Don’t make milk too thick for your baby

Don’t make milk too thick for your baby

The mother always tries to make the baby’s milk powder very thick, worried that the milk powder will be too thin, and the baby will not drink half of the milk, which will affect the baby’s health and waste milk powder.

So, is it better to make milk powder for your baby?

In fact, if the milk powder is too strong, it will affect the baby.

  This is because milk powder contains sodium ions, so you need to add a sufficient amount of boiling water instead.

If the milk powder concentration is too high, the pressure of the blood vessel wall will increase after the baby enters.

Infants and young children’s capillaries are very weak, so it is easy to cause the children’s brain capillaries to rupture and cause bleeding.

If you often drink thick milk to young children, bleeding will affect young children’s intellectual development.

  The best way is to crush the milk powder with warm water, add some honey and caster sugar, and then prepare the milk powder for the child according to the ratio of 1 part milk powder and 20 parts hot water.Suitable for babies and newborns.

Nutritional rehabilitation for amateur bodybuilders

Nutritional rehabilitation for amateur bodybuilders

Nutrition can not meet the needs of training and recovery, is a common problem among amateur bodybuilders.

Although diet nutrition is restricted by economic conditions, there are still a large number of athletes’ roles in various nutritional products, and there is still a lack of understanding of what foods to eat after training.

How to supplement nutrition more scientifically and economically under the current economic conditions, has met the training requirements, is the knowledge that every participant bodybuilder should and must master.

  First, the biological timing of nutrition refers to a biological timer in the human brain, which controls the biological rhythm of the human body and forms the law of human metabolism and chemical reaction time.

People can formulate a corresponding diet according to this biological rhythm, that is, to provide nutrition in a timely manner during the peak period of the human body most in need of certain nutrition, thereby producing the best results.



Protein mainly repairs muscle fibers damaged during high-intensity training.

Some athletes do not know when to consume protein, often put milk, yogurt, etc. while training, which will cause waste and damage the body.

During training, energy is mainly temporarily metabolized.

When the glycogen accumulates in the body after training for more than 3 hours, the protein food stored in the liver is used, which can only increase the burden on the stomach and stomach, and even cause adverse consequences.

In general, protein demand peaks during the 90 minutes after training, at which point protein supplementation works best.

Trace protein foods are: lean meat, eggs, fish, milk and beans.



Glucose is stored in the liver and muscle as glycogen, called liver glycogen and muscle glycogen.

When the body needs energy, liver glycogen is converted into glucose and melted in the blood to provide energy.

After intense training and a full night’s consumption, the energy is basically replaced at 5-8 am. At this time, the replacement can increase the glycogen storage of the liver as soon as possible, and prepare for energy training.

The highest carbohydrate foods are: rice, wheat flour, potatoes, vegetables and fruits.


Vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins and minerals are the most basic nutrients for metabolism in the human body, and mainly play a catalytic role, so that other nutrients can be transformed and more fully absorbed and utilized by the body.

  There are two types of vitamins: pre- and fat-soluble.

Formaldehyde is vitamin C, multivitamin B, etc. They generally continue to function in the body for 2-3 hours, and then their secretions are excreted through the kidneys.

Therefore, supplementing blood sugar vitamins every 3 hours can meet the needs of the body.

Fat-soluble vitamins are vitamins E, A, and D.

They last 12-24 hours in the body, so they can be replenished once a day.

Because the vitamins extracted from food alone are far from meeting the needs of the body, vitamins must be taken on time to replace them.

  The timing biological rules of several major minerals are as follows: The peak period of the name needs to be supplemented is 8-9 am in the morning, calcium is at night, sodium is noon before bedtime, or potassium is at 7-8 in the afternoon.Thickening muscles through “overcompensation” caused by “overload.”

To achieve “overload”, there must be sufficient energy sources, and to achieve “overcompensation”, there must be a wealth of repair materials.

The energy source is mainly carbohydrates, and the repair material is protein.

At the same time, although the production capacity is the same, 4 is reset.

1 kcal / g, but the order of energy supply is different.

The first is amateur power, the second is accessories, and the last is protein power.

