Meizi’s angry answer。

“Scream,be good,Obedient sister just love。”
Shen Ruoxue started acting like a baby,Her acting like a baby is indistinguishable,Regardless of whether men or women are old or young,As long as she wants to act like a baby,Come right away,Without hesitation at all。
“Don’t want to call。”
Meizi’s stubborn answer,She just doesn’t want to“Evil forces”Head down!
“Ask one last time:Bid or not?If not called,Within a minute,I cried so much, believe it or not?”
Shen Ruoxue zoomed in!
Meizi looked at Shen Ruoxue with surprise,I have never seen anyone threaten others in this way!Shen Ruoxue is non-human, right!
“I’m not calling my sister after I count to three,I cried to death to show!One!”
Shen Ruoxue started to count down quite seriously。
Meizi only succumbed,What else can she do,Face Shen Ruoxue“Little scourge”,She begs,Is there any other way to deal with her?。
“Yep,So good,This is my good sister。”
Shen Ruoxue smiled with satisfaction。
“Sure it’s really twenty?Not twelve years old?”