The diamond wall cracked,But there are only a few cracks on the surface,Instead, Wu Shixiong was shot out again。

“forget it,Depending on the hardness of the diamond?”Paul rubbed his head and stood up from the ground,“Damn thing……Evaporate in place!”
A fireball bigger than a house fell from the sky,The diamond wall disappeared in an instant。
“Hold your breath!Most of the physical rules in the real world apply to God’s Domain!”Tang Xueqing hurriedly said。
When everyone rushes over with their breath,A group of people including Lin Yichen are long gone。
“Damn,Let them run!”Paul kicked the soldier who was frozen into ice angrily,“Just leave a groupNPC!”
“They took the boy away。”Tang Xueqing frowned,“What does Lin Yichen want to do??Such a big surprise attack on the base,Just for a newcomer?”
“It’s not a big fanfare,Lin Yichen has at least five of themsLevel abilities,Today only two appeared,Although Lin Yichen’s deity is far better than the remaining threesClass-level powers are more deterrent。”Lin Mo thinks。
“What should we do now?What to do with that kid?”Paul asked,“The new minister hasn’t arrived in Avon,Do we need to wait for his instructions?”
“……Lin Mo,I remember we seem to have planted a virus on the central computer in Avon?”
“Yes,But rash use has a great risk of exposure,Because Lin Yichen, an advanced artificial intelligence, exists,Our virus may be eliminated immediately。”
“Can’t care,Use all intelligence methods to monitor Lin Yichen,I want to know where that kid is going right away。If it’s just a normal conversion,Then we can put it off for a while,But if Lin Yichen is murderous,We must save him,Understand?”

And now Dayao’s appearance is undoubtedly a reassurance for them!

in a sense,Dayao can now represent the official!
And Dayao coming to contact Xu Xuan also means.Ke Fan and Wang Meng looked at each other,The following is enough for your brain!
Is this an official announcement??
Dayao came is a surprise!
Xu Xuan regained his spirit,Look at your opponent in this game。
Miami Heat!
Wade today、Bosh、Ruhr·Deng Xin composed“Big Three”Joint start!
“Kid,I won’t look at Dayao’s face and show mercy to you。”Wade came over and said to Xu Xuan。
“of course!”Xu Xuan nodded in agreement:“You have to earn face by yourself!”
He never thought about what he would get from Dayao or Yu Yin,He can take what he wants!
Wade gave him one more look,This kid is quite spine!
“Chris,Be careful。”
Bosh turned back and grinned:“You should be careful,Dwayne,I am a center today。”

Hong Yan can understand a little bit,After all, a senior youth,And so much life experience,I should have seen everything。

What’s the matter with those two little fresh meats?
Shouldn’t there be a reaction??
Chapter One Eighty Seven Leg cramps
I have to swim in the water this season,First, you really have to adjust to the temperature in the water,A fierce man plunged in,Out of ten。
At this time Hong Yan is still warming up on the shore——Anyway, he is the oldest of these guests,One qualification is enough,He can be the last one to swim,Don’t worry now,It’s not time to adjust to the water temperature。
Sheng Tiange and Wu Xuan have not yet decided who goes first。
Chi Jiao and Qu Wan’er don’t say they have adapted to the water temperature,Just dress little,I didn’t even adapt to the temperature on the shore。
If it’s not for showing your love in the show,,Who would come to swim in the river at this time?
Zhan Li is very aura,Swaying and walking to the water’s edge,Shows one leg has penetrated into the water,The temperature of the water was so cold that she smashed her teeth。
It’s really cold。
But it’s not so unbearable。

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First308chapter Shy Big Black Bull
He’s really scared,Some irrational fans,Run to make trouble。</p>
He had prepared for the worst,Unexpectedly, the scene is indeed a bit unexpected。</p>
For Chen He’s question,Su Luo’s answer is perfect,Changed the subject again and amused the audience。</p>
Such a familiar sense of variety,Super brother was surprised,This young man is not easy。</p>
Just after this thought,There was a jingle,Accompanied by the sound of horseshoes moving into the arena。</p>
“Look。”suddenly,Zheng Kai yelled,Everyone looked at where he was pointing。</p>
I saw a very beautifully decorated carriage appeared in the field,The carriage is full of flowers,There is also a strangely shaped person who is pulling the reins and driving the carriage。</p>
Brother Chao may be chatting because of his age,A little dizzy,Squinting at the carriage approaching from a distance,Tao:“What is that?”</p>
Su Luo speechless,Step forward:“Super brother,That’s a person。”</p>
Brother Chao seems to be aware of the language disorder in his words,Awkward smile,As the carriage approaches,Brothers and the audience off the court can finally see who comes and who is。</p>

