“You come to disturb me and my wife watching movies,This is a capital crime!”

Qin Shi’s wrist turned,Song Yang let out an extremely miserable roar。
Whole right hand,Just twisted off!
Mu Wendong is stupid!
At first I just thought,Song Yang is to create a passive defense,It’s not a case of active killing,That’s why I was deliberately received by this person。
But now it seems,Song Yang really couldn’t beat Qin Shi!
This little Nan’an city,Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,Hiding such a person who can hit!
Song Yang wailed with his fist,Qin Shi walked to Mu Wendong。
“you……What do you want?”
“I’m Konoha Mu……”
Mu Wendong hasn’t finished speaking yet,Qin Shi made an uppercut,Hit Mu Wendong’s belly。
Suddenly,Mu Wendong knelt on the ground,I didn’t even have time to hum,It hurts to roll on the ground。
Internal organs,Seems to be twisted together!
He has never experienced such a pain in his life!

Rose was shocked when she saw this scene,Panicked:“you……What the master said about the rigid and pure body turned out to be true?”

“Not bad!”
The man in white sneered,Said,“Now I have a copper skin and iron bones,No one in this world can hurt me!”
Rigid body?
Mo Xiaosheng was slightly startled,Although the mysterious world does have this statement,Legend has it that when people practice to a certain level, they will reach the sun,Invulnerable,But rumors need to gather a lot of valuable materials,And it may take hundreds or even hundreds of years to practice,And ordinary people will never live to that age,So the so-called rigid body,It’s just a legend,Mo Xiaosheng never expected,The man in white looks young,Actually already trained to the most rigid body!
“Haha,Congratulations brother,Brother Hexi!”
Zhang Yousi looked overjoyed when she heard this,Hurriedly said,“Brother,fast,Kill them soon!”
He knows that his brother has a high level of cultivation,But he never thought,It’s so advanced,The most rigid and pure body that even Master didn’t cultivate,Brother has already cultivated!
Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help feeling tight,If the person in white is really trained to be pure body,I’m afraid he won’t do anything with him!
He and Rose may really be killed here!
Suddenly there were several clear dog barks in the distance,Then I saw dozens of bright lights flashing from a distance,At the same time accompanied by the roar of the next few off-road vehicles,Is rushing towards this area quickly。
“People from the police or the army!”
Zhang Yousi’s face sank,Hurriedly said to Senior Brother,“Brother,We can’t be discovered by them,These people are probably sent by the Mo family,If they are investigated,We will be troublesome。”

Xuanzi decisively released his martial soul,Gluttonous cow!

A creature with a huge volume of several hundred meters solidified behind Xuanzi,Subsequently,Looking down at Qianyu below……
Followed by,Nine spirit rings exuding terrifying waves gradually rose under Xuanzi’s feet………
Qianyu squinted his eyes,No more thinking,Also released his martial soul……
Behind him,A ghost angel with gray flames all over his body slowly appeared,The whole body exudes endless evil aura……
Eight golden spirit rings that made the space tremble gradually rise under Qianyu’s feet.……
The ghost of the nether angel and the ghost of the gluttonous cow face each other……
And this huge vision and trembling spirit power fluctuations,Immediately attracted the attention of other Shrek inner courtyard students……
A Shrek inner courtyard student stared at the ghost in the sky and shocked.“this is……Nether Angel Wuhun!It’s so scary!My heart seems to be throbbing!”
Another Shrek student next to him scolded“Are you stupid!Look at the other side!Qianyu’s opponent turned out to be Old Xuan!And the two of them are going to be real!”
“Could it be that Qianyu’s evil spirits are out of control again??He actually wanted Elder Xuan to exert his true strength to suppress!”
I saw a woman with a slender figure also rushed to the bottom of Qianyu and Xuanzi,When the shining beautiful eyes looked at the nether angel and the gluttonous god cow above,Astonished“Qianyu??Why did he fight Old Xuan?!No way,I have to stop them!”
The woman is amazingly Ma Xiaotao!
Stop talking,Ma Xiaotao burst out with spirit power and wanted to rush to stop them,But was stopped by the puppet of Qianyu who suddenly turned out!
The puppet grabbed Ma Xiaotao’s wrist,Dignified expression“Miss Tao,Stay away from them!Otherwise with your strength,It is very likely to fall under the influence of spirit skills!”
Ma Xiaotao looked anxious“but!”

