Pause back,Knicks sideline。

Varejao looked like I was about to fall,Jean Jason·Smith doesn’t dare to move too much。
Xu Xuan had no choice but to cross the defense line to the side to catch the ball。
Jason·Smith went straight to the penalty area after serving,Varejao did not take the usual path and abandoned Jason·Smith rushes to the top。
To pinch the melon!
But melon is still asking for balls!
You dare to ask for the ball?
Xu Xuan knew this was definitely not a good choice,But he can’t,I can only pass the ball with a sigh in my heart。
Back hit!
Back hit!
Melon used his strength to squeeze James away just about to fall back for a jumper,Varejao’s defense is here!
Melon is ready,When Varejao pounced, he collected the ball!
This is a subtle fake!
Art high people bold!
But next second——
The referee blew the whistle!
Melon offensive foul!

The TV audience is still relatively large,Even if it’s just a show,Can also bring a lot of traffic to Fang Hao。

of course,The premise is that Fang Hao is handsome enough。
Not so handsome,Participating in the show may not have such good results。
The benefit of the skyrocketing traffic to Fang Hao is that he soon signed an advertising endorsement for a mobile phone brand。
But this ad endorsement he used a bundling method,Tied up Qu Wan’er,Two people advertise together。
Fang Hao has become the king of domestic traffic,Demonstrated its strong business value,Endorsement fees have also increased to a level。
With Qu Waner,Signed the advertising endorsement of this mobile phone brand at a price of 40 million two years。
——In fact, Haoran Culture Company started to talk to that mobile phone brand with Fang Hao alone for two years4000Million endorsement price,Now bundle Qu Wan’er in,Did not increase the endorsement fee,It just gave Qu Wan’er a chance to expose。
They endorse the mobile phone brand,Not a certain phone model,This mobile phone brand is a domestic brand,More willing to advertise,It also has a large market share in China,The main focus is the young people’s market。
The images of Fang Hao and Qu Wan’er are quite suitable。
Although they mainly fancy Fang Hao’s appeal,But Haoran Culture Company is willing to take a Qu Waner,Of course they will not object,Happily signed the contract。
On the endorsement fee,Qu Wan’er expressed that attitude,That means you can don’t have money。
But Fang Hao didn’t do that,But share the endorsement fee with her。
——I’m all my own woman,It hurts self-esteem directly to stuff,Give some economic assistance in this way,Everyone will live well。
And it will save Qu Wan’er face when this distribution method is spread out。
Before this ad endorsement,Qu Wan’er only accepted one juice ad,Poor remuneration,The brand has never been heard of,There is no way to compare with this advertising endorsement。

Xie Yue frowned and said unhappy“We are a team,What does it count to be alone for a few years?”

The four of them finally reached a tacit understanding of the team,However, I haven’t met an opponent that can compete,About to leave one。
Think about it, I feel very uncomfortable!
Xu Sheng’s mouth twitched slightly,I rolled my eyes silently,I’m not afraid of hurting their self-esteem……
The light in Hu Liena’s eyes dimmed a lot,Looking at Xu Shengdao a little disappointed“Xu Sheng,You really want to leave?”
Xu Sheng gently stretched out her hand and stroked her cheek,As gentle as possible“Ok,I am not coming back,Don’t show such a disappointed expression”
Hu Liena’s eyes flushed red,I thought of being separated from Xu Sheng for several years……
There are a few sorrows in my heart unconsciously……
Xu Sheng glanced at the three of them,“Evil moon,Lena,Or who…If there is nothing wrong, I will leave first”
Yan retorted decisively“Hello,Xu Sheng,Who do you call?My name is yan,Yan!”
Xu Sheng is really,I have to anger myself before I leave,I was a little sad just now。
Think so,All those feelings are for nothing!
When Xu Sheng turned around,Hu Liena wiped her eyes,Call Xu Sheng out loud“Xu Sheng,wait for me,I’ll get something……”
Stop talking,Hu Liena ran away……
Xu Sheng are all confused……
Few minutes,Hu Liena trot over panting,In her hands,Holding a dark gauze hat and cloak!
Hu Liena walked to Xu Sheng,With a blushing face, he passed the two things in his hand,“Xu Sheng,This for you,If there is nothing to hide,Easy to attract……other people……”
Hu Liena was actually preparing to attract the opposite sex,But I don’t know if Xieyue and Yan are present,Abruptly changed a word。

then,Yan Mo opens the notebook,Started to write down the bits and pieces when I was with him,Time seems to return to the original memory with the beating brushstrokes.

