Zhou Qihua touched his scalp:“I don’t want to play cards with you,Why has your skills dropped so much?,You were very good before。Shan Shan,Did you break it last time?,I lost some of your innate talents。”

Shen Zhiyue was a little bit dumbfounded,He still doesn’t know what Lu Shanshan’s innate talent is:“Ha ha,no need。The doctor checked me,My body is fine,So many things happened recently,I’m not thinking about playing cards and it’s normal。”
Zhou Qihua frowned:“I don’t think you seem to be thinking,It’s like losing my memory。I told you about the past,You all forgot。”
Shen Zhiyue is a bit embarrassed,He didn’t expect Zhou Qihua to be so difficult。He passed out in the theater,I have lost some memories,Zhou Qihua asked many things about his childhood in one breath。
Chapter Seventeen Kanaya Cangjiao
“Do you remember when we were two years old,The school organizes a spring outing,Did any boy accidentally fall into the water??”
“Do you remember my 15th birthday,Did you give me anything?”
“Do you remember that I bought an island?”
Zhou Qihua asked all kinds of questions。Dazzled Shen Zhiyue。
He is not Lu Shanshan,How can I know these things?。
“Can not remember。Sorry,I really forgot。”Shen Zhiyue is annoyed by questions,I can only knead the forehead and say。
Zhou Qihua is a pity,But he believes the memory can be retrieved,He plans to take Shen Zhiyue to visit his hometown,Stimulate his brain。
“Let’s go,I booked it at half past five,It’s too late now。”
Zhou Qihua took Shen Zhiyue to fly across the sea,He bought an island。In the past, Shen Zhiyue heard some rumors about Zhou Qihua from time to time。Rumor has it that he wanted to have a private party,Bought an island specially。Every Saturday, a group of Internet celebrity models gather to have a party on the private island,As for the party process, it’s even more embarrassing。

I can’t help but he’s not excited,Dad actually found him such a precious copybook,It’s like sending charcoal in the snow!

And in the heavy snow,Sent a house of charcoal directly!!
First766chapter lively
Today in Huajing’s antique circle,It was lively。
Many people are talking about Shen Huan’s luck last night,Actually there are so few fine jadeites。
Especially that piece of jadeite,It’s even more impressive。
Many people who haven’t seen it with their own eyes,I can’t help but beat my chest,Regret not catching up。
Even after seeing the photos taken by everyone,There is no way to photograph that Zi Shen Yun,Far inferior to seeing in reality、Feeling so emotional。
but,This piece6000Wan’s jade bet is a thing of the past。
What everyone is talking about right now。
Everything that Ruan Jiahao did last night,Has passed everyone’s mouth,Especially Xie Er’s mouth,Spread throughout the capital。
Not only antique circles,And entertainment,And business,I know how Ruan Jiahao was rude and provocative last night,Then I want to trick Shen Huan into buying high-priced jade gambling,In the end, he was slapped,The face was swollen from the beating。
Everyone laughed at Ruan Jiahao for one aspect,On the other hand more important,Ruan Jiahao and Shen Huan have another bet,A competition。
The specific competition method is,Each side took out three copybooks,One of them is fake。
Both parties need to recognize which copy of the other’s copybook is a fake,Then the remaining two authentic pieces,Let’s compare value。

Rende Charity Foundation’s main activity sports are in the Mainland,But because Jinshan Investment Company now has a large proportion of its investment in Africa,So I do charity there once or twice a year。

Charity is the best way to take root in the local area,Jinshan Investment Company will not let go of such operations。
And this time the charity event,It’s not just the unilateral actions of Rende Charity Foundation,Or a joint action with a foreign charity fund called Angel Charity Foundation。
Chi Yanyan came here to ask Fang Hao for advice,Do you want to go。
Of course Fang Hao can refuse。
Rende Charity Foundation12Months have12Charity event,Of course, the image spokesperson does not need to follow the team every month。
And this time I went to Africa,The conditions are quite difficult,It will take longer。
So you need to communicate with him in advance。113
Fang Hao thought about it,I haven’t been abroad in my life,Still go with the group now,That’s good too。
He has a lot of time anyway,Just go,No problem。
So said:“no problem,I’m free anytime,Just notify me at that time。”
Chi Yanyan said again:“At that time, our boss should also follow,And the boss of Angel Charity Foundation will also go,Under normal circumstances,There should be some international media present,You can ask Ms. Zhan if you want to go。”
Fang Hao is a little surprised:“Why don’t you ask her?”
Chi Yanyan said helplessly:“Ms. Zhan seems to have some complaints about this event,Have some opinions on me,I’m not going to tell her anything in this situation。But I think,If she wants to get more exposure,Can go there。”
“She may really not be able to go,”Fang Haodao,“as far as I know,She has a variety show to be on,For her,That was the first show back on TV,Very critical。If you go abroad,There may be no such schedule。”


