[Does milk contain zinc]_milk_zinc content_is there

[Does milk contain zinc]_milk_zinc content_is there

Milk contains a lot of nutrients, not only zinc, but also calcium, protein and some proteins needed for growth and development, so parents can give them something to drink during their child’s development.Milk, but do n’t drink too much at one meal, pay attention to the right amount, especially for obese people, it is best to choose pure milk, which contains cholesterol which may cause some.

The nutrients per 100 grams of milk are as follows: Transformation (54.

00 kcal), protein (3.

00 grams), aunt (3.

20 grams), carbohydrates (3.

40 grams), vitamin A (24.

00 μg), thiamine (0.

03 mg), riboflavin (0.

14 mg), niacin (0.

10 mg), Vitamin C (1.

00 mg), Vitamin E (0.

21 mg), calcium (104.

00 mg), phosphorus (73.

00 mg), sodium (37.

20 mg), magnesium (11.

00 mg), iron (0.

30 mg), zinc (0.

42 mg), selenium (1.

94 μg), copper (0.

02 mg), manganese (0.

03 mg), potassium (109.

00 mg), cholesterol (15.

00 mg).

The nutritional content of milk is very high, and the mineral types in milk are also very rich. In addition to the calcium we cause, the content of phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, and molybdenum is many.

The most rare thing is that milk is the best source of human calcium, and the ratio of calcium and phosphorus is very suitable, which is beneficial to the absorption of calcium.

There are at least 100 kinds of complex species. The main ingredients are water, trace amounts, phospholipids, proteins, lactose, and inorganic salts.

The main chemical components of milk are as follows: moisture: 87.

5% aunt: 3.


2% protein: 2.


4% lactose: 4.


8% inorganic salt: 0.

There are 20 kinds of amino acids that make up about 7% of human proteins, and 9 of them are not synthesized by the human body. These amino acids are called essential amino acids.

If the protein we eat contains all the essential amino acids, this protein is called whole protein.

The protein in milk is whole protein.

Inorganic salts in milk are also called minerals.Milk contains Ca2 +, Mg2 +, K +, Fe3 + plasmas and impurities such as PO43-, SO42-, Cl-; and trace elements I, Cu, Zn, Mn and so on.

Calcium in nature exists in a compound state. Only passively, plants absorb it to form biologically active calcium, which can be better absorbed and absorbed by the human body.

Milk is rich in active calcium, which is one of the best calcium sources for human beings.1 Fresh fresh milk contains about 1250 mg of active calcium, which is the first in most foods, about 101 times that of rice, 75 times that of lean beef, and that of lean pork110 times, it is not only high in content, but also the lactose in milk can promote the absorption of calcium by the body wall, the absorption rate is as high as 98%, thereby regulating the calcium metabolism in the body, maintaining serum calcium concentration, and promoting bone calcification.

Good absorption is especially critical for calcium supplementation.

Therefore, the saying “milk can supplement calcium” has its scientific reason.

[How to make ginger and spinach with spinach]_ Common practice of spinach with ginger and garlic _ How to make spinach with ginger and garlic _ How to make spinach with ginger and garlic

[How to make ginger and spinach with spinach]_ Common practice of spinach with ginger and garlic _ How to make spinach with ginger and garlic _ How to make spinach with ginger and garlic

Study hard every day.

The biggest fun for you is nothing more than playing.


There are many places to play and many places to eat, but there are few good places.

With blind search, it is better to do it yourself.

Below, I will introduce to you the methods of ginger, garlic and spinach.


Wash the spinach and remove the yellow leaves 2.

Add water to 12 pots and drip in vegetable oil 3.

21 fires boil 4.

1 blanch until the spinach is soft, remove the spinach 5.

2 Add spinach 6.

12 焯 hot spinach over cold water7.

21 Squeeze excess spinach water 8.

Root the spinach and cut into segments 9.

Place the chopped spinach in a plate 10.

Pour oil in a wok and heat up 11.

Add minced garlic and stir fry over low heat.

Add ground ginger and stir fry over low heat.

Add chopped peppers and stir-fry with low heat.

Pour up and down, and boil over medium heat for 15 minutes.

Boil until the soup thickens 16.

The cooked ginger and garlic juice drizzled on the spinach and I like to eat in the restaurant right away. This is a bad habit. For nutrition and health, I suggest that you still learn to cook. Go to the kitchen and try the ginger and garlic juicespinach.

