Red apricot woman real feelings out of the wall

Red apricot woman real feelings out of the wall

First love is the highest unforgettable love, which can be buried in the heart and brought into another world.

Under the right temperature, moisture and soil, the old love will grow into a gorgeous poppy flower, the temptation is irresistible, you really want to lie in his arms and remember the young no longer.

  First love old lover is intoxicated dictation: Su Xing, 48 years old, a middle school teacher we have been married for more than 20 years, and the child has graduated from college.

One day, I suddenly found my first lover Xiaoqiang on the street.

Both of us live in the same row of government dormitories. They are in a class from elementary school to high school. The two go to school together after school, and go to the water well outside the mile to collect water.

My neighbors think we are a natural couple, and often make fun of us. My neck is angry, my heart is sweet, and I secretly look at Xiaoqiang’s eyes.

One day, the two of us climbed to the North Mountain, sitting on the slate, embracing each other, and a pair of big geese flying in the sky in the distance.

  But then, he suddenly married the daughter of the county revolutionary committee.

On the day of his wedding, I avoided and went to live with my aunt’s house. I couldn’t stand the impact and tear of the festive suona on my heart.

Qian Qian, a member of the standing committee of the county revolutionary committee, is a reporter for a radio station. I am a worker in a small factory in a street. Her family is very popular and my family is a rich peasant.

Xiaoqiang’s father is the secretary of the county leather society, and of course his family is going to climb high branches.

But I love Xiaoqiang deeply. I heard that his father forced him to marry him. He even secretly asked me to meet a few times after his marriage, telling him his difficulties.

Later he went to work in a field and we broke the news.

Twenty years later, they met again on the street of their hometown.

My ghost followed him into a teahouse, and we talked about their respective marriages, and their words revealed their thoughts of each other.

Later, I went to a city where he was on a business trip and took the initiative to date him. I also became a couple overnight, but I made a wish.

The husband does not know so far.

  The first is a career hero, invincible, attracting envy of countless people.

However, in his eyes, he was slightly gentle in his spare time, and turned into an optional dust when he was busy.

Remember a word: Wu Yin is so beautiful when drunk, who is Weng Yan with white hair.

From then on, I understood why Helen left the heroic Spartan King and was willing to follow the little white-faced Paris to flee to Troy City . Drunk Wu Yinxiangmei spoke well: Yang Hui, 29 years old, my boyfriend, a store clerkI am an outstanding computer programmer. His talent has made me very admired. After we made clear the love relationship, his superb technology has become my capital to show off in the little sisters, and often took him to help my little sisters.We install computer system programs, defragment disks, download games, and kill viruses.

I am also pretty in front of the little sisters.

However, the good times didn’t last long. I found that he was too engaged in work and often ignored me. He was late or missed each appointment. He said that he was developing an office software that required continuous work without interruption.

But I couldn’t help being lonely and felt very lost.

  I started talking to a former boyfriend.

He was flattered and cared for me, and sometimes prepared a sumptuous dinner for me.

In the future, as long as my boyfriend said that he was busy with work, I would ask this friend to chat and watch movies and go to the ballroom.

We recall the good old days, and looking at the happy beauty in front of us, we all feel a sense of fate.

After watching a romance movie together at his house one night, we finally spent a passionate night.

I never wanted to see that computer programmer again.

  The man’s heart is like the sea, and he should be open-minded, but his broken heart and neglect of me pushed me into the arms of other men.

  The passion night incident made the boyfriend very angry. I also felt guilty for doing this. I knew that my actions might hurt the boyfriend’s heart, but I didn’t regret it.

Sometimes I’m also very confused. Maybe if I find a man with a strong career, I can only endure the loneliness of life. If I find a man who is with me every day, I can’t accomplish anything in my career. How should I choose?

  It is said that love is selfish, and selfish love cannot exceed half a grain of sand.

But love is so selfish that it doesn’t give the other party a little bit of freedom, it only suffocates love.

My husband’s almost “blockade” of love finally made me derailed, and responded to the phrase “more degenerate and happier” . the mind is not wide, and the person is tired of dictating: Zhong Yangqiong, 35 years old, a large shopping mall managerMarried for 7 years.

Every time I greeted a man I knew on the street, my husband was unhappy. When I got home, I immediately questioned what the man was doing, and asked me how I knew him. It was like being a case trial. I was very bored.

One time he received an unexpected call. The other party was a man. The line was broken as soon as he picked up the handset.Now I’m in a bad mood. He decides which man is dating me, and I feel ashamed no matter how I explain it.

He often looked at the phone numbers stored in my mobile phone. If the strange numbers were inquired, he asked my eyes and looked at me to see if I was lying.

If there is a text message, he always looks at it.

When I was chatting on the Internet, he was “accompanied by driving”. The thief stared at the computer slowly to see what I was chatting with the netizen. If a man laughed at him, he immediately grabbed the keyboard and typed a line “boy, be careful.My husband is right next to me!

“It made me very embarrassed in front of netizens.

My unit’s male colleague came to my house occasionally, and the boss was displeased, showed me a face, and coughed intentionally. The colleague had to say goodbye with interest.

Later, he even followed me, pretending to be on a business trip, and “scouting” near the house at night to see if any other man knocked on the door.

Angrily, I simply made a fake and came true. One day I really got along with a colleague in the unit. Last year, I and this colleague ran away to Huangshan for a holiday on May 1st.

  The expert consultation must first make clear that extramarital affairs exist in any society, but it is more obvious in modern society.

In modern society, the social structure has changed. It is a large and complex society. It is a “stranger society”. In such a society, the emotional alienation and alienation of people and nature, the chaos of social groups, increase people’sloneliness.

As an emotional woman, this sense of loneliness will be stronger than that of men.

At the same time, the increase of social wealth and human leisure time, rich means of communication, and the realistic possibility for women’s extramarital affairs, seeking emotional compensation outside marriage, so female extramarital affairs are now more apparent.

  Hongxing out of the wall is a woman seeking emotional compensation outside marriage, so she cannot simply intervene in the breakdown from the moral scale.

An open modern society brings an open concept of sex and marriage and family, which is a manifestation of social progress.

In such a society, women have greater freedom and the right to boldly pursue their emotional life and emotional experience beyond their own.

How to find excuses for her extramarital affairs in the case of the heroine who is not a case in the dissertation, from the subconscious point of view, are looking for an emotional compensation that cannot be obtained in marriage.

When he cannot be satisfied in family marriage, he will naturally seek compensation outside the marriage.

Therefore, we cannot simply strike them from moral grading.

As long as the perspective takes a responsible attitude towards their own emotional choices, and the harm to society and the family is reduced to a minimum, society should take a more tolerant attitude towards this.

However, this does not necessarily mean that we are in favor of extramarital affairs. We should still pay attention to the fact that someone has to take responsibility for the family.