“what,You have been following me,Are you stupid?You can stand waiting for me at the place just now,Why follow me around??”

Liu Xiaoyun replied dumbly。zt0G
“nonsense,You didn’t say you want to go around,how could I know!”
Shen Ruoxue complained aggrievedly。
“I just want to see how long its body is……”
Liu Xiaoyun smiled embarrassedly and said。
“Are you stupid?Did you say I told you!I used you to make so many laps?”
Shen Ruoxue answered eagerly。
“you know?”
Liu Xiaoyun asked surprisingly。
“of course,This python is 14.7 meters long。”
Shen Ruoxue answered confidently。
“How do you know it?Still know so accurate?”

Shen Ruoxue said unrelentingly。

“I really don’t,But your brother Yang Zhi will,You let him imitate。”
Qin Liang doesn’t want to be entangled by Shen Ruoxue,In a hurry, he threw the pot to Yang Zhi!
Shen Ruoxue agreed,Turned his face and looked at Yang Zhi,I found that Yang Zhi was also looking at him engrossly,The eyes are full of obsession,She was embarrassed to speak instantly。
“let’s go,I’m hungry too,Let’s quickly find a place to eat。”
Liu Xiaoyun saw that the atmosphere was embarrassing again,Hurriedly opened up。
“Then let’s go!I want to eat a lot tonight,I’m so hungry!”
Shen Ruoxue hurriedly accepted Liu Xiaoyun’s words,Talk to yourself loudly,Then stretched out one of Liu Xiaoyun’s arms,Continue to walk forward without looking back……
Actually Yang Zhi doesn’t feel embarrassed!Because he was just watching Shen Ruoxue’s words and deeds with full attention,I didn’t even notice what she said just now。
At this time the sky is already dark,Go this way,The shops on both sides of the road are already brightly lit,The neon lights next to each other keep shining colorfully,Really good-looking!
Shen Ruoxue and the others pointed at the shops on both sides of the road,Chirping on one side,Talking in full swing。
“Why are these girls talking so much?,It’s endless。”
Yang Zhidesi said,Shen Ruoxue is here,He was immediately resurrected with full blood,The restless mood is gone。

There was a strong local accent on the phone,Said:“Sorry,We don’t have such a person here。”

Peng Changyi,Asked rhetorically:“No?Impossible?My number is given to me by the Organization Department of our Provincial Party Committee,Can’t go wrong?”
“Sorry,Are you still up?”The other party said muffledly。
Peng Changyi is in a hurry,Said:“Gay,I have been looking for him for a long time,Since he went to your place,I have been looking for him,Could you please inquire for me,See if there is such a side person in the counties around you,May I call you in a few days?”
“This one……”The other party hesitated,Said:“you know,We are no better than your mainland,There is a long distance between the county seat and the county seat,And I don’t have much contact,It sounds difficult。”
Peng Changyi said earnestly:“Gay,Please,Must help me inquire,He did go to the Inner Mongolia branch,This can’t be wrong。Excuse me,How do i call you。”
“My name is Bagan。”The man said with a strong local accent。
Peng Changyi quickly said:“it is good,Comrade Bagan,please,Please help me figure it out,I miss him!We all miss him very much——”That’s it for Peng Changyi,I feel my nose is sore,Yes,He does miss Jiang Fan,What’s worse,There are people who miss Jiang Fan more than him。
The guy named Bagan is obviously embarrassed,He thought for a while and said:“Ok,I try my best。”Finished,Hung up。
at this time,Thousands of miles away in a district committee office building near the border in Inner Mongolia,The man named Bagan puts down the phone,Just about to report back to the leader he served,I saw him in the room,No one else,He quickly walked to the window,I saw a person wearing a visor with a woolen leather face on his head,Then turn on horseback,Raise the whip,The beautiful bay red horse raised its head and shook its mane and neighed,Drove to the distant pasture……
Bagan is anxious,Shouted at the outside:“Mayor Jiang,Be careful——”
But that man is riding a horse,Already ran away。
This person is not someone else,It is the support cadre from the mainland who has just learned to ride a horse、Jiang Fan, Deputy Secretary of a League Committee of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region。
Jiang Fan ran the horse and whip all the way,This selected claret horse carried him quickly to the depths of the grassland,Whistling wind in my ears,He is reined in one hand,Lower the hat with one hand,Bend forward slightly,Legs tightly clamped。
He doesn’t know how far he ran,I don’t know how long I ran out,Until the horse is tired,The speed gradually slowed down……
The distant sun slowly sinks,Gradually approaching the distant horizon,Very few sky,Wandering Clouds,Mang Grassland,His horse doesn’t run anymore,But panting,Carry him,Walk slowly。
He got off the horse,Since learning to ride a horse,This time is the farthest run alone,Each,It’s all with Bagan。His horse is a little tired,Sweat from the neck,He is also a little tired。Loosen the reins,He lies on this vast grassland,Put the hat on the face,The words Peng Changyi said on the phone just now ringing in my ear,“I miss him,We all miss him very much”,Tears,From the corner of the eye……
He said to himself in his heart:Changyi,Brothers,I don’t want you……