[How to save radish]_How to store_Save method

[How to save radish]_How to store_Save method

In fact, the preservation method of radishes is also very important, because most families buy a lot of radish when they buy it. At this time, the correct preservation method of radishes is very necessary.

Because many people do not pay attention to the recovery method when storing the radish, after the radish is left for a long time, a hollow state appears in the radish.

The following article will let you learn the correct method of preservation of radish.

How long can white radish be kept? White radish is okay for a week. Generally, it will not rot. If it is over time, it will turn into bran, which means that there will be small holes like buns inside, which is not good.

How to save white radish 1.

The soil pit storage method will remove fresh radish from the top, remove hair roots, and strictly remove radish with insect damage, mechanical injury, cracks and too small.

Dig a 1 meter deep and 1 meter square pit with the turnip roots facing up and top down, leaning against the wall of the pit, tightening in order.

Code a layer of radish, sprinkle a layer of pure soil about 10 cm thick, and alternately place them in four layers.

If the pit soil is too dry, it can be moistened by spraying water appropriately.

After the top layer is well coded, the soil layer should be gradually increased according to climate change. It should be covered with less soil in warm weather, and more covered in strong cold.

Good-quality radishes are infinitely hot before entering the pit, and infinitely frozen after entering the pit, and can be stored until early March of the following year.


In the mud storage method, the radishes are shaved and put into the yellow mud to make a circle, so that the radishes have a layer of mud shells and can be stacked in a cool place.

If you add a layer of wet soil outside the radish pile, the effect is better.


For storage outside the water tank, put a water tank indoors, fill it with water, pile the radishes around the tank, and pour 15 cm thick wet soil on it.


Most supermarkets store refrigerated white radishes with leaves removed. If you have bought whole radishes, we recommend that you cut them off first to avoid the leaves from evaporating moisture and dehydrating and shrinking the radish.

Refrigerate the whole branch: After processing the leaves, take a white newspaper and wrap the whole radish and store it in the vegetable and fruit refrigerator, which can maintain the freshness of the radish for about a week.

If possible, put another layer of paper or plastic bag on the outside, it will be better to store it upright.

If you eat incomplete root radish at a meal, you want to prepare the food in divided portions, because the top part of the radish is the easiest to dry and become soft. It must be completely and tightly overlapped with a plastic wrap. The outer layer is sealed with a fresh-keeping bag to help prevent drying.Refrigerator.

If the radishes are cleaned, they must be dried and packed in newspapers.

The top should be completely fused with plastic wrap, otherwise it will dry out.


Cryopreservation and dicing: Japanese mothers love to use “freezing” to preserve ingredients, and radishes belonging to the rhizomes will not have poor taste and color distortion.

Peel the radish first, cut into pieces, and put it in a fresh-keeping bag to keep it frozen; take it out while cooking and cook directly without having to return to ice.

The radish pieces to be frozen can be lightly steamed to remove the jerky taste, drained and then frozen.

Frozen ground mud: After peeling the radish, grind it into mud, and use small bags, small fresh-keeping boxes or cake molds for packaging, and then completely replace it with plastic wrap. Freezing can be stored for about one month, and it is very convenient to use a small amount.

Cook and freeze: If you want to save cooking time, you can also cook it and freeze it, especially braised stew and soup radish suitable for preservation.

Put the radish and soup together in a microwaveable fresh-keeping box, microwave it before heating, save time and convenience, and taste as good as freshly cooked.


Dried white radish is commonly known as “preserved vegetables” after drying. However, you can actually eat it without adding salt, which is sweeter and more delicious.

It is recommended to dry the radish in winter. After shredding the white radish, place it on a bamboo basket in the open and expose it. Move it into the room at night for about 4?
It can be filled in a sealed container for refrigerated storage within 5 days, and can be stored for about 6 months to avoid contact with moisture.


Preserved pickled radish is a very common side dish, only 1?
The pickling can be completed in a short time of 3 days. It is very convenient to store cold pickled side dishes in the refrigerator at any time. It is crunchy and juicy and delicious.


Pickled white radish: pickled for 2 days at room temperature, refrigerated for 15?20 days.

Spicy white radish: refrigerate for 3 days and refrigerate for 1 month.


