Just when Li Chenfeng was about to leave,I saw someone hurried in again outside the door。

“Great elder?Why are you behind,Didn’t you let you entertain guests outside??The people here today are all allies of our Xiao family in Wutan City,Don’t make people think that our Xiao family despises distinguished guests!”
The elder has an old face with a smile,Looking at Xiao Zhan, who was not worried,Did not say anything about his question,But a smile:“The second and third are watching,Now the family has truly distinguished guests,I am the family elder,If you don’t come to see the courtesy, it’s really rude!”
While talking,Smiled at Li Chenfeng:“Hahaha,The young patriarch came to the humble house,It really makes my Xiao family shining!”
This great elder has always thought about the position of Xiao Zhan as the patriarch,In his opinion,After the death of the old patriarch,Xiao Zhan’s ability is not enough to serve as the patriarch。
The purpose of the Great Elder’s visit this time is obvious,I just want to climb the Nalan family,Just look at the tall girl behind him。
Xiao Yu,A female partner in the original book,Tall beautiful girl,Especially having a pair of long and straight legs……
Her age is similar to Li Chenfeng,This year is also twelve,The cultivation base of Liu Duan Dou Zhi Qi,She is also a famous genius and beautiful girl in Utan City。
Because now Xiao Yan’s appearance is against the sky,And the Nalan family and the Xiao family have not been separated ten years later,So in the opinion of the elder,The marriage of the Xiao family and the Nalan family,No problem。
If you really wait until Xiao Yan and Nalan Yanran grow up and get married,Then the Xiao family has truly become Xiao Zhan’s words。
With the backing of the Nalan family,These elders,Do you dare to fight Xiao for power??
Even if you know what the great elder is playing, pay attention,Xiao Zhan couldn’t stop it,I can only watch Li Chenfeng’s performance now。
only,If it’s just an ordinary girl,Even if it looks good,Li Chenfeng is the most eye-catching。
But this Xiao Yu,In Li Chenfeng’s mind, it is also impressive。After all, it’s a female character I liked very much in the past,Now see a real person,It is inevitable that I will look more。
Looking at Li Chenfeng’s gaze,The smile on the face of the elder is much deeper again。
For my granddaughter,He is still very satisfied,Not only is it beautiful and cute,The cultivation talent is not too bad。


Start,Xu Xuan already got it4separated!
Not bad5Minute,He can get it in a single season2000Minute!
Knicks offense。
The first two inside offenses were tied,The ball is handed over to the inside。
Porzingis failed to invest,Hibbert protects the rebound,Give the ball to Xu Xuan,Walking speed。
Jerian doesn’t dare to stand still now,Pre-judgment!
Xu Xuan’s small gesture of flicking the willow,Pass directly beside him,Three-point line——
Throw it up!
Wonderful arc!
This is the iconic backward jumper——
Scream,Like a fairy,Basketball fell into the Nets impartially!
Only difference2separated!
Jerian·Grant people are a little dazed。

Zhou Qihua touched his scalp:“I don’t want to play cards with you,Why has your skills dropped so much?,You were very good before。Shan Shan,Did you break it last time?,I lost some of your innate talents。”

Shen Zhiyue was a little bit dumbfounded,He still doesn’t know what Lu Shanshan’s innate talent is:“Ha ha,no need。The doctor checked me,My body is fine,So many things happened recently,I’m not thinking about playing cards and it’s normal。”
Zhou Qihua frowned:“I don’t think you seem to be thinking,It’s like losing my memory。I told you about the past,You all forgot。”
Shen Zhiyue is a bit embarrassed,He didn’t expect Zhou Qihua to be so difficult。He passed out in the theater,I have lost some memories,Zhou Qihua asked many things about his childhood in one breath。
Chapter Seventeen Kanaya Cangjiao
“Do you remember when we were two years old,The school organizes a spring outing,Did any boy accidentally fall into the water??”
“Do you remember my 15th birthday,Did you give me anything?”
“Do you remember that I bought an island?”
Zhou Qihua asked all kinds of questions。Dazzled Shen Zhiyue。
He is not Lu Shanshan,How can I know these things?。
“Can not remember。Sorry,I really forgot。”Shen Zhiyue is annoyed by questions,I can only knead the forehead and say。
Zhou Qihua is a pity,But he believes the memory can be retrieved,He plans to take Shen Zhiyue to visit his hometown,Stimulate his brain。
“Let’s go,I booked it at half past five,It’s too late now。”
Zhou Qihua took Shen Zhiyue to fly across the sea,He bought an island。In the past, Shen Zhiyue heard some rumors about Zhou Qihua from time to time。Rumor has it that he wanted to have a private party,Bought an island specially。Every Saturday, a group of Internet celebrity models gather to have a party on the private island,As for the party process, it’s even more embarrassing。

