I just tried it out,By the way, after a bit of the leg, it is preliminary judged that Long Yuntian’s strength is slightly stronger than mine,Plus others,If I want to face him head-on, it will never taste good,So I use my speed advantage,Wrestle around him。

Played for a long time,Long Yun really didn’t even touch the corner of my clothes,This is not a regular taekwondo competition,But for the purpose of defeating the opponent,So my lazy donkey rolls,Drunk lying in Kyushu and other indecent tricks are used,Just evaded all his attacks,The smile on his face disappeared,Solemn face。
Huang Shengfeng and the dudes saw that Long Yuntian couldn’t take it for a long time,Feeling bad,Sneered and stimulated me:“Jiang Fengyuan,Are you bastard?Do you only know how to be a turtle??Oh shit,This rolling posture is so ugly,You dare to use it,He said he was the number one dude in HKUST,Isn’t it the first trip to the University of Hong Kong!Haha!”
Me one40Coming year,No humiliation at work before,Totally unmoved,This was originally my strategy,Try to make him consume more energy,And I try to save my energy,I can’t help it,Because in the battle, it was found that Long Yuntian was stronger than expected,He is powerful,Good endurance and flexibility,I also know that using these moves will definitely attract ridicule,But when I get down to Long Yuntian,All doubts will disappear。
Fang Xianjing was also nervous at this time,She saw me hiding so hard and embarrassed,I also know that I met an unprecedented rival,This Long Yuntian’s strength has surpassed Duan Zheng,It is estimated that only the curator Zhang Zhongxiong can stabilize his head,There is no way now,I can only pray to me silently in my heart。
One two two、Defeat Long Yuntian
Long Yuntian found me slippery like a loach,No matter how he attacks, he can’t touch me,Knowing that it won’t be good if you continue to attack,Just stop and adjust,His joking way:“Jiang Fengyuan,Are you going to keep hiding like this??”
I just took a breath,Smiled:“You see what you said,I’m not trying to prove to everyone that your taekwondo is a fist embroidered leg?”
“you!”Under long attack,Long Yuntian is also a little impetuous,Not as calm as it was at the beginning。
And my classmates and friends listen to me funny,All laughing,The boring and worried atmosphere just alive suddenly。
Shouted one after another:“We didn’t foul,Within the scope of the rules,Don’t you hide with us,You can hide too!”“Just how do you beat us,Haha!”……
Not to be outdone over there“Turtle bastard,Just know to hide!”“Have the ability to fight head-on,Spicy chicken!”“Also the number one boy of HKUST,The first one is almost the same。”
Yanwuchang suddenly became a vegetable market,All kinds of noise and laughter,I am not the master anyway,It’s not me who is ashamed,So waiting with interest。
Long Yuntian’s face couldn’t hang up first,Waved to Huang Shengfeng and they were quiet,I’ll wait for no more noise over there,Just let my classmates and friends be quiet。
Longyun Tiandao:“No matter what method you use,I will beat you down。”


This is a place of ten thousand years oldxIgnorant。
As long as he is more positive,I dare not say eat a hundred girls,But the school around.Eat all the flowers dry,There is no problem at all。
Since crossing,Shen Huan’s matter about men and women,Really not so urgent。
Even the various girls around me emerge in endlessly,Even young lady Wang Zhen’s mature superstar is already secretly promised,Completely ready to pick,But Shen Huan is not in a hurry。
Maybe it’s because I was in a situation where I almost couldn’t afford to eat just after crossing.,So he has a strong sense of worry,I want to lay a solid foundation step by step.。
After all, this world is much better than the other world,As long as you have a book to make girls willing,It’s fair to marry more。
Speaking of,Unconsciously, Shen Huan is already full18Years old。
His birthday was celebrated in the United States,Because the identity information is public,So Wang Zhen and Zhang Yaya prepared some food for him,And a birthday cake,Simply passed a birthday。
Now back to China,Four schools.Ms. Hua said,In addition to celebrating their high scores in the college entrance examination,And make up for Shen Huan’s birthday。
This reason makes Shen Huan unable to refuse。
and so,During the day, Shen Huan took the stone cutter and other tools he bought before going to Caiyun at home,After cutting a dozen pieces of raw jade,,Washed up at six in the evening,Went out to dinner。

at night8O’clock,When the concert officially starts,There is already a dense sea of people。

