Qin Liang is confused,Looking confused, Shen Ruoxi asked。

“Did you find?Chen Hao is not happy today,Always worrying about it,I think,I might have done it recklessly,I realized that I didn’t discuss with her,Did not ask for her opinion,Decided to pull her into the special forces without authorization,and so,She may be upset……”
Shen Ruoxi said regretfully。
“Never possible!Chen Hao will never be upset about this!I can be sure of this。”
Qin Liang immediately said confidently。
“Why are you so sure?”
Shen Ruoxi asked。
“Because I know Chen Hao as much as you,You think so,Just because you are the client,And I am a bystander!Chen Hao should only be worried that she will not be able to serve the new identity of Dragon Soul Warrior.。”
“Are you sure?”
Shen Ruoxi immediately hesitated,Obviously,She is not very sure of her judgment。
“I am sure,Pretty sure,Chen Hao is a generous girl,Especially her to you,It can be said that it has always been a state of compliance,How could she be unhappy with you because of this?You really think too much,Silly girl。”
Qin Liang smiled and comforted Shen Ruoxi。
“Oh,I can rest assured that!I worried for a long time,Regretted for a long time,I’m afraid she is mad at me for this,Hehe。”

Shen Ruoxue answered eagerly。

“I’m also the fifth elementary school of the Shen family, alright!”
Li Qiaoer immediately caught Shen Ruoxue’s speech disorder,Continue to protest。
“I’ve mispoken……How do you become the fifth elementary school of the Shen family?!I actually want to say that Xiaoyun and I have always been so tyrannical,I repeat it?”
Shen Ruoxue’s ridiculous juggling is no longer reasonable!Also emphasized!
“No way!All the words,Can’t take it back!”
Of course Li Qiaoer won’t do it,Bullies don’t bring such bullies!Besides, the bullying was his sister。
“Ugh……I really really took them!”
Meizi whispered helplessly,Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue are so funny,Her anger disappeared,Depression is gone,I’m not tangled anymore。
This,The real purpose of Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue playing treasures。
“Really convinced us?Then call me Sister Shenger。”
Shen Ruoxue said immediately。
“Do not,not called!”

Ren Yurou didn’t speak,Holding hydrangea,Go to the middle,Looking at the sky,Compassion。

The happiness of my life,About to drop with the hydrangea,Completely ruined!
“Yurou,I think the blind man,not bad,Throw over there。”
“What good is blind man,It’s better to be paralyzed,Can’t go anywhere,If you wear a green hat, you won’t be able to catch the rape in bed.。”
Family and friends,Unbridled cynicism。
And Ren Dongguo as stepfather,But can’t do anything,I can only bury my head low。
Zhang Chunqin wanted to rush out to theory several times,Every time……Ren Fengping’s fierce eyes glared back。
Hot face,Always remind her,Make another extraordinary move,I’m afraid it’s not a slap in the face,But was swept out!
Facing everyone’s ridicule,Ren Yurou stays alone。
Ren Jia for twenty years,She is used to it。

Since the start of the province’s campaign to ban local oil refining,Jin’an City requires cities and counties to report figures every day,Report progress,And send notifications every day,These reports are sent directly to the party committees at all levels、In the hands of the government leader。Kangzhou has long been behind other cities and counties,This time I finally fought a beautiful turnaround,Of course Jiang Fan is happy。

