruoxi said regretfully。
“Never possible!Chen Hao will never be upset about this!I can be sure of this。”
Qin Liang immediately said confidently。
“Why are you so sure?”
Shen Ruoxi asked。
“Because I know Chen Hao as much as you,You think so,Just because you are the client,And I am a bystander!Chen Hao should only be worried that she will not be able to serve the new identity of Dragon Soul Warrior.。”
“Are you sure?”
Shen Ruoxi immediately hesitated,Obviously,She is not very sure of her judgment。
“I am sure,Pretty sure,Chen Hao is a generous girl,Especially her to you,It can be said that it has always been a state of compliance,How could she be unhappy with you because of this?You really think too much,Silly girl。”
Qin Liang smiled and comforted Shen Ruoxi。
“Oh,I can rest assured that!I worried for a long time,Regretted for a long time,I’m afraid she is mad at me for this,Hehe。”

Peng Changyi driving the car,Said badly:“Soft,I didn’t take it,I thought women like to eat hard。”

“hate,I’m cheap again!”Shu Qing slapped him。
Peng Changyi laughed again。Even though Shu Qing said she doesn’t like hard peaches,But she ate the peaches in a few bites。Then wrap the peach core with paper towel,Put under your feet,Throw it away when you get off。
Peng Changyi said:“Don’t be so particular,Farmland on both sides here,Besides, peach pits can be degraded,And can be turned into fertilizer,Throw it out,Don’t smell my car。”
Shu Qing looked in the rearview mirror,Said:“I know it can be degraded,But there is a car behind,If people find the mayor’s car littering,I see how you say others。”
“Ha ha,That’s the woman in the deputy mayor’s car throwing things away。”
Shu Qing finished peaches,Continue to look at Peng Changyi。
Peng Changyi deliberately ignored her。
Shu Qing looked in the back seat,Spotless on the back seat,No debris,Old Gu is a famous clean driver,No matter new car or old car,When will come up,When is it clean and tidy。She turned around,Still looking at Peng Changyi,Said:“Just bring a peach?”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Close your eyes。”
Shu Qing closed her eyes。
“Reach out。”
Shu Qing stretched out her hand,Peng Changyi put a bag of cold yogurt in her hand。Shu Qing took a look,Surprised:“Ha ha,I am thinking,Will you bring me yogurt?”
Peng Changyi said:“Know you love to drink this thing。”
After Shu Qing finished a bag of yogurt,Hiccups。
Peng Changyi said:“Full?I won’t give you that peach。”
Shu Qing said:“Who said i’m full,I can still eat a roast chicken,A roast duck,A pig……”
“Damn,You disgust me。”Shu Qing raised her small fist to hit him but didn’t,Said:“Drive at ease,Ensure the safety of the chief。”
After returning to the farm,Peng Changyi and Shu Qing said after getting out of the car:“Should I go directly to the restaurant or go to my room to wash?”