[How to make scrambled eggs with shallots]_Recommended diet

[How to make scrambled eggs with shallots]_Recommended diet

Fried egg with shallots is a relatively common home-cooked dish. Eating it properly can prevent ulcers and has a good effect on health benefits for each other. It also has a certain diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect.To understand the practice of scrambled eggs with shallots, let’s take a look at this.

Prepare three eggs and the right amount of salad oil, salt and shallots.

First prepare a bowl, beat the eggs into the bowl, add the previous oil and salt, and stir well. Wash the shallots, separate the shallots and the shallot leaves and chop them into small pieces.

Put an appropriate amount of oil in the pan. When the oil temperature reaches 70%, put the egg liquid into the pot. When the egg liquid has some care, start frying, break the eggs, and then put the green onions.Once inside, stir-fry evenly, so the scrambled eggs with shallots are ready.

The above briefly understands the practice of scrambled eggs with shallots. The practice of scrambled eggs with shallots is particularly simple.

When making scrambled eggs with shallots, put the salt in the egg liquid and stir well. This will prevent the salt from being uneven when the scrambled eggs are turned, which will cause the taste to deteriorate.

Adding a little oil to the egg liquid can also help the taste, especially the eggs can be made smoother, and the cooking wine can be put without oil, the taste is also good, and the temperature must be higher when scrambled eggsThis will help the egg liquid to coagulate, and then stir fry after coagulation, and break.

Although the onion scrambled eggs are very simple, the nutritional effect is still good. It can also be used as breakfast. Try not to touch too much when putting oil to avoid too much oil.