English is what makes my head bigger,My goodness,I really feel like listening to the bible,Original English knowledge is not solid,English is going to be useless if you go down like this,Although the time was not set according to the time at the beginning,But now we need to change it,You need more time in daily review of English,I feel that the basic knowledge of English is not firmly established。

Sigh again,Mobile phones are really a scourge。Sometimes I can’t stop when I take my phone,I’m really afraid that my eyes and hands will be blinded by the phone,Basically every day, I stay away from the disaster,Try not to let it appear in my sight,My goodness。
Really hard。
Eighth day,Not much knowledge,The only thing to master is,My butt hurts when I sit on a chair。
Because I watch videos on my computer every day,Take notes or something,I really don’t want to sit down anymore。
Politics roughly ends today,starting from tomorrow,Politics allocate two hours a day for two brush plus exercises,More time is allocated to professional courses and English,The time for English and professional courses is not fully determined yet.,Tomorrow, let’s look at other specific contents before making arrangements。
The only feeling now,Empty head butt pain。
Slumped today
2020year7month12More than two o’clock in the morning
Sleepless during the day,Can’t sleep at night。I’m really afraid of sudden death one day。

“well,How i feel now,Better than ever。”

The Hulk made a thick voice,Although he has gained great power,But still respect the name of the water country,Just looking at Qing,There was a vague look of disdain in his eyes for dating。
“green,You go test the strength of the Hulk。”
I heard the words of the name of the water country,Qing nodded,As a ninja,Of course he just noticed the disdain of the young samurai who turned into the Hulk.。
“Water escape·Water wave。”
Like a waterfall hitting the Hulk,Did not cause any harm,As if just showering the Hulk。
“Now it’s my turn!”
The Hulk suddenly rushed towards the green at a speed visible to the naked eye,Hitting Qing’s body with a stabbing fist,But Qing became a ball of water and escaped the attack。
After using the water escape substitute, Qing appeared behind the Hulk,Then he raised his prosthetic leg to the Hulk。
“Laser Cannon。”
Laser penetrates the chest of the Hulk,But after a few breaths,The pierced chest of the Hulk quickly recovered。
“All right,Almost done。”
After hearing the voice of the name of the water country,Hulk and Qing stopped at the same time。
Although the Hulk is not Qing’s opponent,But the Hulk’s powerful recovery ability will still cause a lot of trouble for Qing。
“I am very satisfied,but,Something so useful,Why do you give me?What do you want from me?wrong,If you use it yourself,No matter what it is, you can get it easily。”
Although very satisfied with the Hulk,But the daimyo of the country of water did not get dazzled by it。
“Although the Hulk is very powerful,But there are still limitations in the face of powerful ninjas,And we at S.H.I.E.L.D. don’t have so many trustworthy people who can become the Hulk。”
“Besides,The Hulk is not the most satisfactory work produced by the Umbrella Organization’s Biochemical Ghost Project。”
Hear the words of instant fire,Uchiha Itachi silently remembered the biochemical ghost project in his heart。

“BOSS!Don’t you listen to the quote?They are very sincere!”

“Do not listen。”Kobe hung up the phone。
Then use your feet to pick the basketball into your hand,Continue three-point shots。
Harris looks at Kobe,Eyes full of doting。
Too sensible!
Where to find such a sensible rookie。
Even if it’s a rookie Jordan,He is not willing to change。
Kobe is the strongest rookie in history!
This spirit of hard work,Is the reason for his success。
Because of Kobe’s efforts,The Lakers’ training atmosphere is surprisingly good,They are not like the big soldiers like ordinary teams,It’s harder than high school students and college students。
Small fish,They think every team is like this,But not!
The training atmosphere of the Lakers,The league can’t find a second one。
This——All because of Kobe。
“Tianwang Mountain,The Lakers and Bulls can hit Tianwang Mountain。”NBAHeadquarters,Stern put his hands together,Sitting at the desk,Watch the ratings of these games。
“Unexpected,I never thought they would be so strong。”Xiao Hua’s eyes rounded。
“This is the honor they deserve。”

Han Donger likes Shen Huan to take everything seriously。

Not suitable for this person,Shen Huan will never give it away。
Even if Tang Yuan begged so much before,Several old singers are talking,Shen Huan also insisted not to《A laugh》The copyright is given to。
Han Donger knows,Two songs for myself,《red beans》with《The sound of falling snow》,Are all perfect to show their voice,Make myself sing very comfortable and happy。
Such a song,Don’t know yourself,Then try to think,To find inspiration,How can it be done?
If it’s the kind of song that you just send yourself casually,Shen Huan can write100first!
But he didn’t do it,But honestly give as much as you can write。
In this situation,How could Han Donger blame Shen Huan??This is too unsatisfactory,I don’t know how to cherish it。
Besides, a singer makes an album,I certainly can’t just rely on a songwriter。
After Han Donger arrived at Yanhuang Music,These months,Outside her daily practice singing,Except for some advertising contracts,Are starting to pick songs。
A big company in the circle like Yanhuang Music,The foundation is really not comparable to mediocre studios,Just thousands of spare songs in the song library,It’s enough to shock people。
These are all bought with money,Anyone can use it。
In addition,He Yanhuang Music and top musicians made,Almost all the songwriters in China,And benzene、Tai Chi and the United States have。
Han Donger is going to make a song,As long as she proposes the type,Yanhuang Music directly allows foreign musicians to compose,It’s not a problem at all。

But I don’t even know each other?

