Gu Zhuo looked up at Wang Jiadong,She found that in the eyes of this man,Still has the majesty that she admires,She nodded,Say:“it is good,I listen to you。”

“now it’s right……”
Wang Jiadong didn’t finish talking,Just sneezed,Followed by,I sneezed several times in a row。
Gu Zhuo said:“bad,You must have a cold。”
Wang Jiadong rubbed his nose and said:“Xiao Zhuo,Bring me two cold capsules。”
Gu Zhuo thought for a while,I forgot where the medicine was。
Wang Jiadong looked at her,Deliberately not telling her,She patted her forehead,Said:“I remembered。”
Gu Zhuo said,Just walk behind the big desk,Open a drawer,Inside are all kinds of medicine,She quickly took out two cold capsules,I added half of the hot water to Minister’s cup,To Mr. Minister。
Wang Jiadong just reached out to pick it up,Gu Zhuo said:“Looked up,open mouth。”
Wang Jiadong was taken aback,Then he opened his mouth obediently,Gu Zhuo stuffed two capsules into his mouth,Put the water glass to his mouth,Said:“Drink it。”
Wang Jiadong drank two sips of water,Flush the medicine down。
Gu Zhuo put the cup,She whispered:“If you are still cold,Just go take a hot shower。”
Wang Jiadong thought about it:“it is good,I’m going to take a bath,You just leave me alone,Go rest,It’s too late today,You have never slept so late。”
Gu Zhuo has no rest,But he took Wang Jiadong into the bathroom,She found him a thick nightgown,Put it on the door handle inside
After Wang Jiadong took a shower,Head down,With the belt on the robe,He took the walking stick by the door,look up,I saw a curtain has been drawn,Separate the living room from the bedroom in the house,Wang Jiadong came out,Open the closet door,Find out your underwear to put on,Since being in the same room with Gu Zhuo,He has never slept naked,I never went to bed when Gu Zhuo was awake。He rearranged his pajamas,Checked the door,Seeing that the door has been bolted,He put“living room”Lights off,By the faint light from the curtain,Walked into the curtain。
Gu Zhuo was not asleep at this time,She was sitting by the bed waiting for him。Wang Jiadong pulls the curtain,Said:“Why are you not sleeping yet?”
“I’m waiting for you。”
Wang Jiadong saw that there was only one quilt on the bed,Two pillows next to each other,It turned out to be two quilts,From this change,He understood what Gu Zhuo meant,I feel a little flustered,He put the walking stick on a fixed hook at the head of the bed,sit down,Wipe the top of the head with a towel,Said:“I took a hot bath to warm my body completely。”
Gu Zhuo stand up,Open the bed,Said:“You lie in first,The bed has been heated by the warm water bag。”

They can deal with a small number of old students,But can’t fight with groups of more than ten people,To get enough crystal nuclei in the remaining three days,Have to occupy a way,At that time, the more people, the better。

“The first command,From now on you spread out,Notify all new students you know,Tell them what I said earlier,As long as they agree to come here,Understand?”
Wait for everyone to leave,Xia Chenglong breathed a sigh of relief,I feel that leading a group of students is more difficult than leading tens of thousands of soldiers,This is the difference between the army and the academy。
“What are they doing,This guy actually let go of the fat,Young man,can not read it!”The elder said to himself seemingly melancholy。
For this freshman,To be precise, for that Zhao Chenglong,They really can’t guess。
so far,Nothing they can guess about what Xia Chenglong did,And the outcome of everything is completely out of their control。
For this,The only person they admire is the deputy dean Yue Leipeng who sits first,Because everything he said so far about the young man is correct。
“stupid,Kind of naive。”Elder He, sitting on the side, shook his head,“Exposed the strength here so early,Only let him be naked in the life of the real top,It will fail!”
“Oh,Elder He is so sure?”Yue Leipeng turned his head and asked,Smile again:“Shall we take another bet?”
“Gamble,Just a fledgling hairy boy,Could it be true that we can fight Muye Liuquan and the others?”
“Then wait and see!”
The battlefield at this time,Everyone becomes extremely careful,In a dense forest,Several people are looking around cautiously。

