Shen Ruoxue said unrelentingly。

“I really don’t,But your brother Yang Zhi will,You let him imitate。”
Qin Liang doesn’t want to be entangled by Shen Ruoxue,In a hurry, he threw the pot to Yang Zhi!
Shen Ruoxue agreed,Turned his face and looked at Yang Zhi,I found that Yang Zhi was also looking at him engrossly,The eyes are full of obsession,She was embarrassed to speak instantly。
“let’s go,I’m hungry too,Let’s quickly find a place to eat。”
Liu Xiaoyun saw that the atmosphere was embarrassing again,Hurriedly opened up。
“Then let’s go!I want to eat a lot tonight,I’m so hungry!”
Shen Ruoxue hurriedly accepted Liu Xiaoyun’s words,Talk to yourself loudly,Then stretched out one of Liu Xiaoyun’s arms,Continue to walk forward without looking back……
Actually Yang Zhi doesn’t feel embarrassed!Because he was just watching Shen Ruoxue’s words and deeds with full attention,I didn’t even notice what she said just now。
At this time the sky is already dark,Go this way,The shops on both sides of the road are already brightly lit,The neon lights next to each other keep shining colorfully,Really good-looking!
Shen Ruoxue and the others pointed at the shops on both sides of the road,Chirping on one side,Talking in full swing。
“Why are these girls talking so much?,It’s endless。”
Yang Zhidesi said,Shen Ruoxue is here,He was immediately resurrected with full blood,The restless mood is gone。