“Nothing!You think too much,I don’t think you are embarrassing,That guy has a gun in his hand,To prevent him from shooting,You are right to take measures against him decisively,I believe everyone thinks so too,So things are not what you think,You are simply having trouble with yourself!”

Liu Xiaoyun answered without hesitation。
“Are you sure everyone will not laugh at me,Look down on me?”
Shen Ruoxue asked cautiously,Obviously I want to get Liu Xiaoyun’s affirmative answer,This is also a way for her to seek self-comfort,But frankly:She is indeed a little nervous today,That tear gas is indeed unnecessary……
But everyone makes mistakes,Besides, Shen Ruoxue is still young,It’s impossible to ask Qin Liang when things happen,Yang Shiyun is so calm and calm,She still needs to continue to exercise herself,Need to continue the growth process。
Besides, even Qin Liang,I also get a fever when encountering things,When the wayward:Even Yang Shiyun,Also can’t hold back,When rash and impulsive,These are normal。
Shen Ruoxue cares too much about her image in front of everyone,She feels timid today,Cowardly,Will make everyone look down,That’s why she kept saying that she was ashamed of everyone……
“I am 200%,One thousand percent sure:No one looks down on you,No one laughed at you,You think too much,Really,Don’t you believe what I said, Liu Xiaoyun??”
Liu Xiaoyun answered confidently。
“Ok……I never missed what you said,I can only trust you,Ugh。”
Shen Ruoxue was reluctant,I seem to believe Liu Xiaoyun’s words,Will make her feel wronged,This girl,Also bullied Liu Xiaoyunxing,She is embarrassed to bully other people,Or she can’t bully,Only Liu Xiaoyun,Obviously better than her,But let her unconditionally again and again,I was bullied by her willingly again and again!
Liu Xiaoyun intends to owe Shen Ruoxue,The rhythm of repaying with one’s life。
To talk about affection,Men are more common,Few girls can be as affectionate as Liu Xiaoyun,She put“affection”These two words are extremely。
This is also one of her most respected by everyone!It’s just her affection and intelligence,Let everyone accidentally forget her prosperous beauty,Forget that she is also the little goddess of the Shen family,I’m responsible for a face similar to Shen Ruoxue。
But Liu Xiaoyun doesn’t care about this at all.,After all, among the girls of the Shen family,There are too many beautiful girls!Let’s talk about appearance,Among Shen’s sisters who can hold the title,There are at least a dozen……
So Liu Xiaoyun doesn’t care if she is among Shen’s sisters“IQ responsible”Outside,Have to bear one more“Responsible for appearance”Title,Anyway, the pretty face is here clearly,Do you have“Responsible for appearance”Title,Liu Xiaoyun is still a peerless beauty,No one will deny this,Unless he is blind。
In fact, both Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun are suitable to be“spy”!Because they are both so beautiful,If you use beauty,I guess no man can stand it!Of course,Qin Liang killed them and wouldn’t let them be spies!These two girls plus a Murong key,All three of them are Qin Liang’s heart!Who dares to touch the three of them,Qin Liang must desperately!

“Because you are the commander of the three armies,I won’t hold you,How to control the soldiers of the three services?You still need to ask me about this simple truth?”

The general’s proud answer。
“Don’t I want to give you a chance,Hehe,I don’t deliberately ask idiot questions,How do you teach me?Do you say?”
Qin Liang always has the virtue of being hippie and smiling.。
“You bastard!Play with me, right??I think you want to be confined in the base for ten or eight years,Let you never see your beautiful daughter-in-law and your beautiful sister-in-law。”
The general’s threat is also hit the nail on the head,Point to the point。
“I am pleased to please you, but I am wrong?I didn’t take you so much。”
Qin Liang began to pretend to be wronged,Anyway, he knows that the general won’t really do anything to him,So what he’s doing with this idiot is called a slip。
“correct,Have you figured out how to recruit female soldiers??”
The general asked another important question。
“That one……Really embarrassed me,I am a big man,I can’t meet so many little girls,Do you say?”
Qin Liang is not silly,But he looked helpless,He is really helpless。
“I’m sorry,You go and swallow,Shen Ruoxue discuss what to do,I can’t help you with this favor,I’m such a bad old man and I have nowhere to meet a little girl,Am I right?”
The general decisively said the words first。
“Ugh,I’m so sad about this。”
Qin Liang sighed and said again。
“Yes,I’m very sad,This thing is a bit tricky。”
General Ruotou’s answer,He secretly began to figure out how to help Qin Liang handle this matter.,But the total is total,Before thinking of a specific solution,He wouldn’t say it。
“Forget it,Let’s talk about this first,It’s rare that I brought all the girls back this time,I want them to stay at the base for a few more days,Mainly familiar with the environment of the base,Find out where the various departments of the base are,What are they doing,So when they come back alone,It won’t be black。”
Qin Liang told the general his thoughts truthfully。

Looking at Principal Zhang who is confident in himself,Fang Yourong, who was ignited with pride, also got excited,“Thanks for this opportunity,I am willing to try!”