Qiao Yun surprised。

“No……You think too much!I was going to eat out by myself……got used to!”
Fang Yu shook his head。
“Everyone eat together,What a nice atmosphere……Fang Yu,Did you do it before?”
Qiao Yun muttered。
“more or less!”
Fang Yu did not deny。
“Right,Master is always lonely……but,Can you teach me?I can treat you to dinner!”
Qiao Yun is serious,Looking up at Fang Yu。
“No need to invite me to dinner……Just your salary,I eat a few more meals,You are not afraid that you will run out of money?”
Fang Yu despise。
Qiao Yun is good to learn。
But it doesn’t have to be!
“Qiao Yun……You go back to the dormitory,I have something to leave first!”
Coming to the dormitory。
Fang Yu left by himself。
Seems urgent!
“Fang Yu……”
Watching Fang Yu disappear quickly,Qiao Yun scratched his head。

“Ha ha,Will not。”Peng Changyi smiled with a guilty conscience。

“Changyi,You understand what i mean?”Jiang Fan looked at him and said。
Of course Peng Changyi understands what he means,He is worried about himself and Ronman,Thought of here,He said:“I know。”
Jiang Fan stared at Peng Changyi,From his twinkling eyes,He saw Peng Changyi’s prevarication and hesitation,He he feels,What Peng Changyi shouldn’t do to that female entrepreneur,at this point,Peng Changyi is smarter than monkeys。But since Peng Changyi came back so early,And in the unnatural manner, he seemed to feel that Peng Changyi and that woman seemed to have something,He was this instinct last night,That’s why I told the woman that I would pick up Peng Changyi’s。
Thought of here,Jiang Fan couldn’t bear to embarrass Peng Changyi,Just tentatively said:“Another day,I’m going to visit that female entrepreneur in Kangzhou,See if I can catch her,We also brought Beijing’s buses to Langzhulai?”
Peng Changyi said:“Why do you have a relationship with her,I can just introduce you。But you are divided by region,I don’t know if it’s not the boss I know,But I guess he can also introduce the relationship,I’ll accompany you to visit Mr. Li first,That person loves to listen to jokes the most,The key question is that you find a company to do this。”
“Ok,Makes sense,Wait for me to figure it out,I’ll discuss with you another day。”Jiang Fan said。
At this moment,There was a knock on the door,The waiter pushed the breakfast into the room,And put it on the coffee table。
Jiang Fan served Peng Changyi a bowl of millet porridge,Said:“Changyi,eat first。Wait for the election,I will discuss this with you specifically。”
The two of them sat down for breakfast。Peng Changyi said:“mayor,I’ll leave after eating,Have to hurry back to work。”
Jiang Fan said while eating:“Oh,Row。I don’t have time to accompany you this morning,Appointment in the morning,I’m going to meet an old revolutionary from Lang Zhuji,I’m following you now,Engage in old revolutionary public relations。”
“Haha。”Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Don’t you say,From dealing with these old revolutionaries,Really benefited,They have passion,Also have connections,Also willing to do something for my hometown,should say,This is a precious asset。”
“Indeed。”Jiang Fan looked at Peng Changyi,Said:“Changyi,How is Director Wang??”
“He’s ok,It seems that the old lady is in some bad condition。”Peng Changyi put down the dishes and said。
“Changyi,Why do you think she is not good at it??”Jiang Fan asked。
“I can’t see anything,The minister said she lost weight,Now some doubts have spread。”Peng Changyi said。
“Oh——”Jiang Fan nodded,Said again:“Then go to Beijing for chemotherapy?”
First60chapter Zhou Gong Regent

