And now Dayao’s appearance is undoubtedly a reassurance for them!

in a sense,Dayao can now represent the official!
And Dayao coming to contact Xu Xuan also means.Ke Fan and Wang Meng looked at each other,The following is enough for your brain!
Is this an official announcement??
Dayao came is a surprise!
Xu Xuan regained his spirit,Look at your opponent in this game。
Miami Heat!
Wade today、Bosh、Ruhr·Deng Xin composed“Big Three”Joint start!
“Kid,I won’t look at Dayao’s face and show mercy to you。”Wade came over and said to Xu Xuan。
“of course!”Xu Xuan nodded in agreement:“You have to earn face by yourself!”
He never thought about what he would get from Dayao or Yu Yin,He can take what he wants!
Wade gave him one more look,This kid is quite spine!
“Chris,Be careful。”
Bosh turned back and grinned:“You should be careful,Dwayne,I am a center today。”