Looking at Principal Zhang and Xiaofang with their hands clasped together,Everyone else pouted,Xiao Fang, who resolutely defends the blue-collar class, is indeed a simple child,Really easy to be incited。
Outside——The third meeting of non-governmental organizations across industries chapter Ten
Everyone’s kind laughs did not stimulate the fighting spirit Xiao Fang,Even if he has a thick skin,This to him,Isn’t this an opportunity。
Seizing the opportunity is the ability that young people who are going to the city should have。
The excitement here has nothing to do with the excitement of the trainees visiting the shipyard,After the trainees have lunch,The visit has begun under the assembly of the middle-level cadres of the shipyard。The afternoon’s itinerary is where the two teams exchanged knowledge about the morning,As for the children who have been to some factories, there is no need to visit the staff’s living area.,The children’s itinerary is very meaningful,They will board the crane lift which is undergoing serious security check,Go to the top of the shipyard and overlook the entire factory area。The children around the adults can’t wait,Looking forward to the end of the security check soon。
Sit down while talking and laughing,They all deliberately ignored the large chicken drumsticks piled on Sheng San’s brother’s lunch box,Everyone, let’s eat,Don’t eat anymore,The food is cold。
Sheng Zegang was so silent that he watched the chicken drumsticks piled up in the lunch box did not move,I squinted my lips and I was trying to say the ridiculous Lu Feng talk before I could say it,The sudden silence made him strange,what happened?What happened?
Following Sheng San’s wink,Lu Feng stood up and looked at the cause that affected everyone’s mood。
Isn’t his father’s group coming from the restaurant to this side??What do these elders want to do here??Lu Feng gets irritated,Father is strict,But shouldn’t it stop interfering with his independent communication?,He will be laughed at by his peers。
Principal Zhang, who respects his elders, stood up first。Follow Principal Zhang,Except that Fang Yourong shrinks down,Everyone else stood up and waited,Do these elders have any instructions??
Fang Yourong who hides behind can’t help it,Not seen by elders,That hurts self-esteem。
Feel like being inspected by the chief,Waiting for the oncoming elders,Fortunately,The elders behaved very kindly,The kind look stimulated the dissatisfied Lu Feng’s facial muscles twitching。Sheng San looked silently,Lu Feng’s father is not good,How could you praise them like this??
Look at these young people who are mostly in their thirties,The elders show an attitude of appreciation: “I heard you arranged to eat in the cafeteria,Let’s take a look。”An elder beside him smiled:“Not welcome?”
Lunch time passed,These elders who are temporarily adjourned for lunch, when they go downstairs, ask the children about the nutritious lunch.,What I heard was that the children were the same as all the participants from Lufeng and the people who came to the industrial tour this time.,All dining in the cafeteria,among them,Lu Feng also specially ordered,No special extra meals,Just like shipyard employees。After listening to Lu Feng’s arrangement,Surprised,I’m very happy as an elder。The new generation’s communication style is different from the older generation’s practice of socializing and socializing at the wine table.,Now in the new century,This is worth promoting on a small scale。
Under the leadership of my big brother,The children who have wiped their little hands and mouths rushed to say hello to their uncle and grandpa who cared for them。

I know Ai Qing hasn’t left,Peng Changyi breathed a sigh of relief,Whispered:“Where is Dou Xiaoyu?”

