“well,How i feel now,Better than ever。”

The Hulk made a thick voice,Although he has gained great power,But still respect the name of the water country,Just looking at Qing,There was a vague look of disdain in his eyes for dating。
“green,You go test the strength of the Hulk。”
I heard the words of the name of the water country,Qing nodded,As a ninja,Of course he just noticed the disdain of the young samurai who turned into the Hulk.。
“Water escape·Water wave。”
Like a waterfall hitting the Hulk,Did not cause any harm,As if just showering the Hulk。
“Now it’s my turn!”
The Hulk suddenly rushed towards the green at a speed visible to the naked eye,Hitting Qing’s body with a stabbing fist,But Qing became a ball of water and escaped the attack。
After using the water escape substitute, Qing appeared behind the Hulk,Then he raised his prosthetic leg to the Hulk。
“Laser Cannon。”
Laser penetrates the chest of the Hulk,But after a few breaths,The pierced chest of the Hulk quickly recovered。
“All right,Almost done。”
After hearing the voice of the name of the water country,Hulk and Qing stopped at the same time。
Although the Hulk is not Qing’s opponent,But the Hulk’s powerful recovery ability will still cause a lot of trouble for Qing。
“I am very satisfied,but,Something so useful,Why do you give me?What do you want from me?wrong,If you use it yourself,No matter what it is, you can get it easily。”
Although very satisfied with the Hulk,But the daimyo of the country of water did not get dazzled by it。
“Although the Hulk is very powerful,But there are still limitations in the face of powerful ninjas,And we at S.H.I.E.L.D. don’t have so many trustworthy people who can become the Hulk。”
“Besides,The Hulk is not the most satisfactory work produced by the Umbrella Organization’s Biochemical Ghost Project。”
Hear the words of instant fire,Uchiha Itachi silently remembered the biochemical ghost project in his heart。