“Be careful on the road。”The mother came out of the kitchen and warned。

“know!”When answering this sentence,Hu Lai is already outside。
Listen to the footsteps echoing in the corridor,Xie Lan glanced at her husband who was eating breakfast,Smiled:“Our child is getting more and more sensible,Go to school every day to read,I said you should rest assured?”
“It depends on his test results。”Hu Lixin said while peeling the boiled egg。
“His final exam last semester rose ten places from his first semester of high school。and,As long as our son has this attitude, you should be happy。”Xie Lan took the tablecloth and came to the place where Hu Lai was sitting,Pack that piece。“Hu Lixin,I am serious,You should also be a little more tolerant to our son。sometimes,You are too strict,Severely makes me wonder if it’s yours……”
Hu Lixin frowned:“I am strict with him now,Also for his good。you know too,This kid is not in good shape all day long,If you dare to relax a little,He dare to give you a house。”
“Say so,You are too harsh,Make him afraid of you,The father-son relationship between you two is too rigid.,Are you afraid that he doesn’t love you?”Xie Lan swept the shells of the two eggs that Hu Lai ate into his milk cup with a tablecloth。
“I just want him to live well,It doesn’t matter whether you love me or not。”Hu Lixin said。
“You say this again!”Xie Lan stared at her husband,Dissatisfied。
Hu Lixin looked down at his knee and said:“I don’t want him to go my old way,Write about playing football at a young age,Studied for more than ten years,Retired without even playing a professional game,What’s left besides an injury?Come out to society,I realized that I can’t do anything,Low education,Not capable。Work hard at first,Later, I couldn’t sell my strength……study hard,Go to college,It’s much easier to find a job。”
“Haven’t you heard that college students are not easy to find jobs now??”
“No matter how hard to find, it’s better than me。”
Seeing her husband so stubborn,Xie Lan is not good to continue talking about this topic,She can only sigh in her heart,Turning to the kitchen with the bowls and cups that Hu Lai used。
Behind her,Hu Lixin in a security uniform put the peeled egg into his mouth。
When Hu Lai arrived at school,Park your bicycle in a special carport outside the school,Ran straight to the football field。
Li Ziqiang is already there waiting for him,Just like every morning before。
When there are not many people on campus,Stadium track、When the stands were not occupied by students memorizing English words and political texts,Hu Lai has already started training under the guidance of Li Ziqiang。
This time they did not train directly on the court,But came to the single parallel bars area。

[How to understand the advantage between men and women]

[How to understand the advantage between men and women]

A woman added in her letter: “I have divorced twice, and I think the reason lies with me.

I’m not uninterested in sex, and sometimes I can’t think about it, but I’m very disgusted with people who touch me.

Especially when I saw his contentment, I was very angry. I felt that this kind of thing is that men take advantage and women lose.

I know my idea is incorrect, but I have no ability to change it.

can you help me?

“Sexual life is an activity in which men and women participate together, and both people can get joy from it. There is nothing to lose or take advantage of.

But there are some reasons why some people will leave such false impressions.

There must be a reason for everything to exist.

The reasons are probably as follows: The first point is the impact of the old social division of labor.

Anyone who has read the Bible will know the story of Genesis.

Adam and Eve stole the fruit of the tree of good and evil under the temptation of a snake. After being discovered by Jehovah, they said to the snake, “If you do this, you will be cursed more than all animals and beasts.
You will walk on your stomach and eat soil all your life.

I will make you and the woman avenge each other, and your descendants and the woman’s descendants avenge each other.

The seed of a woman will hurt your head, and you will hurt the heel of a woman.

“Then the Lord said to the woman,” I will multiply the pain of your pregnancy, and you will suffer for your children.

You will adore your husband, and your husband will subordinate you.

” 1234Next

[How to make soup with papaya]_Papaya_Cooking soup_How to make

[How to make soup with papaya]_Papaya_Cooking soup_How to make

Papaya is rich in amino acids, which has many benefits for female friends. If you use papaya to make soup, you can make the nutrients in papaya blend into the soup and then be absorbed by the body.

The common ones are papaya peanut rib soup, papaya soy pork leg soup and so on.

Ingredients for Papaya Peanut Ribs Soup: This soup is made from a freshly cooked papaya (about 500 grams), 100 grams of dried flowers and raw kernels, and 250 grams of fresh pork ribs.

Method: Wash and peel the fresh papaya, and cut it into coarse pieces for later use.

