[How to save radish]_How to store_Save method

[How to save radish]_How to store_Save method

In fact, the preservation method of radishes is also very important, because most families buy a lot of radish when they buy it. At this time, the correct preservation method of radishes is very necessary.

Because many people do not pay attention to the recovery method when storing the radish, after the radish is left for a long time, a hollow state appears in the radish.

The following article will let you learn the correct method of preservation of radish.

How long can white radish be kept? White radish is okay for a week. Generally, it will not rot. If it is over time, it will turn into bran, which means that there will be small holes like buns inside, which is not good.

How to save white radish 1.

The soil pit storage method will remove fresh radish from the top, remove hair roots, and strictly remove radish with insect damage, mechanical injury, cracks and too small.

Dig a 1 meter deep and 1 meter square pit with the turnip roots facing up and top down, leaning against the wall of the pit, tightening in order.

Code a layer of radish, sprinkle a layer of pure soil about 10 cm thick, and alternately place them in four layers.

If the pit soil is too dry, it can be moistened by spraying water appropriately.

After the top layer is well coded, the soil layer should be gradually increased according to climate change. It should be covered with less soil in warm weather, and more covered in strong cold.

Good-quality radishes are infinitely hot before entering the pit, and infinitely frozen after entering the pit, and can be stored until early March of the following year.


In the mud storage method, the radishes are shaved and put into the yellow mud to make a circle, so that the radishes have a layer of mud shells and can be stacked in a cool place.

If you add a layer of wet soil outside the radish pile, the effect is better.


For storage outside the water tank, put a water tank indoors, fill it with water, pile the radishes around the tank, and pour 15 cm thick wet soil on it.


Most supermarkets store refrigerated white radishes with leaves removed. If you have bought whole radishes, we recommend that you cut them off first to avoid the leaves from evaporating moisture and dehydrating and shrinking the radish.

Refrigerate the whole branch: After processing the leaves, take a white newspaper and wrap the whole radish and store it in the vegetable and fruit refrigerator, which can maintain the freshness of the radish for about a week.

If possible, put another layer of paper or plastic bag on the outside, it will be better to store it upright.

If you eat incomplete root radish at a meal, you want to prepare the food in divided portions, because the top part of the radish is the easiest to dry and become soft. It must be completely and tightly overlapped with a plastic wrap. The outer layer is sealed with a fresh-keeping bag to help prevent drying.Refrigerator.

If the radishes are cleaned, they must be dried and packed in newspapers.

The top should be completely fused with plastic wrap, otherwise it will dry out.


Cryopreservation and dicing: Japanese mothers love to use “freezing” to preserve ingredients, and radishes belonging to the rhizomes will not have poor taste and color distortion.

Peel the radish first, cut into pieces, and put it in a fresh-keeping bag to keep it frozen; take it out while cooking and cook directly without having to return to ice.

The radish pieces to be frozen can be lightly steamed to remove the jerky taste, drained and then frozen.

Frozen ground mud: After peeling the radish, grind it into mud, and use small bags, small fresh-keeping boxes or cake molds for packaging, and then completely replace it with plastic wrap. Freezing can be stored for about one month, and it is very convenient to use a small amount.

Cook and freeze: If you want to save cooking time, you can also cook it and freeze it, especially braised stew and soup radish suitable for preservation.

Put the radish and soup together in a microwaveable fresh-keeping box, microwave it before heating, save time and convenience, and taste as good as freshly cooked.


Dried white radish is commonly known as “preserved vegetables” after drying. However, you can actually eat it without adding salt, which is sweeter and more delicious.

It is recommended to dry the radish in winter. After shredding the white radish, place it on a bamboo basket in the open and expose it. Move it into the room at night for about 4?
It can be filled in a sealed container for refrigerated storage within 5 days, and can be stored for about 6 months to avoid contact with moisture.


Preserved pickled radish is a very common side dish, only 1?
The pickling can be completed in a short time of 3 days. It is very convenient to store cold pickled side dishes in the refrigerator at any time. It is crunchy and juicy and delicious.


Pickled white radish: pickled for 2 days at room temperature, refrigerated for 15?20 days.

Spicy white radish: refrigerate for 3 days and refrigerate for 1 month.


Spicy pickled shredded radish: refrigerate for half a day and keep refrigerated for 1 week.


Fried chicken pickled radishes: pickled for 1 day at room temperature, refrigerated for 1?
3 weeks.


Miso-cured radish: refrigerate for about 1 hour and refrigerate for 2 days.


Bench-top pickled radishes: pickled at room temperature for 2 days, refrigerated for about 1?
3 weeks.