Spicy pickled shredded radish: refrigerate for half a day and keep refrigerated for 1 week.


Fried chicken pickled radishes: pickled for 1 day at room temperature, refrigerated for 1?
3 weeks.


Miso-cured radish: refrigerate for about 1 hour and refrigerate for 2 days.


Bench-top pickled radishes: pickled at room temperature for 2 days, refrigerated for about 1?
3 weeks.

BOE A (000725) Commentary Report: Prospective layout of overweight silicon-based OLED investment AR / VR strengthens competitive advantage

BOE A (000725) Commentary Report: Prospective layout of overweight silicon-based OLED investment AR / VR strengthens competitive advantage

Event: Overweight VR / AR industry, jointly invest in the construction of 12-inch silicon-based OLED micro-display project On December 26, 2019, the company announced that it plans to invest in the construction of 12-inch silicon-based OLED micro-displays with Oreder, Central Yunnan Development and Gaoping Technology.Device production line project: The total investment of the project is expected to be 3.4 billion, of which 20.

The shareholders of 400 million US dollars contributed the remaining 40% for project financing, and the final designed production capacity was 10,000 12-inch wafers per month.

The project is implemented in three phases. The first, second, and third phases are respectively 杭州夜网论坛 lit up in 2021/2022/2023.

It is expected that the project is in its early stages and there are still many uncertainties in the future. We maintain the profit forecast for the time being. It is expected that the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.



18 yuan, corresponding to 73/43/27 times the PE, maintaining the “strongly recommended” level.

  With 5G blessing, the VR / AR industry is expected to usher in an explosive period. The company’s layout in advance ensures competitive advantages and obtains high PPI, small size, and low characteristics. Micro OLED micro display technology is particularly suitable for AR / VR and other devices. / VR era ushers in explosive demand.

About the company’s existing 8-inch silicon-based OLED microdisplay production line. The 12-inch production line can provide space for design specifications such as brightness and variables. At the same time, the cutting efficiency is 2-3 times higher than that of 8-inch. The cost is also advantageous.Advantage.

  With the development of 5G technology, the low-latency and high-rate characteristics of 5G improve to solve the biggest shortcomings of AR / VR’s poor user experience caused by network delay. The AR / VR industry will usher in an explosive period.

According to the prediction data of CCID Consulting’s “VR / AR Market Data 2018”, China’s VR / AR market size will reach 544 in 2021.

5 trillion, with an average annual average of 95.


  The industry’s down cycle has passed, and the company’s profitability is expected to stabilize and rebound in the LCD business. After nearly two years of price down cycle, the current panel prices have approached the cash costs of panel manufacturers. In addition, some panel manufacturers have adjusted their capacity structure, and the supply and demand situation has gradually improved.

According to the latest price data, the current panel price shows that the LCD panel downlink cycle is recommended to warn once, and the price is expected to stabilize and rise.

In terms of OLED business, the OLED market demand is in short supply, transforming the company ‘s capacity release and improving yield, promoting the rapid replenishment of market demand gaps, and bringing flexibility to the company’s revenue and profits.

In the long run, the LCD panel industry investment peak has passed, and the cycle attribute will become weaker and weaker. At the industry level, BOE will gradually increase its right to speak and become the ultimate winner of the industry.Industry long-term profit dividend.

  Risk warning: Sino-US trade war leads to reduced demand; panel capacity release exceeds expectations

Haitian Flavor (603288) Annual Report Comments: Revenue Exceeds Target Growth, Profitability Hits New High

Haitian Flavor (603288) Annual Report Comments: Revenue Exceeds Target Growth, Profitability Hits New High

Event Haitian Flavor announced the 2018 annual report, and the company achieved operating income of 170 in 2018.

34 trillion, ten years +16.

8%, net profit attributable to mother 43.

65 ppm, +23 for ten years.

60%, of which, 43 revenue in 18Q4.

23 trillion, +15 a year.

63%, net profit attributable to mother 12.

34 trillion, +24 a year.

26%; budget benefit is 1.

62 yuan.

Demand for investment essentials continued to show a positive trend, and revenue maintained steady and high growth.

The company achieved revenue of 170 in 2018.

34 trillion, ten years +16.

80% (Q1: +17.

04%, second quarter: +17.

48%, third quarter: +17.

12%, +15 in the fourth quarter.