Dried flowers and raw kernels are washed with water for impurities, and fresh pork ribs are washed with blood for blood stains, chopped into coarse pieces, and mixed with refined salt.

Then put the above soup into the soup pot, add an appropriate amount of water, first use Wuhuo, and then cook in a wenhuo.

Cook until the peanut kernels are ripe and soft.

Efficacy: This soup can clear heat and relieve heat, moisturize the skin, and relieve bowel.

Papaya Soy Bean Pork Feet Soup Ingredients: One papaya, one pig foot, four or two soybeans, green onion, ginger, cooking wine.

Practice: 1.

First scrape the pig’s feet clean and cut into pieces.


Boil a pot of boiling water, add green onions, ginger, and cooking wine. Stew the soybeans and pork feet on a low fire for 2 hours.


Peel and peel the papaya, add to the ingredients in Method 2, and simmer for another half an hour.


The soup is simmered, put out in a bowl, and sprinkled with salt before serving.

Laobai Dry Wine (600559): Performance needs to be adjusted and still needs patience

Laobai Dry Wine (600559): Performance needs to be adjusted and still needs patience
The incident described the company’s first three quarters of revenue 28.2.2 billion, +16 a year.09%; net profit attributable to mother 2.71 ppm, +11 for ten years.16%; of which Q3 income is 8.63 ppm, at least -11.27%, net profit attributable to mother is 77.31 million yuan, -20 years.99%. Core point 1. The performance exceeded expectations and was obvious in the third quarter: the company’s third quarter report exceeded expectations, mainly due to the continuous destocking and mediation structure this year, coupled with the impact of liquor consumption in Q3 province, the company’s single third quarter revenue and profit averageNegative growth. Through the improvement of the consumption environment in the fourth quarter, market demand is expected to gradually recover.In terms of different regions, in addition to the penetration of the market pressure in the province, brands such as Confucius House in Shandong and Wuling in Hunan fully reflect that the revenue growth rate is more than two. 2. The product structure continues to improve, and the next high-end development determines the future growth potential: the overall growth rate in the third quarter, but the product structure continues to improve, and the third quarter gross margin fell by + 1pct to 63.9%.In terms of different products, high-end wine earns +22 per year.3% to 9.6 trillion, it is expected that the growth rate of Shiba Jiufang in 15 years / 20 years refreshed; low-end products repeatedly -1.6% to 8.1 ‰, of which Q3 replaced 26 in a single season.8%, as of now, the 夜来香体验网 company ‘s SKU has dropped from more than 700 to less than 100 now (actually contributed revenue of about 60). Future product adjustments will have a marginal impact on the company ‘s performance, and its revenue growth rate will increase slightlyHigh-end cultivation effect. 3. The company’s long-term logic remains the same, but adjustment still requires patience: the company we have been working on is focused on: First, the high-end (eighteen wineries fifteen years / twenty years, etc.) volume leads to faster income,The second reason is that the improvement of product structure and the decline in the expense ratio have led to the continued recovery of profit margins. The third is the accelerated manifestation of synergies, and the market share in Hebei has increased.After several years of efforts, the company’s net interest 杭州桑拿 rate and income scale have reached a level, but due to the shortcomings of brand power and the competitive layout of Hebei, the company’s fundamentals are still in the process of recovery, and long-term adjustment still needs to be patient. 4. Profit forecast and rating: EPS is expected to be 0 in 19-21.47/0.58/0.72 yuan, corresponding to PE26 / 21/17 times.The company’s performance is mainly affected by short-term factors, and the long-term fundamentals are still in the process of recovering. 5. Risk prompts: 1) Declining economic growth restrains industry demand; 2) The intensified competition pressure in the province affects the company’s performance; 3) Macroeconomic changes cause the prices of high-end liquors such as Maotai Wuliangye to fall, squeezing demand for second-end prices; 4)The operating fundamentals of the M & A company did not meet expectations; 5) Food safety risks.

Bull Group (603195): Twenty-five years of grinding a sword and frost blade to open a new world

Bull Group (603195): Twenty-five years of grinding a sword and frost blade to open a new world

Adhering to the boutique strategy, the track expansion to create a multi-category leader. Bull Group is a traditional leader focusing on civilian electrical products. Based on excellent product quality and efficient channel strategies, the company quickly gained industry leadership in the converter industry.Sequence to other categories such as power switches.

