Xu Xuan completely ended the game with this three-pointer,There is no more suspense about the victory tonight!
At the same time, Xu Xuan also cut down the personal score of the game82Minute!!!
First323chapter The youngest80Mr. Fen!
Seeing Xu Xuan’s backward three-pointer on the court,Eric on the sidelines·Spoelstra let out a sigh。
More than Eric,Dragic in the dressing room now doesn’t look depressed anymore,But despair,Despair。
Xu Xuan cut it off82Minute?
Xu Xuan really cut it down82Minute?
Wade wants the ball,Want to start a fast break,Want to keep scoring,He still wants to win!
But he opened his hand for a long time,The ball was passed to Bosh by Udri。
Bosh passed halftime,Took the ball in his arms,Standing motionless。

Linda knows that Hong Yun always likes to use some sideways,Some of the artists she used to take did not need a company at all,You can get a lot of resources just by relying on the backer。Linda doesn’t know if Lu Shanshan is such a person,But it’s not good to have a relationship with Hongyun’s artist。

Linda can’t help it,I can only use my own ability to withdraw Lu Shanshan’s Weibo。But it’s okay if she doesn’t remove Weibo,I want to hide it,More noticeable。
Soon many media people smelled the clues,Posted an article immediately。
“The secrets of famous celebrities and 18-line actresses”
Chapter Fifty Six Little fun between lovers
“Famous watch with women’s watch,Absolutely!”
“Shock,Little transparent actually got the cold handsome guy!”
“An unknown secret of a costume crew。”
“That night with a famous actor。”
Lu Shanshan only woke up and saw itvThere are a lot of strange topics on blog。
“Xiaomei,You sent Brother Yue away?”Lu Shanshan asked while combing her hair。
Xiaomei is a little afraid to look at Lu Shanshan directly,Shen Zhiyue is too troublesome,I don’t want to make it public now.。

Shikamaru looks at Naruto,Naruto followed closely:“I think that since the pot merchant did not do anything dangerous to Konoha,We shouldn’t be so careful。”

The more important reason is that there are not so many ninjas in Konoha Village.。
“What about that video?”
“it’s here。”
Sasuke took over the device for playing the video and the 100 yen coin。
Watching the movie cast on the wall of the Hokage office,Sasuke’s expression gradually became serious:“It is clear,My every move in the underground base of the umbrella organization is being monitored,Was also filmed,In this case,The identity of that jar merchant is worth intriguing。”
“Either,Jar Merchant is also a member of SHIELD,All this is a conspiracy of SHIELD,It’s just that we haven’t figured it out yet,Either,The jar merchant comes from an organization comparable to SHIELD。”Shikamaru Analysis Road。
“I will stay in the village to recover my pupil power in the past few days,Leave the business of this jar merchant to me。”
“that is really good,Sasuke。”
Naruto is happy because Sasuke can stay in the village,Still happy because Sasuke can prevent the pot merchant,Just don’t know,Maybe there are two reasons。
“In addition,Information about the umbrella organization I investigated,You also learned everything from the movie。”
Shikamaru nodded and said:“It looks like,These amazing information for us,For the umbrella organization and S.H.I.E.L.D., it should not be important at all,Otherwise, there will be no movement at all。”
“and this。”Sasuke took out a scientific ninja from his arms,“I would like to know,Is Katsuke still in Konoha?。”
Naruto says:“about this,Sasuke,In fact, Dr. Katsuke was not in Konoha at all,When we discussed the punishment for Dr. Katsuke,Dr. Katsuke disappeared from where he was being held,We thought it was him who defected,Also issued a wanted order,but now,It looks like the umbrella organization took him away。”
“This scientific ninja,We will let the ninja class analyze it。”
Shikamaru said。
It is Tiantian who is currently in the Ninja class。

“Taoist people,Was it so rubbish??”