(63%), revenue decreased slightly in Q4, mainly due to the company’s target revenue growth target, which was caused by the impulse at the end of the 北京夜网 year.

Soy sauce and oyster sauce are increasing steadily.

In terms of different products, the company’s soy sauce and oyster sauce maintained steady growth, and the growth rate of seasoning sauce was relatively poor, at 15 respectively.

85%, 26.

02% and 2.

55% (the same period last year: 16 respectively.

59%, 21.

65% and above 12.


Among them, the soy sauce category achieved 102.

With $ 3.6 billion in revenue, sales are increasing by 14 per year.

78%, ton price +0 for ten years.

9%, contributing 60.

09%, the increase in ton price is mainly due to the steady increase in the proportion of umami soy sauce, due to the optimization of the structure. We expect that the price band of RMB 8 / 500ml will account for more than 36%.

Seasoning sauce category achieved 20.

Revenue of 9.2 billion yuan, sales increased by 2 quarterly.

98%, the ton price is -0 in ten years.

4 %%, contributing 12 revenue.


In order to supplement the growth rate of seasoning sauce, the company has begun to carry out strategic adjustments such as sales promotion (including the use of signature bibimbap sauce in the popular variety show “Qihua said”), and it is expected that this category will have a restorative growth in 19 years.

The oyster sauce category achieved 28.5.6 billion in revenue, with sales increasing by 24 per decade.

65%, ton price ten years +1.

1%, contributing 16.

76%, after 16 years of high inventory in the oyster sauce channel, the company has maintained a stable pace of delivery, and the oyster sauce category has accelerated growth in 18 years.

The increase in advance receipts was considerable: at the end of 18, the company received advance payment 32 from dealers.

37 trillion, +20 for ten years.

83%, dealers are making good payments, and subsequent growth is worry-free.

The regional distribution is even and balanced, and the weak areas have a relatively high increase.

The company is evenly distributed nationwide, 25.

99% / 20.

62% / 20.

51% / 18.

53% / 10.

08%, 18 years of income growth reached 13 respectively.

57% / 13.

61% / 15.

34% / 18.

01% / 21.

At 81%, the company maintained steady high growth in strong areas such as the north, south and east, while sinking in weak increase channels such as central and west, and strong markets with a high base of growth.

The number of existing company terminal outlets has reached more than 500,000, and even the company’s overall layout has been completed and balanced, but it is still focusing on sinking weak regional channels to make up for regional weaknesses.

Risk reminder: Macroeconomic forecast, channels sink less than expected, product upgrade progress gradually expected, food safety issues

Messy use of plastic wrap, beware of food and drugs

Messy use of plastic wrap, beware of food and drugs

Cover it with plastic wrap to keep it delicious.

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more dependent on cling film. Vegetables, fruits, leftovers and leftovers, as long as they are covered, they will feel more at ease.

But recently, a study in the United States pointed out that not all foods are suitable for cling film.


hzh{display:none;}  保鲜膜对不同蔬果产生不同影响  水分较大的水果和蔬菜比较适合用保鲜膜,比如苹果、梨、西红柿、油菜、韭黄等,不但能长时间保鲜,还会增加其中Some nutrients.

Experiments show that 100 grams of leeks coated with cling film have more vitamin C content after 24 hours than when not wrapped1.

33 mg, rapeseed, more lettuce leaves 1.

92 mg.

However, the experimental results of some vegetables are quite different. After 100 grams of cling-wrapped radishes are stored for one day, their vitamin C content is reduced by 3%.

4 milligrams, the beans are reduced by 3.

After 8 mg of cucumber stored for one day and one night, its vitamin C loss is equivalent to 5 apples.

  It is not advisable to use cling film packaging to store cooked foods, hot foods, oily foods, especially meat.

Experts point out that after contacting these foods with cling film, it is easy to cause the chemical components contained in the material to volatilize and dissolve into the food, which is not good for health.

Most of the plastic wraps currently on the market are made from vinyl masterbatches as well as commonly used plastic bags.

Some plastic wrap materials are polyethylene (PE). This material does not contain plasticizers and is relatively safe to use. Some materials are polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This material is often added with stabilizers and additives.Raw materials such as auxiliary processing agents are harmful to the human body.

Therefore, care must be taken in choosing.