In terms of subsequent growth, both the volume and price of the converter industry are still on the rise. The company’s leader is vertically stable and is expected to benefit in the long term. The switch and socket industry still has the potential for breakthrough and expansion. The company’s market expansion can increase the period.

In addition, the scale of the emerging business of synergistic transition, under the background of similar industry attributes such as low single product value and relatively scattered market structure, the company adheres to the boutique positioning and mid-to-high-end pricing in the converter industry and combines the experience of channel expansion strategies to promote replication.

The channel is a moat, the retail network is developed and the barriers are deep in the civilian electrical industry. The brand attributes are close to the food and beverage, light industry, entertainment and other industries. The density of channel outlets is an important guarantee for brand stickiness.moat.

The number of bull’s terminal outlets has reached the level of one million, with extremely wide coverage and outstanding expansion in the consumer industry. The core barriers behind it are the company’s high-quality brand power, the benign operation of channels mutually promoting each other, forming a logical closed loop that maintains a high share;High-level pricing, expanded segmented management of distributors, ample channel and terminal profit margins, large-scale expansion of channels and smooth implementation of projects such as store recruitment and distribution visits, and further consolidated and strengthened the bull brand advantage.

For competitors in the industry, the bulls are the first to start, and the advantages of scale and brand power are difficult to break through in the short term, and the overall operating advantage barriers are extremely deep.

Intensive farming, high profitability, and high efficiency “Cash Cow” companies have ROEs of over 60% in 2015-2018. Even considering the substantial increase in net assets after listing and raising funds, the average ROE in 2018 is about 28%, which is significantly higher.In a few comparable companies, we believe that it mainly benefits from the high competition barriers formed by the company’s high-quality products and the positive interaction of channels, as well as the high operating efficiency brought about by the company’s deep cultivation of the supply chain system.

The company’s high profit is mainly driven by the two core businesses of converters and wall openings. After the early development stage of LED lighting and digital accessories business, it has tried to gradually improve with the scale effect and brand power; therefore, the company’s operating performanceThe cash flow is outstanding, and the book capital reserve is abundant. The outstanding net asset value and financial performance are worthy of recognition.

Frost blades are about to open up new world, new categories are steadily expanding prospects. The Bull Group’s core competitive advantage lies in the brand strength formed by the excellent quality of converters and switches, which has been built up over the years. Therefore, it is built by millions of offline terminal retail outlets.The company ‘s offline channels work well and the barriers to substitution are very high. Subsequently, traditional businesses will gradually maintain steady growth, and the emerging categories 淡水桑拿网 of synergistic and cooperative replacement will steadily expand and the prospects are very broad. The development of the bull into an “international civil electrical industry leader” is expected.Expected; we are optimistic about the company’s medium and long-term development, and it is expected that the corresponding EPS for 2019-2021 will be 4 respectively.

00, 4.

94 and 6.

16 yuan, corresponding to the current sustainable 45.

85, 37.

16 and 29.

79 times, covering for the first time and giving the company a “Buy” rating.

Risk warnings: 1. Significant technological progress in the industry; 2. End-user demand significantly exceeds expectations.

Lip licking carefully with chronic cheilitis

Lip licking carefully with chronic cheilitis

The thickness of the lip is only 1/3 of the thickness of the lip. The thickness of the lip is only a copy of the body’s skin, and there is no sebaceous gland. There is no protective melanin.

The lips are not really skin. It is just a mucous membrane, with less melanin and a thin epidermis, so it is particularly sensitive to dry air, low temperature, cold wind and other environments.

Without careful maintenance, dryness and nourishment are the most obvious reactions.

Especially in autumn and winter, the dry and cold wind blows up even the dry skin on the lips, and the lips are more likely to dry and even peel.

Although the skin of the lips will not sag due to gravity, when the lips are dehydrated, talking, smiling, and eating will cause premature fine lines around the lips.