Chapter 21 bitII
(One)About dating
“Shen Siyan,We have been together for so long,Are you sure you don’t take me to an appointment?”Yan Mo pouted,Whispered。
Shen Siyan startled,Took a look at Yan Mo,Thoughtful:“it is good,Then go after class。”
“Yay,Great。”Yan Mo happily applauded,Then I couldn’t help but ask:“Then where are we going?”
Where to go?Shen Siyan has another meal:“You’ll know later。”
Yan Mo nodded,Looking forward to the arrival of the first official date,No interest in listening,Thoughts have already drifted away。Finally ended the get out of class,Yan Mo turned and looked at Shen Siyan with excitement。
He carried his schoolbag,Walked a few steps,look back:“Let’s go。”
“it is good。”
Yan Mo hurriedly cleaned up,Just jogged and followed。Along the way,She looks very excited,Fantasizing about dating,Unconsciously showing a foolish smirk。but!while walking,The two came to a familiar place——Study room!
“Shen Siyan,Why did you take me from the Xi room on a date??”Yan Mo stunned。
“Learn。”Shen Siyan’s answer is light and windy。
Yan Mo dragged his voice,Asked again:“you——Indeed——set——Is it?”
Yan Mo is skeptical,I wish he just missed the word!She blinked big eyes,Looking at Shen Siyan without squinting。
I saw him calmly seated,Read the book at hand carefully,Said something without looking up:“Math test next week,You need to review。”
“what?”Yan Mo is full of black lines,There are countless wild horses running by,What kind of date is this??
She looked upset,Pouting,But still sat down beside Shen Siyan,Took out the math book,I turned it page by page。
Shen Siyan seems a little dull,Didn’t notice Yan Mo’s strangeness,Still concentrating on his advanced mathematics problem set。

Tang San immediately put away the Hades stickers,Excitedly looking at the man in front of you“father?”

Tang Hao casually gave Tang San a look,Slowly looked at Xiao Wu who was hiding behind Tang San……
Cold road“Mi,You go first,I talk to it”
Tang San hesitated“This……”
Tang Hao slowed down again“do not worry,I won’t do anything to her,Just want to talk to her”
Tang San, who was affirmed by Tang Hao, pursed his lips.,I can only agree“Ok……”
Stop talking,After patted Xiao Wu on the shoulder,Turned around and left here……
Tang Hao saw Xiao Wu holding a trace of hostility in front of him,Self-care“do you know,Tang San’s mother,In fact, it is also a 100,000-year soul beast”
Xiao Wu heard this,Eyes widened in an instant,The hostility in the eyes gradually disappeared……
And at the moment,Xu Sheng has led Hu Liena and Xie Yue to the place where he just started to enter the killing capital。
I saw there is still a blood moon covering the sun,A ghastly bloody breath came……
The richness makes Hu Liena and Xieyue look a little ugly……
Xu Sheng watched their every move,Point to the misty locust tree ahead……
Lightly“If you can’t bear it?Go there and have a look”

Qin Liang said with a melancholy expression deliberately。

“Feel you are a bad guy now……”
There is something in Liu Xiaoyun’s words, and Qin Liang’s sentence,What she said“Bad”,In fact, it means something else,She believes Qin Liang must understand。
“Really?OK then,You say I’m a bad person, then I’m a bad person,I don’t mind,It’s boring to be a good person,I still feel like being a bad guy,Hehe。”
Qin Liang knew what Liu Xiaoyun was talking about in secret,So he just followed Liu Xiaoyun’s words directly,Tell Liu Xiaoyun secretly,The so-called bad guy in her mouth,Qin Liang will continue to be!
Liu Xiaoyun can’t continue this topic anymore,So I snorted loudly,It’s an expression of my heart“Not angry”。Click until!This topic will stop here for now。
“Brother-in-law,If you are a bad guy,That would be terrible!You are so good,If I want to catch you,It’s harder than climbing!”
Shen Ruoxue who doesn’t know what Liu Xiaoyun and Qin Liang are talking about,Naively interrupted。“puff……Why do you want to catch me?I have such an outstanding villain,Your Rose Legion has the chance to show off!A group of police will not be able to catch me,Then you and Xiaoyun came to catch me,I pretend to resist,Finally caught by you two,You can be famous again
Down,Hey Hey……”
Qin Liang opened his mouth。
“Less foolish people!It should be me and Xiaoyun who will be caught by then!”
Shen Ruoxue squatted and said……