Zhang Man walked in,Dare not speak,After all, I have never been to such a high-end restaurant,Afraid of making a joke。

Qin Shi walked directly to the front desk after coming in。
Didn’t wait for Qin Shi to speak,The lady at the front desk spoke up。
“Sorry sir,Our shop is full,Please wait aside。”
Qin Shi Wenyan,Frowned,Look at Lin Yun,He clearly remembered the seven o’clock that Lin Yun had scheduled,They arrived a while earlier。
Lin Yun is also very strange,Flipped the phone,Booking information found,Talk to yourself:“I have an appointment,Look,Seven o’clock,Wansheng Tianhao Restaurant。”
Front desk explanation:“But there are customers ahead,Let the family go first,no way,Can only make you wait a while。”
The actual situation is,The seats reserved for Qin Shi,To an arrogant boss,The front desk dare not provoke the boss,So I had to let him go in。
This kind of bullying and fearful front desk,Qin Shi has seen a lot。
Zhang Man is very embarrassed,To Qin Shi:“Let’s change one。”
The seat happened to be occupied,At the same time, after Zhang Man came in, he felt that the consumption here was much higher than what he thought.。
Qin Shi looked at the receptionist,Said:“mom,Let’s not go anywhere today,Eat here,and,Say seven is seven。”
obvious,This sentence is for the front desk。
The front desk smiled bitterly,Look at this family,It doesn’t look like a rich person,Still in poverty,It seems that it was the right choice for me to let the boss。
“Then you just wait。”
The front desk said irritably。
I want to see if you can make trouble to the sky。After all, this site,Not everyone can make trouble。
Qin Shi glanced at her,Lightly:“When it’s time to wait,We can just go in。”
The front desk said disdainfully:“You can try,Make trouble here,The consequences are serious。”

It hurts when I wake up. The mental feeling is not so wonderful.……

After he slowly got up from the bed,Cover your chest with the upper body wrapped in white cloth,Curiously looked at the surrounding layout……
He is in a very quaint room,Green potted plants are placed around,It’s just that the space inside is too big……
Xu Sheng reached out and touched these wooden utensils,It’s not made of ordinary wood at a glance……
Sighed“Such a big room,You need a lot of Gold Soul Coins just to buy it?”
“Tart Tart……”There was a knock on the door……
Xu Sheng turned around,The very vigilant gaze instantly stared away……
He doesn’t know where this is yet,Must be cautious……
The female voice outside the door rang“Xu Sheng,I’m here!”
Then Ning Rongrong opened the door and walked in……
She saw Xu Sheng who was staring at her,My face suddenly became ruddy,Walk briskly,There are a few worries in his eyes“Xu Sheng,Is your body okay??”
She is very afraid that Chen Xin will cause indelible damage to Xu Sheng’s body……
“Don’t worry, Rongrong,I’m fine,The body is not that fragile……hiss~”I haven’t waited for Xu Sheng to finish,The extreme pain made him take another breath……
But thinking that since Ning Rongrong is here,,Then this place is probably the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School。
Ning Rongrong looked at Xu Sheng’s heart with sorrow,Lower your head slowly,Weak tone“That one……Xu Sheng,I’m sorry this time,Let Grandpa Gu and Grandpa Jian misunderstand you,And almost……”
If not her,Xu Sheng won’t be hurt so badly……

“what,You have been following me,Are you stupid?You can stand waiting for me at the place just now,Why follow me around??”