This is a place of ten thousand years oldxIgnorant。
As long as he is more positive,I dare not say eat a hundred girls,But the school around.Eat all the flowers dry,There is no problem at all。
Since crossing,Shen Huan’s matter about men and women,Really not so urgent。
Even the various girls around me emerge in endlessly,Even young lady Wang Zhen’s mature superstar is already secretly promised,Completely ready to pick,But Shen Huan is not in a hurry。
Maybe it’s because I was in a situation where I almost couldn’t afford to eat just after crossing.,So he has a strong sense of worry,I want to lay a solid foundation step by step.。
After all, this world is much better than the other world,As long as you have a book to make girls willing,It’s fair to marry more。
Speaking of,Unconsciously, Shen Huan is already full18Years old。
His birthday was celebrated in the United States,Because the identity information is public,So Wang Zhen and Zhang Yaya prepared some food for him,And a birthday cake,Simply passed a birthday。
Now back to China,Four schools.Ms. Hua said,In addition to celebrating their high scores in the college entrance examination,And make up for Shen Huan’s birthday。
This reason makes Shen Huan unable to refuse。
and so,During the day, Shen Huan took the stone cutter and other tools he bought before going to Caiyun at home,After cutting a dozen pieces of raw jade,,Washed up at six in the evening,Went out to dinner。

:Miss Sister in front?

:What’s up?
:Little sister,Don’t you think Adong is a bit dark?
:Isn’t black handsome??Isn’t it normal for men to be dark??
Lin Dong studies the various functions of the live broadcast room,Wait to see the barrage,He knew it was live。
A little embarrassing,Also a little embarrassed。
But calm down soon,Cleared his throat,Lin Dong smiled:“friends,I am Adong,Live broadcast for the first time,Some do not understand。
What’s not,Friends forgive me!
Just studied it,See so many rewards,There are more than 6,000 people online,I’m still a little excited,Thank you all for joining us。
Actually let me say,I don’t know what to say,I want to know that I was working on the construction site before。
Ordinary,The bottom of society,Deal with reinforced concrete every day,Wind and sun,Sweat mixed with dust。
People like us,Have a very loud title,That’s migrant workers!
But the hero doesn’t ask for the source,As long as i believe,I can,I am excellent!
Only unyielding and destiny,Can change destiny。
This is me,Singer from the wilderness,Adong!
It’s late tonight,Then I won’t talk nonsense,Sing my song to everyone……”
Lin Dong said casually,But it’s for fans who watch the live broadcast,And passersby are excited,So inspirational。

Looking at Principal Zhang who is confident in himself,Fang Yourong, who was ignited with pride, also got excited,“Thanks for this opportunity,I am willing to try!”

