Messy use of plastic wrap, beware of food and drugs

Messy use of plastic wrap, beware of food and drugs

Cover it with plastic wrap to keep it delicious.

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more dependent on cling film. Vegetables, fruits, leftovers and leftovers, as long as they are covered, they will feel more at ease.

But recently, a study in the United States pointed out that not all foods are suitable for cling film.


hzh{display:none;}  保鲜膜对不同蔬果产生不同影响  水分较大的水果和蔬菜比较适合用保鲜膜,比如苹果、梨、西红柿、油菜、韭黄等,不但能长时间保鲜,还会增加其中Some nutrients.

Experiments show that 100 grams of leeks coated with cling film have more vitamin C content after 24 hours than when not wrapped1.

33 mg, rapeseed, more lettuce leaves 1.

92 mg.

However, the experimental results of some vegetables are quite different. After 100 grams of cling-wrapped radishes are stored for one day, their vitamin C content is reduced by 3%.

4 milligrams, the beans are reduced by 3.

After 8 mg of cucumber stored for one day and one night, its vitamin C loss is equivalent to 5 apples.

  It is not advisable to use cling film packaging to store cooked foods, hot foods, oily foods, especially meat.

Experts point out that after contacting these foods with cling film, it is easy to cause the chemical components contained in the material to volatilize and dissolve into the food, which is not good for health.

Most of the plastic wraps currently on the market are made from vinyl masterbatches as well as commonly used plastic bags.

Some plastic wrap materials are polyethylene (PE). This material does not contain plasticizers and is relatively safe to use. Some materials are polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This material is often added with stabilizers and additives.Raw materials such as auxiliary processing agents are harmful to the human body.

Therefore, care must be taken in choosing.

  Choosing the right fresh-keeping packaging Nowadays, there are many food packaging products on the market, such as plastic wrap, fresh-keeping bags, and fresh-keeping boxes.

Dong Jinshi pointed out: “Preservation is mainly ‘water retention’, ‘quality preservation’ and ‘protection of nutrition’. In this regard, the effect of cling film is the best.

Qualified cling film has strong air permeability, and the oxygen inside and outside can communicate, which can effectively prevent the breeding of anaerobic bacteria, and can ensure food freshness within a certain time.

“But for foods like steamed buns, it seems inconvenient to use plastic wrap. For reference, the plastic wrap is relatively thick, the air permeability is not very good, it is relatively suitable, but try not to close the mouth when using it.

The role of the fresh-keeping box is mainly sealing, which can effectively isolate and store raw food and make the refrigerator space larger.