Then, the arrangement before and after training should be: in the supplement before training, while maintaining glycogen storage in the body, gradually increase the repetition until about 90 minutes before training.

After training, mainly repair, the increase of protein should be gradually reduced until the next training, as shown in the following table: Name before training, increase, increase, decrease, protein decrease, increase, and increase the bodybuilding expert Qiao Wei?

De said: “For bodybuilders, it is better to eat more protein than to eat less.

“However, our existing economic conditions are definitely wrong to eat more and should be transferred scientifically.For example, if the daily nutrition fee is 8 yuan, then 2 yuan should be applied before training and 6 yuan after training, because glucose is much cheaper than protein, so a portion of protein and protein can be saved relatively.

  Third, the number of meals per day is relative to the full use of nutrition. Eating less and eating more food is beneficial to human health and easier for bodybuilders.

If you eat too much in a meal, it will increase the gastrointestinal burden, which is not conducive to the absorption of nutrients.

For bodybuilders, a reasonable number of meals per day should be 5-6 meals.

Based on years of practice, the author has formulated a nutritional recipe suitable for excellent bodybuilders (see Alternatives).

  Number of meals Meal time Meal content First meal 7:00 am 1 glass of milk, 2-3 eggs, a piece of bread, a fruit Second meal 9:30 am 2 eggs (brew with boiling water or milk), a fruit  The third meal is at 12:00 noon, rice or pasta, vegetables, an animal protein (the amount can be customized) The fourth meal is at 2:00 pm, a piece of bread, potatoes and fruits, the fifth meal is 6:00 at night, rice or pasta, meatOr eggs or fish, vegetables (the quantity is customized) The sixth meal at 8:00 pm a glass of milk or 1-2 eggs, a glass of orange water (the best time is 2: 00-6: 00 in the afternoon) the training level of each person,Absorptive capacity varies, so muscles grow at different rates, so it’s best to make your own diet plan based on specific circumstances and economic conditions.

It should be pointed out that the intensity and density of training should also be changed in order to maintain a balance of “in” and “out”.

  In order to make full use of nutrients, you should try to eat raw or semi-raw foods such as vegetables, eggs, milk, etc.

Do not fry or cook food continuously. Some skinned foods should not be peeled as much as possible, but must be hygienic.

  In general, in order to improve the training level of acute bodybuilders as soon as possible, in addition to scientific training, scientific dietary methods should also be followed.

Find a more economical and reasonable way to absorb nutrients, and instead reduce the contradiction between economy, nutrition and training.

Choose the right sneaker for you

Choose the right sneaker for you

Basketball shoes are contradictory. Basketball is a very intense sport. It combines running, jumping, rushing, emergency stop, sudden change of direction, and reversing.

A good pair of basketball shoes is the most important equipment for basketball enthusiasts. It can not only improve sports performance, but also greatly reduce the occurrence of accidental injuries in basketball.


Choose the basketball shoe type 1 that suits you based on your physical condition and position on the court.

Speed-type guards and small forwards. This type of people is characterized by fast speed and sudden changes, interspersing various positions on the court to find opportunities.

If you belong to this type, you need to pay attention to basketball shoes: light body (reduced weight during running), shoe shape to wrap the feet (change direction, emergency stop fit is better, avoid stomping), shoe outsoleStability and comfort.


Can fly and jump forward, this type of people is characterized by good bouncing, good at aerial work, and not too heavy.

Attention should be paid to this type of sports shoes: good cushioning (because the impact of the jump damages the leg very much, it must have good cushioning), and it must be well protected (landing after impact in the airEasy to twist to the feet) 3.

Strong offensive forward center. This type of person has more physical contact, more twists, and weight. The basketball shoes you need to pay attention to are: strong uppers, good midsole twists, and good wrist guards.


Choose basketball shoes according to the conditions of the field where you often play. Because most basketball enthusiasts play on the ground cement field, the wear resistance and slip resistance of the shoes are very important. The wear resistance of Adi shoes has always been recognized as good, but in recent yearsNike also launched a number of specialized dark basketball shoes according to the needs of rural basketball, which are characterized by thick patterns and large friction surfaces.