Looking at Principal Zhang and Xiaofang with their hands clasped together,Everyone else pouted,Xiao Fang, who resolutely defends the blue-collar class, is indeed a simple child,Really easy to be incited。
Outside——The third meeting of non-governmental organizations across industries chapter Ten
Everyone’s kind laughs did not stimulate the fighting spirit Xiao Fang,Even if he has a thick skin,This to him,Isn’t this an opportunity。
Seizing the opportunity is the ability that young people who are going to the city should have。
The excitement here has nothing to do with the excitement of the trainees visiting the shipyard,After the trainees have lunch,The visit has begun under the assembly of the middle-level cadres of the shipyard。The afternoon’s itinerary is where the two teams exchanged knowledge about the morning,As for the children who have been to some factories, there is no need to visit the staff’s living area.,The children’s itinerary is very meaningful,They will board the crane lift which is undergoing serious security check,Go to the top of the shipyard and overlook the entire factory area。The children around the adults can’t wait,Looking forward to the end of the security check soon。
Sit down while talking and laughing,They all deliberately ignored the large chicken drumsticks piled on Sheng San’s brother’s lunch box,Everyone, let’s eat,Don’t eat anymore,The food is cold。
Sheng Zegang was so silent that he watched the chicken drumsticks piled up in the lunch box did not move,I squinted my lips and I was trying to say the ridiculous Lu Feng talk before I could say it,The sudden silence made him strange,what happened?What happened?
Following Sheng San’s wink,Lu Feng stood up and looked at the cause that affected everyone’s mood。
Isn’t his father’s group coming from the restaurant to this side??What do these elders want to do here??Lu Feng gets irritated,Father is strict,But shouldn’t it stop interfering with his independent communication?,He will be laughed at by his peers。
Principal Zhang, who respects his elders, stood up first。Follow Principal Zhang,Except that Fang Yourong shrinks down,Everyone else stood up and waited,Do these elders have any instructions??
Fang Yourong who hides behind can’t help it,Not seen by elders,That hurts self-esteem。
Feel like being inspected by the chief,Waiting for the oncoming elders,Fortunately,The elders behaved very kindly,The kind look stimulated the dissatisfied Lu Feng’s facial muscles twitching。Sheng San looked silently,Lu Feng’s father is not good,How could you praise them like this??
Look at these young people who are mostly in their thirties,The elders show an attitude of appreciation: “I heard you arranged to eat in the cafeteria,Let’s take a look。”An elder beside him smiled:“Not welcome?”
Lunch time passed,These elders who are temporarily adjourned for lunch, when they go downstairs, ask the children about the nutritious lunch.,What I heard was that the children were the same as all the participants from Lufeng and the people who came to the industrial tour this time.,All dining in the cafeteria,among them,Lu Feng also specially ordered,No special extra meals,Just like shipyard employees。After listening to Lu Feng’s arrangement,Surprised,I’m very happy as an elder。The new generation’s communication style is different from the older generation’s practice of socializing and socializing at the wine table.,Now in the new century,This is worth promoting on a small scale。
Under the leadership of my big brother,The children who have wiped their little hands and mouths rushed to say hello to their uncle and grandpa who cared for them。

Xiaohu looked at his mother,I walked into my parents’ bedroom sensibly,Closed the door。

Jiang Fan asked Lu Yuan:“What does the province say about this??”
Lu Yuan said:“Did not hear any special comments,you know,People in our department speak very carefully,in contrast,People in other departments are more wicked。”
“Oh?”Jiang Fan seems very interested。
Lu Yuan said:“Some say that She Wenxiu has a relationship with female singers and female developers.,Mother and daughter take all,Some people say he took advantage of that female developer,To make her shut up,Dismissed the female developer,In short,Say everything。”
Jiang Fan nodded,Say:“It’s really evil,The latter is impossible。”
Lu Yuan said:“The burden on your shoulders is heavy,Just in time for the Spring Festival,Before the problem is investigated,The province will not arrange for a new secretary to come soon,You will be very busy during this time,Domestic and foreign difficulties。”
Jiang Fan said:“Yes,After I received a call from the Provincial Party Committee in Hong Kong,I haven’t finished the meeting,Just hurried back,seriously,I have been blinded these days,All the mess all at once,Struggling to cope。”
Lu Yuan said:“This is also normal。”
Jiang Fan heard what Lu Yuan said,Just asked:“Do you have a lot of problems with Lang Zhu recently??”
Lu Yuan thought for a while and said:“In fact, it has never been interrupted,Especially about She Wenxiu,Many veteran cadres reflected many of his problems,I just didn’t tell you,In addition,There are many reflections of Yin Jiashi。”
“Ok。”Jiang Fan nodded,Said:“It reflects my affirmation too?”
Lu Yuan smiled,Say:“Yes yes yes,But it’s all false,Mainly in the early stage of demolishing illegal buildings,Reflect that you dare to tear down the poor and not the rich,But as this work progresses,You also demolished the illegal construction in the rich district,This argument is self-defeating。”
Jiang Fan said:“I expected,Someone even reported to Secretary Liao,It is said that Secretary Liao said this to Governor Yuan after he knew it,Unexpectedly, the scholar Jiang Fan,There are two more,Dare to fight hard!”