Liu Xiaoyun replied dumbly。zt0G
“nonsense,You didn’t say you want to go around,how could I know!”
Shen Ruoxue complained aggrievedly。
“I just want to see how long its body is……”
Liu Xiaoyun smiled embarrassedly and said。
“Are you stupid?Did you say I told you!I used you to make so many laps?”
Shen Ruoxue answered eagerly。
“you know?”
Liu Xiaoyun asked surprisingly。
“of course,This python is 14.7 meters long。”
Shen Ruoxue answered confidently。
“How do you know it?Still know so accurate?”

Shen Ruoxue said unrelentingly。

“I really don’t,But your brother Yang Zhi will,You let him imitate。”
Qin Liang doesn’t want to be entangled by Shen Ruoxue,In a hurry, he threw the pot to Yang Zhi!
Shen Ruoxue agreed,Turned his face and looked at Yang Zhi,I found that Yang Zhi was also looking at him engrossly,The eyes are full of obsession,She was embarrassed to speak instantly。
“let’s go,I’m hungry too,Let’s quickly find a place to eat。”
Liu Xiaoyun saw that the atmosphere was embarrassing again,Hurriedly opened up。
“Then let’s go!I want to eat a lot tonight,I’m so hungry!”
Shen Ruoxue hurriedly accepted Liu Xiaoyun’s words,Talk to yourself loudly,Then stretched out one of Liu Xiaoyun’s arms,Continue to walk forward without looking back……
Actually Yang Zhi doesn’t feel embarrassed!Because he was just watching Shen Ruoxue’s words and deeds with full attention,I didn’t even notice what she said just now。
At this time the sky is already dark,Go this way,The shops on both sides of the road are already brightly lit,The neon lights next to each other keep shining colorfully,Really good-looking!
Shen Ruoxue and the others pointed at the shops on both sides of the road,Chirping on one side,Talking in full swing。
“Why are these girls talking so much?,It’s endless。”
Yang Zhidesi said,Shen Ruoxue is here,He was immediately resurrected with full blood,The restless mood is gone。

There was a strong local accent on the phone,Said:“Sorry,We don’t have such a person here。”

Peng Changyi,Asked rhetorically:“No?Impossible?My number is given to me by the Organization Department of our Provincial Party Committee,Can’t go wrong?”
“Sorry,Are you still up?”The other party said muffledly。
Peng Changyi is in a hurry,Said:“Gay,I have been looking for him for a long time,Since he went to your place,I have been looking for him,Could you please inquire for me,See if there is such a side person in the counties around you,May I call you in a few days?”
“This one……”The other party hesitated,Said:“you know,We are no better than your mainland,There is a long distance between the county seat and the county seat,And I don’t have much contact,It sounds difficult。”
Peng Changyi said earnestly:“Gay,Please,Must help me inquire,He did go to the Inner Mongolia branch,This can’t be wrong。Excuse me,How do i call you。”
“My name is Bagan。”The man said with a strong local accent。
Peng Changyi quickly said:“it is good,Comrade Bagan,please,Please help me figure it out,I miss him!We all miss him very much——”That’s it for Peng Changyi,I feel my nose is sore,Yes,He does miss Jiang Fan,What’s worse,There are people who miss Jiang Fan more than him。
The guy named Bagan is obviously embarrassed,He thought for a while and said:“Ok,I try my best。”Finished,Hung up。
at this time,Thousands of miles away in a district committee office building near the border in Inner Mongolia,The man named Bagan puts down the phone,Just about to report back to the leader he served,I saw him in the room,No one else,He quickly walked to the window,I saw a person wearing a visor with a woolen leather face on his head,Then turn on horseback,Raise the whip,The beautiful bay red horse raised its head and shook its mane and neighed,Drove to the distant pasture……
Bagan is anxious,Shouted at the outside:“Mayor Jiang,Be careful——”
But that man is riding a horse,Already ran away。
This person is not someone else,It is the support cadre from the mainland who has just learned to ride a horse、Jiang Fan, Deputy Secretary of a League Committee of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region。
Jiang Fan ran the horse and whip all the way,This selected claret horse carried him quickly to the depths of the grassland,Whistling wind in my ears,He is reined in one hand,Lower the hat with one hand,Bend forward slightly,Legs tightly clamped。
He doesn’t know how far he ran,I don’t know how long I ran out,Until the horse is tired,The speed gradually slowed down……
The distant sun slowly sinks,Gradually approaching the distant horizon,Very few sky,Wandering Clouds,Mang Grassland,His horse doesn’t run anymore,But panting,Carry him,Walk slowly。
He got off the horse,Since learning to ride a horse,This time is the farthest run alone,Each,It’s all with Bagan。His horse is a little tired,Sweat from the neck,He is also a little tired。Loosen the reins,He lies on this vast grassland,Put the hat on the face,The words Peng Changyi said on the phone just now ringing in my ear,“I miss him,We all miss him very much”,Tears,From the corner of the eye……
He said to himself in his heart:Changyi,Brothers,I don’t want you……