“Step aside。”

Only one step away from the protective shield of the Holy Soul Fruit,Stopped by a woman wearing purple gauze,The opponent’s realm is no lower than yourself,But he has full certainty that he can put it on the other side。
“I need that thing。”
“I also need。”
Don’t talk about yourself,Even for the old guy,He will also get the holy soul fruit。
No room for negotiation,The best way is to do it。
Xia Chenglong was too lazy to take out Zanglong,Lightning Walk,Fast approaching woman,Hand magical dragon claw,Go directly to his neck。
The woman didn’t expect him to make a sudden move,I can only retreat in panic,A purple sword stands on the chest,Came to Xia Chenglong’s chest instantly。
An attack of this level poses no threat to him,Not to mention for efficiency,His eyes are still golden。
Tilt your head slightly,Dodge the Purple Sword,Come next to a woman,Grab it directly to the veil。
Don’t know if it’s an illusion,I feel like where he saw this woman。
“you are……Dream Butterfly?”
Some accident,Xia Chenglong was a little unsure whether the woman in front of him was the girl he met in Bencheng。
Mengdie was recognized,Tremble:“His Royal Highness the Dragon King,Don’t come here unharmed!”
He naturally has different emotions for Mengdie,Accompany him to the Broken Mouth Mountains when he is in Bencheng,Then I went to the Dragon Abyss,Later when I woke up from the coma, the other party had already left,I didn’t expect she would be here,And he became a saint martial artist。

“Mayor Zhu told me where you live,If there is no satisfactory place for the time being,Do this first,We’re slowly touching you。”

Peng Changyi said:“Time for this question,Does not matter。”
What else does Bai Jixue want to say?,See the city party secretary’s phone rang,Walked out quietly。
My daughter called,Just listen to my daughter:“father,father,I’m nana,Grandma said you came back to be an official,is it?”
Peng Changyi frowned,Why are you so awkward?,Especially from the child’s mouth,Even more awkward。He always feels,You can tell the child in another way,Just said:“Nana,Dad is back to work,You can see dad often from now on,are you happy?”
“happy,Can dad send me to school??”
Peng Changyi thought for a while and said:“If dad is okay,Of course it will give you,But if dad has something, I can’t give Nana。”
“Ok,Then let mom send it。father,Are you going home today?”
Peng Changyi’s heart moved,Said:“Dad won’t answer,Dad still has a lot of work to do,When will i call you back。”
“Ok,father,I sue you,I have the keys to our house,Someday I will match my father,Dad can open the door and go home by himself。”
Peng Changyi’s heart turned over,Said:“Nana,You have to do your homework,How about dad sending you to school tomorrow morning?”
“it is good,it is good,Great。”
Hung up my daughter’s phone,Peng Changyi wants to go to a place,He gave the phone to Old Gu,Say:“If someone is looking for me, just look at the editor,Go to the Golden Shield Hotel to buy a few catties of their handmade dumplings,Put in the car,I will use。”
Old Gu took his phone and left,Cao Nan walked into the meeting room。
Peng Changyi quickly stood up,Solemnly shook hands with Cao Nan,See Cao Nan,He is very emotional,Said:“Dude,This time i come back,You have to sell your strength。”

[Clams go to sand quickly_How do clams spit sand fast]