At this moment,I thought about Peng Changyi’s call,After he connected,Is gold。
Peng Changyi said:“Thank you buddy for understanding,I understand what you mean,Thank you。”Hung up the golden call,Peng Changyi reported on Zhang Erqiang to Jiang Fan。
Peng Changyi is determined to see Jiang Fan,Just nodded safely。
More than ten days in a row,The law enforcement team is divided into two shifts,Dispatched every day during the day and night,And destroyed five or six dens one after another,Through consultation with the traffic control department,On major highways and country roads,Set up a special checkpoint,As long as you find a vehicle that transports raw materials and ingredients,Car,All confiscated,Blocking the living space of the local method to boil oil from both ends。Built a watchtower in the Loop,Set up a dedicated guard,As long as there is black smoke coming out,Report now。Following the public arrest of two criminals who attacked law enforcement officers,Greatly hit the arrogance of this group,At the same time in multiple measures、Hit hard,Kangzhou,No smoking has been found for a week。
this day,Peng Changyi came to his office in the city government,After taking a look at the office since the first day,In the past twenty days,This is the second time he has come to this office。Cao Nan has ordered someone to repaint the office,New cabinet,New office furniture,New sofa,Even the phone on the desk、calendar、folder,In the cabinet,Green plants in the house,Drinking fountain、Trash and so on are new,I wonder if he can start a new journey in this office。
Cao Nan deserves to be a soldier,When I ordered people to do all this,They all reflect his military rigor and respect for his assistant to the mayor,Because all the facilities in his office,Are exactly the same as the other deputy mayors。
He smiled,I suddenly remembered that I haven’t contacted Liu Zhong for a long time.,some days ago,Liu Zhong and they called themselves,It’s just that I was taking people to patrol outside,Talk without care,I really miss them now,then,He picked up the phone,Called Liu Zhong’s office,No one answered,He called Tian Chong’s office again,No one answered,Thought for a while,He called the party office,Yao Ping answered the phone。
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First97chapter Battlefield female anchor
[First4Chapter Three]
First98Section97Zhang Midnight was chased and killed

Unchanging opening remarks,Show his absolute status。It’s just that the tone of these two words is obviously heavier today。

“Why don’t you sleep?”Xia Jihan said lazily。
“I can’t sleep alone,Good for you,Slumber,I don’t care about your husband too much?”Guan Hao said in her tone。
“Ha ha,it is good,Husband,too late,Sleeping?”Xia Jihan said softly。
“I’ll find you to sleep。”Guan Hao said stubbornly。Since knowing her,Just think of her,He is a little impulsive,He suspects that he may be in serious debt in this regard before,Now it seems to make up for the shortfall in the past。
“be good,Stop it,Go to sleep。”Xia Jihan had to hang up again。
“listen!”May realize she is going to hang up,Guan Hao ordered:“You answer me a question first,Sleep when the answer is correct,You are not allowed to sleep。”
“Ha ha,it is good,go ahead。”Xia Jihan feels he is naughty。
“Then i asked。”Guan Hao deliberately cleared his throat and said:“Do you miss me tonight?”
“Ha ha,What’s the problem?”
Guan Hao also feels that he has a little love for sons and daughters, the hero is short of breath,Said embarrassedly:“This one,This is of course a problem,Can you deny that this sentence is not a problem?”
Xia Jihan smiled,Said:“it is good,I answer,Yes,I think。”
“what about now?”Guan Hao is breathing fast。
“I think about it now?”She said。
“I miss you,Someone miss you very much,Also want to see you。”Guan Hao said mysteriously。
Xia Jihan said:“who is that?It’s too late。”
“You know him。”Guan Hao said。

Just the act of getting out of the car,Throwing the women out a few blocks long ago,Don’t even think about it,There will be a lot of people going after each other tonight,Although there are many people pursuing。

As for Xia Chenglong,Ok……No one seems to pay attention,No one even connects each other with the company of the woman,Everyone thought the other party was just a bodyguard。
No wonder,In a high-end club full of suits and shoes,Whose partner will wear ordinary military plain clothes,Isn’t this laughed off?!
Zhao Shaojiu didn’t pay attention to the surrounding eyes,She is still a little nervous,After all, you have to get close to their enemies。
“That fourth brother,If you are really sure that our plan is feasible?How do i feel a little hanging。”Zhao Shaojiu asked without changing her face。
“Do not worry,You just have to ask him out,Leave the rest to me。”
That old fox Wang Yishan,Looks carefree,Very careful,If there is nothing particularly important, I will stay in the Warrior Association and not come out.,Today is a good opportunity。
“Miss Zhao,I’m from Nima GroupCEOZhang Bo,Can i invite you to be my partner tonight?”
They just got out of the car and haven’t walked two steps,A little white face came up shamelessly,Then give yourself a strong package,I almost watched Xia Chenglong。
There is such a cheeky person in the world,It’s an eye-opener。
Zhao Shaojiu, who was a little nervous, was so engaged,That kind of atmosphere disappeared in an instant,She is also the noble first female president of Bincheng。
“Sorry,I do not need。”