“it is good。”Jiang Fan let go of her,Right leg bent,Then slid a step back,Immediately distanced himself from Ding Yi。

He is already satisfied,So dare to kiss her in public,It shows great progress,He wants to give her time,Let her adapt to herself,Adapt to the external environment。
Ding Yi saw that he was so cool,Relaxed and skilled,I want to follow him too,But without him,She was a little trembling,Dare not move。
Jiang Fan smiled,One turn,Slid to her side,Hold her hand,Say:“follow me,Parallel feet,Follow me,Imagine the feeling of sliding。”
Ding Yi said:“Yes。But I still dare not leave you。”
“Don’t worry,We just slipped for a while,You will feel it slowly。”
Ding Yi slid straight with him、Go round。
Jiang Fan said:“it is good,well,Carefully experience the feeling of sliding and the balance of the body in the sliding state,Relax,Correct,That’s it。Try to slide forward with your feet,Correct,That’s it……”
slowly,Ding Yi’s body can actively cooperate with his movements。Even prepare for the turn in advance。Jiang Fan speeds up the taxi,Ding Yi felt the whistling wind in his ear,She said:“slower,slower,too fast……”Talking,Bring your feet together subconsciously。
“Keep your feet balanced。”Jiang Fan corrected her posture in time。
gradually,Her body has gradually adapted to the sliding state,Learned to control one’s own balance while sliding。 Jiang Fan stopped slowly,Said:“right now,You have to start practicing sliding by yourself。Look at me,Stand with two feet,Push the ground side and back with the inner blade of your right foot,Move the body weight to the left foot,After kicking the ground, the right foot quickly retracts to be parallel to the left foot and slides forward with both feet。Push the ground alternately with both feet and slide forward continuously。Arms extended sideways and forward,In order to maintain body balance……Come,try it。”
He slides to the right of Ding Yi,Holding his hand,Slowly lead her forward。
Ding Yi held his hand tightly,Relying on the strength of his hands,Kick back carefully,Changed another one,Getting bigger and bigger,The speed has gradually increased,She laughed loudly,Said:“Haha,I will slip,I will slip……”
Jiang Fan said loudly:“Pay attention to body balance,slower,Slow down。”
Just sliding straight like this,Ding Yi did master the basics,There are many beginners like her,Often fall,Ding Yi looked at those who fell on all sides,Lol。
Jiang Fan saw that she was completely free to skate,Quietly let go of her hand,She was in a hurry,Said:“Don’t let go……”The voice hasn’t landed yet,Ding Yi fell,Rely on inertia,Actually fell four or five meters away。
Jiang Fan not only didn’t help her right away,instead“Haha”laughing out loud,While laughing,Point to Ding Yi and say:“I didn’t expect that I just finished laughing,I fell down by myself,Haha,Do you know what this is called?”

They are also returning at this time。

Many people started searching for their targets in the crowd。
They found it soon。
Someone couldn’t help booing when they saw that face。
The first person to do this,There is a second person、Third person……And more people。
Hiss soon sounded on the departure floor of the terminal,This sudden momentum attracted more people’s attention than their cheers just now,Many people looked at them with amazement,Don’t understand what happened。
Hu Lai was talking with Zhao Kangming, the youth training supervisor of the Poseidon Club,Suddenly heard a boo。
Both people who were interrupted in the topic raised their heads in astonishment,Look in the direction of the boo。
Just took a look,Hu Lai laughed——Is a fan of Chen Xingyi!
These people didn’t boo enough of themselves in the stands……
Zhao Kangming saw this scene and immediately figured out what happened,So I laughed too:“Your kid’s ability to pull hatred has the meaning of catching up with me。I think after I was sent off in the top forty game,I can hear boos and curses after being recognized on the street for a whole year……”
Hu Lai looked up:“the student surpasses the master!”
Zhao Kangming glared his eyes:“What’s so proud of?”
Then I didn’t hold it back,Haha laughed。
Li Ziqiang in the team heard Zhao Kangming’s laugh,Can’t help but cast a look at them。
Although the acquaintance is very short,But obviously, Hu Lai and Zhao Kangming, two people who are far apart in age, get along happily.,It’s just like seeing before。
Some people say that professional players choose the team,It’s better to choose a coach。in a sense,Li Ziqiang agrees with this view。