瀵逛簬娴疯竟鐨勪汉鏉ヨ锛屽悆铔よ湂鏄渶缁忓父鐨勪簨鎯呬簡锛岃€屼笖铔よ湂鐨勫仛娉曚篃寰堢畝鍗曪紝鍙互鐐掍篃鍙互鐓瓑绛夛紝鍛抽亾鍗佸垎鐨勯矞缇庛€備絾鏄父鍚冭洡铚婄殑浜轰篃鐭ラ亾锛岃洡铚婁腑鐨勬矙瀛愭槸闇€瑕佸悙鍑烘潵鐨勶紝浣嗘槸濡備綍璁╁叾鍚愬共鍑€娌欏瓙鍛紵杩欎釜闂涓€瀹氭槸澶у閮芥兂鐭ラ亾鐨勩€備互涓嬪氨铔よ湂蹇€熷幓娌檁铔よ湂鎬庝箞鍚愭矙蹇殑鍐呭鍋氫簡璇︾粏鐨勪粙缁嶃€備竴銆佺敤棣欐补鐩愭按娴告场锛氬鏋滄椂闂村厑璁哥殑璇濓紝鍙互鐢ㄦ斁浜嗛娌瑰拰鐩愮殑姘存潵娉¤洡铚婏紝鐢ㄨ繖涓柟娉曟湁涓€鐐硅娉ㄦ剰锛岄偅灏辨槸姘寸殑娓╁害锛屾按鏈€濂芥槸20搴︿笂涓嬬殑姘Da yu yong yong yue yue yong yue ㄦ press the neck 椤 ご read 屾 斁 斑 Hong 殑 tweezers  潵 姘 达 纴 姘 存 揚 揯 庯铔Yo E Juanqujuanliao Chaimanmoyao Kemayufu Ouguichenping?-3涓皬鏃讹紝铔よ湂浼氬悙鍑哄緢澶氭偿娌欍€備簩銆佹潵鍥炴憞鏅冿細鎵句釜澶х偣鐨勶紝甯︾洊瀛愮殑鐩嗘垨鑰呯洅瀛愶紝鎶婅礉澹虫斁杩涘幓锛屽€掑叆灏戣姘达紝娌¤繃鍗冲彲锛岀劧鍚庣敤鎵嬩笉鍋滅殑鏉ュ洖鎽囨檭瀹瑰櫒锛屽姏搴﹂€備腑锛屼笉瑕佽繃澶э紝涓嶇劧铔よ湂鐨勫3瀛愬氨浼氱浜嗭紝鍗栫浉涓嶅ソ銆傛憞涓ゅ垎閽熷悗锛岃洡铚婃檿浜嗭紝浼氬悙鍑轰笉灏戞偿娌欙紝鐢ㄦ按娲椾竴娲楀啀鎽囦竴鎽囷紝鍙嶅涓夋灏卞樊涓嶅浜嗐€備笁銆佺劘姘达細杩欎釜鏂规硶鏄渶鐩存帴鐨勶紝鏈€褰诲簳鍘婚櫎铔よ湂涓偿娌欑殑鏂规硶浜嗭紝涓嶈繃瑕佹槸鐢ㄨ洡铚婂仛姹ょ殑璇濆氨涓嶅缓璁敤杩欎釜鏂规硶锛岄矞鍛充細娴侀€濄€傜倰铔よ湂鐨勮瘽鍙互鐢ㄣ€傛妸铔よ湂鏀惧叆寮€姘撮攨涓紝鐩栦笂閿呯洊锛屼竴鍒嗛挓鍚庢崬鍑恒€傚啀鐢ㄦ按鍐叉礂锛屾妸鑺辫洡閲岀殑娉ュ交搴曟礂骞插噣锛屾播骞叉按鍒嗗鐢ㄣ€傜敤杩欎釜鏂规硶鍙互姣棤淇濈暀鐨勫幓闄ゆ偿娌欍€傛湁鏈嬪弸寤鸿鎴戠敤鐒繃铔よ湂鐨勬按鍑変竴鍑夛紝娌欏瓙浼氭矇搴曪紝鍙栦笂闈㈢殑姘村啀娲楋紝杩欐牱鍙互淇濇寔铔よ湂鐨勯矞鍛炽€傛垜瑙夊緱涔熷緢鏈夐亾鐞嗐€傚ぇ瀹跺彲浠ユ牴鎹嚜宸辩殑鎯呭喌閫夋嫨鍘婚櫎铔よ湂娉ユ矙鐨勬柟娉曘€傚氨鐢ㄦ斁浜嗙洂鍜岄娌圭殑姘村厛娉′簡鍗佸鍒嗛挓锛岀敤杩欎釜鏃堕棿鍘诲噯澶囧叾浠栫殑閰嶆枡銆傜劧鍚庣敤涓ゅ彧鎵嬪儚澶у弶瀛愪竴鏍峰湪姘撮噷鏉ュ洖鍙嶅鐨勬弶鎼撹姳铔わ紝璁╄姳铔ゅご鏅曪紝涔熻兘鍐嶅鍚愮偣娉ュ嚭鏉ャ€傛渶鍚庣敤寮€姘寸劘浜嗕竴涓嬶紝璐濆3寮犲紑鍚庢崬鍑猴紝鍐嶇敤娓呮按鍐叉礂浜嗕袱閬嶏紝鍚冪殑鏃跺€欎竴鐐规偿娌欓兘娌℃湁浜嗐€?

