Are there any benefits to aerobic combat?

Are there any benefits to aerobic combat?

Aerobic fighting, called Taekwondo in English, was originally created by a black fighting world champion, and it only developed in the country in the last one or two years.

The specific form is a mix of boxing, karate, taekwondo, kung fu and some dance moves. In the fierce music, some basic boxing and leg exercises of boxing and taekwondo are performed.

  In the process of punching and kicking, waving both fists through music, the action is vigorous and powerful, and you can enjoy venting and sweating.

Therefore, aerobic combat has the following benefits.

  A, strengthen muscle strength, elasticity and body flexibility.

  Aerobic combat requires rapid and powerful movements when exerting force, and natural, relaxed, and fast when contracting.

Through the gradual acceleration of the action speed in the course of practice, repeated repeated exercises, the repeated expansion and contraction of fibers, the strength and elasticity of muscles are enhanced, and the reaction speed is accelerated.

  B, consume a lot of thermal energy.

  Aerobic combat uses a continuous medium-low intensity exercise state, so it needs to use a large amount of blood sugar in the body and slightly provide energy.

It’s perfect for you who want to lose weight!

  C, shrink the waist and abdomen.

  The various boxing methods and leg methods in aerobic combat require waist and abdomen strength. It can be said that the abdomen exercise always runs through the whole exercise, and a large number of waist swings and contraction of the abdominal muscles make the exerciser’s abdomen stronger.

Not only can enhance self-confidence, relax, but also improve physical fitness quickly.

Once you take practice, you will soon be infected with its passion and warm atmosphere, and make all the unpleasant things into an imaginary enemy, hit it with heavy punches, and release your depressed mood.