  Choosing the right fresh-keeping packaging Nowadays, there are many food packaging products on the market, such as plastic wrap, fresh-keeping bags, and fresh-keeping boxes.

Dong Jinshi pointed out: “Preservation is mainly ‘water retention’, ‘quality preservation’ and ‘protection of nutrition’. In this regard, the effect of cling film is the best.

Qualified cling film has strong air permeability, and the oxygen inside and outside can communicate, which can effectively prevent the breeding of anaerobic bacteria, and can ensure food freshness within a certain time.

“But for foods like steamed buns, it seems inconvenient to use plastic wrap. For reference, the plastic wrap is relatively thick, the air permeability is not very good, it is relatively suitable, but try not to close the mouth when using it.

The role of the fresh-keeping box is mainly sealing, which can effectively isolate and store raw food and make the refrigerator space larger.

Choose the right sneaker for you

Choose the right sneaker for you

Basketball shoes are contradictory. Basketball is a very intense sport. It combines running, jumping, rushing, emergency stop, sudden change of direction, and reversing.

A good pair of basketball shoes is the most important equipment for basketball enthusiasts. It can not only improve sports performance, but also greatly reduce the occurrence of accidental injuries in basketball.


Choose the basketball shoe type 1 that suits you based on your physical condition and position on the court.

Speed-type guards and small forwards. This type of people is characterized by fast speed and sudden changes, interspersing various positions on the court to find opportunities.

If you belong to this type, you need to pay attention to basketball shoes: light body (reduced weight during running), shoe shape to wrap the feet (change direction, emergency stop fit is better, avoid stomping), shoe outsoleStability and comfort.


Can fly and jump forward, this type of people is characterized by good bouncing, good at aerial work, and not too heavy.

Attention should be paid to this type of sports shoes: good cushioning (because the impact of the jump damages the leg very much, it must have good cushioning), and it must be well protected (landing after impact in the airEasy to twist to the feet) 3.

Strong offensive forward center. This type of person has more physical contact, more twists, and weight. The basketball shoes you need to pay attention to are: strong uppers, good midsole twists, and good wrist guards.


Choose basketball shoes according to the conditions of the field where you often play. Because most basketball enthusiasts play on the ground cement field, the wear resistance and slip resistance of the shoes are very important. The wear resistance of Adi shoes has always been recognized as good, but in recent yearsNike also launched a number of specialized dark basketball shoes according to the needs of rural basketball, which are characterized by thick patterns and large friction surfaces.

The wear resistance of basketball shoe outsoles determines the application of specific materials.

Such as TPU outsole, non-cracking rubber (NON MARKING) has higher wear resistance.


According to their own economic conditions, the development of shoe-making technology and the extensive use of various new materials have made basketball shoes more powerful and added more and more avant-garde and fashion elements to their designs.

After that, remind basketball lovers, don’t just focus on style and star effect and ignore the basic use of basketball shoes.


The concept that consumers can easily correct When many people buy basketball, the question often asked is: Is there an air cushion?

Is it made of genuine leather?

  It is explained later that the air cushion is a kind of shock absorption device often used by Nike, which is only one of the cushioning technologies.

There are also many cushioning technologies used by other brands of sports shoes.

For example, Adi has never used air cushions instead of cushioning rubber, so depending on the quality of the shoes, you can’t just see if there are air cushions, and not everyone needs special cushioning.

  The development of science and technology has made many new types of shoe upper materials closer to natural leather in terms of structure and function, breathability, washability and alternation of color and light, or even natural leather.

Therefore, it is no longer an important sign to distinguish high-end sports shoes from natural leather uppers.

  Football boots 1.

Li Ning iron series generation.

  Full kangaroo leather upper.

Designed by a famous Italian designer (reported to be the one who designed R9), there are 3 color combinations: white / red, white / indigo, and white / black.

Crab claw-shaped knife nails (flat wide nails), super strong grip.

The built-in carbon fiber in the heel of the sole can attenuate the vibration damage of the butt joints and knee joints caused by vibration during running.

The kangaroo leather is soft, and the ball control foot feels very good, but it can only be super strong and not easy to damage.


The full range of Adidas Falcons.

  Various classics, including black / red, blue / red, red / black, gray / red (fourth generation), white / blue (previous generation Beckham), gray (contemporary Beckham, dragon pattern) multiple color combinationsIt is currently the most number of football shoes that football players choose. They are all nails and there are rubber strips on the surface of the shoes to increase the friction and increase the rotation of the kicked ball. The flight stability is strong.