Xiao Aiguo hesitated,Said helplessly:“Back to beijing。”
Peng Changyi knows Dou Xiaoyu’s character too well,How did she suffer such insults?,Will definitely be angry and leave。As long as Ai doesn’t leave,It means things are not that bad。His heart is a little more relaxed,Said:“You tell Mr. Ai,I am rushing back,No matter what, wait for me to go back。”
“Yes,do not worry,We promise to accompany Mr. Ai,We will visit the industrial park later。”
Peng Changyi knows that Ai Qing is next to Xiao Aiguo,Xiao Aiguo also showed the qualities that the Secretary-General should have。Hung up Xiao Aiguo’s call,He beat Chu Xiaoqiang again,Said:“cockroach,Are you still in the hotel?”
Chu Xiaoqiang said:“No,I’m back in the game。”
Peng Changyi asked:“How about Ai and Dou Xiaoyu?”
Chu Xiaoqiang said:“President Ai was taken away by the government,Dou Xiaoyu caught fire and left,Back to beijing。”
“How can I make her go away angry??”
“Ugh,You don’t know the temper of my sister-in-law,She is going,Who dare to stop?Who dare to stop?Even scold me。”
Peng Changyi advised:“To scold,We are too unreasonable。”
Chu Xiaoqiang did not speak,Maybe he felt his fault。
Peng Changyi asked again:“what is the problem?”
Chu Xiaoqiang said:“Is it convenient for you to speak?”
“Convenience,You speak。”
Chu Xiaoqiang said:“I just called Xiaojing,I know their relationship……”
Chu Xiaoqiang told Peng Changyi what he knew。
original,President Ai and Dou Xiaoyu have known each other a long time ago,They met at an occasional gathering of friends,Then the two started dating,Ai Qing was Dou Xiaoyu’s first love,But at that time,President Ai already has a family,Dou Xiaoyu is not clear,Later, Ai Qing’s wife found Dou Xiaoyu,After Dou Xiaoyu knew the truth,,And left Ai Qing angrily,But the staunch Dou Xiaoyu never fell in love with others,Ai Qing’s wife went to school to make a fuss again,He was disqualified from running for the vice principal,I can’t mix in the unit anymore,So he resigned and went to sea for business。During this period,He never remarried。period,He tried to find Dou Xiaoyu,Hope to rebuild,But was rejected by Dou Xiaoyu。
I heard Chu Xiaoqiang’s brief description,Peng Changyi nodded,No wonder how Ai Qing went to sea that day,He hesitated without explaining。
Chu Xiaoqiang said again:“Ai Qing returned to China this time,It also means falling leaves back to their roots,Although he has visited several places in the south,But still have a soft spot for the north,and so,He listened to the university tutor,Came to Langzhu,later,In a contact with Dou Xiaoyu,Dou Xiaoyu asked him to come to Langzhu,Said that Lang Zhu not only has good friends here,Her brother-in-law is here,that’s it,Ai Qing is determined to invest in Langzhu,And invited Dou Xiaoyu to come with her。After they came this time,Without prior notice to Lang Zhu,It was Dou Xiaoyu’s idea,First, she wants to check my post for sister,The second is that I didn’t decide in advance,When they decide to come,You went to the province for a meeting long ago。”

Gu Zhuo looked up at Wang Jiadong,She found that in the eyes of this man,Still has the majesty that she admires,She nodded,Say:“it is good,I listen to you。”

“now it’s right……”
Wang Jiadong didn’t finish talking,Just sneezed,Followed by,I sneezed several times in a row。
Gu Zhuo said:“bad,You must have a cold。”
Wang Jiadong rubbed his nose and said:“Xiao Zhuo,Bring me two cold capsules。”
Gu Zhuo thought for a while,I forgot where the medicine was。
Wang Jiadong looked at her,Deliberately not telling her,She patted her forehead,Said:“I remembered。”
Gu Zhuo said,Just walk behind the big desk,Open a drawer,Inside are all kinds of medicine,She quickly took out two cold capsules,I added half of the hot water to Minister’s cup,To Mr. Minister。
Wang Jiadong just reached out to pick it up,Gu Zhuo said:“Looked up,open mouth。”
Wang Jiadong was taken aback,Then he opened his mouth obediently,Gu Zhuo stuffed two capsules into his mouth,Put the water glass to his mouth,Said:“Drink it。”
Wang Jiadong drank two sips of water,Flush the medicine down。
Gu Zhuo put the cup,She whispered:“If you are still cold,Just go take a hot shower。”
Wang Jiadong thought about it:“it is good,I’m going to take a bath,You just leave me alone,Go rest,It’s too late today,You have never slept so late。”
Gu Zhuo has no rest,But he took Wang Jiadong into the bathroom,She found him a thick nightgown,Put it on the door handle inside
After Wang Jiadong took a shower,Head down,With the belt on the robe,He took the walking stick by the door,look up,I saw a curtain has been drawn,Separate the living room from the bedroom in the house,Wang Jiadong came out,Open the closet door,Find out your underwear to put on,Since being in the same room with Gu Zhuo,He has never slept naked,I never went to bed when Gu Zhuo was awake。He rearranged his pajamas,Checked the door,Seeing that the door has been bolted,He put“living room”Lights off,By the faint light from the curtain,Walked into the curtain。
Gu Zhuo was not asleep at this time,She was sitting by the bed waiting for him。Wang Jiadong pulls the curtain,Said:“Why are you not sleeping yet?”
“I’m waiting for you。”
Wang Jiadong saw that there was only one quilt on the bed,Two pillows next to each other,It turned out to be two quilts,From this change,He understood what Gu Zhuo meant,I feel a little flustered,He put the walking stick on a fixed hook at the head of the bed,sit down,Wipe the top of the head with a towel,Said:“I took a hot bath to warm my body completely。”
Gu Zhuo stand up,Open the bed,Said:“You lie in first,The bed has been heated by the warm water bag。”