The wear resistance of basketball shoe outsoles determines the application of specific materials.

Such as TPU outsole, non-cracking rubber (NON MARKING) has higher wear resistance.


According to their own economic conditions, the development of shoe-making technology and the extensive use of various new materials have made basketball shoes more powerful and added more and more avant-garde and fashion elements to their designs.

After that, remind basketball lovers, don’t just focus on style and star effect and ignore the basic use of basketball shoes.


The concept that consumers can easily correct When many people buy basketball, the question often asked is: Is there an air cushion?

Is it made of genuine leather?

  It is explained later that the air cushion is a kind of shock absorption device often used by Nike, which is only one of the cushioning technologies.

There are also many cushioning technologies used by other brands of sports shoes.

For example, Adi has never used air cushions instead of cushioning rubber, so depending on the quality of the shoes, you can’t just see if there are air cushions, and not everyone needs special cushioning.

  The development of science and technology has made many new types of shoe upper materials closer to natural leather in terms of structure and function, breathability, washability and alternation of color and light, or even natural leather.

Therefore, it is no longer an important sign to distinguish high-end sports shoes from natural leather uppers.

  Football boots 1.

Li Ning iron series generation.

  Full kangaroo leather upper.

Designed by a famous Italian designer (reported to be the one who designed R9), there are 3 color combinations: white / red, white / indigo, and white / black.

Crab claw-shaped knife nails (flat wide nails), super strong grip.

The built-in carbon fiber in the heel of the sole can attenuate the vibration damage of the butt joints and knee joints caused by vibration during running.

The kangaroo leather is soft, and the ball control foot feels very good, but it can only be super strong and not easy to damage.


The full range of Adidas Falcons.

  Various classics, including black / red, blue / red, red / black, gray / red (fourth generation), white / blue (previous generation Beckham), gray (contemporary Beckham, dragon pattern) multiple color combinationsIt is currently the most number of football shoes that football players choose. They are all nails and there are rubber strips on the surface of the shoes to increase the friction and increase the rotation of the kicked ball. The flight stability is strong.



  Artificial cowhide (reported to be reprocessed with cowhide as raw material) is soft in thickness and has a very good foot feel.Knives with air cushion.



  Kangaroo leather comes in three colors: white, blue and red. The thickness of the upper is soft, the touch of the ball is good, and the nails are very light.

Is currently the world’s top Puma football shoes.


UHLSPORT (commonly known as “Crescent”).

  Leather surface, black, knife studs, UHLSPORT is a German sports brand and one of the best companies in the world to produce goalkeeper supplies.

This football shoe is one of the top models of UHLSPORT. Nedved used it the previous year. The steel nails are round nails. The plastic nails are like knife nails, leather uppers, and shoe-shaped feet.


KIKA’s ZEBRA (Zebra).

  KIKA is a Korean sports brand and the champion of Korean football products.

Sponsors of many domestic first-class teams. The products are of high quality and low price. Zebra is the most beautiful football shoe of kika, with special synthetic material uppers and round nails.Well, it belongs to the unknown.

  Tennis shoes must wear tennis shoes. Its special structure will help you improve your ball skills and enhance effective running.

You know that 50% of the victory in tennis depends on your running. You can see the essence of a good pair of shoes.

Don’t wear running shoes, because it will make you fall easily, and basketball shoes will hinder toe movement.

  The important thing is that most of the tennis courts combine three types of materials with different properties (grass, sand, hard ground), so the soles of different shapes almost determine your efficiency in different courts.

For grass fields, soles with prominent gel texture are preferred, but for sandy soils, wide-groove soles should be selected. For hard courts (plastic, asphalt), smooth soles with dense herringbone patterns should now be used.
If you often travel between the three venues, to avoid the hassle of changing, you can also choose only a pair of sneakers with comprehensive function soles.

  The second most important thing is that the design of the foot protection system is the most important part of any tennis shoe.

The protective effects of the “front foot stability belt”, “heel cup”, toe pads, hoop or mid pads are enough to allow many “genius golfers” to grow in tennis, and also to promote businesses to create such as “air cushions”A variety of wonderful accessories, such as “Suspension Pouch”, “Reflow Pressure” and “Energy Guide”.

