Out of sleep misunderstanding

Out of sleep misunderstanding

Nowadays, people’s lives are under a lot of stress and many details will be ignored. Failure to achieve standardized sleep will lead to poor quality and even bring about various diseases. Do you have the following bad habits?

If there is, correct it quickly: get angry before bedtime: get angry before bedtime, and become a person’s rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, and thoughts that make it difficult to fall asleep.

  Satisfaction before going to bed: Overeat before going to bed. The gastrointestinal tract needs to be digested more quickly. The stomach full of food will constantly stimulate the brain.

There is an excitement in the brain, and people will not fall asleep peacefully, implying that traditional Chinese medicine says that “when the stomach is not in harmony, you are restless”.

  Drinking tea before bedtime: The leaves contain substances such as caffeine. These substances can stimulate the central nervous system and make people excited. If you drink tea before bedtime, especially strong tea, the central nerves will be more excited and make it difficult for people to fall asleep.

  Vertical movement: blood pressure before bedtime. The nerve cells that control the muscle activity of the brain show a very strong state of excitement. This kind of excitement will not calm down in a short time, and people cannot fall asleep quickly.

Therefore, try to keep your body calm before going to bed, but it does not prevent you from doing light activities such as walking.

  Pillow is too high: From a physiological point of view, the pillow is 8?
12 cm is appropriate.

Too low, easy to cause “falling pillow”, or too much blood injected into the brain, causing brain swelling the next day, puffy eyelids; too high, it will affect the unobstructed airway, easy to snore, and long-term high pillow, easy to cause inappropriate orHumpback.

  Sleep with pillows: When you sleep with both hands under your head, in addition to affecting blood circulation and causing numbness in the upper limbs, it also easily increases intra-abdominal pressure. Over time, “reflux esophagitis” will occur.

Therefore, it is not advisable to use both hands as pillows when sleeping.

  Quilt cover: Covering your face can cause breathing difficulties; at the same time, absorbing the carbon dioxide you exhale is extremely detrimental to your health.

Infants and young children should not do so, otherwise there is a danger of suffocation.

  Open mouth breathing: Sleeping at night with closed mouth is the best way to maintain vitality. Open mouth breathing not only sucks in dust, but also makes the trachea, lungs and ribs easily stimulated by cold air.

It is best to breathe through the nose, nose hair can block part of the dust, and the nasal cavity can warm the cold air inhaled, which is good for health.

  Sleeping against the wind: The human body’s ability to adapt to environmental changes during sleep is reduced, and it is susceptible to cold illness.

The ancients believed that the wind is a disease with all kinds of goodness, and it changes a lot with good deeds; those who are good at regulating the photos, although improper in the heat and unhealthy winds, are exposed.

Therefore, it is advisable to avoid opening the air in the sleeping place, and the bed should be at a certain distance from the window and door.

  Sitting and sleeping: Some people have enough food to sit on the sofa, turn on the TV, and make tea again, which is comfortable enough.

May be too tired to work and fell asleep while watching TV, which makes the second biggest hidden danger!

Because sitting and sleeping is expected to reduce the heart rate slowly, blood vessels dilate, and less blood flows to various organs.

In addition, the digestion of the stomach requires blood supply, which increases the brain’s hypoxia, resulting in dizziness and tinnitus.

Some people say that they will take a break at noon, who will take a quilt to the unit, just find a place to stay.

The matter is saved, but the body will protest.

Come with me to learn cane exercises

Come with me to learn cane exercises

Using sticks to do exercises is an important way of Nordic walking.

Proportion with freehand exercises, cane exercises combined with stretching more in place, joint movements more fully.

The walking stick, which is equivalent to the pole in the dancer’s hand, opens up a new world of unreachable hands.

  The cane can act in at least three axial directions: (a) Upper limb movements 1.

Coordinated action: Hold a pair of canes with two hands, one hand pulls, and the other hand follows, thereby increasing the range of activity; 2.

Leverage: With some parts of the body as the fulcrum, one arm lever moves the other arm to increase the range of motion in the opposite direction; 3.

Supporting role: The movements of the left lower limbs of the two sticks with palms can reduce the joint pressure of the lower limbs.

And increase security.


Therefore, cane exercises are better qualified for gentle and balanced exercises.

If the cane exercises are combined together for 20 to 30 minutes, it will become a good set of aerobic exercises, and it is especially suitable for the elderly who are not good at retreating for lowering blood sugar.

  Here are a few excerpts from cane exercises.

  First shot: Hold the stick with both hands from the chest to the back and press it down behind the shoulders, and lift it at the same time (lift the heel).

