How to self-test hearing impairment

How to self-test hearing impairment


Gordon is an otologist who specializes in hearing therapy for listeners at heavy metal rock concerts.

Unfortunately, Dr Gordon’s own hearing problems were caused by attending too many rock concerts.

Without a hearing aid, he wouldn’t hear the birds tweet at all.

But after using a hearing aid, Dr. Gordon was unable to insert a regular stethoscope into his ear.

  Hearing loss caused by noise at work and life has become a very common health problem, according to the ABC.

Listening to concerts, using lawnmowers or watching movies can cause hearing loss.

  Noise hazards can cause hearing loss According to a survey by the National Health Association, hearing loss caused by noise at work has become one of the most common occupational diseases.

Including otologist Folahi?

Inside Gordon, 30 million people in the United States face the danger of noise at work, leisure places, and homes.

Of these, about 10 million people have suffered permanent hearing damage.

  Experts point out that hearing damage from noise has little to do with the patient’s age.

Anyone, in any place, who is continuously exposed to noise can cause permanent hearing loss.

In addition to those who regularly use electric drills, lawnmowers and light weapons, the audience in the cinema is also in a hazardous environment without being aware of it.

  Robert of Vanderbilt University of Tennessee?

Dr Labadi said: “The sound of the movie is too loud, and when someone leaves the cinema or sports venue, they often feel buzzing in their ears.

In fact, this is a sign of temporary hearing damage.

“Temporary hearing damage is usually caused by excessive hair noise in the ears, which causes dysfunction.

Repeated noise hazards or one-time severe noise hazards can cause the death of fine hair cells and the result is permanent hearing loss.

  Dr Labadi believes that many adults do not have the awareness to protect their hearing, let alone receive regular hearing tests.

In his thesis published in the Journal of Otolaryngology in January of this year, Dr. Rabaddi suggested that adults should undergo regular hearing tests. Those who like to turn on the TV set loudly or often cannot hear the personality of othersPeople should even be checked.

  Hearing aids cannot replace the permanent hearing loss of the ear, which is difficult to cure.

Pete, assistant professor of occupational and environmental medicine at Yale University?

“People’s biggest misunderstanding about hearing loss is that they think hearing aids can understand their hearing deficits, just like people with myopia wear glasses,” Labinwicz said.

However, there is no substitute for a healthy ear.

“Rabinwitz is outstanding. In proportion to later treatment, daily hearing protection is the most important factor.

He is currently working with the American Professional Hearing Protection Qualifications Association to provide training programs for companies to protect their employees’ hearing.

But Rabinowitz said that simply training employees is not enough, because many employees can easily ignore the noise environment they are in when they work.

Michael from the University of Michigan Medical Center?

Reynolds is a helicopter ambulanceman who cares for emergency patients on roaring helicopters.

An article he published in the January issue of the Journal of Aeronautical Medicine set the standard for hearing protection for helicopter emergency personnel.

The article said: “People do want to protect their hearing, but they have no time to take care of this at work, especially in the first aid work of my armed forces.

Reynolds also suggested that taking helicopter rescue as an example, if noise hazards cannot be effectively controlled, flight safety and patient care cannot be guaranteed.

  Hearing damage self-testing experts point out that it is very important to protect your hearing from noise in daily and work.

Compared with the standard that noise above 85 decibels may damage hearing, normal conversation is generally around 60 decibels, and the sound in stereo headphones can reach 100 decibels. When participating in rock concerts, the noise caused by impact drills is generally 100 decibelsAlso.

  Therefore, it is best to use earplugs or earmuffs in an environment that may cause hearing damage.

When used properly, disposable one-size earbuds can reduce the noise that enters your ears by 20 to 40 decibels.

  The Folahi mentioned at the beginning?Dr. Gordon formed the non-profit “Rock Singer Hearing Education” Association, which provides us with an alternative method for testing hearing loss, the “car test”: sitting in his own environment before entering a very noisy environmentIn the car, close the windows and turn the radio volume to the bare minimum you can.

If you cannot hear the radio when you return to the car from a noisy environment, then your hearing has been temporarily damaged.

  Hearing is often damaged inadvertently. Noise damage to hearing varies from person to person. Some people’s ears are more sensitive, and some people are more likely to be injured by noise at a certain frequency.

In fact, repeated exposure to noise is one of the most common causes of permanent hearing loss.

Such damage accumulates slowly without pain or other symptoms.

Once you notice, your hearing loss has often reached a very serious level.

  [Judgement Criteria for Harmful Noise Environment]■ When talking to people, they cannot understand what the other person is saying.

  ■ Noise makes your ears pain.

  ■ Tinnitus after leaving the noisy environment.

  [Some suggestions for protecting hearing]■ Avoid noise.

Whether at work, at home, or in other environments, you may be exposed to harmful noise.

Protective measures must be taken when using lawn mowers, snow blowers, driving motorcycles or when snow appears.

Of course, for noisy environments, try to avoid them.

  ■ Take protective measures.

When you know you are about to enter a noisy environment, take precautions such as earplugs or earmuffs.

Keep in mind that stuffing cotton balls or tissues into your ears doesn’t help your hearing effectively.

In addition to the noisy tools mentioned above, the noise of many household appliances cannot be ignored.

  ■ Noise reduction.

The damage that noise can do to your hearing builds up over time.

If you have to face a lot of noise for a long time during work hours, then you must avoid the noise environment during your leisure time after work.

  ■ Reduce volume.

When you are buying electrical tools, if you have a low-decibel option, don’t buy those particularly noisy gadgets.

Make it a habit to turn down the volume of radios, televisions, and car radios.