There was a strong local accent on the phone,Said:“Sorry,We don’t have such a person here。”

Peng Changyi,Asked rhetorically:“No?Impossible?My number is given to me by the Organization Department of our Provincial Party Committee,Can’t go wrong?”
“Sorry,Are you still up?”The other party said muffledly。
Peng Changyi is in a hurry,Said:“Gay,I have been looking for him for a long time,Since he went to your place,I have been looking for him,Could you please inquire for me,See if there is such a side person in the counties around you,May I call you in a few days?”
“This one……”The other party hesitated,Said:“you know,We are no better than your mainland,There is a long distance between the county seat and the county seat,And I don’t have much contact,It sounds difficult。”
Peng Changyi said earnestly:“Gay,Please,Must help me inquire,He did go to the Inner Mongolia branch,This can’t be wrong。Excuse me,How do i call you。”
“My name is Bagan。”The man said with a strong local accent。
Peng Changyi quickly said:“it is good,Comrade Bagan,please,Please help me figure it out,I miss him!We all miss him very much——”That’s it for Peng Changyi,I feel my nose is sore,Yes,He does miss Jiang Fan,What’s worse,There are people who miss Jiang Fan more than him。
The guy named Bagan is obviously embarrassed,He thought for a while and said:“Ok,I try my best。”Finished,Hung up。
at this time,Thousands of miles away in a district committee office building near the border in Inner Mongolia,The man named Bagan puts down the phone,Just about to report back to the leader he served,I saw him in the room,No one else,He quickly walked to the window,I saw a person wearing a visor with a woolen leather face on his head,Then turn on horseback,Raise the whip,The beautiful bay red horse raised its head and shook its mane and neighed,Drove to the distant pasture……
Bagan is anxious,Shouted at the outside:“Mayor Jiang,Be careful——”
But that man is riding a horse,Already ran away。
This person is not someone else,It is the support cadre from the mainland who has just learned to ride a horse、Jiang Fan, Deputy Secretary of a League Committee of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region。
Jiang Fan ran the horse and whip all the way,This selected claret horse carried him quickly to the depths of the grassland,Whistling wind in my ears,He is reined in one hand,Lower the hat with one hand,Bend forward slightly,Legs tightly clamped。
He doesn’t know how far he ran,I don’t know how long I ran out,Until the horse is tired,The speed gradually slowed down……
The distant sun slowly sinks,Gradually approaching the distant horizon,Very few sky,Wandering Clouds,Mang Grassland,His horse doesn’t run anymore,But panting,Carry him,Walk slowly。
He got off the horse,Since learning to ride a horse,This time is the farthest run alone,Each,It’s all with Bagan。His horse is a little tired,Sweat from the neck,He is also a little tired。Loosen the reins,He lies on this vast grassland,Put the hat on the face,The words Peng Changyi said on the phone just now ringing in my ear,“I miss him,We all miss him very much”,Tears,From the corner of the eye……
He said to himself in his heart:Changyi,Brothers,I don’t want you……