  The second shot: Hold the stick with your right back to the chest, and your feet fall to the ground.

  Opinion: The two-handed stick is pressed behind the shoulder, which has great tensile strength on the shoulders, and the effect is very good. Because the persimmon tree is completed, it will not cause harm.

People with periarthritis are often unable to complete, and can only be raised above the head or pressed behind the brain, but often contact, resulting in joint adhesion relief and greater range of motion, is a sports therapy to prevent and treat periarthritis.

When you press your shoulders backwards, you need the body to lift (the heel is raised). It is a good exercise for the opposite joints. Frequent contact can prevent the heel from breaking.

  (2) One-arm stretch preparation posture: right palm forward, thumb down, holding the upper end of the cane, arms raised to the top of the head; left arm drooping, palms forward, holding the lower end of the hand from outside the body.

  First shot: The stick is supported on the top and shoulders, and the left hand is pushed forward.

Push once per beat and do two eight beats.

  Change your left hand up, right hand down, and do two more eight beats.

  Opinion: Take the rectal shoulder as the fulcrum and use the effect of lever to make the other shoulder and upper arm muscles fully stretched.

  (Three) lunge expansion chest chest beat 1: left leg forward into a left lunge, both arms straightened to the wall side to open the chest expansion 1 time, at the same time, lunge down once.

Requirements: The upper body is upright.

  Do it once for 1 shot, make two eight shots for the right leg, and do two more eight shots.

  Opinion: Lung presses are very helpful for stretching leg muscle ligaments and improving muscle strength, but many middle-aged and elderly friends have different degrees of osteoarthrosis, and it is easy to increase the wear of knee joints with bare hands.

The use of the palm as a support can reduce the pressure on the knee joint and at the same time fully stretch the upper limbs.

The action of chest expansion will exercise the pectoralis major muscles, shoulders, back, and waist.

  (4) Heel corner tip balance ready posture: left leg is in front, two legs are separated one step back and forth, front leg heel is on the ground, hind leg toe is standing upright, arms are held flat on both sides to hold the cane.

  Hold on to one eight beat, then raise your arms and stick to one more eight beats.

  Do the front and back foot swaps again.

  Opinion: Balance ability is an important indicator of the host of the body, which fully reflects the ability of the human body to balance organs, and also reflects the degree of control of muscle strength.

The ability to balance can be improved through exercise.

  Good balance ability, flexible and agile human activities, not easy to fall.

Keep the cane for exercises, it can be supported at any time, and the safety is good; when lifting, it increases the difficulty of movement and is conducive to the improvement of balance ability.

Is it important to warm up before practicing yoga?

Is it important to warm up before practicing yoga?

An important reason to warm up before practicing yoga is that it allows you to focus on your breathing and increase the amount of oxygen you inhale through deep breathing to strengthen your body and prepare you for yoga.

These warm-up exercises can also wake up the body in the morning or calm down at the end of a busy day.

  The blood circulation at the end of the body can also be improved by warming up, which is helpful for feeling the gradual progress of the body posture.

Warming up also helps the body to pose more easily and prevent physical harm. In addition, it can reduce the stiffness of the body after practicing yoga, because increased oxygen supply and circulation can reduce lactic acid produced by the muscles.

  The biggest benefit of warming up is that we can better perform yoga movements and have a stronger awareness of the placement of our bodies. This process helps the brain focus on the yoga postures to be practiced.

  You will find warm-up exercises a great relaxation exercise and can be done at any time of the day and anywhere.

  For example, simple contractions can be performed in the office or on the plane during a flight. These actions can relax muscles, relieve fatigue, and stimulate blood circulation and enhance vitality.

  The routine for warming up can be either a salute to the sun or a set of activities, exercises of various parts of the body, from head to toe.

You generally don’t have that much time to do all the moves in one exercise.

We announce that after you try to adjust, you find the action you feel you need most.

Beautiful and undefined both internal and external is the key

Beautiful and undefined both internal and external is the key

Taiwan fitness instructor Zhang Chunchun, a petite woman who can’t see her age, has become the crown of “Asian Bodybuilding Queen”.

She has always been the designated star shaping coach for more than ten record companies including Taiwan Rolling Stone, Sony, and EMI. From variety artist Wang Zongxian to powerful singer Wang Lihong, from the mainland’s little swallow Zhao Wei to Hong Kong’s Xiaotianhou Li Xinjie, she has personally directed.
  Li Yan: Pursuing sexy, never talking about “Asian Jennifer?”

“Mr. Lopez”, Li Zhang, teacher Zhang said: “She is a very hardworking person and has very strict requirements on the body curve.