Continue to walk for a full hour,Everyone finally arrived at the destination,The journey today took half more time than normal,And smashed along the way,Almost every sister of the Shen family fell several somersaults,Even Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun were not spared。

“Oh my God,I’m exhausted!”
One place,Shen Ruoxue was the first to ignore it,Yelled and sat down on the grass。
“It’s the blame we didn’t expect beforehand,So the preparations were not done,Tired people,Sorry。”
Yang Zhi rushed to apologize for the first time。
“Oh, brother Yang Zhi,What does this have to do with us,We haven’t been to this island for a long time,Besides, the lush growth of grass is the law of nature,This is a natural thing,Why are you apologizing?,It really is。”
Shen Ruoxue was not embarrassed to speak,Liu Xiaoyun said it for her,This tacit understanding,The average person is really incomparable!Shen Ruoxue did not speak,Liu Xiaoyun knows what she actually wants to say。
Yang Zhi smiled embarrassedly,No more explanation,Because he can’t explain anything,The apology is only because the complainant is Shen Ruoxue,Nothing else,If Liu Xiaoyun complained like this,Yang Zhi won’t apologize。
Follow-up teams are also coming up,Qin Liang and others also appeared。
With the example of Shen Ruoxue,In a blink of an eye, the little girls sat down,Sat down,There are only swallows among the female soldiers,Du Xiaoyan,Zhou Meili and Luna still stand still,So in this way, you can see the real“Professional warrior”Here comes the difference between the sisters of the Shen family,Different is really different。
“Don’t do anything first,Let the girls rest together for a while。”
Saw Qin Liang coming,Yang Zhi hurriedly greeted Qin Liang again。
Qin Liang casually agreed,In fact, he is thinking about another very troublesome thing at the moment:In this environment,It is obviously impossible to expect the girls to find something to satisfy their hunger,Maybe I didn’t find something to satisfy my hunger,The girl will lose more than half of it!How terrible the consequences are!and so“eat”This matter,I’m afraid I can’t count on the girls……

Peng Changyi hung up,Today is Deputy Mayor Meng Ke taking office,Affirm that the government is redistributing labor,Will Jiang Fan……