In addition to the dryness caused by the environment, the aging of the lips with vertical fine lines will increase with age.

  Lip licking is likely to cause chronic cheilitis. In the current season, many people will feel that their lips are dry and chapped, so they will lick the lips unconsciously, but the results are often counterproductive. The dryness of the lips may worsen, even causing the lips to swell.Large, swollen with blood.

In fact, these symptoms are typical clinical manifestations of chronic cheilitis.

Chronic cheilitis is a chronic, non-complication complication of the lips. It is mostly caused by various long-term, continuous irritation, such as dryness and cold, especially related to bad habits such as licking and biting the lips.

When licking the lips with the tongue, due to the drying of the external air, the moisture brought by the saliva will quickly evaporate, and then the lip will take away only a little water, which will cause a vicious cycle of getting dry and licking, and licking and drying.It may even cause pigmentation in the skin at the corners of the mouth.

  In addition, lips are also prone to crusting in autumn, which is also related to the bad habit of licking lips.

Because saliva contains a variety of digestive enzymes, after the saliva on the lips evaporates, these macromolecular proteins will remain on the lips, forming a crust with the cells replaced by the lips.

Because the tissue under the crust is incomplete, if it is torn off forcibly, it will cause more local exudation and thus form more crust.

  In the fall, you ca n’t remove your lips and makeup. Office women usually have to wear a light makeup to work every day. Applying lipstick is more energetic, but many people only know to remove makeup on the eyelashes after coming home from work, and simply put a tissue on their lips.算 Even if, over time, the lips will be damaged.

Even if the lipstick and lip gloss on the lips have been removed, you need to use a professional lip makeup remover to remove makeup at night.

Cleaning the skin on the lips is more sensitive, so when choosing a makeup remover, try to choose a mild nature.

Gently cover the lips with a clean cotton damp-cleansing liquid for 5 seconds, divide the lips into about 4 areas, and wipe gently from the corner of the lips to the middle.

Although the lipstick on your lips is gone, do n’t ignore the steps to remove lip makeup, just like facial makeup.

Before applying lipstick or lip gloss every time, apply lip balm first, this will be more beneficial for lip care.

  Balm and honey are also very good at moisturizing. To deal with chapped lips, you must first adjust your daily habits.

Timely replenishment of sufficient amount of water and sufficient drinking water will greatly help the balance of human function.

Both men and women should use lip balms to care for their lips, and try to choose colorless lipsticks with less irritating ingredients.

People with allergies can also use a cotton swab to apply sesame oil or honey to their lips.

Try to avoid external stimuli such as wind and sun, and you can use a mask to protect yourself when you go out.

  If the cleft lip and crusting symptoms do not heal for a long time, you should go to the hospital in time to check the cause as soon as possible and treat it symptomatically.

  Moisturizing soup adds extra points to your lips. Adjusting your eating habits can also help improve chapped lips.

Usually eat more fresh vegetables, such as soybean sprouts, rapeseed, cabbage, white radish, etc. to increase vitamin intake.

If necessary, you can take vitamin A or B at the same time to help the lips and lips to heal quickly.

In addition, the following three soups can also help your lips.

  Tremella soup: 30 grams of Tremella, the right amount of rock sugar.

Take 30 grams of Tremella and wash, add water to the casserole and simmer, add rock sugar to serve, 2 times a day.

It has the functions of nourishing yin and nourishing lungs, relieving cough, lowering blood pressure, and lowering fat.

People with cold, cough or cold should not take it.

  Duck broth: 1 duck, cut into pieces, stewed in the usual way, eat meat and broth after seasoning, 2 times a day.

It has the effects of clearing heat, tonifying yin, regenerating hydration, and emollient.

Those who are physically cold or cold and have abdominal cold pain, diarrhea, and low back pain are not suitable for the time being.

  Honey stuffed white pear: 1 large white pear, 50 grams of honey.

Take 1 large white pear, remove the kernel, add 50 grams of honey, and steam it twice a day.Suitable for dry lips, thirsty throat, hot hands and feet, dry cough, chronic cough, and low phlegm