Office chair aerobics


Office chair aerobics

“I can’t lift my neck.” “My waist hurts!”

“In the office, I often hear such repetitions.”

In fact, the office is also a good place for fitness. Although it does not have a tennis court, no runway, no soccer goal, it still belongs to a small space of its own.

銆€銆€If your chair is strong, you can grab the back of the chair, lift the heel and put it down again. This little exercise can exercise your skeletal muscles and help shape the calves.

銆€銆€If you want to exercise your abdomen, you can sit on the chair, hold the handle of the chair with both hands, and put your feet together to try to lift up and lift up, so that you can exercise your abdominal muscles and thighs to make your body more perfect.

The abdominal organs can also be well protected by exercising on the abdominal muscles.

銆€銆€Lumbar disease has always invaded the office family. When resting, both hands grabbed the back of the chair, kicked after one foot, and the left and right casters were repeated several times. It can exercise the waist well and avoid the damage of the lumbar disease.

銆€銆€If you want to exercise your trunk, stand up straight and grab the back of your chair with both hands. The body is straight, look up at the ceiling and keep the moon-like movement.

At this time, the body is bent in the opposite direction, which is a good health care for the spine and can also be exercised by the cervical spine.