  Artificial cowhide (reported to be reprocessed with cowhide as raw material) is soft in thickness and has a very good foot feel.Knives with air cushion.



  Kangaroo leather comes in three colors: white, blue and red. The thickness of the upper is soft, the touch of the ball is good, and the nails are very light.

Is currently the world’s top Puma football shoes.


UHLSPORT (commonly known as “Crescent”).

  Leather surface, black, knife studs, UHLSPORT is a German sports brand and one of the best companies in the world to produce goalkeeper supplies.

This football shoe is one of the top models of UHLSPORT. Nedved used it the previous year. The steel nails are round nails. The plastic nails are like knife nails, leather uppers, and shoe-shaped feet.


KIKA’s ZEBRA (Zebra).

  KIKA is a Korean sports brand and the champion of Korean football products.

Sponsors of many domestic first-class teams. The products are of high quality and low price. Zebra is the most beautiful football shoe of kika, with special synthetic material uppers and round nails.Well, it belongs to the unknown.

  Tennis shoes must wear tennis shoes. Its special structure will help you improve your ball skills and enhance effective running.

You know that 50% of the victory in tennis depends on your running. You can see the essence of a good pair of shoes.

Don’t wear running shoes, because it will make you fall easily, and basketball shoes will hinder toe movement.

  The important thing is that most of the tennis courts combine three types of materials with different properties (grass, sand, hard ground), so the soles of different shapes almost determine your efficiency in different courts.

For grass fields, soles with prominent gel texture are preferred, but for sandy soils, wide-groove soles should be selected. For hard courts (plastic, asphalt), smooth soles with dense herringbone patterns should now be used.
If you often travel between the three venues, to avoid the hassle of changing, you can also choose only a pair of sneakers with comprehensive function soles.

  The second most important thing is that the design of the foot protection system is the most important part of any tennis shoe.

The protective effects of the “front foot stability belt”, “heel cup”, toe pads, hoop or mid pads are enough to allow many “genius golfers” to grow in tennis, and also to promote businesses to create such as “air cushions”A variety of wonderful accessories, such as “Suspension Pouch”, “Reflow Pressure” and “Energy Guide”.

People pay more “manufacturing costs” for the accessories of these protection systems for the future of their own feet.

But this is necessary and helpless.

  The secondary is that the upper of the leather upper (leather faux leather) always makes the shoes shiny and gives a solid and solid feeling, and also improves the wear level.

While paying attention to the leather upper, pay attention to the absorbing effect of the lining material, and pay attention to its softness and comfort.

Nylon or cotton, and chemical fiber are used as uppers, which seems to be more suitable for sports events based on wooden grounds, and is the preferred material for tennis.

  In addition to the manufacturing factors selected above, you should also pay attention to size and proportions when purchasing.

Theoretically, it is more correct to buy shoes at night after exercise or in the afternoon.

For men and women tennis players, they should also understand that there are design differences between men’s and women’s sneakers, which are usually indicated in specialty stores at a slight distance.

How to reduce excess meat on the belly

How to reduce excess meat on the belly

30 sit-ups every day, insist on doing 30 sit-ups every day before going to bed, hold your hands forward when you do, do n’t hold your head, and do n’t shake with your movements.The ground can be 45 degrees. Try to focus your strength on the waist and abdomen, so that you can create a charming and charming belly.

Old Chinese medicine reminds you to be careful not to do this exercise after meals, otherwise it will affect the digestion of the stomach.

It is best to sit for an hour before bedtime. This exercise is very simple and does not delay too much time, so if you want a little belly, you must stick to it!

Often turn hula hoop often can speed up the slight burning of the abdomen, which is of great help to thin waist and thin abdomen.

The hula hoop exercise can consume about 250 calories per hour. It is the best and fastest exercise to subdivide the belly. MMs who want to quickly lose weight do not hinder trying!

Drink more tea after meals Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea that contains a variety of minerals. Drinking a cup of oolong tea often for half an hour after a meal can help burn the body’s misfortune and reduce the body’s absorption of food metabolism.

Not only that, oolong tea also has the effect of improving constipation, helping to correct the removal of garbage, eliminate toxins, and achieve the effect of weight loss and fat elimination.