People pay more “manufacturing costs” for the accessories of these protection systems for the future of their own feet.

But this is necessary and helpless.

  The secondary is that the upper of the leather upper (leather faux leather) always makes the shoes shiny and gives a solid and solid feeling, and also improves the wear level.

While paying attention to the leather upper, pay attention to the absorbing effect of the lining material, and pay attention to its softness and comfort.

Nylon or cotton, and chemical fiber are used as uppers, which seems to be more suitable for sports events based on wooden grounds, and is the preferred material for tennis.

  In addition to the manufacturing factors selected above, you should also pay attention to size and proportions when purchasing.

Theoretically, it is more correct to buy shoes at night after exercise or in the afternoon.

For men and women tennis players, they should also understand that there are design differences between men’s and women’s sneakers, which are usually indicated in specialty stores at a slight distance.

Is the appliance around the baby safe?

Is the appliance around the baby safe?

Safety equipment is an important guarantee for the healthy growth of the baby. Without a safe bed or a stroller for sleeping safely, there is no guarantee for the baby to sleep and walk.

We reanalyze the baby’s physiological characteristics from a scientific perspective, and at the same time, help parents to replace safe and reliable children’s appliances.

  After 280 days of growth, the baby is finally able to drill out of the “small house” in the mother’s belly. At that time, the baby is far from the epitome of the body of the mother and father. Their various functions are still developing. The bodyChina is still immature.

In order to protect cute babies, they need to be very careful about their care, especially when choosing some baby appliances, you should choose products that can give the baby scientific and safe care.

  Sketch of baby’s physical condition For baby, before 3 years old, especially before 1 year old, various physical functions are still developing, with the following characteristics-1.

The newborn baby is a “big head baby”. The body of the newborn baby is divided into four equal parts, and the head accounts for 1/4.

Compared with other parts, the head is particularly heavy, so they are called “big head dolls”, and their skulls are thin and soft, the cardia is not completely closed, and the cerebral blood vessels are very fragile and easy to break.

Therefore, children’s appliances should be soft and safe, and the baby’s head can be safely cared for.

If the baby’s crib cannot put sharp toys, the guardrail of the crib should be polished smoothly, and the nails and screws of the crib must be “hidden”.

It is best to place protective pads on both sides of the bed or use sponge products on the inner wall of the crib to prevent the baby’s head from directly hitting the railing and being injured.


The baby’s cervical spine can’t support his own small head. The baby’s motor nerves and complication muscles are not sufficiently developed, so the ligaments are easily deformed, and the wobbly ones can’t fully support the heavy head.

Therefore, when choosing children’s appliances, the baby’s head should be supported.


The baby still has abdominal breathing. Because the baby’s breathing center is not yet mature, breathing is easy. Abdominal breathing is a characteristic of infants.

When the baby can’t sit up alone, don’t press the baby’s abdomen, let the baby lie on his back easily and put on the bed.

The baby swells his belly for abdominal breathing.

If the stomach is under pressure, this position may put the baby in a state of hypoxia.


The newborn baby’s spine no longer forms a normal physiological curve.
The newborn baby’s spine no longer forms a normal physiological curve.

Don’t force your baby to sit, it is very important to help your baby support the spine.


The hip joint is also easy to dislocate. Because the baby’s lumbar joint is inserted into the articular surface, the ligaments are loose, and the hip joint is easily dislocated.

Therefore, care should be taken to protect the baby’s lumbar joints when selecting appliances.


Little babies are not yet able to adjust their body temperature to keep warm and radiate freely. These functions of little babies to adjust their own body temperature are not yet developed.

And because the baby has a small range of body temperature, it is very important to help him adjust his body temperature.

Therefore, when selecting children’s appliances, generally should choose products with good air permeability.


The baby grows in sleep. The baby spends more than half of the day in sleep. During sleep, it will secrete growth hormone that grows muscles.

Therefore, it is extremely important to create a comfortable sleeping environment for your baby.