Jiang Fan and Ding Yi walked to the door,To send Fan Bin,Fan Bin stopped them,After beckoning with them,Disappeared into the night。

Jiang Fan looked at Fan Bin,I saw him walking quickly to the parking lot。Jiang Fan returned to his seat,Said with emotion:“Really good boy,sensible、Self-reliance、Responsible,And looks good,Chic,Capable。”
Fan Wenliang said with a smile:“It’s true,I said this after he left,This kid hardly made us worry,It’s the same in school,When I called or visited him at school,He promised it was this sentence,dad,You don’t have to think about me,Take care of your brothers and sisters,I am older。Now he is abroad,If i call,He still says this,dad,You don’t have to worry about me here,Take care of your brothers and sisters。But this year one more sentence,Take care of yourself and mom。”
Jiang Fan said:“How did you educate?We also learn from you in advance。”
Fan Wenliang laughed,Said:“seriously,How can I take care of the children?,I can’t see a few sides in a month,It’s all due to Dr. Mei。”
Ding Yiwen:“What kind of attitude would you have if you saw children and them,Train them??”
Fan Wenliang said:“If it’s Xiaobin,I never train,He grows up,I haven’t spoken to him loudly,He’s afraid of me if I don’t speak loudly,If i’m training him,I won’t see two sides in a month,Think about it,What kind of image will my father look like in the children’s mind?But those kids are really training,Doctor May always talks about me for this,Said I don’t train my children,But to teach other people’s children。I said my child knows how to do it without training,These kids are now my,I must take on the responsibility of education,You must teach them if you do something wrong,If they can’t be human,I am sorry for my dead comrades,Sorry their father。I remember when my second child was in high school,Hooked on playing games,Always sneaking to the Internet cafe,He didn’t spend a cent for his pocket money,I saved money to buy game coins,It was the eve of the midterm exam,Suddenly can’t find him,No school,Not at home,Didn’t come back in the middle of the night,I was still working in Deshan at that time,Dr. May was so anxious to call me,Crying that the child can’t find it,If something happens to the child,She is no longer alive……Later I don’t worry,Came back from Deshan overnight,After the alarm,The police found him from the Internet cafe,After going home,In front of all children,I gave him a tough meal,The next day he wants to carry his schoolbag to school,no way!I also gave it up,Asked the provincial party committee for three days off,Take the second child and return to the south,Let him kneel before his father’s tomb and reflect,When did I figure it out and when did I get up,Can’t figure it out,The south was already very hot that season,Hot day,I let him kneel for a long time,Those old comrades in my army can’t see it anymore,I tried to call him back several times,I patted the table with them,I said,Who cares about this today,Who is this child,Whoever takes it home!otherwise,Nosy!Hey——”
Fan Wenliang sighed,No more,Certainly their husband and wife have paid unspeakable hardships over the years,Financial contributions are secondary,The key is the hardship of educating them as adults,It’s unimaginable if it’s not personal experience,And not a child,Conceivable。
One“Hey”,Tells how hard it is、How much forbearance!
This is the first time Fan Wenliang talked about his family situation,It seems,He is indeed happy to see his son’s achievements today,Just started making things with Jiang Fan,Never before,At most, it’s Doctor Timothy。
Fan Wenliang takes the cup,Said:“In a word,not easy,Really not easy!”
Jiang Fan stood up,He said:“You are not only my role model as an official,Still a role model for my life,We respect you,Express our reverence!”
Fan Wenliang laughed,Said:“Serious,If things happened to you at that time,You will do better than us。”
After Jiang Fan sits down,Said:“From Fan Bin,I saw your good tutor,This good tradition,Will be passed down from generation to generation。”
First92chapter Fan Wenliang’s Feelings