Linda responded:“It’s not necessarily called a concert,Singing on variety show,Also a concert。”

Lu Shanshan sounds a little confused,Linda smiled:“Many people think the idol cooperation environment is bad,But counting,As long as you can be a man,How can I get in the circle。Nodake,I think you have to be flexible。Your relationship with Miss Ji Jia should be fine now,Then you have to seize the opportunity,After all, not everyone has the opportunity to work with Director Chen Da。”
Shanshan Lu heard the name of Director Chen,Asked in a low voice:“in case,There is an actor who is not right with Director Chen,How can she avoid Director Chen?,reach the peak?”
Linda seems to be listening to a joke:“Ha ha,How is this possible,Who is Director Chen?,Which actor can’t live with him,Will definitely be blocked,Don’t think too much,Anyway, I have a good relationship with Director Chen,You will definitely benefit。”
Lu Shanshan was very heartbroken,Ji Yuanyuan’s road seems to be difficult。
Flower without Hundred Days Red,This is very suitable to describe the people in the circle。Before Xu Shuang comes back,Shen Zhiyue only needs to follow Linda,Then the focus must be him。It’s time to change。Xu Shuang is the focus of the audience。
This day Xu Shuang changed the style of the refreshing boy in the past,Changed to a black suit。Lu Shanshan sees him as if he has become mature,My face seems a little darker than before。
Xu Shuang noticed that Lu Shanshan was watching him,If it was before,He will definitely look back,And it’s a loving look。Now he tells Lu Shanshan,No feeling,He swept over coldly。
Lu Shanshan was so cold by Xu Shuang’s eyes,Lower your head immediately。She staggered with Xu Shuang today,Wore a very ordinary sports jacket。It looks like a young guy who is just going to work out。The makeup artist didn’t care about her,Just cleaned up her hair,Just make her look more energetic。
Lu Shanshan can feel herself being left out,But she can only endure。This society has many requirements for adults,Among all the requirements, endurance is the main。
Lu Shanshan can feel that the staff’s eyes look at her with indifference,But it doesn’t matter,Anyway, she only needs acting now,Just do the job at hand。Something else,She really doesn’t want to care。
“Shuang brother,Your this timeMVSo handsome,Just released,Has hundreds of millions of views,I heard that all major platforms are pushing your songs,Your song is really hot,great。”
Xu Shuang’s face has a nonchalant smile:“It’s nothing,Just the beginning。I will bring you more surprises in the future,Please look forward to it。”

“Because you are the commander of the three armies,I won’t hold you,How to control the soldiers of the three services?You still need to ask me about this simple truth?”

The general’s proud answer。
“Don’t I want to give you a chance,Hehe,I don’t deliberately ask idiot questions,How do you teach me?Do you say?”
Qin Liang always has the virtue of being hippie and smiling.。
“You bastard!Play with me, right??I think you want to be confined in the base for ten or eight years,Let you never see your beautiful daughter-in-law and your beautiful sister-in-law。”
The general’s threat is also hit the nail on the head,Point to the point。
“I am pleased to please you, but I am wrong?I didn’t take you so much。”
Qin Liang began to pretend to be wronged,Anyway, he knows that the general won’t really do anything to him,So what he’s doing with this idiot is called a slip。
“correct,Have you figured out how to recruit female soldiers??”
The general asked another important question。
“That one……Really embarrassed me,I am a big man,I can’t meet so many little girls,Do you say?”
Qin Liang is not silly,But he looked helpless,He is really helpless。
“I’m sorry,You go and swallow,Shen Ruoxue discuss what to do,I can’t help you with this favor,I’m such a bad old man and I have nowhere to meet a little girl,Am I right?”
The general decisively said the words first。
“Ugh,I’m so sad about this。”
Qin Liang sighed and said again。
“Yes,I’m very sad,This thing is a bit tricky。”
General Ruotou’s answer,He secretly began to figure out how to help Qin Liang handle this matter.,But the total is total,Before thinking of a specific solution,He wouldn’t say it。
“Forget it,Let’s talk about this first,It’s rare that I brought all the girls back this time,I want them to stay at the base for a few more days,Mainly familiar with the environment of the base,Find out where the various departments of the base are,What are they doing,So when they come back alone,It won’t be black。”
Qin Liang told the general his thoughts truthfully。

The Yin Family is a bit reluctant,He said:“This issue can not be discussed temporarily,But there is another problem,If a similar incident happens in the future,Can I, the deputy secretary, direct the Public Security Bureau??”