“Step aside。”

Only one step away from the protective shield of the Holy Soul Fruit,Stopped by a woman wearing purple gauze,The opponent’s realm is no lower than yourself,But he has full certainty that he can put it on the other side。
“I need that thing。”
“I also need。”
Don’t talk about yourself,Even for the old guy,He will also get the holy soul fruit。
No room for negotiation,The best way is to do it。
Xia Chenglong was too lazy to take out Zanglong,Lightning Walk,Fast approaching woman,Hand magical dragon claw,Go directly to his neck。
The woman didn’t expect him to make a sudden move,I can only retreat in panic,A purple sword stands on the chest,Came to Xia Chenglong’s chest instantly。
An attack of this level poses no threat to him,Not to mention for efficiency,His eyes are still golden。
Tilt your head slightly,Dodge the Purple Sword,Come next to a woman,Grab it directly to the veil。
Don’t know if it’s an illusion,I feel like where he saw this woman。
“you are……Dream Butterfly?”
Some accident,Xia Chenglong was a little unsure whether the woman in front of him was the girl he met in Bencheng。
Mengdie was recognized,Tremble:“His Royal Highness the Dragon King,Don’t come here unharmed!”
He naturally has different emotions for Mengdie,Accompany him to the Broken Mouth Mountains when he is in Bencheng,Then I went to the Dragon Abyss,Later when I woke up from the coma, the other party had already left,I didn’t expect she would be here,And he became a saint martial artist。

“Mayor Zhu told me where you live,If there is no satisfactory place for the time being,Do this first,We’re slowly touching you。”

Peng Changyi said:“Time for this question,Does not matter。”
What else does Bai Jixue want to say?,See the city party secretary’s phone rang,Walked out quietly。
My daughter called,Just listen to my daughter:“father,father,I’m nana,Grandma said you came back to be an official,is it?”
Peng Changyi frowned,Why are you so awkward?,Especially from the child’s mouth,Even more awkward。He always feels,You can tell the child in another way,Just said:“Nana,Dad is back to work,You can see dad often from now on,are you happy?”
“happy,Can dad send me to school??”
Peng Changyi thought for a while and said:“If dad is okay,Of course it will give you,But if dad has something, I can’t give Nana。”
“Ok,Then let mom send it。father,Are you going home today?”
Peng Changyi’s heart moved,Said:“Dad won’t answer,Dad still has a lot of work to do,When will i call you back。”
“Ok,father,I sue you,I have the keys to our house,Someday I will match my father,Dad can open the door and go home by himself。”
Peng Changyi’s heart turned over,Said:“Nana,You have to do your homework,How about dad sending you to school tomorrow morning?”
“it is good,it is good,Great。”
Hung up my daughter’s phone,Peng Changyi wants to go to a place,He gave the phone to Old Gu,Say:“If someone is looking for me, just look at the editor,Go to the Golden Shield Hotel to buy a few catties of their handmade dumplings,Put in the car,I will use。”
Old Gu took his phone and left,Cao Nan walked into the meeting room。
Peng Changyi quickly stood up,Solemnly shook hands with Cao Nan,See Cao Nan,He is very emotional,Said:“Dude,This time i come back,You have to sell your strength。”