Rust Sword is still Rust Sword,No matter the surface or its temperament has not changed,There is not even a trace of heating temperature on the surface。

“Your sword is very special,I am limited,Unable to melt it。”The blacksmith told the truth with some regret,Instantly return the sword to its original owner。
“Rust sword is obtained from the monument,You can’t melt away,I wonder if the husband can borrow the sword。”Xia Chenglong took the Rusty Sword and asked calmly。
I want to convince someone,The best way is to be able to do things that the other person admires,The Rust Sword can’t melt,But his ability to melt swords is still number one。
How to explain,Compared with the first place, it is an existence that can never be surpassed,I can’t even raise any thoughts that I want to transcend,That’s easy,As long as it is second。
The blacksmith has his pride:“I’m afraid you’ve seen my sword before,What can i give you。”
Xia Chenglong was taken aback,Look at the woman beside,An’s face flushed,Looking at the soft sword in his hand。
It turns out she took the pride of a man’s life,But for some fate,I can only treasure this pride in my heart,Never touched。
Xia Chenglong has seen the power of software,I feel it when I hold it in my hand,Really a good sword,At the very least, it is extremely difficult to make such a sword in a remote place。
There is also flame on his hand,But his flame is different from the fire of ordinary refiners,His fire is milky white,Fire without any temperature。
The blacksmith frowned,He felt that the young man in front of him was joking about them,How could such a fire without temperature melt the sword itself。
Realm makes people’s imagination much narrower,What they don’t know is to ask about the possibilities of existence on the path of the gods,They don’t know the changes brought about by turning Reiki into Metaclimate。
The proud sword turned into a ball of molten iron surrounded by the milky flame,Creeping slowly in the air,Reshape。
“This,How can this be,No one can melt it,You are not a refiner,How could it be melted again without Chongyang。”