Sang Xiaoxi was stunned,She really didn’t think about this problem。

Sang Qingrou said:“Your first priority is to find a cure,other things,Not for you。Everyone’s life is in your hands,Are you still wasting time here?”
Sang Xiaoxi was stunned,this time,She has nothing to say。
The kid next to me grabbed Sang Xiaoxi’s hand:“big sister,I don’t want my mother to die,You help me!”
He said,Crying in front of the big guy。For such a small child,Losing a loved one is already a painful thing,I also watched my mother’s body burned。
His mood,Sang Qingrou can understand。but,right now,There is no better choice。
“Don’t cry!this matter……”Sang Xiaoxi was also embarrassed for a while,The little boy looks pitiful,but,She has to focus on the overall situation。
Just when everyone hesitated,Sang Qingrou did not hesitate to snatch the torch from the soldier,Never blink,Ignite the body。
in a blink,The corpses piled into hills were suddenly swallowed by the fire,Who wants to stop,It’s too late。
Just at this time,The little boy suddenly broke free of Sang Xiaoxi,Chao Sang Qingrou ran over。
Sang Qingrou is unprepared,Bit the back of his hand。She frowned,I saw the hatred in the eyes of the little boy,Said nothing。
He endured pain that shouldn’t be endured at this age,but,No one has a better choice。
“I won’t forgive you!You are all bad guys。”He cried and put aside,Sang Qingrou frowned,Staring at the bite marks on the back of your hand,Mixed heart。
How can I be a good man?She doesn’t even know what maternal love is,By contrast,This little boy is much happier than her。
Took a deep breath,Sang Qingrou returned to her indifference。
“All right!There is no time to be sad now,Go to the prescription,Should take care of the villagers,Just take care of the villagers,Stop pestering here。”
Sang Qing softly covered her hands,No one paid any attention,Walk to my house。The injury on the back of the hand is still aching,Wait to go back,She took a closer look,This child is merciless,All bleeding。
She flushed the wound desperately into water,I am afraid I will catch the disease。When looking up,I saw the villagers outside being tortured by the epidemic,I started to shake。