What is the concept of a two-color ball in twenty-five times??

Can only rely on dreaming!
There can be a conclusion,For thousands of ordinary people,Want to earn a small goal that was once the richest man in China,High probability can only be achieved in a dream。
At this time Guo Jianfeng felt that he was probably dreaming。
So he twisted his arm hard。
“It hurts……”
Pain is a good thing,Prove not to be dreaming。
In a trance,Guo Jianfeng called Han Qian。
He didn’t even look at whether it was time for class。
It’s indeed class time,But fortunately, Han Qian happened to have no class。
But the wife who is correcting homework is obviously in a bad mood,Asked a question very bluntly:“Why?”
Did not show the respect that an ordinary teacher should have towards the vice principal。
Fortunately, Guo Jianfeng doesn’t care about these details。
He is still in a trance。
“Cici,Tell you something,You promise me first,Don’t get too excited!”
Han Qian was a little surprised,How long has it been since my straight steel man called her Cici?Still such a gentle tone,Could it be that the school organized the teacher’s physical examination last week,What’s wrong??
It sounds a bit similar,And let her not get too excited?