This may have something to do with her dedication to the international route.

“Zhang Chunchun used to make dance moves for Li Min, and at that time Li Min’s figure was already very swollen.

“Rehearsing dance is a very hard job,” said Zhang, “but she will still work with me to figure out how to use some convenient equipment to shape her body in her free time.

“Mr. Zhang suggested that Li Yan do a hundred leg presses in bed before going to bed, or do chest exercises with small dumbbells while watching TV.

Later, these small tricks have become the unique skills that Li Wei must talk about when he introduces how to shape his body.

  When I realized that there was an article saying that Li Yan was too stressful of the curve and had lost the Asian beauty that was unique to him, Teacher Zhang was anxious to explain for her lovers.

“It can only be said that it has been a bit over the traditional standard, because we have not distinguished the boundary between ‘sense’ and ‘sexy’ very well.

Lin Jiaxin: The beauty is endless. Zhang Chunchun, who works with beautiful women both inside and outside, spends her time talking to Lin Jiaxin. “You are born to be a star!”

Looking back now, Teacher Zhang still praises Lin Meiren.

“Even with her face-to-face training, her face is flawless.

And the chest shape is very beautiful, it should be born.

But Teacher Zhang felt that the proportion of Lin Jiaxin’s upper body and lower body was not well coordinated.

“She seems to be under a lot of stress and the result of a bad mood is eating disorders.

Teacher Zhang said, “To eliminate puffiness in the lower body, simple body shaping is not enough.

As a body-building teacher, Zhang Chunchun often prepared some decompression tea for Lin Jiaxin.

She once prepared a beauty youth tea, which added 11 herbs such as Angelica, Poria, Amaranth, and Mint, and boiled for 45 minutes.

“This tea has a very good function to relieve the stress of life, and it is suitable for daily use,” Teacher Zhang pointed slightly. “But you must stick to it to be effective. I wonder if Jiaxin is obedient?”

Selina: Apple face, so blessed. When SHE debuted, Zhang Chunchun began to create an image for them.

Speaking of these three little girls, Teacher Zhang’s face suddenly burst into a smile: “They are the most polite of all my students. Sometimes when they come across a show, they even come over and hug me.

The biggest figure in SHE was worried, probably Selina.

Because she was born with a round apple face, she always covered her cheeks with vertical hair.

Teacher Zhang was very dismissive.

“I have always disapproved of Selina’s excessively thin face,” she said.

Her apple face is cute and can bring her blessings.

If you lose weight, it may affect Star Fortune.

“Of course, full-faced meat will affect Xingyun even more. The key is how to make the lines of the face soft and beautiful, which shows a strong sense of Chinese Baby.

Teacher Zhang once taught Selina a few small face techniques to soften facial lines by massaging acupuncture points.

Teacher Zhang did not forget to add at last, “It’s the camera that is making troubles, Selina is actually very pretty.

Do you understand the gray mind of men

Do you understand the “gray mind” of men

If the “gray mentality” is not prevented in time, it will not only affect work and life, but also damage physical health.
The occurrence of “gray psychology” originates from both physical and psychological aspects.
People often say that the “35-year-old phenomenon” means that between 35 and 45 years of age is a “problematic autumn”. Both physical and psychological pressures are internal and external.
Both work and life are faced with “there are old, young, and small. Under this pinch, middle-aged men are prone to gray mental symptoms.”
  Because the body has entered a period of slow decline from the period of vigorous growth, under the impact of young people, even if there are no major problems in the body, it is easy to feel “inadequate”; and having more experienced leaders or seniors than them also makes them riseSpace is constrained.
  Psychologically, decades of familiar work and stereotyped living environments can easily make people feel dull and boring.
In this case, the easiest problem is marriage.
  To alleviate this morbid psychology, the most important thing is to enrich work and life in an orderly manner, including effective communication with family members, planning for work and fitness, restoring previous interests, and driving family and friends.Enriching your life together is very helpful to improve your gray mood and mentality, and develop a positive attitude.
  Proper change of the environment is necessary, it can generate new vitality, restore new potential, and keep yourself healthy and uplifting.
Such as going out for a period of time, staying with children or relatives.

Medicinal diet conditioning for postpartum halo

Medicinal diet conditioning for postpartum halo

Post-blood haze refers to symptoms such as dizziness and dizziness after delivery, unable to sit up or having a tight chest, nausea and vomiting, and even coma.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the causes of blood dizziness are: first, excessive blood loss during production, loss of heart, resulting in qi deficiency and blood loss;

Symptoms can be treated with Dushen Decoction, Ding Kun Dan or Duo Ming San.

