[How to understand the advantage between men and women]

[How to understand the advantage between men and women]

A woman added in her letter: “I have divorced twice, and I think the reason lies with me.

I’m not uninterested in sex, and sometimes I can’t think about it, but I’m very disgusted with people who touch me.

Especially when I saw his contentment, I was very angry. I felt that this kind of thing is that men take advantage and women lose.

I know my idea is incorrect, but I have no ability to change it.

can you help me?

“Sexual life is an activity in which men and women participate together, and both people can get joy from it. There is nothing to lose or take advantage of.

But there are some reasons why some people will leave such false impressions.

There must be a reason for everything to exist.

The reasons are probably as follows: The first point is the impact of the old social division of labor.

Anyone who has read the Bible will know the story of Genesis.

Adam and Eve stole the fruit of the tree of good and evil under the temptation of a snake. After being discovered by Jehovah, they said to the snake, “If you do this, you will be cursed more than all animals and beasts.
You will walk on your stomach and eat soil all your life.

I will make you and the woman avenge each other, and your descendants and the woman’s descendants avenge each other.

The seed of a woman will hurt your head, and you will hurt the heel of a woman.

“Then the Lord said to the woman,” I will multiply the pain of your pregnancy, and you will suffer for your children.

You will adore your husband, and your husband will subordinate you.

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