[Can pregnant women eat taro stems]_Taro_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat taro stems]_Taro_Pregnancy_Can I eat

There is no doubt that pregnant women cannot eat a lot of things, so women will be cautious about eating anything after pregnancy. Experts say that pregnant women can eat taro stems. As long as you master the correct way of eating, there are many benefits to the health of mothers and infants.

First, can pregnant women eat taro stalks? Pregnant women can eat some taro stalks. Taro has the effects of expelling wind, dampening, detoxifying, and removing blood stasis. It can also treat symptoms such as pregnancy distress and uneasy fetal movements, so eat some during pregnancy.Taro stems have no effect.

In addition to direct cooking, taro stems are also pickled. This pickled taro stick has a sour taste. Females in pregnancy like to eat sour, but this pickled product is not recommended for pregnant women. It contains a lot of nitrite.There are complications of carcinogenic and teratogenic effects. Consumption of pregnant women will increase the risk of obesity and teratogenicity.

Second, pregnant women can eat taro, pay attention to the nutritional balance during pregnancy, eat more fruits and vegetables, and also ensure the replacement of nutrients such as protein, which can be supplemented with some vitamins and minerals, which are beneficial to the health of the fetus and the mother.

In addition, pay attention to health care during pregnancy, and regularly go to the distance to the hospital for checkups.

Hope the answer is helpful.

Third, the practice of taro stems is recommended to mix cold taro materials: the right amount of white taro, the right amount of chopped pepper, the right amount of garlic, the right amount of ginger.

Method: 1. Prepare three roots of white taro and peel and wash them for future use. Cut diagonally with a kitchen knife, do not cut too thin.

2. After cutting, put it into a large container and put a proper amount of salt, squeeze the disposable gloves by hand.

Discard all the squeezed water.

3, put the prepared chopped pepper, garlic, ginger together in the plate and mix with the main ingredients.

Sour taro fried meat material: 200 g of taro, 160 g of pork (fat and lean), 1 red bell pepper, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 teaspoon soy sauce, 1 garlic leaf, 10 ml cooking oil

Practices: 1. Infuse the lotus root with cold water for about 15 minutes, then wash it 3 times, and filter dry.

Cut the meat into small pieces to separate the fatty and lean meat, or use pork belly directly.

Cut peppers into circles, slice garlic, and cut garlic leaves for later use.

2. Heat the pot, stir-fry the lotus root, and fry the altar in the lotus root.

After the taro is fried with dry water, serve it in a saucer.

3. Pour a small amount of cooking oil into the pot. After the oil heats up, put in fat meat to fry.

4, until the fat is fried to an acceptable level, pour the stir-fry meat for about 1 minute.

5. Set the meat aside and pour in garlic and pepper for about 1 minute.

6. Pour the lotus root together and stir-fry for a while, then add the garlic leaves.

7, add a small amount of cold water, after the water is boiled, drizzle a small amount of raw soy sauce, lift the pot and serve.

[How to cook salty peanuts]_How to cook_Boil

[How to cook salty peanuts]_How to cook_Boil

There are many ways to eat peanuts. Eating raw peanuts directly. Eating a few before meals has a good effect of nourishing the stomach and nourishing stomach diseases. If you have not completed the mature peanuts, you can boil them directly and put them in the water.It is a kind of seasoning, a kind of peppercorn aniseed and so on. Peanuts can be tasted. Of course, the most are salted peanuts, that is, peanuts with salt as the main seasoning. Add some other auxiliary materials, cook them and dry them after eating. It is delicious andEasy to save.

The aroma of salted peanuts makes this food very seductive and makes people want to eat it.

This kind of food is relatively simple to make. Peanuts are very nutritious ingredients. Many people like to use it to make snacks. You can try to make delicious salted peanuts.

Please pay attention to the production of salted peanuts.

How to make raw peanuts?

We are so familiar with peanuts that we can’t be more familiar. We usually eat them raw, fried peanuts, boiled peanuts and so on. They are very delicious. The salty and dried peanut flavor is also great.

Here’s how to share your dried and dried peanuts.