Medicinal diet conditioning can also be used according to the type classification.

  Astragalus porridge with blood deficiency and qi de-type medicated diet prescription: astragalus 20 g, add 200 ml of water, fry to 100 ml, remove residue and leave juice.

Prior to 50 grams of rice porridge, add medicinal sauce and an appropriate amount of brown sugar when cooked, then simmer slightly, serve once a day, morning and evening.

  Schisandra ginseng soup: 50 grams of Schisandra chinensis, 10 jujubes, 12 grams of ginseng, boiled in water.

Take the medicinal juice and brown sugar, take it warmly, 1 dose daily.

  Lotus seed powder porridge: The lotus seeds are finely divided, 15 grams each time, and 30 grams of rice are cooked as before. Pour in an appropriate amount of brown sugar when cooked, once a day, morning and evening.

  Angelica lamb minced ginger soup: 500 grams of mutton (washed and sliced), 60 grams of angelica, 30 grams each of ginger, astragalus, 10 jujubes, add hydroponic stew, eat meat soup.

  Blood-stasis type halo medicated diet peach kernel porridge: 15 grams of peach kernel, soak in water after smashing, and take juice.

Prior to 50 grams of rice, cook porridge, add peach juice and moderate brown sugar when porridge is half cooked, stew until porridge is cooked, and take it every morning.

  Bergamot Yuanhu Hawthorn Soup: Bergamot, Yuanhu 6 grams each, Hawthorn 10 grams, decoction, take juice and drink, 1 dose daily.

  Black bean safflower soup: 30 grams of black beans, 6 grams of safflower, decoction, take juice and pour 50 grams of brown sugar warm clothes, once a day.

  Mugwort Dried Ginger Vinegar and Sugar Drink: 9g each of Mugwort and Dried Ginger, decoction, take the juice, add 100 ml of rice vinegar, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar, fry for a while, warm, once daily.

Cherry can strengthen the spleen and stomach

Cherry can strengthen the spleen and stomach

Cherries “are ripe before the first fruits”, and are listed in large quantities every year in the late spring and early summer.

Not only is it nutritious, sweet and sour, but it is also a great treat.

  ”Preparing for a Thousand Gold Recipes” said: “The cherry taste is sweet, flat, astringent, moderate and beneficial, can be eaten more, pleasing colors, and beautiful.

“There is also a record in the” Southern Yunnan Materia Medica “of” cherry cures all deficiencies, can replenish vitality, and moisturize the skin. ”

Cherry kernels are commonly used in Chinese medicine for sweating and transdermal preparations. It is applicable to measles from the beginning to the end.

Cherry juice can be applied topically to treat burns, burns, analgesics and prevent foaming.

Common folks use cherry dipped in vinegar to moisturize hemorrhoids.

  Cherries also have high medicinal value.

Motherland medicine believes that cherry is sweet, slightly sour, and warm in nature.

Into the spleen and stomach.

With Buzhong Yiqi, Qufeng dehumidification, spleen and stomach effects.

It can be used to treat symptoms such as weak body, weak qi, shortness of breath and palpitations, dry throat, thirst, rheumatism, waist and leg pain, inexperienced limbs, joint flexion and extension, and frostbite.

  Use 1000 grams of cherries and immerse them in 2000 grams of rice wine. Replace them twice a day after 10 days, each time 30?
40 ml, good for rheumatism, joint pain and numbness, unfavorable legs and feet.

How to keep children from the pollution of precocious puberty

How to keep children from the pollution of precocious puberty

Case 1: Jingjing, a six-year-old girl, is particularly fond of seafood. No matter which relative’s home is in the New Year, everyone will give her the seafood.

A few days ago, Jingjing’s mother suddenly noticed that her child’s nipples had increased in length and a dark areola appeared next to her.

Experts based on the results of the examination, diagnosed Jingjing has symptoms of precocious puberty.

Expert analysis, Jingjing is very greedy on weekdays, coupled with Chinese New Year cuisine “bombing”, resulting in the symptoms of precocious puberty.

  Case 2: Dandan, who was 8 years old recently, suddenly had secretions in her lower body, as if she was about to have menstruation.

Following a doctor’s follow-up, Grandma Zhiwu said, “Her mother often sends a lot of tonics to her children from South Korea. She is not short of anything. Why is there a problem?

“I heard that Dandan had already had precocious puberty, and grandma was crying anxiously.

  Excessive zinc supplementation is likely to cause precocious puberty experts, precocious puberty causes a variety of reasons, diet is the main reason.