Jiang Fan smiled,Speak gently:“Home reality,How can you talk like that?The municipal party committee and the government both have leaders in charge of the Public Procuratorate,We follow the division of labor,Responsible,It has nothing to do with whether you are the deputy secretary,I want to direct these departments,Also need to weigh,Have any of you seen me overtake you in charge of leadership,Command in the field you are in charge of?We still have to pay attention to the principle of division of labor。Chu Xiaoqiang didn’t listen to you,Using police force,He is also cautious,I solicited the opinion of the leader in charge,Solicited Peng Changyi’s opinion,Why doesn’t he ask for my opinion?Why don’t you ask Zhigang’s opinion??He asked for their opinions,One is in charge,One is someone who understands the situation,You,Just calm down,Don’t care about this problem,He didn’t completely ignore your command,as far as I know,He mobilized the explosion protection team,Gathered in the nearby elementary school on standby,Didn’t it prevent the outbreak of an emergency??Chang Yi also did a self-review just now,I think Changyi’s attitude is sincere,After all,The problem lies in communication,If you two communicated with each other,Nothing else,I hope this question will attract everyone’s attention in the future……”
After the meeting,Peng Changyi took the initiative to walk to Yin Jiashi,Reach out to him,Said:“Secretary Yin,It is my fault,Caused you distress,Please forgive me。”
Yin Jiashi smiled heartily,Said:“It’s not poisonous,If i hold it in my heart,Secretly compete with you,Who is not good for this,Don’t blame me。”
Peng Changyi said in his heart,In the dark and in the light, you won’t save energy to me,But said:“Secretary Jiang is right,If we communicated with each other then there would be no such misunderstanding,It’s just that my phone call was blown by them,Can’t take care of。All right,In the future we will exchange。”
Yin Jiashi also said:“Today,I hope Mayor Peng don’t take it to heart。”
Peng Changyi said deliberately:“Dare i——If i take it to heart,Then you should use the ruler of party spirit to measure me again,I’m afraid!”
Yin Jiashi listened“Haha”laughing out loud。
After the meeting,Bao Zhigang and Yin Jiashi walked into Jiang Fan’s office together while talking,Peng Changyi returned to the office,After making a few calls,It’s time to get off work,He remembered Ding Yi’s hospitalization,Came to Fang Jiangfan’s office in the front row,Discover Bao Zhigang、Yin Jiashi、Li Ruming, Zhang Zexin and Cai Feng are all here。
First17chapter Difficult posture
Peng Changyi glanced at everyone after entering the door,Said with a smile:“Did Secretary Jiang treat tonight??Why are there so many people?”
Bao Zhigang everyone laughed。
Jiang Fan laughed too,Said:“Some of them don’t worry about my father-to-be,So I followed。correct,I didn’t say something at the meeting just now。”Speaking of which,Jiang Fan looked at the people present and said:“I may often go to the hospital these days,Some things may not be taken care of,Please bear with me。no way,My family is too scared,She’s better if I’m by her side,I also asked for leave from the provincial party committee,So please take care of your work,Pay attention,Contact me in time,Things that can be handled on the phone are solved on the phone,I’ll be back if I can’t solve it by phone。”
Bao Zhigang said:“In this case,Accompany Xiaoding more,This time is an extraordinary period,You are giving her strength,There must be no mistakes。”
Do not know why,After listening to Bao Zhigang’s words,Jiang Fan glanced at Yin Jiashi,Yin Jiashi looked thoughtfully and nodded,Ask Jiang Fan:“what is the problem?”
Jiang Fan looked at Yin Jiashi,Reply:“Pregnancy-induced hypertension。”
“I don’t understand,is it serious?”Yin Jiashi shook his head and said。

“Let go,Who wants to take a mandarin duck bath with you,hate。”