Live sound of Su Mo’s concert、light、Accompaniment、Dance etc.,Are the best in the country,Such a set cost totem music5000Ten thousand cost。
Although every concert can be reused,It can be used in other concerts in the future,But can have such a big arm,It can be seen that totem music attaches great importance to Su Mo’s concert。
From a certain angle,This is a bird’s-eye view of Totem Music for the entire music industry。
You scum,have a look,This is the number one star in China,unique!!
Su Mo’s singing and dancing,It is indeed wonderful,Did not disappoint。
3Hours of concert,There is no urine at all,Including guests,It’s all a wonderful performance。
Even Little Sister Shui has forgotten to find Han Dong’er’s weakness,Enthusiastically thrown into cheers and applause。
Although Han Dong’er is not as excited as her,But the faint smile on his face,I also hum songs from time to time,
Shen Huan didn’t speak much,But while watching Su Mo sing,His eyes are always soft。
Because he remembered in another world,It’s also the bright star similar to Su Mo,It’s just that he doesn’t have such a good life as Su Mo。
In a deafening“Encore”In the voice,Su Mo is back。
Su Mo in bright clothes,Dressed up very fresh,Rolled up the sleeves,The charm of a mature man,More fascinating。
He sat on a round stool,Smile and talk to everyone:“I remember me16When I went to the stage to sing for the first time,Stammer,Being thrown directly,It was hard to persevere,When i get back to the background,I swear,Don’t do this for the rest of your life。”
Celebrities have no secrets。
Su Mo’s brief experience of frustration when he first debuted,Many people know。

He is a little worried,Will Shen Huan break his hands and feet?!

however,What WoW didn’t expect was,When his hand was about to touch the basketball in Shen Huan’s hand,Shen Huan suddenly changed hands,From the right hand to the left hand,Hold the basketball and shoot to the basket。
At this time the two inevitably ran into each other。
Howard always felt like he had hit a hard iron block,I was numb and pressed down。
The basketball was sent to the basket by Shen Huan。
But it’s more shocking,Howard was knocked away,After landing, he staggered back two steps!
The scene suddenly became quiet。
Kobe and Iverson stood up directly,Raise your hands up and cheer for Shen Huan。
The two of them looked at each other。
Follow this posture,Shen Huan is not only good at holding the ball and breaking through,It’s really not inferior to confrontation!
Although Howard is not the Super Warcraft five years ago,But physical fitnessNBAThe same is first class。
Can knock him away,Why is Shen Huan afraid of collision??
The audience present were all stunned,Upon seeing this, a sound suddenly surged,It seems to open the whole stadium。
They shouted Shen Huan’s name,Screaming to celebrate Shen Huan’s first goal!
Compared to them,Shen Huan is not so excited by himself。
He quickly returned to his halftime,Started his own defense。


Mo Xiaosheng smiled at Yueren Wang。Said,“I have to trouble you,Brother Yue,Find those masters of profound arts you know,As long as they are willing to join us,Then Mo Xiaosheng can’t treat them badly!”
Mo Xiaosheng patted his chest and promised,It just so happens that he won over 10 billion from the underground park,Can be used to fund the establishment of this organization!
Use the enemy’s money to deal with the enemy,Just think about it,have to say。For this matter,He is really good thank you Rose!
First0649Chapter threw them out
“it is good,I dare not say anything else,People in this area,I really know more or less!“
Yue Ren Wang said in a deep voice,“But these people are****The turbulence,To find them out,May take some time!“
“no problem,This matter slowly,Not in a hurry。That group of Japanese people shouldn’t do anything in the short term!“
Mo Xiaosheng nodded,Hearing Yueren Wang agreed,He was relieved,My own vision,Finally achieved step by step。
As they walk back。Mo Xiaosheng’s phone rang suddenly,It was from Li Qianjue,Mo Xiaosheng grinned,Quickly picked up,Smiled:“Brother Li,give me a call,Did the volunteers observe the results??!“
“you……You are boring,You guessed everything!“
Seeing that Li Qiansuan was guessed by Mo Xiaosheng,Suddenly lost interest,Some complaining Chongmo Xiaosheng said。

“Taoist people,Was it so rubbish??”