Children eat too much hormone-containing foods, such as chicken, duck, fish, ripening vegetables and fruits, and hormone-containing drugs, which are replaced by food additives, which can induce precocious puberty in children.

Nowadays, many parents supervise the nutritional mix of their children and blindly follow the advertisements to oversupply their children. Many children have precocious puberty due to excessive zinc supplementation.

“Zinc is again our sexual stimulant. If we take it blindly, it can easily lead to sexual development in children.

  Bone age experts should be checked for abnormal development. Parents are advised not to let their children eat supplements such as colostrum, royal jelly, etc., and let their children eat foods containing hormones and fruits processed with ripening agents.Eat green food.

  Parents should pay more attention to the child’s physical development. Once the child’s development speed, height is significantly accelerated or slowed down, and height and weight are significantly different from children of the same age, they should promptly check the child’s bone age and receive distance examination and treatment.

6 tips to get you out of order quickly

6 tips to get you out of order quickly

Why do some men always have different women around them, while some men can’t find the target, why is this?

How can a man be single, and the six tips from Xiaobian help you get rid of the single as soon as possible, let’s learn together.

  How to be fast and fast single 1 and don’t be cold to others In normal interpersonal communication, everyone likes some people who have good temperament and personality and are easy to get along with, but in fact they are in love with you.In the face, it is difficult to let the opposite sex have the desire to contact you, so we should not always refuse to go thousands of miles away, and we should be kind to others around us. This will also increase some opportunities for ourselves.

  2. Adjust your mentality and require many people to be too cautious about choosing a spouse, often requiring a high level, so it leads to high or low levels, often left behind, as long as two people are together and have a good personality and are good to themselvesDon’t make too many comparisons with other external conditions. After all, life is for yourself, not for others, so as long as the other person truly loves himself, you can try to make friends.

  3. Improving your personal charm. Both single men and women should learn to dress themselves, so that they can attract the attention of the opposite sex and get the attention of the opposite sex. Don’t always live a life without trimming, often falling in love and blind dates.If you ca n’t keep up the interest of others, then others will not take the initiative to pursue you and feel good about you, but they will be bored and don’t have too much contact with you.

  4. A few young princesses are leftovers and leftovers as the only children. They often grew up under the favor of family members. They stretched out their clothes and opened their mouths to form the “Mabao man” and “Princess disease.”The way is to rely on yourself. First of all, you must first learn to live independently and economically, so that you can face the future life. The people you are looking for are not a father and a mother. The marriage life requires two people to share responsibility.Support each other in order to live a good life, so try to be independent and get rid of some bad things, so that people who have a good opinion of you will be happy to associate with you.

  5. Ambiguous and bewildered. Many people should feel single and always do ambiguous behaviors with the opposite sex. Women’s ambiguous and men’s beloved will often make others feel unreliable and will not become the object of marriage to associate with you.It ‘s just a way to pass loneliness occasionally, so we need to pay attention to our image and reputation, rather than go too far, and maintain our own principles and original intentions in order to gain the favor of the opposite sex.

  6. To expand the social circle, we often only work in a specific circle for work and study, and have little contact with other people outside the world. This also limits our social scope. In normal times, we can participate in gatherings of friends and classmates.Like parties and other activities, expand your social scope so that you can reach more people. Maybe you will soon encounter the person you like?

Health tips to protect heart health

Health tips to protect heart health

The heart is the most important living organ of our body. If it loses its health, it means that life will be seriously threatened.

So how do we protect our heart health?

  Keep in mind four points to protect heart health1, pay attention to insulation studies show that when the temperature is lower than 12 ℃, blood vessels around the human body contract, the heart load increases, blood metabolism decreases slowly, blood flow is blocked, blood stasis opportunities increase, and the risk of causing disease is greatincrease.

Therefore, the elderly should pay attention to keep warm, reduce outdoor activities in cold weather, avoid cold.

  2. Don’t eat too full. The blood flow to the perfusion will increase, and the blood flow to the heart will decrease. If you overeating or overeating, the blood flowing through the heart will suddenly decrease, causing myocardial infarction or inducing heart disease.Happened and aggravated.

  3. Regulate emotions, pay attention to emotional conditioning, and prevent unpleasant stimuli such as great joy, great sadness, and great anger, which affect the heart function, and boots affect health.

  4. Don’t be too tired. In addition, proper labor and exercise can promote the body’s metabolism and be beneficial to health.

Excessive exertion will hurt the heart, blood and heart, and affect the heart function; excessive intensity of work may even cause shock, myocardial infarction, heart failure and so on.