Peng Changyi raised his head involuntarily,Looking up at the direction of the city,So my mind flew to the government conference room on the second floor,Jiang Fan is not old enough,I don’t know if I can settle Zhang Huai?
Peng Changyi is worried for his friend,What he didn’t expect is,The meeting went well,Why it went well,It’s because Jiang Fan did enough homework in advance。
He not only discussed with Fan Wenliang in advance about the re-division of the government,Even before the meeting,And invited Fan Wenliang,Said a few words。Don’t underestimate these words by Fan Wenliang,Although not much,Even if he sits for a few minutes without saying a word,Can play a big role。
Before the meeting,Jiang Fan came to Fan Wenliang’s office on the third floor,Fan Wenliang just came in,When I heard Jiang Fan invited him to attend a government work conference,Fan Wenliang said:“I don’t go,Just look at the arrangements for this work。”
Jiang Fan said that the new deputy mayor just arrived,And it was transferred from Jinan,You are currently the deputy secretary of the Jinan Municipal Party Committee,You attend,Shows the importance of government work。
Jiang Fan sees Fan Wenliang agrees,I proposed to come to the meeting room of the municipal party committee on the third floor。Fan Wenliang smiled,Said:“No need to,I’ll go down at four。”
This is also Fan Wenliang’s high profile,Although there have been precedents for participating in government work meetings before,But the premise is all held in the meeting room of the municipal party committee,Fan Wenliang will never go on,It seems,Respect for each other is also the way of officialdom in officialdom。
Fan Wenliang doesn’t talk much,Mainly affirmed the current government work,Also raised some hopes,Finally, I hope that members of the government team,Unite around Jiang Fan,Work together,Make Kangzhou’s work a big step forward。
Don’t read too much,It’s worthy of those present。He can come to the meeting,And spoke again,It means that Fan Wenliang nodded and agreed with everything Jiang Fan will do next.。
then,Jiang Fan did according to his wishes。Readjust the division of labor among team members。Take out the piece of education and cultural tourism that I originally pushed to Gao Tieyan,Meng Ke,From Zhang Huai, he took out the work of economic inclusion and investment promotion、project、land、Planning and finance, etc.,But to build the most oily city,And golf is now in progress,And the original finances、Taxation、communication、Reemployment、Departments previously in charge of justice and other departments are still left to Zhang Huai。
Zhang Huai is worried about taking the city construction from him,I didn’t expect to leave him。Gao Tieyan removed the farmer who was in charge of her,Group、Culture and Education、Sanitation belongs to her。
Jiang Fan is mainly responsible for presiding over the overall work of the municipal government。Competent city government office、City Government Research Office、Preparation work,Big contact、CPPCC、Democratic parties and the Federation of Industry and Commerce, etc.。

Beauty speaks。

“how about it?Give me back the money Lao Tzu spent on you,Let’s even clear up。”
Man answered loudly。
“So it was here to ask for an account……”
Qin Liang seems to understand a little bit。
“You used to be willing to give me flowers……”
The beauty seems to be lacking in confidence,The voice is not strong。
“That was before,Now I don’t want to,how?Don’t fucking talk nonsense with Lao Tzu,hurry up,Take me to withdraw money,Otherwise I come to your company every day to find you。”
The man’s tone is very arrogant,Qin Liang sounded a little upset。
“How can I pay you back if I have no money??Can you help me?I’m working,I will lose my job if you come to my company to make trouble。”
The beauty obviously begs to let it go in a low voice。
“I care if you lose your job?No money, right?No money to sell,Return me when it’s sold out!”
That man is obviously not a good thing,Scolded terribly。
Qin Liang frowned and turned his face away。
The beauty only saw that the person who entered the elevator just now was Qin Liang,She smiled awkwardly at Qin Liang,Say hello。
“grass,I want money from you,Actually stillTMDSmile at other men?You bastard,Stinky bitch。”
The beauty’s smile obviously angered the man,He yelled at him,Raise your hand on one side,I slapped the beauty directly on the face。

“I swear:I’m not angry with you from start to finish,Didn’t you just hit my ass a few times??What is this?I will definitely not do anything if someone hits me,It doesn’t matter if you hit me,After the big deal, I just find a chance to call back,Hehe,It’s not easy for me to find opportunities?”

Liu Xiaoyun replied deliberately nonchalantly。
“Then you can only mean something when you hit me,Can’t hurt me anymore……”
Shen Ruoxue continued to say childishly,How does her appearance and tone of speech look like a girl who is already twenty years old?!
“Row,I will pretend to be hitting hard by then,Actually you won’t feel any pain at all,Do not worry。”
。Nine Heavens God Emperor
Chapter three thousand and forty seven Why do I like to wear high heels
Liu Xiaoyun’s helpless answer。
Qin Liang said without tears,He was really not wanted by these two live treasures in front of Leide,He feels that his IQ can no longer keep up with the way of thinking of these two girls,Fighting can achieve this result,He saw it for the first time。
Shen Ruoxi smiled helplessly and sighed,She thinks everyone is being teased,The fight between two little girlfriends is typical“Beating is pro-swearing is love”,Instead, everyone thinks too much!
But this happy ending is also very good,At least let everyone relax,It seems that these two chicks are fighting,It didn’t affect the relationship between them at all,It’s still very good。
In a blink of an eye, Liu Xiaoyun coaxed the crying Shen Ruoxue,The tense atmosphere just now disappeared invisibly。