Qin Liang said with a melancholy expression deliberately。

“Feel you are a bad guy now……”
There is something in Liu Xiaoyun’s words, and Qin Liang’s sentence,What she said“Bad”,In fact, it means something else,She believes Qin Liang must understand。
“Really?OK then,You say I’m a bad person, then I’m a bad person,I don’t mind,It’s boring to be a good person,I still feel like being a bad guy,Hehe。”
Qin Liang knew what Liu Xiaoyun was talking about in secret,So he just followed Liu Xiaoyun’s words directly,Tell Liu Xiaoyun secretly,The so-called bad guy in her mouth,Qin Liang will continue to be!
Liu Xiaoyun can’t continue this topic anymore,So I snorted loudly,It’s an expression of my heart“Not angry”。Click until!This topic will stop here for now。
“Brother-in-law,If you are a bad guy,That would be terrible!You are so good,If I want to catch you,It’s harder than climbing!”
Shen Ruoxue who doesn’t know what Liu Xiaoyun and Qin Liang are talking about,Naively interrupted。“puff……Why do you want to catch me?I have such an outstanding villain,Your Rose Legion has the chance to show off!A group of police will not be able to catch me,Then you and Xiaoyun came to catch me,I pretend to resist,Finally caught by you two,You can be famous again
Down,Hey Hey……”
Qin Liang opened his mouth。
“Less foolish people!It should be me and Xiaoyun who will be caught by then!”
Shen Ruoxue squatted and said……

Qin Liang’s inspiration,Blurt out……

“My goodness!Are you going to become a great poet??Talking is beginning to be poetic,You go on like this,I’m going to become your little girl。”
Yang Shiyun smiled charmingly,Please say。
“I don’t want you to be my little girl,I just want you to be my little woman。”
Qin Liang’s happy answer。
“Am I your little girl now?。”
Yang Shiyun is ashamed……Before this change,She couldn’t tell if she killed her。
“Do not,Not exactly,Almost。Hehe……”
Qin Liang said meaningfully。
“Can you ignore the past??”
Of course Yang Shiyun knew what Qin Liang said“That little”What means,So deliberately asked。
“Can’t,That a little bit for me,Is very, very concerned,Is very much desired!”
Qin Liang immediately said firmly!
“Ugh……I didn’t expect to have issued a few tickets to you,As a result, the final price was to catch myself。”
Yang Shiyun said deliberately sad。

They can deal with a small number of old students,But can’t fight with groups of more than ten people,To get enough crystal nuclei in the remaining three days,Have to occupy a way,At that time, the more people, the better。

“The first command,From now on you spread out,Notify all new students you know,Tell them what I said earlier,As long as they agree to come here,Understand?”
Wait for everyone to leave,Xia Chenglong breathed a sigh of relief,I feel that leading a group of students is more difficult than leading tens of thousands of soldiers,This is the difference between the army and the academy。
“What are they doing,This guy actually let go of the fat,Young man,can not read it!”The elder said to himself seemingly melancholy。
For this freshman,To be precise, for that Zhao Chenglong,They really can’t guess。
so far,Nothing they can guess about what Xia Chenglong did,And the outcome of everything is completely out of their control。
For this,The only person they admire is the deputy dean Yue Leipeng who sits first,Because everything he said so far about the young man is correct。
“stupid,Kind of naive。”Elder He, sitting on the side, shook his head,“Exposed the strength here so early,Only let him be naked in the life of the real top,It will fail!”
“Oh,Elder He is so sure?”Yue Leipeng turned his head and asked,Smile again:“Shall we take another bet?”
“Gamble,Just a fledgling hairy boy,Could it be true that we can fight Muye Liuquan and the others?”
“Then wait and see!”
The battlefield at this time,Everyone becomes extremely careful,In a dense forest,Several people are looking around cautiously。