I didn’t even step into the Shaolin Temple,An arrogant voice,It also spread from the Shaolin Temple。
Hear this voice,Feel power fluctuations inside,Lin Yu quickly walked in。
then,A terrible picture,Appeared in front of Lin Yu。
I saw the monk of Shaolin Temple,Fall down one after another。
And the abbot,Although not down at this moment,But it’s covered with scars,Breathe,All with difficulties。
one look,I know I must have suffered internal injuries。
And not far from these monks,There is a dress,People with red sun signs,Arrogantly mocking an old man wearing a Taoist priest。
“Samurai Uemura Musashi,You’re good,I admit this。
But the only one you won is me,Does not represent everyone in my Taoist school。”
The Taoist wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth,Seems to want to fight。
The red sun country Uemura Musashi who heard this,Haha laughed:“is it?
Then you can’t represent,You find someone who can represent your Taoism!If not,That is Taoism is rubbish,The samurai in my country is the best in the world!”

Qianyu reached out and held Wang Donger……

And Wang Donger’s body trembled……
Seeing Qianyu holding herself so intimately in front of Beibei and others,Her cheeks flushed,A little shy“Qianyu,Brother Bei, they are still there!”
Huo Yuhao’s dark blue eyes saw Wang Donger and did not resist,I pressed my thin lips and did not speak……
But I know I completely lost!
But since Wang Donger chose Qianyu,Then just bless them silently……
And he thinks the same way,There is also Ma Xiaotao with very bleak eyes!
Xu Sanshi joked“Wang Donger,Why are you shy after being with Qianyu?,Everyone doesn’t know,Yes Nan Nan?”
Stop talking,I took the opportunity to hold Jiang Nannan’s palm,And the latter is only a symbolic struggle twice,There is no action……
She just whispered“Ok”With a……
Tang Ya took the initiative to hold Beibei’s palm,Said with a smile“In this case,Qianyu,We won’t bother you and Wang Dong’er!”
Stop talking,And Beibei turned around and left……
Xu Sanshi sees it,Speechless“Tang Ya,Babe,You are waiting for us!”
Stop talking,He dragged Jiang Nannan to follow……
And Ma Xiaotao and Huo Yuhao,He left without expression……
After all, if four people are together,The atmosphere will become awkward……
Qianyu looked at Wang Donger,Whisper“Donger,Let’s go to Clear Sky School”
Wang Donger was stunned,Curious way“Back to Haotianzong?Qianyu, do you have anything to tell Dad and Dad??”

“Nothing!You think too much,I don’t think you are embarrassing,That guy has a gun in his hand,To prevent him from shooting,You are right to take measures against him decisively,I believe everyone thinks so too,So things are not what you think,You are simply having trouble with yourself!”