  3 Dangers in Your Baby’s Life If you do not use safety gear or use them incorrectly, some dangers may occur-1.

Hypoxia may affect the baby’s brain. Hypoxia of the baby will make the brain develop.

If a baby who cannot stand still sits on an L-shaped chair, the baby’s respiratory tract will be compressed, which will cause hypoxia due to difficulty breathing.


Shaking your baby violently can cause brain damage Violent shaking your baby can cause brain damage.

Although there was no trauma, damage may have occurred inside the baby’s brain, although it was not visible at all on the outside, and the baby did not feel anything special at the time.

But it could potentially cause harm to the baby.Therefore, the children’s appliances must be safe and reliable. For example, even if the baby carriage is on the way, the wife is swayed back and forth, left and right.


Sudden death of a baby is a danger that occurs in babies from 4 months to 1 year of age. Pediatrics in the United States considers excessively soft bedding or too hot a temperature to be one of them.

3-stroke anti-stroke regimen

3-stroke anti-stroke regimen


Ingredients of Auricularia fuciformis soup: 30 grams of black fungus, 3 yuan of angelica tail, 3 yuan of purple dandelion, 3 yuan of red jujube, 50 grams of fresh yamThe purple salamander is implanted in a gauze bag, put in a casserole, and then add red dates, fresh yam, add an appropriate amount of water, boil over high heat and simmer for 30 minutes.

Go to medicine bag.

Can be used as an afternoon tea, snack or soup.

  Efficacy: qi and blood circulation, Tongluo analgesia, suitable for headache or pain in the precardiac area, localized, accompanied by hypoglossal vein curvature, cold or numb limbs, dark purple tongue, thin tongue coating, thin pulse, blood stasis syndromeBy.


Ingredients of seaweed soup for stagnant mushroom: Pinellia 3 money, Gastrodia 3 money, Sanqi 1 money, Chenpi 2 money, hawthorn 5 money, 30 grams of mushrooms, and proper amount of laver.

  Method: Wash and slice 30 to 50 grams of mushrooms, add other traditional Chinese medicines and the right amount of water and seaweed to cook the soup, and finally add the right amount of salt, pepper, onion, garlic and other seasoning.

Can be used as soup or as a meal.

  Function: Huatan Ruanjian Sanjie, which can be used for the syndrome of phlegm and turbidity.

(Dizziness, numbness of the limbs, non-painful, non-itching, or even thick feeling, or full chest, dullness, nausea, heavy weight, lethargy, yellow or white greasy tongue coating, slippery pulse.

) 3.

Anti-turbid drink materials: 3 yuan of wolfberry, 3 yuan of rose, 5 yuan of Polygonum multiflorum, 5 yuan of cassia seed, 4 yuan of hawthorn, 3 yuan of salamanderCook for 30 minutes on fire, take about 1500ml of juice, and drink it frequently.

  Efficacy: Activating blood circulation, reducing blood fat, lowering blood viscosity, and can be used to treat hyperviscosity with hyperlipidemia.

Here comes the summer fever

Here comes the summer fever

In the hot summer, skipping and sweltering, coupled with the continued hot weather, made many diseases “stirring.”

Especially babies under 3 years of age are more susceptible to the “attack” of the disease.

A pediatrician at the Chengdu Maternal and Child Health Hospital reminds parents that if a baby under 3 years of age wants to spend the summer safely, they must be alert to the baby’s “heat fever”.

According to the doctor, the summer fever is caused by an increase in ambient temperature and is not infected by bacteria.

Generally speaking, the temperature rise lasts for 1-3 months, and it will subside naturally after the weather gradually cools down.

However, in the Asian subtropical region, it can happen from April to October every year due to hot weather.

Summer fever mainly occurs in babies from 6 months to 3 years old, because their brain temperature regulation center is not mature before 3 years old.

Their body temperature cannot adjust by themselves due to changes in ambient temperature. In addition, their perspiration function is weak, and their bodies are not easy to dissipate heat.

The baby’s mental state is okay after the illness, and sometimes there may be some symptoms of indigestion or cold. The main symptom is fever, but the body temperature rarely exceeds 40 ° C. The fever usually starts in the morning, and the body temperature gradually rises during the day.It gradually declines, and it goes beyond the minimum at night, but it can start to rise again the next morning.

