The medicinal fried method is a method of cooking with oil and fire.

Generally, the amount of oil used is several times more than the raw material to be fried.

  The specific operation method is to make the medicine into a liquid medicine or make it into fine powder, and then mix the paste and wrap the food and heat it in the oil pan until it is cooked.

Requires arson, oil heat, and explosion sound when raw materials are brought to the pan. Master the fire moderately to prevent overheating and scorching.

The characteristic flavor of the pharmacy meal in this law is crisp and crisp.

According to the characteristics of drugs and food, it can be divided into clear frying, dry frying, soft frying and crisp frying.

  (I) Frying: Frying is generally a method of cooking raw food or semi-cooked food with soy sauce, wine, salt, seasonings, and sauces, and then frying in a pan.
The characteristics of the pharmaceutical meal in this law are crispy and tender inside.

Such as the production method of dried hawthorn meat.

  (2) Dry frying: After frying, the medicine and food raw materials are seasoned with seasonings, and then the medicine paste is put into the oil pan and fried and cooked.

The characteristics of the pharmaceutical diet in this law are crispy inside and out.

Such as Jieshu sauce rabbit.

  (3) Soft-fried: Soft-fried is generally to cut boneless food into smaller pieces, slices, strips and other shapes, and then use seasonings and powdered medicine to form a paste.Cooking method.

Its temperature is exquisite, and it should not be too high or too low, so as to avoid burning or desizing.

Avoid sticking when frying. When the appearance is stiff (about seven or eight mature), remove it with a colander and fry again when the oil temperature rises.

The characteristics of the pharmacy meals in this law are slightly crispy and tender.

Such as the soft fried Huaishan rabbit method.

  (4) Crispy deep-fried: Crispy deep-fried is the processing of raw materials (boiled, steamed and rotten), then fry the eggs and powdered medicine in a pan and fry until deep yellow.

The characteristics of the medicinal meals in this law are crispy and tender, such as the method of Huaishan meat hemp.