“Let go,Who wants to take a mandarin duck bath with you,hate。”

Shen Ruoxi twisted her body in Qin Liang’s arms,I didn’t wear pajamas originally,To be twisted by her,Qin Liang’s eyes couldn’t move immediately。
“Wife,you are pretty……”
Qin Liang is talking,I can’t help but bow my head and kiss。
“Dying you!satyr!”
Shen Ruoxi blushed instantly,Break free from Qin Liang’s embrace,Turned and ran out of the bathroom。
Qin Liang’s laughter ran after Shen Ruoxi back to her bedroom……
Rush into the bedroom,Shen Ruoxi closed the door,Then he clutched his chest and leaned against the door,Her body was shaking involuntarily。
Qin Liang just surprised that kiss,Gave her a sense of belonging。
quickly,Qin Liang finally finished the bath。
After he dried his body,I picked up the clothes Shen Ruoxue just sent him and put on。
Nima,What’s this called a yukata?!This is simply“Tights”good or not。
Why are both arms showing so much?Both legs are also exposed on the thighs,Is this a miniskirt?
Does the yukata shrink??Looks like Shen Ruoxi has to buy another bathrobe,This piece is of poor quality,It will shrink。
Qin Liang thought that he was successfully attacked just now,Kissed beautiful Shen,This is called a happy,Didn’t think too much,Thinking about going into the house and changing another one。