Shen Ruoxi twisted her body in Qin Liang’s arms,I didn’t wear pajamas originally,To be twisted by her,Qin Liang’s eyes couldn’t move immediately。
“Wife,you are pretty……”
Qin Liang is talking,I can’t help but bow my head and kiss。
“Dying you!satyr!”
Shen Ruoxi blushed instantly,Break free from Qin Liang’s embrace,Turned and ran out of the bathroom。
Qin Liang’s laughter ran after Shen Ruoxi back to her bedroom……
Rush into the bedroom,Shen Ruoxi closed the door,Then he clutched his chest and leaned against the door,Her body was shaking involuntarily。
Qin Liang just surprised that kiss,Gave her a sense of belonging。
quickly,Qin Liang finally finished the bath。
After he dried his body,I picked up the clothes Shen Ruoxue just sent him and put on。
Nima,What’s this called a yukata?!This is simply“Tights”good or not。
Why are both arms showing so much?Both legs are also exposed on the thighs,Is this a miniskirt?
Does the yukata shrink??Looks like Shen Ruoxi has to buy another bathrobe,This piece is of poor quality,It will shrink。
Qin Liang thought that he was successfully attacked just now,Kissed beautiful Shen,This is called a happy,Didn’t think too much,Thinking about going into the house and changing another one。

Unchanging opening remarks,Show his absolute status。It’s just that the tone of these two words is obviously heavier today。

“Why don’t you sleep?”Xia Jihan said lazily。
“I can’t sleep alone,Good for you,Slumber,I don’t care about your husband too much?”Guan Hao said in her tone。
“Ha ha,it is good,Husband,too late,Sleeping?”Xia Jihan said softly。
“I’ll find you to sleep。”Guan Hao said stubbornly。Since knowing her,Just think of her,He is a little impulsive,He suspects that he may be in serious debt in this regard before,Now it seems to make up for the shortfall in the past。
“be good,Stop it,Go to sleep。”Xia Jihan had to hang up again。
“listen!”May realize she is going to hang up,Guan Hao ordered:“You answer me a question first,Sleep when the answer is correct,You are not allowed to sleep。”
“Ha ha,it is good,go ahead。”Xia Jihan feels he is naughty。
“Then i asked。”Guan Hao deliberately cleared his throat and said:“Do you miss me tonight?”
“Ha ha,What’s the problem?”
Guan Hao also feels that he has a little love for sons and daughters, the hero is short of breath,Said embarrassedly:“This one,This is of course a problem,Can you deny that this sentence is not a problem?”
Xia Jihan smiled,Said:“it is good,I answer,Yes,I think。”
“what about now?”Guan Hao is breathing fast。
“I think about it now?”She said。
“I miss you,Someone miss you very much,Also want to see you。”Guan Hao said mysteriously。
Xia Jihan said:“who is that?It’s too late。”
“You know him。”Guan Hao said。

“I……how……How could it be on me!”

The girl gaped and tried to excuse herself。
Boss Lin hesitated,I had to point the gun at the girl and say;“Is something on you?Then you hurry up and hand over the things。”
“Nima!it is as expected,I changed a girl,Immediately avoid body search,Because you know that things are not on her at all,And you were originally a collusion group,So of course you won’t let yourself take off your clothes。”
Now Qin Liang is completely certain;This is simply a trap designed for yourself,then,He is ready to do it,Don’t you want to test me?OK,I’ll show you a hand。
“Boss Lin,Stuff in her bra。”
Qin Liang added another sentence。
Boss Lin immediately turned his eyes on the girl’s chest subconsciously,The girl’s figure is also very full,So at least one second,Boss Lin’s attention is“Run off”Understand,Qin Liang,All you need is this second!
Qin Liang suddenly reached out and picked up the wine glass on the table,Then he slammed it directly into Boss Lin’s face,A cup shot,Qin Liang has moved……
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Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty Seven Infiltrate the Tiger Gang
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Infiltrate the Tiger Gang
“On her……”
Boss Lin turned his face back while talking,But only half a word,Turned his face back,The wine glass that Qin Liang threw out has hit his face。
Boss Lin was beaten immediately,Didn’t wait for him to react,Qin Liang has reached his side,Take a look,Already grabbed his gun hand,Right hand punch,Hit him hard on the neck。