Precisely because of this,Lin Yu frowned。
“My name is Dunkin,Cousin asked me to contact you。
Cousin told me before,You arranged a job for me。”
Deng Jin heard Lin Yu’s question,I also told my relationship。
Hear this,Lin Yu just knew,Who is this man who calls himself his cousin?。
It turned out that the mother-in-law asked herself to arrange work for him。
“It turned out to be Dunkin?
your business,Your cousin told me。
I have no time now,If you have time tomorrow,A trip to the Lin Group,Let me see what position is good for you?”
I am not in the company yet,It’s not very good to arrange work for him directly。
and so,Thought for a while,Lin Yu plans to wait until he gets back to the company。
After all, how do new companies need to employ people?,I am not very clear,Will be handed over to Secretary Liang to be responsible。
“it is good,Thanks cousin!If nothing happens,Then I won’t bother you。”
My cousin can give out tens of millions of gifts casually,At least I will arrange a supervisor?

Peng Changyi looked at her,Think about it:“I just said,I totally respect your opinion。”

Shu Qing said:“Then you can accompany Nana tomorrow,Let old Gu send me。”
Peng Changyi startled,Said with a pair of innocent eyes open:“Dropped me path so soon,I was laid off before I started?”
Shu Qing smiled,Turned around to get his bag。
Peng Changyi took her hand again,Said:“tomorrow,I’ll see you off?”
Shu Qing looked at him expectantly,But she can’t judge the sincerity of Peng Changyi tonight,Just slap his hand,Said:“obedient,You accompany your child first,Let me calm down。”
Peng Changyi nodded,Let go of her hand,Said:“I’ll call you again that night。”
Shu Qing nodded。
that’s it,Peng Changyi sends Shu Qing back to the dormitory,He didn’t follow her up,But after watching her room light up,Saw her come to the window again,Wave to him,Draw the curtains,Peng Changyi turned around now。
First203chapter Farewell
after come back,Peng Changyi’s wine is completely sober,He regrets what he said to Shu Qing,Originally, he was going to be when Shu Qing left,Clarify the relationship with her,if that’s the case,Tonight will be a very romantic start,She has longing、Go back with your own expectations,such,Both sides will feel unhappy,Feelings continue to ferment and heat up,But because I confessed my feelings to her,Made Shu Qing lose confidence in herself。To know,Girls are all emotional,They care about these,Although he repeatedly stressed that his heart has been emptied,Will Shu Qing believe it??。
It seems that Shu Qing is right,Although drunk and not addicted,But emotionally it’s still hard to control,I said everything when I got excited after drinking。
at this time,He regrets dead,Secretly gritted his teeth,No matter how much alcohol I drink,She insisted not to say anything。
after,Do they have a future??Shu Qing seems disappointed in herself,But I really shouldn’t tell her the truth?Is he really wrong??
the next day,Peng Changyi called Lao Gu,Let old Gu send Shu Qing。Old Gu said puzzledly:“Didn’t you say everything was done last night??You send。”
Peng Changyi said impatiently:“I want you to send it,Get up quickly。”
Old Gu said:“My enteritis……”


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Chapter One Hundred Seventy Five You help me let him go
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You help me let him go
Chen Hao asked in a daze。
“Hello,Are you Chen??”
A man on the phone asked。
“I’m,who are you?What are you doing?”
Chen Haoyi heard a call from a stranger,I wanted to hang up the phone in an instant。
“I’m a policeman from Haishang City Traffic Police Brigade,Do you know a girl named Shen Ruoxi??”
“Know,what happened?she is my friend。”
A question mark was drawn in Chen Hao’s mind;Traffic Police Brigade?Policemen?Shen Ruoxi?What situation is this?
“Shen Ruoxi just had a car accident,Now in the emergency center,We don’t know who her family is,Seeing that you are the second person in her contacts on her phone,So we called you。”
Shen Ruoxi’s phone address book,Qin Liang in the first place,The police called Qin Liang first,But the phone is off,Because when Qin Liang went to the lake to save people,The phone got water,No longer available。
Chen Hao in second place,Naturally the police’s second choice。

? “Okay old sister,Don’t you dare to make a move today??Facts proved;You can defeat the bad guys, right??So you don’t have to be afraid,The bad guys just look different,All the same,You can beat one today,Tomorrow can also beat the second