Continue to walk for a full hour,Everyone finally arrived at the destination,The journey today took half more time than normal,And smashed along the way,Almost every sister of the Shen family fell several somersaults,Even Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun were not spared。

“Oh my God,I’m exhausted!”
One place,Shen Ruoxue was the first to ignore it,Yelled and sat down on the grass。
“It’s the blame we didn’t expect beforehand,So the preparations were not done,Tired people,Sorry。”
Yang Zhi rushed to apologize for the first time。
“Oh, brother Yang Zhi,What does this have to do with us,We haven’t been to this island for a long time,Besides, the lush growth of grass is the law of nature,This is a natural thing,Why are you apologizing?,It really is。”
Shen Ruoxue was not embarrassed to speak,Liu Xiaoyun said it for her,This tacit understanding,The average person is really incomparable!Shen Ruoxue did not speak,Liu Xiaoyun knows what she actually wants to say。
Yang Zhi smiled embarrassedly,No more explanation,Because he can’t explain anything,The apology is only because the complainant is Shen Ruoxue,Nothing else,If Liu Xiaoyun complained like this,Yang Zhi won’t apologize。
Follow-up teams are also coming up,Qin Liang and others also appeared。
With the example of Shen Ruoxue,In a blink of an eye, the little girls sat down,Sat down,There are only swallows among the female soldiers,Du Xiaoyan,Zhou Meili and Luna still stand still,So in this way, you can see the real“Professional warrior”Here comes the difference between the sisters of the Shen family,Different is really different。
“Don’t do anything first,Let the girls rest together for a while。”
Saw Qin Liang coming,Yang Zhi hurriedly greeted Qin Liang again。
Qin Liang casually agreed,In fact, he is thinking about another very troublesome thing at the moment:In this environment,It is obviously impossible to expect the girls to find something to satisfy their hunger,Maybe I didn’t find something to satisfy my hunger,The girl will lose more than half of it!How terrible the consequences are!and so“eat”This matter,I’m afraid I can’t count on the girls……

The pinched Fang Yourong is extremely wronged,Anyway,He is also a young man in his twenties,Isn’t Shengjia sister so good?。Besides,He said,I am famous in my hometown,Simultaneously,Doesn’t this prove that she is well maintained?。

“you are sick?”Let go of the hand that pinches Fang’s face,Shengjia sister frowned,She took a closer look at the hut,As expected,Nothing satisfies her。
Leaned forward and opened the thick curtains,A sunset from the west shot in obliquely。Oh,It’s dusk?Then he slept all day?
Fang Yourong is sick,Burning badly all over。Face sore,headache,My whole body hurts everywhere。
Sister Shengjia helped find a community doctor,I have a cold,Need water。
“Thank you。”Laying on the bed while pulling the quilt, watching sister Sheng Jia who helped。
This kid is not bad,Quite talking。Open the clothes thrown by the bed,Shengjia Sister Tao: “No thanks,I’m showing compassion for your sickness。”Look up at the watch:“Just said to go out and do something,Might be back soon,What do you want to eat?”
“Millet porridge。”
Staring at Fang Yourong who blinked at him,Shengjia sister squinted,Who is this kid acting like?。
“Ladies should not squint,I won’t roll my eyes。”Fang Yourong whispered to remind Sheng Jia’s sister who was thinking in a mean direction。
Humph。Forget it,Not quarreling with sick children。Millet porridge is millet porridge,The cost of calling her is not low,She will get reimbursement from Sheng Zegang。
Hanging water,The sound of the door opening and closing,have a guest?
“You go back,Thank you。”
“Well,Then I’ll go back……”
Low voice——,Oh,That’s Sheng Zegang’s voice。
“I want to drink porridge!Glutinous rice porridge!”Open eyes,Fang Yourong yelled at her neck。
Staring at Fang Yourong who was energetic as soon as Sheng Ze entered the door,It was silent before,Did you pretend to be dead??Sister Sheng’s, who has already cooked millet porridge on a low heat, squinted and said:“Just now you said you want to eat millet porridge。”