I didn’t even step into the Shaolin Temple,An arrogant voice,It also spread from the Shaolin Temple。
Hear this voice,Feel power fluctuations inside,Lin Yu quickly walked in。
then,A terrible picture,Appeared in front of Lin Yu。
I saw the monk of Shaolin Temple,Fall down one after another。
And the abbot,Although not down at this moment,But it’s covered with scars,Breathe,All with difficulties。
one look,I know I must have suffered internal injuries。
And not far from these monks,There is a dress,People with red sun signs,Arrogantly mocking an old man wearing a Taoist priest。
“Samurai Uemura Musashi,You’re good,I admit this。
But the only one you won is me,Does not represent everyone in my Taoist school。”
The Taoist wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth,Seems to want to fight。
The red sun country Uemura Musashi who heard this,Haha laughed:“is it?
Then you can’t represent,You find someone who can represent your Taoism!If not,That is Taoism is rubbish,The samurai in my country is the best in the world!”

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First308chapter Shy Big Black Bull
He’s really scared,Some irrational fans,Run to make trouble。</p>
He had prepared for the worst,Unexpectedly, the scene is indeed a bit unexpected。</p>
For Chen He’s question,Su Luo’s answer is perfect,Changed the subject again and amused the audience。</p>
Such a familiar sense of variety,Super brother was surprised,This young man is not easy。</p>
Just after this thought,There was a jingle,Accompanied by the sound of horseshoes moving into the arena。</p>
“Look。”suddenly,Zheng Kai yelled,Everyone looked at where he was pointing。</p>
I saw a very beautifully decorated carriage appeared in the field,The carriage is full of flowers,There is also a strangely shaped person who is pulling the reins and driving the carriage。</p>
Brother Chao may be chatting because of his age,A little dizzy,Squinting at the carriage approaching from a distance,Tao:“What is that?”</p>
Su Luo speechless,Step forward:“Super brother,That’s a person。”</p>
Brother Chao seems to be aware of the language disorder in his words,Awkward smile,As the carriage approaches,Brothers and the audience off the court can finally see who comes and who is。</p>

Han Donger likes Shen Huan to take everything seriously。

Not suitable for this person,Shen Huan will never give it away。
Even if Tang Yuan begged so much before,Several old singers are talking,Shen Huan also insisted not to《A laugh》The copyright is given to。
Han Donger knows,Two songs for myself,《red beans》with《The sound of falling snow》,Are all perfect to show their voice,Make myself sing very comfortable and happy。
Such a song,Don’t know yourself,Then try to think,To find inspiration,How can it be done?
If it’s the kind of song that you just send yourself casually,Shen Huan can write100first!
But he didn’t do it,But honestly give as much as you can write。
In this situation,How could Han Donger blame Shen Huan??This is too unsatisfactory,I don’t know how to cherish it。
Besides, a singer makes an album,I certainly can’t just rely on a songwriter。
After Han Donger arrived at Yanhuang Music,These months,Outside her daily practice singing,Except for some advertising contracts,Are starting to pick songs。
A big company in the circle like Yanhuang Music,The foundation is really not comparable to mediocre studios,Just thousands of spare songs in the song library,It’s enough to shock people。
These are all bought with money,Anyone can use it。
In addition,He Yanhuang Music and top musicians made,Almost all the songwriters in China,And benzene、Tai Chi and the United States have。
Han Donger is going to make a song,As long as she proposes the type,Yanhuang Music directly allows foreign musicians to compose,It’s not a problem at all。

then,Yan Mo opens the notebook,Started to write down the bits and pieces when I was with him,Time seems to return to the original memory with the beating brushstrokes.

