10 health standards self-test your body is qualified


10 health standards self-test your body is qualified


1, pulse adult pulse 60 per minute?
100 times, if you find that the speed is too slow, the interval is weak, and the speed is not equal to the unhealthy performance of the heart.

The heart rate of the elderly is generally slower, but it is within the normal range as long as it is not less than 55 times per minute.

2. Sleeping adults sleep 6 times a day?
8 hours, you can rest for half an hour at noon.

It is difficult to fall asleep, sleep at night, sleepless during the day, and reset the performance of sleep disorders.

3, body temperature normal body temperature is 36 掳 C to 37 掳 C, higher than this is fever, lower than this is called “low body temperature.”

A small number of patients with frail and long-term malnutrition are also seen in patients with hypothyroidism and shock disease.

4, blood pressure adults blood pressure does not exceed 140 / 80mmHg.

The blood pressure of the elderly increases with age, but when the systolic blood pressure exceeds 160 mmHg, there should be no symptoms.

5, long-term stable weight is one of the health indicators.

Short-term weight loss is seen in diabetes, hyperthyroidism, cancer, stomach, intestines, and liver diseases.

Menopausal women are often fat and often sick.

A lot of weight gain in the short term may be related to high blood lipids, diabetes, hypothyroidism and other diseases.

6, diet adults daily food intake does not exceed 500 grams.

If you have more food and drink more, you should consider the presence of diabetes, hyperthyroidism and other diseases.

If the daily food intake is less than 250 grams and the loss of appetite is more than half a month, you should check for potential inflammation and cancer.

7, defecation healthy people daily or every other day, bowel movements, yellow for soft stools.

As long as the bowel movement is smooth and the stool is not dry, it is not constipation.

Abnormal color, traits, and frequency of stool can reflect colon cancer.

8, urinary adults daily urination 1?
2 liters or so, every 2?
Urination once every 4 hours, and the interval between urination at night is uncertain.

Normal urine is light yellow, transparent, and similar to foam.

If the urine urine volume is abnormal, the urination is too frequent, dysuria or pain instead of abnormal performance, you should seek medical attention.

9, breathing healthy people breathing stable, regular, about 15 times per minute, such as the depth of breathing, frequency, abnormal rhythm, breathing effort, chest tightness, suffocation, it is abnormal performance, should seek medical attention.

Cardiopulmonary dysfunction, after the activity can have a short-lived performance, and soon after the break can be considered as a manifestation of the disease.

10, mental health people full of energy, agile behavior, reasonable emotions, no dizziness and painless; otherwise should check for cardiovascular and neurological and joint diseases.