“Step aside。”

Only one step away from the protective shield of the Holy Soul Fruit,Stopped by a woman wearing purple gauze,The opponent’s realm is no lower than yourself,But he has full certainty that he can put it on the other side。
“I need that thing。”
“I also need。”
Don’t talk about yourself,Even for the old guy,He will also get the holy soul fruit。
No room for negotiation,The best way is to do it。
Xia Chenglong was too lazy to take out Zanglong,Lightning Walk,Fast approaching woman,Hand magical dragon claw,Go directly to his neck。
The woman didn’t expect him to make a sudden move,I can only retreat in panic,A purple sword stands on the chest,Came to Xia Chenglong’s chest instantly。
An attack of this level poses no threat to him,Not to mention for efficiency,His eyes are still golden。
Tilt your head slightly,Dodge the Purple Sword,Come next to a woman,Grab it directly to the veil。
Don’t know if it’s an illusion,I feel like where he saw this woman。
“you are……Dream Butterfly?”
Some accident,Xia Chenglong was a little unsure whether the woman in front of him was the girl he met in Bencheng。
Mengdie was recognized,Tremble:“His Royal Highness the Dragon King,Don’t come here unharmed!”
He naturally has different emotions for Mengdie,Accompany him to the Broken Mouth Mountains when he is in Bencheng,Then I went to the Dragon Abyss,Later when I woke up from the coma, the other party had already left,I didn’t expect she would be here,And he became a saint martial artist。

The person in front of him really prevents him from seeing any possibility of creating threats。

He also wondered why the head coach of Dongchuan Middle School had to change this person。Isn’t that the coach named Li Ziqiang is a very professional coach??But in this substitution, I didn’t see where his level is.……
So Wang Guangwei only glanced at Hu Lai,He took his gaze back,Began to pay attention to the game itself。
But at this moment,He suddenly felt something on top of his head……Next second,He feels his hair is caught,I have a hand rubbing on my head!
He saw Wu Yue, who was standing opposite, staring behind him dumbfounded!
Wang Guangwei finally reacted——Someone broke ground on his head……Do not,Is hands-on!
Almost a natural response of the body,He turned and pushed,Push away the person who fiddled with his hair behind him。
The man was pushed back a few steps,In the end, I still couldn’t resist the inertia,Sit down on the ground。
This is Wang Guangwei who can see clearly,It is the 14th of Dongchuan Middle School that was just replaced!
“Oh!”He didn’t forget to yell when he fell to the ground。
This sound attracted the attention of many people,Including the referee。
Seeing a sudden physical conflict on the court,Even if the game is still in progress,He also stopped the game decisively,Rush to the scene of the incident。
The penalty scale for middle school competitions is different from professional competitions,Stricter penalties for physical contact,Fights and fights are strictly prohibited。After all, the Chinese Football Association wants to recreate a new image of Chinese football,Naturally, team fights and gang fights cannot be allowed in the high school league,It will be reported by the media、Render,The image of the high school football league that has finally been established is all over。
So every referee who enforces the middle school football league,While receiving training,The first lesson is how to quickly deal with conflicts on the court,How to kill the possible fight between the two sides in the cradle。
So even now it’s obviously Jiaxiang who finally fought back,We are all rushing to the third defensive zone of Dongchuan Middle School,The referee of the game still whistled decisively to interrupt the game,Without waiting for the game to become a dead ball……
The Jiaxiang High School cheerleaders in the stands gave a uniform boo。
One of their attacks was blown away。And when they cast their eyes on the place where the referee ran past,The boo stopped at first,Then become bigger。
Because everyone saw their captain Wang Guangwei holding his head“Chicken coop”Stand there,Not far from him,The No. 14 player of Dongchuan Middle School who just played is sitting on the ground,Looking at Wang Guangwei with surprise。