“General Gu,Now others have raised the price to two yuan each,Do not need us to deliver,They drove directly to our factory。”

“crazy,Really crazy!”Gu Mu was also speechless for a while。
“What should i do now?Not sell to them,Still sell at the original price,That day will lose four or five million!”Fang Hao’s voice is full of crying。
Lost four or five million a day,One month is1Billions。
Even if there is only two or three months of epidemic,That’s a profit of several hundred million。
Several hundred million!
If it lasts longer,The profit is even higher。
This is not cutting the meat in his heart,This is cutting off his entire heart。
The feeling of pain,Only those who have suffered can understand。
Gu Mu was silent for a while,Said:“How about this,If you think the loss is too great,You can transfer your mask factory to me。”
Fang Hao was taken aback,Ponder:“Does this guy see that masks are profitable,Do you want to buy and sell??”
“if you are willing to,I can come out10One hundred million bought your mask factory,how about it?”Gu Mu said。
Fang Hao stayed there。
His investment in this mask factory is about 100 million yuan,Gu Mu is going out now10Ge Yi bought his mask factory,That means he has earned9100 million。

That’s it,Dignified billionaire,Become only2500Million assets。

If it is the rich people who have difficulty in realizing,Anxious to pay taxes,I really have to lose more。
If you marry the third,Then it’s even worse,Plus taxes for the two ladies,I will only be left400Ten thousand。
therefore,Unless you marry when you don’t have much money,Otherwise, usually people want to marry a second,I got divorced and remarried,This cost is prescribed10%Family property,Comparable pay75%Much more cost-effective。
This also caused the poor to marry more without money,The rich dare not marry more,Only the middle class or people with a little money,Will marry one more、Two phenomena。
This to some extent,And maintain fairness as much as possible。
Meng Zijing’s husband is not in charge,Meng Zijing also raised his two sons,He is only willing to give10%Divorce after childbirth,I don’t even consider how my wife and children feel。
That’s why Shui Qianyu scolded him so much as a jerk。
“Ding Dong!”
“Compassionate system,Discovered Meng Zijing’s tragic experience,Sympathy。”
“The system special release tasks are as follows,The host needs to do his best to get Meng Zijing to get rid of her current pity and despair,Make her confident and beautiful!In this way, you will get very generous rewards from the system!”
“Hint,This reward will include how to make Yingyue Ointment!”
First355chapter Comprehend!
Yingyue Ointment?
Shen Huan immediately got the spirit。

The TV audience is still relatively large,Even if it’s just a show,Can also bring a lot of traffic to Fang Hao。

of course,The premise is that Fang Hao is handsome enough。
Not so handsome,Participating in the show may not have such good results。
The benefit of the skyrocketing traffic to Fang Hao is that he soon signed an advertising endorsement for a mobile phone brand。
But this ad endorsement he used a bundling method,Tied up Qu Wan’er,Two people advertise together。
Fang Hao has become the king of domestic traffic,Demonstrated its strong business value,Endorsement fees have also increased to a level。
With Qu Waner,Signed the advertising endorsement of this mobile phone brand at a price of 40 million two years。
——In fact, Haoran Culture Company started to talk to that mobile phone brand with Fang Hao alone for two years4000Million endorsement price,Now bundle Qu Wan’er in,Did not increase the endorsement fee,It just gave Qu Wan’er a chance to expose。
They endorse the mobile phone brand,Not a certain phone model,This mobile phone brand is a domestic brand,More willing to advertise,It also has a large market share in China,The main focus is the young people’s market。
The images of Fang Hao and Qu Wan’er are quite suitable。
Although they mainly fancy Fang Hao’s appeal,But Haoran Culture Company is willing to take a Qu Waner,Of course they will not object,Happily signed the contract。
On the endorsement fee,Qu Wan’er expressed that attitude,That means you can don’t have money。
But Fang Hao didn’t do that,But share the endorsement fee with her。
——I’m all my own woman,It hurts self-esteem directly to stuff,Give some economic assistance in this way,Everyone will live well。
And it will save Qu Wan’er face when this distribution method is spread out。
Before this ad endorsement,Qu Wan’er only accepted one juice ad,Poor remuneration,The brand has never been heard of,There is no way to compare with this advertising endorsement。

Linda knows that Hong Yun always likes to use some sideways,Some of the artists she used to take did not need a company at all,You can get a lot of resources just by relying on the backer。Linda doesn’t know if Lu Shanshan is such a person,But it’s not good to have a relationship with Hongyun’s artist。