[Salty dried peanuts]How to make salty dried peanuts?

top1: Salted and dried peanuts 1. It is easy to make salted and dried peanuts. After buying, wash them, put a large pot of water, put 3-4 teaspoons of salt, and cook 1-1.

In about 5 hours, you have tried the peanuts are already soft, and that’s it.

2. Then put off the fire, soak the peanuts in the water for half an hour, so that the peanut shells can absorb the hay, then filter dry, put them in the sun and let the north wind dry.

Tips and tricks If you are afraid that the birds will do unethical behavior, cover your face with a wire sieve so that the wind can blow into the sun.

top2: salted and dried peanuts 1, washed peanuts and soaked in salt water for more than 2 hours.

2. Drain the brine and air dry the peanuts.

3. Heat in a microwave oven on high heat for about 8 minutes, and need to flip twice in the middle.

4. Peanut rice is more crispy and fragrant after being processed in this way.

5. It’s best to choose the peanut rice you bought. It’s better to choose the same size.

top3: Homemade salted and dried peanuts 1. Wash the soil on the surface of the peanuts and add to the pressure cooker; 2. Pour enough water to avoid the peanuts; 3. Throw the flat garlic into the pot and add salt; 4. Cook for about 1 hour;(You don’t need to eat too soft, you can extend the cooking time) 5. Take out the moisture to dry; 6. Separate 2-3 parts, put them into the oven, transfer them to the roast chicken stall, and let the meat dry for 30 minutes and become brittle.Just fine.

top4: Salty and dry peanuts. Wash the peanuts first, then add them to the pot, put 2 teaspoons of salt, boil most of the water, boil the water, cook until the meat in the peanuts is not hard, then set the heat on, and soak for 15-30 minutes.

Do not cook in an iron pan, as the shell will turn black.

It can also be cooked in a non-stick pan.

After cooking, strain the water and allow the peanuts to air dry slowly.

In my case, someone must buy a lot of peanuts to cook, otherwise you can’t help but eat it before it’s dry.

Shi Dashenghua (603026): Interim report meets expectations DMC bottoms up and EC heights firm

Shi Dashenghua (603026): Interim report meets expectations DMC bottoms up and EC heights firm
Event: The company announced that it is expected that the net profit attributable to mothers in the first half of 2019 will increase by 0 compared with the same period last year.85 billion?1.100 million, or 2.2?2.5 billion, a previous increase of 65% -83%, in line with expectations. In the first quarter, DMC device revenue was higher, and in the second quarter, EC took over. According to our tracking statistics, in the first half of the year, the capacity and operating rate of the DMC industry were swapped. Due to the traditional low season and short-term export short-term impact, DMC prices fell at a high level.Initially narrowed.With reference to Baichuan Yingfu, the spread of DMC industrial grade Q1 and Q2 was 3748 yuan and 2772 yuan, a decrease of 976 yuan from the previous month.Due to environmental de-capacity, the Q2 funding for the EC industry has intensified, and the offer has increased from 10,000 yuan at the end of March to about 27,700 yuan. The average Q2 price increased by about 10,000 yuan.According to the performance forecast interval, Q2 was flat or up from the previous expectations. Considering the short-term maintenance of DMC at the end of May, the profit of DMC and EC crossed more than expected. New PC demand is slightly lower than expected, and we continue to be optimistic about DMC: We expect that PC and PC will increase DMC demand by more than 25 in 2019-2020.Tianhua, Ganning, Shengtong Juyuan and other units have been completed one after another, but the production progress has been slow, and the new demand in the first half of the year has been limited.According to Zhuochuang, the average inventory of the DMC plant during the off-season in April 北京夜网 and May is about 6000 tons. At present, the prices of DMC and bisphenol A are low, and Tiantianhua, Ganning, and Shengtong PC devices are expected to be put into production one after another.The restoration of demand for the consolidation of traditional chemicals is expected to drive the DMC boom upward. EC’s de-capacity has achieved initial results, and the space for price increases has broken through: the global automotive electrification trend is accelerating. It is estimated that the global annual emissions from 2019 to 2020 will be 24 tons and 35 tons, corresponding to the solvent demand of 20.3 Positive and 30.2 nominal.According to the benchmark forecast, the global lithium battery capacity will reach 658GWh in 2023, corresponding to a global solvent demand of more than 60 tons.EC, as the basic component of carbonic 杭州夜网 acid solvent, is irreplaceable. The China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association predicts that domestic battery-level EC demand will be 4-5 in 2019-2020.4 nominal.The domestic production capacity is expected to increase to 6 in 2019.In July, the increase in the past two years has been limited, with production near 6 and export volume 1 considered.5-2 For the first time, the actual domestic supply is only 4-4.5 Nominally, funding seeks to persist and price increases are subdivided. Investment suggestion: It is expected that the company’s EPS in 19-21 will be 2 respectively.6, 3.36, 3.9 yuan; maintain Buy-A investment rating, 6-month target price is 52.0 yuan, equivalent to 20/15/13 times of PE in 19-21. Risk warning: raw material price fluctuations, overseas investment progress, and financial needs are less than expected.