Chapter 21 bitII
(One)About dating
“Shen Siyan,We have been together for so long,Are you sure you don’t take me to an appointment?”Yan Mo pouted,Whispered。
Shen Siyan startled,Took a look at Yan Mo,Thoughtful:“it is good,Then go after class。”
“Yay,Great。”Yan Mo happily applauded,Then I couldn’t help but ask:“Then where are we going?”
Where to go?Shen Siyan has another meal:“You’ll know later。”
Yan Mo nodded,Looking forward to the arrival of the first official date,No interest in listening,Thoughts have already drifted away。Finally ended the get out of class,Yan Mo turned and looked at Shen Siyan with excitement。
He carried his schoolbag,Walked a few steps,look back:“Let’s go。”
“it is good。”
Yan Mo hurriedly cleaned up,Just jogged and followed。Along the way,She looks very excited,Fantasizing about dating,Unconsciously showing a foolish smirk。but!while walking,The two came to a familiar place——Study room!
“Shen Siyan,Why did you take me from the Xi room on a date??”Yan Mo stunned。
“Learn。”Shen Siyan’s answer is light and windy。
Yan Mo dragged his voice,Asked again:“you——Indeed——set——Is it?”
Yan Mo is skeptical,I wish he just missed the word!She blinked big eyes,Looking at Shen Siyan without squinting。
I saw him calmly seated,Read the book at hand carefully,Said something without looking up:“Math test next week,You need to review。”
“what?”Yan Mo is full of black lines,There are countless wild horses running by,What kind of date is this??
She looked upset,Pouting,But still sat down beside Shen Siyan,Took out the math book,I turned it page by page。
Shen Siyan seems a little dull,Didn’t notice Yan Mo’s strangeness,Still concentrating on his advanced mathematics problem set。

C:“It looks like,You like her very much。”

While Shen Siyan is in a good mood,Chen Xi asked a lot of interesting content。She was surprised,This cold noodle iceberg will be so cooperative,Feel incredible again,Talk about the past,There was a gentle smile in his eyes,he——Actually laugh!
Chen Xi couldn’t help feeling:“She is really happy,Can be liked by you。”
“I don’t want to see you again,I would rather never know you,I think the farther you roll the better…”Yan Mo’s voice sounded in my ears,Shen Siyan’s originally soft face was covered with a layer of haze,But it was quickly converged,Pretending to be calm and answered:“Maybe she doesn’t think so。”
The atmosphere is suddenly a little subtle,Chen Xi stopped asking questions,Ended this interview just right,“All right,Thank you Mr. Shen for your cooperation,This interview is very pleasant。I will send you confirmation after I organize the conversation into text,I look forward to seeing you next time。”
Chen Xi glanced at the silent Shen Siyan,No more interruptions,I sorted out the information on my own,Left quietly。
And at the blind date on the other side,Yan Mo has been absent-minded,There was a reply to Han Yixuan without a word,Slightly perfunctory,She just wants to end this awkward meeting as soon as possible。
And Han Yixuan finally saw her thoughts,Zheng Chou couldn’t find a suitable reason to end this blind date。at this time.
“What are you doing?Blind date?”The cold voice passed through Yan Mo’s ears。
She raised her head,All eyes are like Shen Siyan,Can’t help being stunned,It’s like a kid who did something wrong is caught,Seems a little disturbed,Biting nails,Lowered his eyes awkwardly。
and so,Yan Mo can’t find out,Shen Siyan at this time,His face is extremely bad,The light fell on her blind date,Sharp eyes,Murderous。
After Han Yixuan was scrutinized by inexplicable mystery,Suddenly the atmosphere is subtle,Consciously got up and left。
“Yes.Uh.Not right.”Yan Mo doesn’t know how to explain,Messy speech。
But this hesitation,Follow her movements,But it made Shen Siyan more sure of his guess,The tall body is slightly startled,Anger in the eyes,Sighed lightly,But he didn’t say much,Gave her a cold look,Turned and left。
at the moment,Yan Mo is the only one left,In a daze on the seat。
“Miss,Sorry,May I take away the things on the table?”Waiter politely ask。