The fever lasts about 1-2 months, and it can grow up to 3-4 months. It gradually improves when the weather becomes cold. The fever is characterized by taking antipyretics without effect, but if the baby is taken to an ambient temperature place, the body temperatureWill naturally fall down; baby is always thirsty, likes drinking water, and urination frequency and urine volume increase due to drinking too much; but does not sweat, only a little sweat on the head is seen; if the body temperature is high, the babyThere may be signs of startle, irritability, crying and so on.

It is easy to happen every year after your baby has the fever, so you need to take precautions.

Do n’t wear your baby too much or too thick when it ‘s hot, so as not to affect the body ‘s heat dissipation; pay attention to adjusting the ambient temperature, such as using an air conditioner or living in a cool place; when the baby has a fever, place it at room temperature immediately after determining the heat feverIn a room with a temperature of ℃, washing the baby with a warm water bath will also have a cooling effect, but it should be noted that the water temperature should be 3 ℃ -4 ℃ lower than the body temperature, 20-30 minutes each time, and washed 2-3 times a day;Mung bean soup, winter melon water and other beverages supplement the loss of water in the body and give a light diet; under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine, some Chinese medicine or medicated diet for summer syndrome can be taken with the benefit of clearing summer heat and nourishing yin and clearing heat.

As a reminder, if your baby’s temperature does not drop after 3-4 days, or if symptoms such as high fever and irritability occur, you should take your baby to a doctor in time.

5 killers in the workplace

5 “killers” in the workplace

Careful novices should pay attention to this: Negligence that seems insignificant at work may greatly damage your professional image.
  Killer 1: Blushing Although blushing makes you look sweet and cute, it also conveys your immature and unsteady mentality.
  Hitman 2: Crying Crying at work not only makes you appear fragile and lacks self-control, but also makes you doubt that you will damage the company’s image. You should learn to control your emotions.
  Hitman 3: Uncertain mood particles such as “um” and “ha” can only indicate that you are hesitant, nervous and lacking wisdom.
  Hitman 4: Unsuccessful attire The only message to the boss is that important tasks cannot be left to you.
  You should dress for the job you want to do, not for the job you already have.
Of course, clothes are not enough-inappropriate hairstyles and makeup can still damage your professional image.
  Hitman 5: Fright When you show fright, you are telling your boss that you lack the most basic professional skills.
Remember that adequate preparation in advance is an effective measure to reduce tension, and rehearsal is necessary before a formal speech.

Hair loss with 6 diet therapy_1

Hair loss with 6 diet treatments

The main causes of hair yellowing are: hypothyroidism; high malnutrition; severe iron deficiency anemia and early recovery from major illnesses, etc., leading to a decrease in melanin in the body, which causes the lack of basic substances in black hair and gradually turns yellow-brown or pale yellow.

In addition, often perming, washing with alkaline water or washing powder can also cause hair damage and yellowing.

The following is a diet therapy for yellow hair caused by several causes.


Malnutrition yellow hair: It is mainly caused by high malnutrition. Care should be taken to adjust the diet to improve the nutritional status of the body.

Eggs, lean meats, soybeans, peanuts, walnuts, and black sesame are rich in animal and plant proteins, and still contain the major cystine and cysteine. They are the best foods for hair care.


Acidic yellow hair: It is slightly related to the increase of acidic toxins in the blood, but also to overwork and eating sweets.

Eat more kelp, fish, fresh milk, beans, mushrooms, etc.

In addition, eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as celery, rape, spinach, pakchoi, citrus, etc. is beneficial to neutralize acidic toxins in the body and improve yellowing.


Copper-deficient yellow hair: The lack of an important copper-containing “tyrosinase” during the production of melanin in the hair.

Copper deficiency in the body affects the activity of this enzyme and turns the hair yellow.

Foods rich in copper include animal livers, tomatoes, potatoes, celery, and fruits.


