Peng Changyi looked at her,Think about it:“I just said,I totally respect your opinion。”

Shu Qing said:“Then you can accompany Nana tomorrow,Let old Gu send me。”
Peng Changyi startled,Said with a pair of innocent eyes open:“Dropped me path so soon,I was laid off before I started?”
Shu Qing smiled,Turned around to get his bag。
Peng Changyi took her hand again,Said:“tomorrow,I’ll see you off?”
Shu Qing looked at him expectantly,But she can’t judge the sincerity of Peng Changyi tonight,Just slap his hand,Said:“obedient,You accompany your child first,Let me calm down。”
Peng Changyi nodded,Let go of her hand,Said:“I’ll call you again that night。”
Shu Qing nodded。
that’s it,Peng Changyi sends Shu Qing back to the dormitory,He didn’t follow her up,But after watching her room light up,Saw her come to the window again,Wave to him,Draw the curtains,Peng Changyi turned around now。
First203chapter Farewell
after come back,Peng Changyi’s wine is completely sober,He regrets what he said to Shu Qing,Originally, he was going to be when Shu Qing left,Clarify the relationship with her,if that’s the case,Tonight will be a very romantic start,She has longing、Go back with your own expectations,such,Both sides will feel unhappy,Feelings continue to ferment and heat up,But because I confessed my feelings to her,Made Shu Qing lose confidence in herself。To know,Girls are all emotional,They care about these,Although he repeatedly stressed that his heart has been emptied,Will Shu Qing believe it??。
It seems that Shu Qing is right,Although drunk and not addicted,But emotionally it’s still hard to control,I said everything when I got excited after drinking。
at this time,He regrets dead,Secretly gritted his teeth,No matter how much alcohol I drink,She insisted not to say anything。
after,Do they have a future??Shu Qing seems disappointed in herself,But I really shouldn’t tell her the truth?Is he really wrong??
the next day,Peng Changyi called Lao Gu,Let old Gu send Shu Qing。Old Gu said puzzledly:“Didn’t you say everything was done last night??You send。”
Peng Changyi said impatiently:“I want you to send it,Get up quickly。”
Old Gu said:“My enteritis……”