A,You’ll get used to it,Then you are just like us,Hehe。”
Liu Xiaoyun continues to play Qin Liang’s words。
“Then i’m just like you,Became a tigress, right??”
Murong Shan teased,I accepted everyone’s advice,Isn’t it a determined decision?。
“When we need to be tigress, we will be tigress,When we need to be kittens, we will be kittens,This is not a contradiction。”
Liu Xiaoyun answered confidently。
“That makes sense,Then show me as a little cat。”
Murong Shan said with a smile。
“Sister Shanshan,You are great today!Caught the bad guys,Will you come to the white fox in the future?I really hope to be protected by your sister。”
Liu Xiaoyun instantly played a Jiao Didi,Cute little cute!Spoiled Murong Shan with a standard loli tone……
“……”Everyone looked at Liu Xiaoyun in disbelief!This is the first time everyone in the Shen family has seen Liu Xiaoyun use such an image,Such a voice appeared in front of everyone!Qin Liang was even more stunned!I took care of Liu Xiaoyun“Tough girl”image of,Suddenly saw her cute girl

Just the act of getting out of the car,Throwing the women out a few blocks long ago,Don’t even think about it,There will be a lot of people going after each other tonight,Although there are many people pursuing。

As for Xia Chenglong,Ok……No one seems to pay attention,No one even connects each other with the company of the woman,Everyone thought the other party was just a bodyguard。
No wonder,In a high-end club full of suits and shoes,Whose partner will wear ordinary military plain clothes,Isn’t this laughed off?!
Zhao Shaojiu didn’t pay attention to the surrounding eyes,She is still a little nervous,After all, you have to get close to their enemies。
“That fourth brother,If you are really sure that our plan is feasible?How do i feel a little hanging。”Zhao Shaojiu asked without changing her face。
“Do not worry,You just have to ask him out,Leave the rest to me。”
That old fox Wang Yishan,Looks carefree,Very careful,If there is nothing particularly important, I will stay in the Warrior Association and not come out.,Today is a good opportunity。
“Miss Zhao,I’m from Nima GroupCEOZhang Bo,Can i invite you to be my partner tonight?”
They just got out of the car and haven’t walked two steps,A little white face came up shamelessly,Then give yourself a strong package,I almost watched Xia Chenglong。
There is such a cheeky person in the world,It’s an eye-opener。
Zhao Shaojiu, who was a little nervous, was so engaged,That kind of atmosphere disappeared in an instant,She is also the noble first female president of Bincheng。
“Sorry,I do not need。”

Secondly,There are a few buddies here,Can distract everyone,Even if I secretly say something to Liu Xiaoyun,It won’t always attract the attention of other girls……

This is Qin Liang’s true motive!Anyway, he knows;Even if Yang Zhi and Shen Ruoxue are greasy together,Shen Ruoxue won’t have anything to do with Yang Zhi……The first Shen Ruoxue is not that kind of frivolous little girl,Second, Yang Zhi didn’t have the guts!
Liu Xiaoyun is secretly strange;Why does Qin Liang call Yang Zhi and the others??Said he couldn’t protect five girls alone,The obvious is just an excuse!The sisters of the Rose Legion still need a man’s protection?Isn’t that nonsense?!
Is it to give Yang Zhi a chance to pursue Shen Ruoxue??That’s impossible!Qin Liang’s to Shen Ruoxue“Watch over”,Not in“Watch over”Under oneself,He’s not so generous!Just like Qin Liang said;Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun,All his private property,Don’t even think about it!
What is his intention for doing this??
While Liu Xiaoyun is thinking hard,Qin Liang took a peek at her,The eyes of the two changed,Qin Liang avoided his eyes immediately,Dare not look at Liu Xiaoyun……
So Liu Xiaoyun thought again,I suddenly understood in my heart!It turns out that Qin Liang is foresight and wants to create the opportunity to be alone with himself!
“There are still many hearts,Ha ha……”
Liu Xiaoyun smiled happily,Seeing Qin Liang for himself,Can even think of such a complicated mind,It can be seen that he really took care of himself!
The only one who began to struggle is Shen Ruoxue。She knows Yang Zhi’s love for herself very clearly,The personal relationship between the two is actually quite good,But every time as long as one is with Yang Zhi,She and Yang Zhi will be the targets of all kinds of ridicule!Can’t hide,Made her very embarrassed,Embarrassed,But it’s hard to say anything,
Can only endure……So Qin Liang took the five girls downstairs,While the five girls are preparing things,I called Yang Zhi first,Arranged a meeting place,Wait for the girls to come out with a military backpack alone,Then I drove a car slowly,Towards the destination without rush
go with……
“I said,What are your backpacks??How come everyone has so much?”
In the car,Qin Liang has nothing to ask for words。
“Master,You can’t just ask about girls,In our country,That’s very rude。”
No one else said anything,Luna speaks first!
“I have a hasty!You are not brave!Even your master’s master dare to criticize?”