Radiation yellow hair: long-term exposure to radiation, such as military computers, radar, and X-ray work and hair yellowing, should pay attention to foods supplemented with vitamin A, such as pig liver, egg yolk, milk, carrots, etc .; eat more can resistIrradiated foods such as laver, high-protein foods, and drink more green tea.


Functional yellow hair: It is caused by trauma, fatigue, recombined endocrine disorders, drug and chemical stimulation, etc., which cause the body’s melanin and melanocyte production disorders.

May be yellow hair should eat more sea fish, black sesame, alfalfa vegetables and so on.

The active ingredients in alfalfa can replicate melanin cells and have the function of regenerating melanin; black sesame can biochemically produce melanin; nicotinic acid in marine fish can expand capillaries, enhance microcirculation, make blood and blood flow clear, eliminate obstacles to melanin production, and eliminate hairYellow bodybuilding.


Pathogenic yellow hair: Due to certain diseases, such as iron deficiency anemia and severe illness, the hair can turn from black to yellow.

If possible, eat more black beans, walnuts, cumin, etc.

Black beans contain melanin products, which can promote the production of melanin.

The fennel ether in cumin helps to turn melanin into melanin cells, which makes the hair black and shiny.

10 things women do men hate most

10 things women do men hate most

1. Never criticize his mother in person, it will hurt his feelings.

  At every turn, “What’s wrong with your mother .”, the wife “I’m much better than your mother” makes her husband daunting. Remember, never want to behave better than his mother.

  2. Don’t embarrass his “romantic view”, this will hurt his self-esteem.

  3. Don’t make his eating habits or bad habits public announcements.

  What he tells you doesn’t have to be your advertising neighborhood, friends, men are most jealous of partners often mentioning his “secret” in front of friends, especially his bad habits.

However, you might as well praise him in front of others, such as excellent work, high-quality clothing, and superb cooking skills. He will certainly be happy.

  4. Don’t praise another man for his weaknesses, he will feel looked down and scorned.

  Men are generally insecure about same-sex. If you mention the advantages of other men to compare with him, it may disturb him.

Therefore, try to compare your husband with other men as little as possible, and make him feel better than other men.

  5. When you see a beautiful woman, if he looks more closely, if you are ridiculous, he will be very unhappy.

  Every man likes beauty, whether he admits it or not.

A smart woman spurs her boyfriend like this, and actively points to a beautiful woman who is connected to him and asks her boyfriend: Is she beautiful?

(Don’t ask, is she more beautiful than me?


) The correction effect will be better than that of Jeon Ji Hyun.

  6. Don’t endlessly persuade him to increase his promotion or raise his salary or “hop”.

  Obviously, women with this idea often have a strong vanity, the so-called “married wife and noble wife”; as a result, they often have a strong attachment, the so-called “only vine wrapped around the tree, how can there be a tree wrapped vine”.
In order to satisfy their vanity and inclusion, they did not hesitate to put pressure on their husbands.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with encouraging your husband to work hard, but if you do not create pressure according to the actual situation, it may be counterproductive.

Bottom line: The woman who forced Jackie Chan into a dragon was too stupid.

  7. Don’t talk about what “role” a man plays in the family, because he still believes in subconsciously that doing housework harms the dignity of the man’s “big husband.”

  8. Don’t talk about his “baldness”. This will make him feel fear and lose his appeal in the eyes of women.

  9. Don’t retina his “waistline”.

  10. Don’t ask him about the use of “private money”.

  Men even need private house money to consume tobacco and alcohol, but also need enough activity expenses to meet daily entertainment; private house money has not only foreshadow equality between men and women, but also a material support under spiritual crisis.

  Mutual respect between two people is the basis for maintaining a good love and marriage. This kind of thinking must not only be in the heart, but also be expressed in language. It is believed to be trust.Missing in the seam, gently lifting it to make it full.

Emergency plan for sun allergy after autumn sun_1

Sun allergy emergency plan after autumn sun exposure

The autumn sun is also so strong. Don’t think that the weather is dry and the sun will easily let our fair skin go. It will also use its ultraviolet rays to counteract our whitening work, especially after the air pressure becomes high.The air layer also becomes thinner, so that the intensity of blocking ultraviolet rays will be weakened, so we must prepare for autumn sun protection. If you have neglected it, don’t be afraid, we have a rescue plan after the sun to help you.