You can also drink old Chinese medicine can no longer get fat teabags, specially formulated for the excessive crowd, combining hawthorn, poria, coix seed, cassia seed and other herbs and food homologous plants.

Real natural health food therapy, no additives, no substitutions, let you control your weight scientifically, easily fiber curve, continuous use for a period of 45 days can effectively reduce excess traces.

Increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables Food plays an important role in weight loss, so the MM who wants to lose weight should try to control his diet. Eating more fruits and vegetables with low blood sugar and milk can produce satiety and reduce your desire to eat.

And fruits and vegetables contain a lot of supplementary fiber, which can remove intermediates, eliminate toxins, and achieve a good weight loss effect.

6 ways to enhance your metabolism

6 ways to enhance your metabolism

Do you know whether the speed of metabolism is related to excess?

It turns out that metabolism slows down, and the rate of burning adults will be relatively slow. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you need to speed up your metabolism.

  Tip one: Drink plenty of water is very important for the body’s metabolism, because the body needs water to participate in metabolism.

It means that if there is insufficient water in our body, metabolism will slow down.

Therefore, we must develop the habit of falling in love with drinking water. Only in this way can our metabolism accelerate and excellence can burn.

Especially when we finish eating pickled food or pie food, we should drink plenty of water.

  Tip two: You can eat spicy food Many MMs feel that eating spicy food can easily lead to fire or acne, so they are rarely eaten.

In fact, spicy food can speed up the body’s metabolism in the new city and speed up the rapid burning.

This is because spicy food contains a compound that can transform the body’s metabolism and tell it to work. This compound can increase the metabolism rate by 23%.

So MMs, if you can, eat some chili powder in your meals.

  Tip 3: You may not know about MMs who eat fish quickly. According to research, a hormone called “Leptin” appears in people who eat fish frequently.

And the level of this hormone is closely related to the speed of metabolism. If the level of this hormone is low, then our metabolism will speed up and burn more aunts.

Therefore, we should eat more fish to improve the metabolic rate, and it is best to eat 3-4 fish every week.

  Tip 4: Eat less and eat more is a good way to speed up your metabolism.

When you eat, your metabolism becomes faster.

If MMs eat something from time to time, the body will adapt to this habit, and metabolism will maintain a faster metabolic rate.

You can subdivide the food 5 times a day to eat.

  Tip 5: Absorb a sufficient amount of protein. Many MMs are dieting blindly in order to lose weight, causing the body to intervene in nutrition is not enough. In order to maintain normal body functioning, the body will slow down the rate of metabolism, and as adults do not burn in timeAnd actively come down to form obesity.

Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the supplement of protein and cellulose. This is the correct way to increase the metabolic rate.

  Tip # 6: Vitamin B supplementation Modern people have irregular meals and stay up late due to work reasons, leading to a slowing of the body’s metabolism.

Then you need to add vitamin B family.

Vitamin B group usually refers to vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, folic acid, nicotinic acid, etc. They are necessary factors to promote human metabolism, and they are not easy to break down water, so they are not easy to store in the body.

Do you understand the gray mind of men

Do you understand the “gray mind” of men

If the “gray mentality” is not prevented in time, it will not only affect work and life, but also damage physical health.
The occurrence of “gray psychology” originates from both physical and psychological aspects.
People often say that the “35-year-old phenomenon” means that between 35 and 45 years of age is a “problematic autumn”. Both physical and psychological pressures are internal and external.
Both work and life are faced with “there are old, young, and small. Under this pinch, middle-aged men are prone to gray mental symptoms.”
  Because the body has entered a period of slow decline from the period of vigorous growth, under the impact of young people, even if there are no major problems in the body, it is easy to feel “inadequate”; and having more experienced leaders or seniors than them also makes them riseSpace is constrained.
  Psychologically, decades of familiar work and stereotyped living environments can easily make people feel dull and boring.
In this case, the easiest problem is marriage.
  To alleviate this morbid psychology, the most important thing is to enrich work and life in an orderly manner, including effective communication with family members, planning for work and fitness, restoring previous interests, and driving family and friends.Enriching your life together is very helpful to improve your gray mood and mentality, and develop a positive attitude.
  Proper change of the environment is necessary, it can generate new vitality, restore new potential, and keep yourself healthy and uplifting.
Such as going out for a period of time, staying with children or relatives.