6 bad habits comparable to the dangers of smoking

6 bad habits comparable to the dangers of smoking

Do you know that smoking can accelerate skin aging and sagging?

Almost so, smoking is still a cause of diseases such as high blood pressure and cancer, so smoking is harmful and not beneficial.

But even non-smokers may have some bad habits that have the same effect as smoking in their daily lives. These bad habits may be harmful to the body than the molecular weight of nicotine.

The following summarizes some bad habits that endanger health and prevent life. Let’s take a look together.

  The six bad habits that are most likely to cause cancer1. People who eat meat and meat often need to pay attention.

A US magazine specializing in intracellular metabolism weighs that people who eat animal protein relatively have a shorter life span and are 4 times more likely to die from cancer.

This is almost the same as the chance of smokers dying of cancer.

Therefore, do not only ingest animal protein, but also properly introduce plant protein.

  2. Can you watch TV? Many people may not believe “Why watching TV is as bad as smoking?”

“Of course, there is nothing wrong with the TV itself. The problem is watching TV for a long time.

  A survey by the University of Queensland in the United States showed that smoking a cigarette reduced life expectancy by about 11 minutes.

And even for non-smokers, after 25 years of age, TV life changes by 21 every hour.

8 minutes.

This is because maintaining a sitting position is also the cause of cancer and heart disease.

  3. Frequently drink carbonated beverages. According to a health survey in the United States, it is known that drinking a cup (237ml) of carbonated beverages a day has an immune cell aging of about 2 years.

If you drink two and a half cups (592ml) a day, telomeres (repeated sequences at the ends of chromosomes) will age for about 5 years, which is the same effect as smoking.

Therefore, it is best to choose sugar-free tea or water when craving.

  4. Many people do n’t sleep at night because of work. They have to stay up all night to work overtime; there are also people who are fashionable, soak in the bar every day, and become “party animals” that appear day and night.

The study found 99.

3% of cancer patients stay up all year long and will not rest until early in the morning.

Experts point out that staying up late will cause the biological clock to distort, reorganize, and night light will destroy the body’s melatonin formation. This is an important part of protecting the human immune function, making it easy for leukemia, lung cancer, prostate cancer, etc. to come to your door.

  It is best not to stay up until 12 o’clock.

If you work overtime until early in the morning, it is best to find a room with blackout curtains to sleep. The dark environment helps the body to produce melatonin.

  5. If you think that the things that make you angry in life are like Douglas, you ca n’t get over it. Your thoughts are horny, and the state of depression lasts for more than one or two years. Be careful.

It has been clinically discovered that people who love love more in life, are angry and not good at expression, and the autonomic nerve, endocrine and immune system are in a state of extreme excitement and tension for a long time, which is an important cause of cancer and ovarian cancer.

  People who are more true at work and who are too pursuit of perfection suffer from complications of gastric and pancreatic cancer.

Experts point out that an open-minded and cheerful mood is the “natural enemy” of the shell. Usually, you should cultivate more hobbies and take deep breaths when you are unhappy.

  6, a lot of old drink hot water like a cup of kung fu tea in leisure, as everyone knows, this now brewing “drink hot tea” tea may be a hidden danger of esophageal cancer.

The reason is that hot water can burn the esophagus mucosa, cause oral mucositis, esophagitis, etc. Over time, cancer may occur.

  Kazakh people in Xinjiang often drink hot milk tea, Chaoshan people like kung fu tea, and people in Taihang mountain area like large bowls of hot porridge. At present, these areas have become high incidence areas of esophageal cancer, cardiac cancer, and oral cancer.

  Experts suggest that if food or drink feels hot, don’t swallow it quickly.

Stuffed food may not be hot outside and hot inside, especially when eating.

Never use a straw for hot drinks.