  First, precautions for first aid after sun exposure 1.

Do not wash your face with hot water after drying.

This will dilate and congest the capillaries, causing patches of flushing or even sunburn.

Only cold water can shrink pores, cool the skin, and reduce heat and redness.


Pause exfoliation.

The skin is very fragile after sun exposure, and even gentle exfoliation can make the skin even worse.

You can let the skin relax and calm down, and consider exfoliating treatment after one week.


Green tea can slow down minor sunburn.

After mild sun exposure, if there are erythema, burning and other phenomena, you can apply cold green tea for 1 hour. Fresh green tea is rich in tea polyphenols and can resist UV damage.

But it is best to use the new tea of the year, boil it in water and let it cool, soak it in mask paper or clean towels, and follow the daily routine after maintenance.


Lock in zinc oxide sunscreen.

After sunburn, the skin is fragile and sensitive. It is recommended to use a physical sunscreen. Currently, sunscreen products containing zinc oxide are more commonly used. They can protect against UVA and UVB at the same time.

It is also easy to remove makeup. Just use olive oil, wipe the face with a cotton swab dipped in olive oil, and finally wipe off the olive oil with a paper towel.


Repair after the sun should be “taboo”.

Eat less acidic foods such as sweets and meat, so as not to affect the metabolism of the vitamin B group and cause acne and blackheads.

In addition, drink plenty of water and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Especially cooked tomatoes, which contain a large amount of lycopene, can help repair the skin after sun exposure, do a good job of whitening and antioxidant.

  Second, the first-aid secret recipe after drying () put the milk in the freezer of the refrigerator, and refrigerate it at the temperature of 4 ℃ -10 ℃, this temperature of milk is most suitable for cold compress.

Soak a clean small towel or gauze in cold milk, twist it so that it does not drip, and apply it to the sunburned skin.

If you don’t have refrigerated milk, you can also use cold milk to cool.

It is also effective to apply fresh yogurt to the wound.

  Professional comment: Sunburn is an acute inflammation of the skin. For sunburns that are not broken, cold compresses are a very effective treatment.

If the skin feels hot after the sun, itching should be applied cold, which can reduce skin temperature and reduce damage, and the earlier the better.

Ordinary cold water compresses, cold milk external compresses are better.

  Light flour can be used at a concentration of 1 after sunburning the skin.

9% saline was applied to the wound.

The way to make this kind of salt water is simple, just dissolve one tablespoon of salt in one liter of water.

  Professional comment: Sunburning the skin with saline is a method often used in hospitals.

If blisters, edema, or exudation appear on the skin after sunburn, use 6?
After 8-inch sterile gauze is soaked in physiological saline, screw it to no dripping water, and apply it on sunburned skin twice a day for 20 minutes, which can effectively promote skin tissue repair.

  Oral aspirin If the sunburn is more serious, taking an aspirin can effectively promote skin repair.

But if you have a large area of sunburn, you should see a doctor immediately.

  Professional comment: It is best not to take aspirin on your own.

If it is a minor sunburn, apply an ice pack at home. After a few days, the skin will repair itself.If the sunburn is serious, you should go to the hospital in time and ask a professional doctor to prescribe medicine, or use it externally, or take it internally.

  Aloe vera protein Aloe vera’s natural effect can remove stasis and reduce inflammation.

Applying the flesh of aloe vera on the skin has an analgesic effect.

If you mix aloe with protein and honey, it can be used as a mask, which has stronger pulp strength and will not cause dripping.

Leave on for about 15 to 30 minutes, then wash your face with water.

Protein-rich protein helps skin growth.

  Professional comment: For this method, the opinions of experts are irrelevant, and experts with different opinions do not recommend that customers use aloe in the inflammatory phase of the skin.

The basis is that, from a medical point of view, skin damage caused by sunlight should be promoted by a therapeutic approach to its rapid recovery, and the use of something irritating is not approved.

If you use aloe vera, it may increase pigmentation.