Linda can’t help it,I can only use my own ability to withdraw Lu Shanshan’s Weibo。But it’s okay if she doesn’t remove Weibo,I want to hide it,More noticeable。
Soon many media people smelled the clues,Posted an article immediately。
“The secrets of famous celebrities and 18-line actresses”
Chapter Fifty Six Little fun between lovers
“Famous watch with women’s watch,Absolutely!”
“Shock,Little transparent actually got the cold handsome guy!”
“An unknown secret of a costume crew。”
“That night with a famous actor。”
Lu Shanshan only woke up and saw itvThere are a lot of strange topics on blog。
“Xiaomei,You sent Brother Yue away?”Lu Shanshan asked while combing her hair。
Xiaomei is a little afraid to look at Lu Shanshan directly,Shen Zhiyue is too troublesome,I don’t want to make it public now.。

I can’t help but he’s not excited,Dad actually found him such a precious copybook,It’s like sending charcoal in the snow!

And in the heavy snow,Sent a house of charcoal directly!!
First766chapter lively
Today in Huajing’s antique circle,It was lively。
Many people are talking about Shen Huan’s luck last night,Actually there are so few fine jadeites。
Especially that piece of jadeite,It’s even more impressive。
Many people who haven’t seen it with their own eyes,I can’t help but beat my chest,Regret not catching up。
Even after seeing the photos taken by everyone,There is no way to photograph that Zi Shen Yun,Far inferior to seeing in reality、Feeling so emotional。
but,This piece6000Wan’s jade bet is a thing of the past。
What everyone is talking about right now。
Everything that Ruan Jiahao did last night,Has passed everyone’s mouth,Especially Xie Er’s mouth,Spread throughout the capital。
Not only antique circles,And entertainment,And business,I know how Ruan Jiahao was rude and provocative last night,Then I want to trick Shen Huan into buying high-priced jade gambling,In the end, he was slapped,The face was swollen from the beating。
Everyone laughed at Ruan Jiahao for one aspect,On the other hand more important,Ruan Jiahao and Shen Huan have another bet,A competition。
The specific competition method is,Each side took out three copybooks,One of them is fake。
Both parties need to recognize which copy of the other’s copybook is a fake,Then the remaining two authentic pieces,Let’s compare value。

“Huan Ye,Thanks to you for showing off!”Li Shenxing found Shen Huan,“Not said,Today I also take this opportunity,Donate to rural school construction plan1000Ten thousand,It’s also considered that the young and old Huajing we are here to conspire together for charity!”

When he said this,,I lost the gambling game,Some depressed rich children,Suddenly my heart opened up again。
Li Shenxing could have donated himself,But brought them all,That means they didn’t lose money in vain,But the lost money is used for charity。
This makes people think!
Qi Yiwen nodded slightly,This Li family’s tutor is really good,I know how to advance and retreat,My son is sleek and beautiful,No wonder it can do so well in the small industry of decoration,Almost occupies a third of Huajing’s share。
The last time Li Shenxing and Shen Huan were racing,Shen Huan also thinks this young man is very decent,Now watching him do this,The future is not to be underestimated。
Just now,The sound in my ear rang again。
“Ding Dong!”
“The host has completed the task of defeating the unknown challenger,Rewarded by the system。”
“The system rewards the host for professional racing skills,I hope the host will make good use of this skill in the future,Fight for more rewards!”
I knew it!
I knew you would give such a reward!
Talking about this professional racing skills,Because of your mission,Few talents are spent3A hundred million white flowers exchanged by the ocean。
As a result, the task is now complete,You just upgraded my skill?

And now Dayao’s appearance is undoubtedly a reassurance for them!

in a sense,Dayao can now represent the official!
And Dayao coming to contact Xu Xuan also means.Ke Fan and Wang Meng looked at each other,The following is enough for your brain!
Is this an official announcement??
Dayao came is a surprise!
Xu Xuan regained his spirit,Look at your opponent in this game。
Miami Heat!
Wade today、Bosh、Ruhr·Deng Xin composed“Big Three”Joint start!
“Kid,I won’t look at Dayao’s face and show mercy to you。”Wade came over and said to Xu Xuan。
“of course!”Xu Xuan nodded in agreement:“You have to earn face by yourself!”
He never thought about what he would get from Dayao or Yu Yin,He can take what he wants!
Wade gave him one more look,This kid is quite spine!
“Chris,Be careful。”
Bosh turned back and grinned:“You should be careful,Dwayne,I am a center today。”