Also because of this,She said nothing to Lynn’s name,Is called Master。

Even if Lynn persuaded,In the end it didn’t change her mind。
Suddenly there was such a beautiful female disciple,What should I say about this mood……It’s really complicated。
Fortunately,Xiaolan’s temperament is not as persistent as Tsukamoto Sumi。
Although influenced by senior sister,She also wanted to be called Master,But in the end,Still dispelled this idea at Lynn’s insistence。
Fortunately, Xiaolan was not called Master。
otherwise,From now on, the master will spread out things like chasing the disciple,Does he need Lynn’s face anymore?
“It’s too early,Maori classmates,We should almost go。”
“Wrong right,Classmate Lin, you are wrong。”
Pointing takes more time than expected,Look at the phone,It’s almost five o’clock,Never hurry back,Don’t even think about opening the coffee shop today。
But just when Lynn proposed to retreat,The garden on the side suddenly shook his head,Let Lin En come here inexplicably。
What is wrong?
I don’t know where the trouble in the garden is,Lynn’s eyes were full of puzzlement。
“Salutation!Although Classmate Lin won’t let Xiaolan call her master,,but in fact,Lin is already half of Xiaolan’s teacher, right?”
“It’s already a teacher-student relationship,But you still call Maori classmate,This is not right!”