How to keep children from the pollution of precocious puberty

How to keep children from the pollution of precocious puberty

Case 1: Jingjing, a six-year-old girl, is particularly fond of seafood. No matter which relative’s home is in the New Year, everyone will give her the seafood.

A few days ago, Jingjing’s mother suddenly noticed that her child’s nipples had increased in length and a dark areola appeared next to her.

Experts based on the results of the examination, diagnosed Jingjing has symptoms of precocious puberty.

Expert analysis, Jingjing is very greedy on weekdays, coupled with Chinese New Year cuisine “bombing”, resulting in the symptoms of precocious puberty.

  Case 2: Dandan, who was 8 years old recently, suddenly had secretions in her lower body, as if she was about to have menstruation.

Following a doctor’s follow-up, Grandma Zhiwu said, “Her mother often sends a lot of tonics to her children from South Korea. She is not short of anything. Why is there a problem?

“I heard that Dandan had already had precocious puberty, and grandma was crying anxiously.

  Excessive zinc supplementation is likely to cause precocious puberty experts, precocious puberty causes a variety of reasons, diet is the main reason.

Children eat too much hormone-containing foods, such as chicken, duck, fish, ripening vegetables and fruits, and hormone-containing drugs, which are replaced by food additives, which can induce precocious puberty in children.

Nowadays, many parents supervise the nutritional mix of their children and blindly follow the advertisements to oversupply their children. Many children have precocious puberty due to excessive zinc supplementation.

“Zinc is again our sexual stimulant. If we take it blindly, it can easily lead to sexual development in children.

  Bone age experts should be checked for abnormal development. Parents are advised not to let their children eat supplements such as colostrum, royal jelly, etc., and let their children eat foods containing hormones and fruits processed with ripening agents.Eat green food.

  Parents should pay more attention to the child’s physical development. Once the child’s development speed, height is significantly accelerated or slowed down, and height and weight are significantly different from children of the same age, they should promptly check the child’s bone age and receive distance examination and treatment.