“Ha ha,Will not。”Peng Changyi smiled with a guilty conscience。

“Changyi,You understand what i mean?”Jiang Fan looked at him and said。
Of course Peng Changyi understands what he means,He is worried about himself and Ronman,Thought of here,He said:“I know。”
Jiang Fan stared at Peng Changyi,From his twinkling eyes,He saw Peng Changyi’s prevarication and hesitation,He he feels,What Peng Changyi shouldn’t do to that female entrepreneur,at this point,Peng Changyi is smarter than monkeys。But since Peng Changyi came back so early,And in the unnatural manner, he seemed to feel that Peng Changyi and that woman seemed to have something,He was this instinct last night,That’s why I told the woman that I would pick up Peng Changyi’s。
Thought of here,Jiang Fan couldn’t bear to embarrass Peng Changyi,Just tentatively said:“Another day,I’m going to visit that female entrepreneur in Kangzhou,See if I can catch her,We also brought Beijing’s buses to Langzhulai?”
Peng Changyi said:“Why do you have a relationship with her,I can just introduce you。But you are divided by region,I don’t know if it’s not the boss I know,But I guess he can also introduce the relationship,I’ll accompany you to visit Mr. Li first,That person loves to listen to jokes the most,The key question is that you find a company to do this。”
“Ok,Makes sense,Wait for me to figure it out,I’ll discuss with you another day。”Jiang Fan said。
At this moment,There was a knock on the door,The waiter pushed the breakfast into the room,And put it on the coffee table。
Jiang Fan served Peng Changyi a bowl of millet porridge,Said:“Changyi,eat first。Wait for the election,I will discuss this with you specifically。”
The two of them sat down for breakfast。Peng Changyi said:“mayor,I’ll leave after eating,Have to hurry back to work。”
Jiang Fan said while eating:“Oh,Row。I don’t have time to accompany you this morning,Appointment in the morning,I’m going to meet an old revolutionary from Lang Zhuji,I’m following you now,Engage in old revolutionary public relations。”
“Haha。”Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Don’t you say,From dealing with these old revolutionaries,Really benefited,They have passion,Also have connections,Also willing to do something for my hometown,should say,This is a precious asset。”
“Indeed。”Jiang Fan looked at Peng Changyi,Said:“Changyi,How is Director Wang??”
“He’s ok,It seems that the old lady is in some bad condition。”Peng Changyi put down the dishes and said。
“Changyi,Why do you think she is not good at it??”Jiang Fan asked。
“I can’t see anything,The minister said she lost weight,Now some doubts have spread。”Peng Changyi said。
“Oh——”Jiang Fan nodded,Said again:“Then go to Beijing for chemotherapy?”
First60chapter Zhou Gong Regent

Beauty speaks。

“how about it?Give me back the money Lao Tzu spent on you,Let’s even clear up。”
Man answered loudly。
“So it was here to ask for an account……”
Qin Liang seems to understand a little bit。
“You used to be willing to give me flowers……”
The beauty seems to be lacking in confidence,The voice is not strong。
“That was before,Now I don’t want to,how?Don’t fucking talk nonsense with Lao Tzu,hurry up,Take me to withdraw money,Otherwise I come to your company every day to find you。”
The man’s tone is very arrogant,Qin Liang sounded a little upset。
“How can I pay you back if I have no money??Can you help me?I’m working,I will lose my job if you come to my company to make trouble。”
The beauty obviously begs to let it go in a low voice。
“I care if you lose your job?No money, right?No money to sell,Return me when it’s sold out!”
That man is obviously not a good thing,Scolded terribly。
Qin Liang frowned and turned his face away。
The beauty only saw that the person who entered the elevator just now was Qin Liang,She smiled awkwardly at Qin Liang,Say hello。
“grass,I want money from you,Actually stillTMDSmile at other men?You bastard,Stinky bitch。”
The beauty’s smile obviously angered the man,He yelled at him,Raise your hand on one side,I slapped the beauty directly on the face。