Peng Changyi hung up,Today is Deputy Mayor Meng Ke taking office,Affirm that the government is redistributing labor,Will Jiang Fan……

Peng Changyi raised his head involuntarily,Looking up at the direction of the city,So my mind flew to the government conference room on the second floor,Jiang Fan is not old enough,I don’t know if I can settle Zhang Huai?
Peng Changyi is worried for his friend,What he didn’t expect is,The meeting went well,Why it went well,It’s because Jiang Fan did enough homework in advance。
He not only discussed with Fan Wenliang in advance about the re-division of the government,Even before the meeting,And invited Fan Wenliang,Said a few words。Don’t underestimate these words by Fan Wenliang,Although not much,Even if he sits for a few minutes without saying a word,Can play a big role。
Before the meeting,Jiang Fan came to Fan Wenliang’s office on the third floor,Fan Wenliang just came in,When I heard Jiang Fan invited him to attend a government work conference,Fan Wenliang said:“I don’t go,Just look at the arrangements for this work。”
Jiang Fan said that the new deputy mayor just arrived,And it was transferred from Jinan,You are currently the deputy secretary of the Jinan Municipal Party Committee,You attend,Shows the importance of government work。
Jiang Fan sees Fan Wenliang agrees,I proposed to come to the meeting room of the municipal party committee on the third floor。Fan Wenliang smiled,Said:“No need to,I’ll go down at four。”
This is also Fan Wenliang’s high profile,Although there have been precedents for participating in government work meetings before,But the premise is all held in the meeting room of the municipal party committee,Fan Wenliang will never go on,It seems,Respect for each other is also the way of officialdom in officialdom。
Fan Wenliang doesn’t talk much,Mainly affirmed the current government work,Also raised some hopes,Finally, I hope that members of the government team,Unite around Jiang Fan,Work together,Make Kangzhou’s work a big step forward。
Don’t read too much,It’s worthy of those present。He can come to the meeting,And spoke again,It means that Fan Wenliang nodded and agreed with everything Jiang Fan will do next.。
then,Jiang Fan did according to his wishes。Readjust the division of labor among team members。Take out the piece of education and cultural tourism that I originally pushed to Gao Tieyan,Meng Ke,From Zhang Huai, he took out the work of economic inclusion and investment promotion、project、land、Planning and finance, etc.,But to build the most oily city,And golf is now in progress,And the original finances、Taxation、communication、Reemployment、Departments previously in charge of justice and other departments are still left to Zhang Huai。
Zhang Huai is worried about taking the city construction from him,I didn’t expect to leave him。Gao Tieyan removed the farmer who was in charge of her,Group、Culture and Education、Sanitation belongs to her。
Jiang Fan is mainly responsible for presiding over the overall work of the municipal government。Competent city government office、City Government Research Office、Preparation work,Big contact、CPPCC、Democratic parties and the Federation of Industry and Commerce, etc.。