CV Source (002841): Three Quarterly Reports Brilliant Results, Short-term Pressure on Revenue Growth

CV Source (002841): Three Quarterly Reports Brilliant Results, Short-term Pressure on Revenue Growth
Event: The company released the third quarter report of 2019 and achieved revenue of 130.10,000 yuan, an increase of 8 in ten years.32%. Net profit attributable to mother is 14.140,000 yuan, an increase of 66 in ten years.32%.The deducted non-net profit is 13.430,000 yuan, an increase of 63 in ten years.77%.The overall performance is in line with market expectations.At the same time, the company expects that the initial net profit change for mothers in 2019 will be 45% -70%, which will continue to maintain a high growth trend. The gross profit margin is still increasing, and the growth rate of single quarter revenue continues to gradually.The company ‘s net profit growth in the first three quarters of the year was close to the upper limit of the forecast. It mainly benefited from the increase in gross profit margin. According to the 2019 Interim Report, the gross profit margin increased again by nearly 2 values to 27.91%.The positive impact of the downward price adjustment of the upstream electronic raw materials market continues.But the third quarter revenue was 57.97 ppm, a previous increase of only 0.22%, quarterly growth continued to be under pressure.In terms of expenses, the company continued to increase its expenses, sales expense ratio, management expense ratio, and research and development expense ratio by about 1 respectively.5, 1.0, 1.1 unit.The company’s net cash flow from operating activities reached 28.1.4 billion, an annual increase of 116%; inventory fell 22% year-on-year, these operating indicators are very healthy. Education tablet penetration has been high, and informationization2.0 still has a lot of space.The sluggish growth of the company is mainly due to education informatization1.The development of hardware-based development in the last ten years is coming to an end, and the current penetration rate of education tablets has reached a high level.However, education informationization2.0 will open new space for the market.According to the “2019 China Education Informatization Industry Research Report” published by iResearch, the domestic education informatization market is expected to exceed $ 430 billion in 2019, and software and services will become the focus.At the same time, at the end of September, the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Online Education” was promulgated. It is clear that by 2020, the level of infrastructure construction for online education will be significantly improved.We think that after the education IT infrastructure matures gradually, the comprehensive informationization of education management and the comprehensive Internetization of education content will become the direction of the next stage of the market.At present, there is no absolute leading enterprise in the field of education software. Depending on the user stickiness of Vision Source, it is expected to surpass Sivo’s user stickiness and dig deeper into informatization2.0 market.In addition, Sivo has also launched new educational equipment such as electronic class cards, recording and broadcasting, and even short-term growth rate replacement. We are still optimistic about the company’s long-term development in the field of education. The product power is outstanding, and MAXHUB is amazing at the World Internet Conference.The conference tablet MAXHUB was convinced at the just-concluded 6th World Internet Conference. 杭州桑拿网 Companies such as SAP and Shanghai Signup were widely used, and the application scenarios continued to expand.According to the statistics of “2019Q2 China’s Commercial Flat Panel Market Research Report” by Aoweiyun.com, the MAXHUB flat panel display city covers an area of 32.40%, an increase of 4 per year.7%, ranking first in China.We believe that the current penetration rate of conference tablets is increasing, and the market and users are still accepting the process, with greater future growth potential. Earnings forecast and investment recommendations: Based on the assumption that the company’s gross profit margin will increase and the short-term revenue growth rate will change, we will change our earnings forecast from 2.42, 3.03, 3.77 yuan adjusted to 2.51, 2.96, 3.58 yuan, corresponding to 38 for PE.5, 32.6, 27.0 西安耍耍网 times.Taking into account the broad source market and superior competition, we believe that the company’s reasonable forecast level is 33-35 times corresponding to 2020, and the corresponding division range is 98-104 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” rating. Increased risks: rising prices of upstream raw materials; slow progress in education informatization; less than expected conference market