Liu Xiaoyun answered without hesitation。
“Are you sure everyone will not laugh at me,Look down on me?”
Shen Ruoxue asked cautiously,Obviously I want to get Liu Xiaoyun’s affirmative answer,This is also a way for her to seek self-comfort,But frankly:She is indeed a little nervous today,That tear gas is indeed unnecessary……
But everyone makes mistakes,Besides, Shen Ruoxue is still young,It’s impossible to ask Qin Liang when things happen,Yang Shiyun is so calm and calm,She still needs to continue to exercise herself,Need to continue the growth process。
Besides, even Qin Liang,I also get a fever when encountering things,When the wayward:Even Yang Shiyun,Also can’t hold back,When rash and impulsive,These are normal。
Shen Ruoxue cares too much about her image in front of everyone,She feels timid today,Cowardly,Will make everyone look down,That’s why she kept saying that she was ashamed of everyone……
“I am 200%,One thousand percent sure:No one looks down on you,No one laughed at you,You think too much,Really,Don’t you believe what I said, Liu Xiaoyun??”
Liu Xiaoyun answered confidently。
“Ok……I never missed what you said,I can only trust you,Ugh。”
Shen Ruoxue was reluctant,I seem to believe Liu Xiaoyun’s words,Will make her feel wronged,This girl,Also bullied Liu Xiaoyunxing,She is embarrassed to bully other people,Or she can’t bully,Only Liu Xiaoyun,Obviously better than her,But let her unconditionally again and again,I was bullied by her willingly again and again!
Liu Xiaoyun intends to owe Shen Ruoxue,The rhythm of repaying with one’s life。
To talk about affection,Men are more common,Few girls can be as affectionate as Liu Xiaoyun,She put“affection”These two words are extremely。
This is also one of her most respected by everyone!It’s just her affection and intelligence,Let everyone accidentally forget her prosperous beauty,Forget that she is also the little goddess of the Shen family,I’m responsible for a face similar to Shen Ruoxue。
But Liu Xiaoyun doesn’t care about this at all.,After all, among the girls of the Shen family,There are too many beautiful girls!Let’s talk about appearance,Among Shen’s sisters who can hold the title,There are at least a dozen……
So Liu Xiaoyun doesn’t care if she is among Shen’s sisters“IQ responsible”Outside,Have to bear one more“Responsible for appearance”Title,Anyway, the pretty face is here clearly,Do you have“Responsible for appearance”Title,Liu Xiaoyun is still a peerless beauty,No one will deny this,Unless he is blind。
In fact, both Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun are suitable to be“spy”!Because they are both so beautiful,If you use beauty,I guess no man can stand it!Of course,Qin Liang killed them and wouldn’t let them be spies!These two girls plus a Murong key,All three of them are Qin Liang’s heart!Who dares to touch the three of them,Qin Liang must desperately!

A long time,Yuze calmed down。

Yes。Si Shoujing killed his wife and children,He wants to avenge Si Shoujing,And mother is Si Shoujing’s wife,This complicated relationship,Which resulted in today’s complex results。Can’t help but say,Declared retribution,As early as when Si Shoujing died,Already here——Tragic death of wife and children,Old Men。
The poorest,Still big brother,With mom.
Yuze knows very well,If he keeps holding on to declare,Mom will only blame herself and feel sad,Love him,Brother can’t be a family with them,Completely become a perfect family。
Take a deep breath,Yuze said to Si Guangnian,“Sorry.”Twenty years,Brother was treated as dead by them,But he was declared to stay with him as a grandfather.
Si Guangnian noticed the meaning in Yuze’s words,My heart suddenly became sore,Directly reach out and hold Yuze,Don’t be sorry,Sorry, I do not have it。
it is more than words。
Huaiye is also incredible,But he doesn’t have Yuze’s deep feelings for Shen Ming,Just unacceptable,They put a poisonous snake,Treat as a relative,Twenty years.
And this viper,Still love them.
Take a bite,Not poisoned,Then became a family。
what is this.
Huaiye really feels,Ridiculous。Affirm that there is contact with Bai Ling,Is the most absurd。
He has always known that Big Brother is still alive,But can not say a word,Worship big brother with them.
This psychological quality.
Huai Ye couldn’t hold back,“Si Shoujing won’t talk about it,Bai Ling,Affirm,It really broke my most basic understanding of humans。So in this world,There will be such unscrupulous,People in the city.Compared to them,Huaiyong is really dumb and sweet.If I had Bai Ling affirmed such a plan and psychological quality,I can dominate the entertainment industry?”Really admire。
Yuze is also very emotional,“In our circle,Outside the circle,There is no shortage of calculations,But really,No one can compare to Bai Ling.”I was driven to death by my mother,I can still take the debt,I want to cheat the whole family.
Ou Zhaozhao is also somewhat fortunate,“Fortunately, Bai Ling has no money and power,otherwise.”Now driven to a dead end,Who is it?.
Si Guangnian nodded,Agree with,He has to admit,Bai Ling is really good at calculating,A very smart woman。Affirm that it really has a super psychological quality,A person who can pretend。The mask lies for twenty years,Almost become real。If he doesn’t come back,Maybe,To death,Affirm that they are all benefactors of the Ou family。
“????”Only Baby Ou,Facing the family’s admiration for Bai Ling’s declaration,Very confused。

Liu Yong smiled and took over。

“You won,You guys came to pit me in a group,I can’t beat so many hands,You win,Whatever you want。”
Ling Mofeng gave up,In fact, he really doesn’t want to get any relationship with the underworld anymore,But since Qin Liang,Yang Shiyun and others insisted on pulling him into the water,He is too embarrassed to get into the water……
“I have a hasty,It’s good for you to admit defeat,And let us waste so much saliva!”
Qin Liang started to pretend to be a big tail wolf again……
“Don’t be too busy!I can tell you,I’m not really willing to be dragged down by you,I’m giving Shiyun and this uncle’s face,And the face of the new bodyguards around me,If it’s at you,cut……Don’t dream about you!”
Ling Mofeng said disdainfully。
“Hehe,It doesn’t matter if you give me face,As long as you give them face,Anyway, you just have to get into the water,Dropped pit,I’m content,I don’t care if you have face。”
Qin Liang didn’t care about the counterattack from Lingmo,Anyway, his goal has been achieved,The final victory has been won,He doesn’t care what the process is like。
“by!You guy!”
Ling Mofeng reached out and picked up a tea cup to throw it into Qin Liang’s face,But when I was about to shoot,Hesitated and held back,Then put the tea cup down again。“End wind,do not worry,When we have action,the first,We will do our best to protect your safety,second;We will do our best to cooperate with you,When you need to protect face,We will definitely make you face,Just like when we beat that ugly monster at the hotel entrance last night
Yang Shiyun solemnly promised to Ling Mofeng。

Shen Ruoxue answered eagerly。

“I’m also the fifth elementary school of the Shen family, alright!”
Li Qiaoer immediately caught Shen Ruoxue’s speech disorder,Continue to protest。
“I’ve mispoken……How do you become the fifth elementary school of the Shen family?!I actually want to say that Xiaoyun and I have always been so tyrannical,I repeat it?”
Shen Ruoxue’s ridiculous juggling is no longer reasonable!Also emphasized!
“No way!All the words,Can’t take it back!”
Of course Li Qiaoer won’t do it,Bullies don’t bring such bullies!Besides, the bullying was his sister。
“Ugh……I really really took them!”
Meizi whispered helplessly,Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue are so funny,Her anger disappeared,Depression is gone,I’m not tangled anymore。
This,The real purpose of Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue playing treasures。
“Really convinced us?Then call me Sister Shenger。”
Shen Ruoxue said immediately。
“Do not,not called!”

Yan Yan waved his hand nonchalantly:“that’s not important。As long as Hu Lai is willing,Even if the monkey in front of you,He can also talk and laugh with each other。”

“This is too exaggerated?”
“Not exaggerated,Uncle。You can’t take common sense to all the things that happened to Hu Lai,Don’t try to explain his behavior,Don’t think about why、Why is this problem,Otherwise you will find that your three views are broken。”Yan Yan dangled Erlang’s legs。“Or uncle,Let’s make another bet?If Hu Lai can score under the defense of that little Japan,How about you paying the bill today?”
Uncle nodded:“OK。If no goal,You pay the bill。”
“no problem!”Yan Yan pouted,Very calmly agreed。
The others who heard the conversation between the two cheered:“Waiter,Add wine!”
“Waiter,Give me a dozen Qingdao in 1982!”
The bar is full of joyous and excited air。
PS,Today’s second one is one hour earlier,Because there is a watch at ten o’clock in the evening,Goal to Hulai。
The end of the month,Reach out and ask everyone for a monthly pass,Strive to make our monthly ticket ranking in the top 50 this month,Good?
(End of this chapter)
Chapter One Hundred and Nineteen One shot into the soul
Actually during the intermission,The head coach of the Chinese team Shi Wuyin targets the situation where Hu Lai was completely frozen by the opponent,It was arranged。
Reconciliation guest Yan Kang,And the women’s national team players expected almost。
Let Hu Lai mess up the opponent’s defense,Then give teammates a chance to score。